11 reasons to use Pretty links for New Affiliate Marketers

One question I often get from new Affiliate marketers is :how do you manage to make all your affiliate links look like they are from your website? In this Article 11 reasons to use Pretty links for New Affiliate Marketers I will answer this question.

What to do with your giant Affiliate links?

As a new Affiliate marketer getting my first affiliate links I thought they looked ugly, long and hard to remember.

I guess you think so too. Am I right?

I had trouble promoting my affiliate links on social media and in emails because not all social platforms and email providers

like affiliate links.

Then someone told me about using a link shortener.

And that was how I found Pretty links

This was a game changer for me.

Suddenly I was able to post my ugly, long links everywhere.

And the best of all they looked so much better and more professional.

Pretty Links

What is Pretty Links?

If you are a new Affiliate marketer online and do not know what Pretty links are then continue to read.

Pretty links is a link cloaker, shortener, tracker.and much more.

It is simply another link that looks better and prettier because you can customize it exactly as you like and be able to brand yourself at the same time with your own brand.

You are basically wrapping up your link to look even more appealing to the eye.

I love Pretty links and have been a happy user for three years + now.


Why I Use Pretty links?

Good question! Why do I use Pretty links?

Well the obvious reason for me is because your affiliate links will look much prettier and your links much shorter.

Your ugly, giant links suddenly become readable and easy to remember .

And by using Pretty links you can monetize your content and keep track of how much traffic you get on each link.

This is valuable information for a new Affiliate marketer.

Another good reason is because not all social Media platforms and email responders accept raw affiliate links

So by cloaking your links you solve this problem.

And you can discover broken links fast and easy using Pretty links.

Here are some examples:

My raw Pretty Links Affiliate link look like this:


It is not so long, but it does not look so pretty.

Here is how it looks when I Use my Pretty Link on it:


As you can see I get a branded link with my website address and I get to choose the name of the link.

I think it looks much better. Don't you?

Here is how my raw Aweber Affiliate link looks like:


It is long and not very appealing to the eye

This is how it looks cloaked in a pretty link:


It looks much more professional. Don't you agree?


Some people do not care how the link looks like, but I think it matters.

People will more easily recognize your website brand as well.

Is there a free version of Pretty links?

There is a Pretty Links Plugin for wordpress that I use on my website.

It is called Pretty links Lite and is Free to install

This is the one I am using and have used it very frequently and I am a very happy user.

To use it you need a wordpress website.

However, there are some upgrades you can make to get more features.

I would recommend doing this if you can.


How much does Pretty links cost?

Pretty links have three basic Price plans

WordPress Plugin: $47

Beginner Plan: USD $99,50

Marketer Plan: USD $149,50

Super Affiliate Plan: USD 199,50

Go here to learn more about the features


The free version or the Paid version?

I would chose the paid version anytime.

You will get so much more features and information you will not get in the

Lite version.

I have listed 11 reasons to use Pretty links Paid version below:


11 Reasons to use Pretty links Paid Version

1. Test how well your landing page is doing

2. Test if your sales page is converting

3. Split test your links and pages

4. You can direct your users to any place you want using redirect

5. Automatic Pretty link Social buttons

6. JavaScript and Meta refresh Redirects

7. Replace Keywords with the Pretty links using Keyword scan on defined keywords

8. Replace defined URLs with a pretty link Automatically

9.1 year of support and updates

10. Repair broken links

11. A 14 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Pretty Links
Pretty links

Is Pretty link only on wordpress?

Yes, Pretty links is only for use on wordpress sites.


What to do if you do not have a website?

If you do not have a website, there are other alternatives. Do a search on Google and they will pop up.

I have used other link shorteners before I found Pretty links, but I prefer Pretty links.

I would say that as a new Affiliate marketer it would be smart to build a website to build your online authority.

You can easily build a wordpress website at a low cost that will help you build authority and monetize your content online.

I recommend building your wordpress website with Wealthy Affiliate who also offers hosting and one of the best online entrepreneur programs online at a very reasonable price.

I am using Wealthy affiliate for building and hosting my own website.

Learn more about Wealthy Affiliate here


Pretty or not – It is your choice

In this article you have learned how I make my affiliate links look like my website links by using Pretty links.

I have also listed up 11 reasons why New Affiliate marketers should go for the paid version.

I hope this article serves you well.

If you have any questions just leave a comment below.

If you want more marketing tips from me, you can sign up to my free marketing tips here


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