Change your Life with Wealthy Affiliate

Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate have changed many peoples Lives for the better. If you are new to Affiliate marketing and feel a little overwhelmed by the jungle of platforms out there and what to pick then read this article before anything else. In this article I will show you how you can change your life with Wealthy Affiliate.

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What do you desire for your life?

Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

If you are reading this I know you are a bit curious and have a desire for changing something in your life. Am I right?

Looking for an online opportunity

Over a year ago I was surfing online looking for some opportunities to start at an online business at a low cost. I was a part-time health worker and did not exactly have a lot extra after all my bills were paid. That was the reason I got this Idea in my head to create another income stream working from home. I looked and looked at different opportunities, but I did not find any that stood out for me until I saw an article on Pinterest saying

How this program changed my life and many others

After reading it I asked myself : I wonder If this program could change my life too? And there was this free trial…. You can Imagine what happened next…. I signed up for a free trial.

I had no skills in affiliatemarketing. I barely knew what it was. Never written an article or a review in my life. I had tried to make some blogs, but It was never any success because I had no Idea what I was doing and how to do it to make money.

The only thing I had was a desire to make it happen. So I signed up for the 7-day free trial…..

The Free trial

Start A free trial with Wealthy Affiliate

I do not know what I expected when I signed up, but it was definitely not much. I had been on a few other marketing platforms before that added little or no value to me or only offered me expensive courses I could just dream of attending. I needed to win big in Lotto to afford those master mind classes that promised you success. I guess you can relate to that.

To my surprise the free trial was packed with value. 10 online entrepreneur classes and 10 Affiliate boot camp classes for Free! And not only that, a Websitebuilder, writing platform and a Keyword search tool. All for free! Wow! I felt I had come to marketing heaven. Lol…

I got this message from the woman who wrote the article.

Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

And my platform mentor Kyle who is also the founder of Wealthy Affiliate:Change your life with wealthy Affiliate

So I did like they said – I completed my profile and set some goals and I started the training Lesson 1:Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

I was amazed by all the training and how filled it was with value. The 7 days went so fast, but I managed to build my own website with the Siterubix websitebuilder. That was easy peasy. Only took a couple of minutes to create my website.

I am no techie so I was really happy that all the tech was done for me. I could just click here and there and follow the instructions. And the Wealthy Affiliate Community and technical support was so helpful.

Wealthy Affiliate Action Bonus

Wealthy Affiliate Hosting

Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

As soon as I had created a website I needed to buy a domain and find a host for my website. The free website is hosted on the Siterubix platform and you need to move it from there to your own domain. So I asked the community how to do that.

I got two options: to find a hosting company outside Wealthy Affiliate or become a Wealthy Affiliate member and have the opportunity to host up to 10 websites.

After doing some research on other hosting companies I found out that Wealthy Affiliate was the platform that would give me most value for my money. So I accepted the Action Bonus to start as a Premium member for only $19 dollar first month and then proceed at $49 a month or go yearly and save two monthly fees.

I decided to go monthly first to be sure I had made the right decision and not very long after I went for the yearly plan. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Below you can see the different features and the difference between the free trial and the Premium membership.

When I became a premium member, I got my own Wealthy Affiliate blog where I could promote the Wealthy Affiliate program. I became an affiliate partner and got my own affiliate link I could use to promote Wealthy Affiliate with on my blog, website and in Social media.

I decided to document my process with Wealthy Affiliate on this blog. Here is my first Blog post: I have become a premium member – Jumping straight into it!

The Wealthy Affiliate blog

Wealthy Affiliate Action Bonus

Since then I have written 190 blog posts! Can you believe it? I had never written many blog posts in my life. But one post here and one post there adds up over time you know.

The cool thing about the Wealthy Affiliate blog is that when someone read it a little pop up arrives after a few seconds asking the reader to start a free trial. Just like what happened to me when I read Jelenas post and made me sign up for a free trial. If someone sign up you earn commissions if they become a member.

Because of that blog, I have received many referrals to Wealthy Affiliate. People who read my blog posts and felt inspired to start. How cool is that?

The Wealthy Affiliate Values

Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

I love it every time someone starts and I can help them just like I was helped from the start. I guide them to what to do inside the platform. They can ask me any question and I help them out. So you are giving back to others and learn how to help others as well. I love the wealthy Affiliate platform because they have good values as part of their foundation.

By helping others you are helping yourself. Of course from the start you are doing mostly asking others, but new affiliate marketers join the platform daily and have many of the same questions you had. So then you can help them to proceed as well.

You can earn money on helping others inside the platform too – by helping them with comments and create training material on different issues related to Affiliate marketing.

