Clickbank Review for beginners – How to earn money with Clickbank



Clickbank Free


Clickbank Spark Education


Clickbank Kibo Academy



  • Free to use
  • Many high converting products
  • Spark education is great for beginners


  • Some products are not converting so well and is not of good quality.
  • Hard to know what offers to pick
  • Takes time to find the right products

What is Clickbank? I guess you heard the term many times. But what is really Clickbank? Is Clickbank a tool you should use? Clickbank is affiliate marketers favorite tool it seems. What makes Clickbank so popular? Can you really make a passive residual income with Clickbank? In this Clickbank review for beginners – How to make money with Clickbank, I will take a closer look at Clickbank to see how easy it is to use and how to make money with Clickbank.

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Clickbank Review for beginners – How to make money with Clickbank

Clickbank review How to earn money with Clickbank

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I decided to write a review about Clickbank because I was advised to use Clickbank by other affiliate marketers early on.

As I have come to know, most affiliate marketers are using Clickbank. However, I have not had a high focus on it from the start. I never made an effort to understand how it really worked. I was more focused on building my website from the start.

As time went by and I was starting to look for affiliate partners, Clickbank was one of the evident choices. I needed to learn how to use this tool better and decided to find out the best way to use Clickbank for me and if this tool is as good to have in my toolbox as everyone says.

I hope this Clickbank review for beginners will serve you well and that you will understand how Clickbank works and how it can help you in your affiliate marketing business.

My intention is to share my information with you and maybe help someone who is thinking about starting with Clickbank to be able to make the best decision possible on whether to use this tool or not.

In this Clickbank reviewfor beginners – How to make money with Clickbank I will take a look at

✅ What Clickbank is all about

✅ Who Is Clickbank for

✅ How to use Clickbank

✅ How to earn with Clickbank

✅ CBPro Ads for Clickbank

✅ Kibo code by Clickbank

✅ Is it easy to learn

✅The Pricing table

✅ What is good

✅ What is bad

✅ Is Clickbank a smart tool for Self employed internet marketers, Affiliate marketers, Solopreneurs, Small business owners working from home?

Clickbank review for beginners – How to make money with Clickbank – The Facts about Clickbank

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Clickbank is an affiliate network that specializes in connecting producers and affiliates or e-commerce sellers of products.

According to Wikipedia ClickBank is an e-commerce retailer of physical and digital products, digital content creators (also known as vendors) and affiliate marketers.

The company has had a huge growth and is now one of the Top Affiliate networks and have been recognized in Revenue Magazine and retailer magazine as one of the Top 100 retailers.


Owner: Private ownership Crunchbase (2016)

Subsidiary: Keynetics Inc.

Headquarters: Idaho

Founders: Tim and Eileen Barber

Founded: In San Diego California in 1998


Who uses Clickbank?


(photo: unsplash)

Clickbank is mainly for online marketers who wants to earn some extra money every month or grow a substantial revenue. But everyone online are able to create an account on clickbank and earn money if they follow the Clickbank instructions.

How to use Clickbank

First you need to create an account at Clickbank. Creating an account is completely free and uncomplicated.

1. Sign up here if you do not already have an account.

2. Read the terms and conditions and the privacy policy and agree to the agreement.

3. Complete your profile.

4. Choose if you want to learn Clickbank by yourself or if you want to get a head start with Clickbank training.

A pop up window with invitation to Spark University (Clickbank internal training school) by Clickbank shows up.

5. Watch the intro video that explain shortly what Clickbank is and what Spark is.
Spark is Clickbank`s internal training that will teach you how to use Clickbank.

6. Watch the Spark 101 Course overview Video

Clickbank review for beginners – Features

SPARK: $37 a month:


The Spark 100 Level Courses

– The Private Spark Online Community

– Exclusive Webinars by Industry Experts

– Live Q&As; with Spark Instructors

– Weekly Insights and Trend Reports


What do you get joining as a Clickbank Affiliate?

Photo: Canva

– High Commissions up to 90%

– recurring commissions for products with subscription offers which will give you commissions over and over again.

– On time payment – Clickbank have a good reputation for paying their affiliates on time

– The hop link tracking system gives you credit for your sales

– Promote automatic up sell offers

– interaction with leading affiliate marketers

– analytics

– Affiliate dashboard

– Promotional tools

Learn with Spark $37

Spark is the official ClickBank education platform. Spark offers help to beginners and experienced vendors.

