CBProAds Review for beginners

CBProAds Review for beginners



Free Version


Paid Version



  • Free to start
  • Easy to set up a niche storefront free
  • Earn more commissions


  • Best for clickbank products
  • For a beginner it can take some time to learn how to use it

Do not have a website yet? Looking to get a niche store for free? Have a website and are looking for a low cost niche store to have on your website? Well look no further. In this CBProAds Review for beginners I will share with you why many marketers love this tool.

Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

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What is CBproAds?

CB pro Ads is the only platform that offers a toolkit to Clickbank Affiliates to promote Clickbank products to earn more commissions. Read my Clickbank Review here.


How does the CBProAds work

Why Use CBProADS?

I often get questions from startups, who do not have a website yet, if I know of any program where you can be an affiliate without having a website and if it is possible to start an online shop for free. Many Affiliate platforms and programs require that you have a website or a blog. But CBproAds do not require this.

1. I recommend CBProAds to startups without a website because it is an easy way to start earning money without a website.

2. It is a wonderful opportunity to be able to target your audience and personalize your products so your CTR or click to buy rate increases.

3. You can add other affiliate program ads like Google adsense on to it as well as leverage clickbank products and actually earn more.

4. The Affiliate program they have is good and the program works well.

5. It is easy to set up even for a beginner.

I have used it now myself for a while and made some extra money with it.

How to Use CBproAds?

First you need to create a clickbank account for free and then join CBproAds AffiliateProgram. It is Free to join.

When you have done that, you have two choices

1. To promote CBProAds without a website

2. To promote CBproAds with a website

How to promote CBproAds without a website?

To promote CBpro ads you need to use your affiliate link and your network. You can promote through email, chats with people, on forums and different Social media groups where it is allowed.

And you can of course promote through your Social Media Accounts. Just be careful that you do not spam people. I know several startups who did not have a website who joined Clickbank and CBProAds and are using it to earn extra money on clickbank.

How to promote CBProAds with a website

WP Affiliate Plugin

CBproAds just launched a WP plugin for Affiliates that you can add to your site and create a page where you promote a storefront. I made a page called Top selling Affiliate marketing products to test the plugin.

The Plugin is easy to install and customize to make it look like you want it to look. You can customize it differently than I have done. I just uploaded it very quickly and have not yet customized mine with all my Affiliate links.

According to my Google Analytics and CBPro Ads daily stats there are many hits on this page daily.


Promotional material like widgets, banners and videos etc. is included in the Affiliate program so you can. I have a banner on my website. According to Google analytics and CBproAds analytics I get daily traffic on this banner.


Make a video tutorial

When I write an article or a review I often make a short tutorial on how to use the program if I have time for it. This is also a good way to promote it because it allows you to add your affiliate link in the description of the video.

Just remember to write a disclaimer. If you promote the link in the video you should make the disclaimer from the start in the video according to best practices online.


Write a review or article

I write helpful articles and reviews about my affiliate partners and this is a great way to collect organic traffic through Google search engines. This will of course generate more sales. Your audience get more knowledge about the program by reading what you have researched and they might sign up to your links. If they do, you will earn commissions when they make a purchase through your link.

Promote your Niche storefront

Another way is to use the link to your storefront or storefronts. Personally I have 17 storefronts at the moment in different niches that I use on different websites I have. I have the main storefront which includes all niches, I have a digital storefront, A book storefront, A health and fitness storefront, Affiliate marketing storefront just to mention some of them.

Promote a product from your storefront

You can also promote individual products on your niche storefronts which gives you many ways to actually promote this. Personally I have promoted some niche products to my email list that I know my audience likes or I think can be of value for them to use or promote.


Watch my Video tutorial

To understand how you do it I have created an easy introduction for you to about CBProAds and how to make a page on your website.


Clickbank Ad Rotator – is an alternative to Google Adsense and are based on a PPC system or pay per click system. You place a clickbank ad on your website and With this feature you can earn up to $75 dollars for a sale instead of small pennies you earn on Google Adsense.

Affiliate Storefronts – this is perfect for a person who do not have a website. You get a ready-made storefront that are configured for sales. A done for you store. No technical skills are needed to start so this I recommend to anyone who wants to earn money without a website. 5 versions of Affiliate storefronts are included in this option.

