10 Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners

10 Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners

Just started? Want growth in your affiliate business and make this year better than ever? In this post I will give you 10 Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business this year.

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Tips to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business

To change your business into a growing business you need to start working with yourself. It is nothing new. I am not inventing the wheel here. I am just reminding you about what other successful marketers, motivational speakers and Keynote speakers have been saying for years. To make a business grow – You must first grow yourself.

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My intent with this article is to give you 10 Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners that will help you grow consistently. I have already covered a lot of these subjects in earlier articles from when I started my affiliate marketing journey and will now put it all together for you and show you how to grow. My 10 Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners will hopefully serve you well on your affiliate marketing journey.

Tips 1. Be honest with yourself


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My first tips to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is to be honest with yourself.

When you start with affiliate marketing, you may have no experience with affiliate marketing. You are totally blank. You have no idea how to even write a 500 word article. You have no idea what to expect from affiliate marketing. You just want to learn how to do it. You want a new income stream to be able to fulfill your dreams. You are not where you want to be in life.

You have started to do something to change that. And you are growing now because you took action. You have maybe created multiple websites and want to grow or You just started out and have no idea how to grow.

You are still not where you want to be in your affiliate marketing business, but you are learning how to become a superb Affiliate marketer and building the skills step by step to fulfill your goals and dreams.

But to do that, you have to start with being totally honest with yourself. That is the first step in your Affiliate marketing foundation.

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You need to ask yourself some questions

Where are you now? Map it all out. Do not decorate the less positive parts. Be totally honest with yourself no matter how hard it is. Become aware of your situation as it is. Not more not less. Just like it is. Get an overview over your business and of yourself and your own life. If you do not have an online business yet, this is a good way to start your journey.

Give it some deep thought. Are you where you and your affiliate marketing business truly want to be right now? Are you happy? Do you love your work? Do your business get the results you want? Do you have the skills you need for growing your business? Do you have a consistent daily practice for growth and success? I know, You may have heard plenty of others ask the same questions. That is because these questions matters in the big picture. They are not just questions without a purpose.

If you already have an online business try to figure out why you and your business are not where you want to be right now. Look deeply into yourself and your business. Unless you are completely honest with yourself you cannot start growing.

You need to put on your investigative sunglasses and give the true picture. If you are exactly where you want to be, try to figure out how you can grow and be even better.

Take off your invisible marketing Sunglasses

Every year I need to ask myself these questions again. I need to look at what I can do to grow. I have already built a foundation, but this goes for people who start up as well. Being honest is the best start you can give your business.

Tips 2. Why are you an affiliate marketer?

ask why
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My second Tips to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is to get clarity to why you are an affiliate marketer.

Think about it for a second. What lead you to become an affiliate marketer? Why are you doing this? Why did you start an online business? Your reason is more important to your business and growth than you may think, because it sets the sails of your marketing journey. If you just started out on your affiliate marketing journey, setting your sails right from the start is elementary and crucial for your business growth. You need to know why you are an affiliate marketer and what drives you to be an affiliate marketer to able to grow. You might want to read my article: What is your deepest why in life?

Tips 3.

What do you want to do?

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My third tips to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is to find the purpose with your affiliate marketing business.
Do you know what you want to do with your affiliate marketing business or are you just doing it without a purpose?

I know, It is easier to come up with all the things you do not want to do than exactly what you want. Most of us lack the clarity and are not aware of what their purpose is because we live in a world where time for deep reflections are not a priority, but not less important.

I am sure that 99% does not know what to answer to this question and most people answer – I want to earn more money.

That is the obvious answer, but is that really the answer?

Why do you want to do that? What is driving you? It may sound like a stupid question, but the truth is that it is the answer to this that will help you grow and get more clarity and achieve anything you want and help you through the hard days.

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My story – shortly told

10 Affiliate marketing tips for beginners - story

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When I started out with affiliate marketing I just knew I wanted to learn affiliate marketing and become an affiliate marketer, but I had no clear Idea why or what my purpose was from the start except from having another income stream and learning something new. I am sure you may relate to that.
Maybe you are just curious or think that you found a good way to make some money.
But I tell you – That is not your true reason. You just think it is.