Lesson 1 – 3 Learn about Spark. Affiliate marketing and Clickbank

Product 4 – 6 Dives direct in – How to use Clickbank

Product 7 + Deep dive



Photo: Canva

Customer Support

Clickbank have a team that is ready to help customers who needs assistance with purchases, technical support or refunds.

Affiliate Help

Clickbank affiliate help will help you with issues, communicate with Click Bank sellers, build connections and resources. It is open every Monday to Friday.

Seller Help

Clickbank offer Sellers help with different issues they might encounter.

Clickbank Affiliate marketplace

Clickbank Spark

(Photo: Print Screen of intro video to spark edited in Canva)

In the affiliate marketplace you will find products to promote in many categories, get basic affiliate help, affiliate guide and learn how you get paid.

Clickbank Product categories


Photo: Canva

Arts and entertainment, E business and E marketing, Games, Parenting and families, As seen on TV, Health and fitness, Home and garden, Languages, Self help, Spirituality, New age and Alternative beliefs.
You can also search for specific products by using the search field.

I found a product I like – How to promote it?

1. Click on promote beside the product and create a hop link you can share.

2. Go into the Affiliate page and create the hop link and find the materials you need for promoting it.

* Some Affiliate programs require an application.

What is a Hop Link?

A hop link is the name Clickbank use for an affiliate redirect link or a product link.

The hop link is built up like this:

Example: If I want to promote the Speechelo text to voice Product.

I click on the affiliate page where I get further instructions.

(replace AAAAA with your ClickBank username)

The hop link is how Clickbank will know that you made the sale and enables them to pay you commission when someone purchases via your hop link.

Hop Link Tracking system

This is the system Clickbank use for tracking Affiliate redirect links. Tracking the links will enable Clickbank and you to know where and how the sale was made in analytics. It is helpful when creating strategies for where you are promoting your links and finding out where your audience is. You can use the hoplink shield to cloak your hoplinks. Always check if your hoplink works before using them. Especially if you use link cloakers.

Knowledge base

In the knowledge base you will find answers to common questions in Frequently Asked Questions area or you can get affiliate help by submitting a ticket. Ido think it is a good idea to read the knowledge base. There is a lot of useful information that will help you get started.

Proven offers that convert

dollar bundle

Photo: Canva

Clickbank claims that they have offers that are proven to convert. I know many Affiliate marketers who earn quite good money with ClickBank. But there are also those who struggle to earn with Clickbank. As with all programs there are never any guarantees for earning.

Is CBproAds a Part of Clickbank?

I get this question a lot from my friends and readers so I thought I would address this in this review to make it clear. It is easy to be confused if you are a newbie.

Just to make it clear – CBproAds are not a part of Clickbank.

You find this disclaimer on their site: 
“DISCLAIMER:- CLICKBANK® is a registered trademark of Click Sales, Inc., a Delaware corporation located at 917 S. Lusk Street, Suite 200, Boise Idaho, 83706, USA and used by permission. ClickBank is not affiliated in any way with CBProAds and use of “ClickBank” does not constitute an endorsement of CBProAds or any of the contents of this page. Sales made by CBProAds are the sole responsibility of CBProAds and not ClickBank

Some think they are the same because you make a clickbank account on CBProAds as well. You get your own CBProAds – Clickbank ID when you sign up. This caused me some confusion from the start.

CBproAds is  just a toolkit. They offer amazing storefronts that can help you leverage your clickbank products. It is two different Affiliate programs.
However, CBProAds is a great program to leverage your clickbank products.

Note: It is worth to know that CBproAds register your ID as a vendor for you at Clickbank when you enroll their program for free. Then you promote them through Clickbank and will get 50% commission. When promoting CBproAds through Clickbank – You are being paid by Clickbank.

As a CBProAds Pro member CBProAds will give you your own Pro Affiliate link and will earn up to 75%. This is paid out by CBpro Ads via paypal or skrill.

I hope it all became a bit more clear for you now. I think it is important for a newbie to know this.

The Kibo code system for Clickbank

I first got to know about this system by team Clickbank in a mail recently.

Founders: Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth

Clickbank founders

Photo: Canva Printscreen from Kibo Code Webinar

You may have heard about Kibo code. It is a new feature Team Clickbank have recently introduced to its members which is quite innovative.