Niche Storefronts – This solution is perfect for an affiliate marketer with a niche website. You can promote categories instead of the whole storefront. So if you have a niche site about weight loss, you can easily promote products targeted to your audience. You can choose between 20 different niche storefronts in different categories.

1. Get your ex back 2. Make money online 3. Casino and betting 4. Muscle building 5.Forex 6.Womens E book store 7. Tattoo 8. Credit repair 9. Colon Cleansing 10. Six Pack Abs 11. Day Trading 12. Weight loss 13. Affiliate Marketing 14. Body Detox 15. Dating and Romance 16. Keyword Spy tools and more (see picture below).

CBProAds Niche Store


(Photo: Print screen of CBProAds Niche storefronts edited in Canva)

What is also cool about the niche storefronts is that you can add a product review to all the products. This is a paid service you pay extra for adding.

Click Bank WordPress Plugin – is perfect for integrating a niche storefront into your website with a few clicks. These pages are updated daily with new products. 100+ niche storefronts are included in this feature. On the Picture below you can see a selection of all the stores you can choose from.

1. Wedding Plan 2. Alternative Health 3. SEO 4. Chiropractic care 5. Internet marketing 6. Home based Business 7. MLM marketing 8. Work From Home 9. Mobile marketing 10. Online dating 11. Forex 12. Mixed Martial Arts etc. are just a few storefronts you can choose from this plugin to add to your site

CBProAds WP plugin stores

Affiliate storefront or Plugin storefront?

The plugin storefront is the best choice when you want to customize your content to your audience. You host it on your website and need to know how to install it.

The Affiliate storefront is the best choice if you do not have a website to put it on. It is all done for you.



Affiliate Commissions

How does it work when someone clicks on your link? How much will you get paid and how often do you get paid?

When someone clicks on your link that embodies your affiliate ID and make a purchase this will be shown on your dashboard 3 hours later. The commission is normally between $1 – 100 with an average on $40.

You will get an email notification that a sale is made and what source generated your sale.

You will also see the source where the Payment came from in your Affiliate dashboard. (Photo below is a print screen of my latest sale and where the source is) I actually find it very helpful to see the source.

This way I can target more towards this source. Sources can be anything from Social media platforms, Email list or specific sites.

CBProAds Commission

Free CBProAds Account versus CBProADS PRO Account

There are two types of accounts. A Free account and a Paid Account. So what is the difference?

The Free version

The free version is great to start out with and earn money without any investments at all, but like all free memberships or accounts you get a limited version of the product offered with 13.000 products to promote.

Limitation is 50%time on Clickbank Ad blocks compared to the Pro Version who has 100% time on Clickbank Ad Blocks.

Pro Version $29.95

With a Pro membership you get unlimited access to more earning opportunities, but it cost money. Personally I jumped on the Pro version quickly because I wanted 100% time on Clickbank Ad Blocks and the best opportunities.

I have multiple websites and I can use the Pro Plugin to target my niche audience easily with different storefront pages. I have also added the extra review add on.

The Good

1. Clickbank has a good Fraud control compared to other vendor platforms which secures the buyers from getting scammed by criminals or vendors who are not serious. So CBproAds affiliates who promote the products can feel more secure that the products they promote are legit and high quality.

2. They pay you every week.

3. Plugin Installation Guide is great and easy to follow

4. Auto Income feature allows you to earn extra on marketing efforts done by CBproAds

5. You will earn extra on your clickbank sales

6. The Affiliate program is Great.

7. Support and promotional material are professional.

8. No limits to how many websites you can add your storefront to.

The not so good

I have not anything bad to say about CBProAds at all. I think it is a great tool for everyone who wants to earn money on affiliate marketing with or without a website.

The only thing I could think of For a startup is that it will take some time to understand how it all works and to build an audience unless you have one from the start. The FAQ is a good guide to follow here. So my tip is to read the FAQ well before you start.

Alternatives to CBPro Ads

The alternatives to CBproAds are just to use Clickbank as it is or try out other platforms. Some other alternatives I have written about before may be:

1. Warriorplus –  Free to join and Here you can find products to promote, but they do not offer niche storefronts

2. Shopmonopoly –  You can build your own online store

3. Facebook and Instagram shops – Only a platform to create your own shop on social media (not recommended)

CBproads is the only alternative that is designed to earn extra on Clickbank products and who offer niche store fronts for free.

What does the users say?

