About Daily Practice for Success

What do you desire for your life?

 I am an affiliatemarketer and blogger in the Make Money online and Self – Improvement Niche focusing on Daily Practice for Success.

Do you Ever feel a burning desire or passion to do something different than you are doing now?

Have you ever wanted to grow, help , inspire , earn more or make an impact somehow?

That was my thoughts and feelings some years ago when I worked for others helping them build their business.


About Daily Practice for Success

I was educated at Norwegian Business School – Oslo Campus in marketing.

I have worked in many offline businesses over the years with marketing, sales and administration and health sector as a Healthworker.

My life was good enough seen from outside, but I did not feel I was on the right shelf, where I wanted to be or in alignment with who I really am as a person. Sounds familiar?

I liked what I did, but I did not Love it. I just did what others expected me to do most of the time.

I wanted to wake up happy and feel inspired to go to work and I wanted to learn new skills and create something on my own.

I went through some rough periods in my life like a major burnout, and sorrow, and I started working on investing in myself and energy strategy to get through. Daily practice have had a huge impact in my life.

As I came to learn  by talking to people over these years, believe it or not, most people do not have  a daily practice that support their dreams.

Most people don`t even know what they want only what they don`t want.

What about you? Do you know?


I did what most people do.

I was living unconsciously unaware of how it affected my life in a negative way.

Sometimes an accident or a total collapse have to happen before people are pushed to do something, right?


In 2017  I entered the online World.

But I did a big mistake. I started out totally wrong and the courses I attended to just left me paying much more than I earned.

Then I read some books and attended some courses that helped me get my mindset back on track and a new perspective on online Marketing.

I wish I had read these books 20 years ago, but these books were not written then.

At marketing school the focus was more on how to become a marketing worker than creating your own business.

I failed my first attempt online because I started in the wrong end and listened to people who just wanted to profit on my oblivion.

I decided to figure out how to start with nothing and grow from there.


My Affiliate Marketing journey and Daily Practice for success

In 2019 I found Wealthy Affiliate – The home of affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing attracted me. I discovered I could build multiple income streams that would pay off for a long time after I created them.

This was an opportunity to get a free lifestyle, work from anywhere and get more time to live my life as I wanted it to be.

So I decided to Join Wealthy Affiliate and learn the basics and build my own affiliate marketing business even though I had no experience or skills in affiliate marketing prior to that.


In 2020 I shifted my focus from creating a website, blogging and content to build a list.

This became a total gamechanger for my business.

Now I have  generated a great list of leads and buyers 100% using organic methods and proven strategies.


In 2021 I focused on generating traffic 100% organic through social media as well as my website.

Now I generate daily traffic and leads and I make recurring income on a daily basis.


My Journey


  • I built two websites. My main website grew from 0 to 4000 readers and over 10K pageviews and made some sales.
  • I had laid a good foundation for further growth.
  • My two favorite words for success are Daily Practice -So that became the name of this website.
  • I have documented much of my journey on my WA blog and I am ready now to grow even more,


  • I started building a list


  • I started generating organic traffic on social channels


I have learned how to build a good foundation

– the basics

– the strategies and plans

– the tools and techniques

– How to rank on Google Page 1

– My website have gained more authority online.

-I help others succeed

– and much more

A business is not built in a day. I have been around and learned from people on the best platform in this business.


I can help you build a good foundation

I have a feeling that you are a bit like me since you are reading this. You want something more and bigger with your life, am I right?

If you are thinking about getting a different lifestyle and have a desire and passion you want to pursue or just do something different.

Part time or Full time I can help you build a good foundation for multiple income streams.

As a token of my appreciation for reading this I want to invite you to receive my weekly tips

Signing up to My weekly tips will give you access to my free tips,  free organic roadmaps to follow, receive freebies before anyone else and lots of valuable tips on daily affiliate marketing practices and so much more.


I feel so blessed and grateful that I took action on my desire  – something most people never do.

Now I can thank myself for having multiple income streams and a better and happier life.

I would not trade it for any other work – It has opened so many new doors and opportunities I never saw coming or knew existed.

My journey until now have been super exciting and a Pure Joy.

I look forward to get up every morning and work for myself and co create with others.

Let me know if I can help you with anything my new friend and I will share my expertise and experience abundantly with you.

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