It is a 5 step system with 3 shortcuts. You do not need to have a website and it is said to be a fast earning system. It is all set up for you to succeed and make a lot of money without ads, amazon, Shopify, inventory or legal hurdles.

They use a secret technology. It is presented as a no risk and fast result system. The secret is how they get  their traffic. They do not use the standard ways of getting traffic. The whole idea is based on mega stores in Japan and drop shipping methods. An offline model that they now bring to the online market via Clickbank.

It basically focuses on high selling products and eliminate all non selling products. You can quickly set up this and you do not need any products. You will get 10 uniquely high selling products to start with that no one else is offering. Clickbank will teach you everything in their Kibo Academy. They actually give you double money back guarantee for the first two months or 60 days as long as you follow the system.

I have not tried out this system myself yet, but is very tempted to do so to see how it works. I was unfortunately a bit late to enter for the special price offered recently to Clickbank members. It cost $3497 to enter the system and offered at a special price once a year. If you are early out, you may enter this system at a lower price. The good thing is that it is completely legit and no age limit to who can use this. This system is good for beginners because you do not need any skills to use it.

How user-friendly is Clickbank for beginners?

To create a Clickbank account was very uncomplicated and a fast process. However, finding products to promote was a bit worse so I recommend beginners to read the Guide, the FAQ and ask the Affiliate help if you want to make it easier.

I also think getting it is a good idea to join the spark academy or if you get the chance to start on the Kibo code system.

Tips to find good products to promote

The whole idea is to find products that is relevant to your website and to your customers. My tips is to make a plan over what type of products you want to promote and then search in Clickbank Marketplace.

1. Check out the partner offers

2. Read your mails

3. Check the marketplace regularly for new products.


How easy is it to find products that converts?

Clickbank have many high converting products. From the start it can be wise to promote products you know will convert until you master using Clickbank. A good Idea is to ask other marketers in the same niche as you about tips. But when it boils down to it all, It all has to do with you and how much time and effort you put into promoting these products.

How do I earn with Clickbank?

Earning with ClickBank requires that you promote the products and make a good plan on how you want to promote it.

You can write reviews, articles, Social Media posts, Videos, do email marketing and more. It is only your imagination that set the borders to the possibilities. When someone purchases the product you promote, you get a commission.

You can become a vendor and sell your own products as well.

What does the customers say about Clickbank?

Most affiliate marketers love clickbank. However, it need time, effort and dedication to be successful as with any other affiliate program.

Clickbank Support

The knowledge base and the spark University is a good way Clickbank support their vendors and affiliates. The newest Kibo code Academy is another way Clickbank help their customers grow their business.


Free to use

Easy to start

Many High converting products

Extra recurring income

Spark University

Kibo code Academy with unique high selling products.


Some products are not converting so well and is not of good quality.

You offer your audience the same as every one else.

Can be hard to know what offers to pick.

Takes time to find the right products

Alternatives to Clickbank

Some alternatives to Clickbank are CBPro Ads and Warrior + . Both are great platforms for promoting products.

Is Clickbank a tool you should use? – Discussion

Clickbank is a popular tool – no doubt about it. It is popular because you can grow a substantial income from it. But is it a tool you should use? I can not make the decision for you, but I will absolutely recommend you to try it out. It is free to start and it will only help you grow your business. No risk at all. As long as you pick products that is relevant for your audience I think it can be a win win situation.


  1. I didn’t know Clickbank has such a high commission rate – up to 90%, wow.
    The article is great, you described it in great detail, I also heard of Clickbank before, but I have never read anything about it so I am glad that I came across your article. Great stuff 🙂

    1. Author

      Hi Barbara! Not all of the products have that high commission. Only a few. The commissions depends on the vendor. As a newbie you would benefit most for finding a product that suits your niche and website. Glad you found my article helpful. Hope it serves you well on Your Clickbank Journey.

  2. Thanks for the great review. I just made my first sale on clickbank a few weeks ago and it can feel really amazing once you see that green and grey bar stretch out. 

    I do believe that if people really focus on this and make it their main goal, especially if they are just starting out, one can make a comfortable income with clickbank and other affiliate offers and networks. 

    Thanks again for this great read and to great success. 

    1. Author

      Hi Gregg! Congratulations on your first sale! The first sale is always something special. I totally agree with what you say. Thank you for sharing!

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