I found some testimonials from users. Most of them say they are surprised how well it works and think it is a great alternative to using Adsense. You will find more testimonials on the CBProAds website

CBproAds testimonial

CBproAds testimonial

Final thoughts

CBproAds is definitely a legit and best option to earn more money on your clickbank products. For startups without a website this is probably one of the best options to earn online. For website owners like me it is a great tool to add a niche store to their websites and get some extra sales and a great alternative to Adsense.

I am no techie at all and I found it quite easy to install the niche storefront to my websites and my analytics show me that the niche fronts get a lot of traffic and I have also made affiliate sales through the niche fronts. The storefronts are automatically updated which saves me a lot of time. And there are no limits to how many websites I can put my storefronts on.

My experience of Support is great and I find them helpful and quick to reply if you are stuck with anything. For a starter this is important.

It is free to start so for me this was really a no brainer. As with any other tool, to get the maximum effect and to get 100% time on clickbank you will of course get better results with the paid version.

Would I recommend affiliate marketers to use this program? Yes I would without any doubt. It will drive more traffic to your website, more leads and sales. And for startups without a website it is great. They offer a very generous Affiliate program too.

I hope this review served you well. I can not make a decision for you, but I would urge you to give this program a go.

Startup Tips! If you are an ambitious startup in Affiliate Marketing my recommendation is to create a website and Learn how Affiliate Marketing works, and Use CBproAds as a way to leverage your website.

PS! My number one affiliatemarketing platform for startups is without any doubt Wealthy Affiliate where you learn step by step how to create your own online empire at a low cost and with a proven system. Read my latest  review Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate Change Your life with Wealthy Affiliate


  1. Hi, I’ve just gone through your article about CBProAds review for beginners. I found it very educative and informative too. My website is new and I was still wondering how I can earn money from it. I am very grateful to have come across this post. Even though it may not be easy to use this tool in the beginning, I believe practice makes perfect. And I will give this a go. I will be sharing it further too.

    1. Author

      Hi there! Glad you decided to give it a go. If you are new and have a small audience it may take a while before it starts taking off and giving you the results you want. But you will drive more traffic and sales as your audience grows and people search for content that is in your storefronts.

  2. I signed up for ClickBank a while ago but never researched how to use it.  I didn’t realize that I could set up a storefront to promote products through CBProAds.  While I’m going to see what they have to promote on my niche website, I may also set up a storefront that doesn’t connect so I can branch out with different products than what I promote now. Can I run Adsense and CBProAds at the same time or is it one or the other?

    1. Author

      Hi Cynthia! Sounds like a smart plan you have there. I think you can Run Adsense on your website, because CBProAds is not like adsense where you get paid a very small sum per click. Adsense you need to be approved of first and you have no control over the contextual ads on your site and where they pop up. 

      With  CBPro ads you can add your own afffiliate links, target a specific audience or a specific product and place the ads wherever you want the ads on your site, pages and posts. And you earn better commission from purchases not clicks. To get the best customizing features CBProads Pro membership is best to use.

  3. Hi, thanks for this review on CBProAds. I think this is a real good way to start making money online with out a website, this program is really worth it since you can start for free and have the opportunity to earn from a lot of affiliate programs and also from google ads. Being able to earn lot of commission from this program is also awesome since other programs like Amazon had to cut their commission rate due to the pandemic so it is a bargain.

    1. Author

      Hi Nedia! I absolutely agree that this is a bargain and personally I am very happy that I joined CBproAds. I have several niche storefronts now on different websites and the commissions are really good.

  4. Hi Hilde,

    I found your CBProAds very helpful and a good start for me to do research on how to venture into the affiliate marketing business. CBProADs sounds really amazing considering that I can promote their products and other affiliate services even without a personal blog or any website whatsoever unlike many of their competitors

    Thank you for the in-depth review.



    1. Author

      Hi Sergej! I love CBpro Ads just for the reasons you mentioned. It gives people who want to start online a chance to make money online and get good commissions if they put in a little effort. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Let me know how it works out for you.

  5. I am not a fan of ClickBank products. However, I have discovered and used good ClickBank products in the past. I like that we can join CBProads for free. And that it is easy to set up a e-store front. So, putting aside my background experience with ClickBank, I’ll give this a try. Thanks for your review.

    1. Author

      Hi Abel I think that this is a wise decision to do. You can not compare it to clickbank – this is very different. CBpro ads works wll and have  fabolous support as well. Very happy with this product. 

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