I believe this is one reason why the Wealthy Affiliate community is being called the home of affiliate marketing. I really felt I was coming home. People cared about others and were not jealous of you having success.

No! they cheer you and feel happy for you. And I understand it. When you have helped someone and you suddenly see they get success then you also feel you have been a part of that person’s success. I think that is nice.

How Wealthy Affiliate Changed My life in One Year

Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

The first year I accomplished so much with Wealthy Affiliate. My goal is to earn 10K a month. I am not there yet, but I have built a solid foundation that will generate revenue for years to come.

I have now two websites and my main website generated more than 10K page views in one year and 4000 users.

This newbie created 6 training lessons in Wealthy Affiliate and I have ranked with many of my posts on Google page 1.

Written 190 blog posts and 148 website posts and I made my first $100 sale and more.

This year I expect it to give much more traffic and revenue.

I think that are pretty good results – don’t you?

How Wealthy Affiliate can change your life to the better

Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

So how do you get success with Wealthy Affiliate? Here are the things that will change your life

The Wealthy Affiliate training – This blueprint works like clockwork if you follow through on it.

The Wealthy Affiliate mindset – Mindset is a huge part of being successful

The Wealthy Affiliate opportunities to build multiple income streams – More income streams equals more money and more security.

The Wealthy Affiliate Community – You never feel alone when you have like minded people around you who help you.

The skills you learn are priceless and no one can take your skills away. You become a confident expert over time.

You learn how to build authority online and build a brand of your own.

And You learn how to make money online so you can get the lifestyle you really want to have and freedom to do what matters to you.

Here are 3 of very many real testimonials from other Wealthy Affiliate Members who changed their lives around:

Jelena bought a house

Denise earned her first 10K

What a Journey Zarina had

One step at a time your life will change

Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

I hope I have managed to make you understand how great this platform is and how it actually changes peoples lives.

Step by step, Lesson by lesson, day by day and month by month you will change your life around.

This is not a quick fix scheme. This is a real money making blueprint that is designed for long term success.

So I guess the big question is What do you desire for your Life? Do you want to make a change?

If you do I would recommend you to become a Wealthy Affiliate member so you can start building multiple income streams, learn new skills and meet fantastic people, earn money and get the financial freedom that will change your life around.

Still not Sure? well the only way to know if this is right for you is to try. Jump on a free trial and find out.


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  1. What a great article Hilde. I loved reading your story and how you started with Wealthy Affiliate. I loved relating to you, and how you began this journey and then step by step how you went about it with a little caution, to see if this was for you, before signing up fully and commiting to the program. I felt like you were writing on my behalf, as I had similar feelings to you. Since then you have proceeded in leaps and bounds a lot faster than myself. The seven day free trial is an excellent way for starters as so much can be achieved in that short time. If I was a newbie reading your article, I would definitely want to sign up with you. Wealthy Affiliate sure can change your life for the better.

    1. Author

      Hi Helen! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Yes Wealthy Affiliate have changed me a lot and I am pleased to hear that you could relate to this. I believe I am no different than anyone else. It is normal to be skeptic of new things and be abit afraid of changes. But if you never try you will never know. And I will never regret that I took action on the free trial. I quickly understood the immense value of this platform.

  2. I, too, joined Wealthy Affiliate without any previous experience with affiliate marketing or websites. I have been a member for only a few months, but I immediately started training Online Entrepreneur Certification (I will finish it soon), and I really learned a lot, set up my first website, and followed all the instructions and recommendations.
    As a complete beginner without a Wealthy Affiliate, I wouldn’t be here where I am now. I’m really pleased.
    Thank you for your story in which almost all of us who have joined WA can identify. It is very encouraging and inspiring.
    I wish you much success,

    1. Author

      Hi Nina! I am so pleased to hear your story and you have had a great progress. Keep up the good work! The Online Entrepreneur certification is excellent and you will gain so much knowledge and build a solid foundation for your online business.

  3. I think there has never been a better time to start an online business. Many of our usual pastimes are still closed due to COVID restrictions, so it’s perfect timing to take advantage of online training from Wealthy Affiliate that could ultimately lead to becoming your own boss. Thanks for the encouragement and helpful resources. What has been the most valuable thing you have learned from there?

    1. Author

      Hi Aly! Thank you for the Question. Wealthy Affiliate have taught me how to build a solid foundation for building multiple incomestreams. Also a lot of methods and strategies that have been very useful and works 100%. The community have taught me co creation – to help others in different stages of the affiliatemarketing process and also to ask for help when I need it. It is very valuable. I hope this answered your question.

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