I answered the question with the obvious answer most affiliate marketers will say from the start. I wanted to earn more money so I could do more of what I wanted to do without worrying about money ever again. Take some extra holidays, buy a nice house, give my children a safe future etc. the list goes on. I am sure you can relate to that too and have your own reasons and things you want to realize or do more of.

I worked as a low paid health worker and I was looking for another and better income stream. I had heard that affiliate marketing was a great and cost effective way earn an income.
And I did not give it a deeper thought than that at first.

But, I soon learned that my real reason for becoming an affiliate marketer was way more than that when I started to set up my website and go through the online entrepreneur training and affiliate marketing training at Wealthy Affiliate.

You know, when you start an online business, you start a new journey that involves just as much personal development as growing an affiliate marketing business or online business. The processes are intertwined. I realized in order for my business to grow I had to grow first. I had to dig deep down to find my answers. I still do not know if I have come to the rock bottom answer yet. But at least I have gained a lot more clarity. What is your story?

Tips 4. Get an online office

online office

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My fourth Tips to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is to get an online office.
For you to grow as an affiliate marketer you need an online office or in other words a website. I have already written many articles on how to start an online business and why having a website is so important. If you do not have your own website yet I recommend you to get one. Almost all successful affiliate marketers have a website. You might want to read these articles to find out more:

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Tips 5. Learn Affiliate marketing basics

My fifth Tips to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is to really learn the affiliate marketing basics well.

To grow you need to know the basics. And the best way to learn the basics is to get affiliate marketing training.

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Tips 6. Create a Daily practice for success

Daily Practice

Photo: designed by Daily practice for success in Canva

My sixth Tips to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is to establish a daily practice for success.

A daily practice for success starts with these questions above. The answer will bring you more clarity and a clear picture of what your next step to grow and practice your affiliate business is going to be. This will be the foundation of your personal and your business strategy and mindset. As an affiliate marketer, your own personal growth is interconnected with the growth of your business. You need to practice your dream daily in order to reach it. Every step on your journey counts. So make every step count each day.

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Tips 7. Where are you going now? Your affiliate marketing vision


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My seventh tips to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is to know your vision, dreams and direction.

When you find out why you are an affiliate marketer and what you want to do you need to start creating a daily practice for success and growth in your affiliate business. You need to know where you are going. What is your entrepreneur vision with your affiliate marketing business?

To be able to anticipate what will be you can start practicing the skill of visualizing to manifesting your anticipation. Seeing your vision clear as the blue sky on a summers day will help you grow your business faster. You know where you are going and it is time to set sails.

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Tips 8. Setting your affiliate sails – Your goals for success

set sails

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Tips number eight to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is setting the sails by making plans and setting your goals.
You have now created the foundation for your growth and success.

Now is the time to set the goals that will lead you to your vision. You need a plan how to fulfill your mission and the way you do this is to set goals that target your vision. You also need a time frame to work within. The more precise and concise you are with your goals the better your plan become to follow later in your daily practice for success.

1. A 5-year plan – A five-year plan should contain goals and milestones you want to achieve within 5 years

2. A 3-year plan – Your three year plan should contain goals and milestones you want to achieve within 3 years

3. A yearly plan – The yearly plan should contain goals and milestones you want to achieve within 1 year

4. A quarterly plan – Quarterly plans are the yearly plan broken down in 4 periods on 3 months or 90 days. It should contain goals and milestones for each quarter that focus on the yearly goal.

5. A monthly plan – The monthly plan should focus on the quarterly goals which is also the yearly goal.

6. Weekly Plan – Plan the major goals, projects and tasks for the week with a focus on the monthly goal

7. A daily plan – The daily plan is all your daily tasks to be done with a focus on the weekly goal

To help you do this you need some good planners. You might want to read my article:

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Tips 9. Daily Practice to achieve your goals for success

practice discipline

Photo: Made by Daily Practice for success in Canva

Tips number nine to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is daily practice. This is the point where most affiliate marketers fail. They have not established a daily practice and/or they fail to actually do it. There are statistics about this.

You need to look at your daily practice just like you do when training a body. You need to build different kind of muscles.

Now it is time to get to work with your daily practices for success. You need to follow your plans. The journey starts for real. I have written some posts earlier about some daily practices to start with.

I have already written about Focus, Visualization, planning, discipline, overcoming your daily practices, resilience, health, documenting your story, consistency and action quite briefly. All of these are muscles that needs to be practiced daily to achieve long term wellness and your goals.

Here is an overview over earlier posts you can explore that may help you

1 Practice Focus

Always focus on your vision and goals. Never loose them out of sight.

How to focus in order to grow successfully

2. Practice visualization

Never stop to See, feel, hear and smell your dream

Visualize every day

3. Practice Discipline

Always practice discipline – It will help you on “bad” days.

How practicing discipline leads to success

4. Practice Loving your daily obstacles

See obstacles as opportunities to grow

Practice Loving your daily obstacles

5. Practice documenting your story

Document so you can go back later to see how far you have come.

Your story is your fortune

6. Practice resilience

Learn how to handle the hard times.

How to prepare and practice resilience in your small business

7. Practice Health

Always put your health first

Create a daily health plan to reach your goals

8. Practice wellness and self kindness

Do not forget to live your life.

How to maintain a healthy practice marketing from home

9. Practice consistency

Be consistent Every day

10. Practice responsibility

Own it. It is all on you

Tips 10. Take Daily action to grow faster

Action Button

Photo: Canva

My tenth Tips to get more growth in your affiliate marketing business is to press the action button daily.

The most important factor in a daily practice for success is daily action. There is no doubt about it. Daily Action is the best way to grow fast. Taking daily action means everything from starting an affiliate marketing business, overcome procrastination to implement your knowledge and experience into your work as an affiliate marketer. Without action nothing will happen in your business. Action is the most important needle mover.

It means doing all the necessary tasks every day. By taking daily action you build experience, know how, getting new knowledge, learn how to deal with obstacles and build the online strength you need in your business.

You learn how to write, communicate, network, industry secrets, make the right decisions, How to use tools, What works best for your business and how to help your audience solving their problems.

Taking daily action also involves the risk of failing and how to learn from your mistakes. You will fail. All online businesses go through seasons. The spring, summer, fall and winter. We all know that these seasons will come repeatedly every year. It is no different in your business. You need to know how to handle all the seasons and failures. Action will make you grow and help you handle these seasons.
Even on a bad they there are always things you can do to take action towards your goals.

You can sign up to my monthly challenge if you want to challenge yourself to grow this year. Every month you will receive a challenge (optional) that will help you grow and participate in our challenge group to hold yourself accountable.

Grow more than ever this year

Grow button

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The Affiliate marketing industry is projected to be a $7 billion industry this year according to Forrester report. And it is a growing industry right now. There has never been a better time or situation to become an affiliate marketer.

When you do the things above you have a good foundation for growing and you will see results. It is simple, but not so easy to be honest, asking yourself important questions, building a website, making plans, create a daily practice and take action every day. You need to practice on a daily basis to become good at it. But you can do it with daily practice and challenging yourself to grow more.

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This year I will go deeper into these matters as we go and add some new and important practices and tips that will be very helpful to your daily practice. I will show you helpful tools, methods and techniques you can use to grow your affiliate marketing business and how to improve and grow faster. But I will do it step by step. You will get weekly tips from me if you sign up to my weekly newsletter.

I hope my 10 Affiliate Marketing tips for beginners served you well and that you now take action to grow. Join my monthly challenge and sign up to my weekly tips and we can help and motivate each other to grow more than ever.

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  1. Hi tank you for this knowledge on affiliate marketing and explaining your tips step by step, I think that it would really help a lot of people including myself with online success should we choose to chase after it. I did want to ask though can anyone become a affiliate marketer, is it just about mindset or do you need a specific personality or skill to succeed?

    1. Author

      Hi Marthin! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Anyone can become an affiliatemarketer. You do not need any skills to start. With the Wealthy affiliate training you learn step by step what to do and you build your affiliate marketing muscles so to say. Success depends on many factors, but mindset is important. I would say your mindset is 80% of it. But you can practice your mindset too. Becoming a successful Affiliate marketer is a process. It starts by deciding to become one and then do the necessary actions to get there. You need to practice a strong focus and to be consistent. It is also important to enjoy the process. I hope I answered your question. Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions.

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