Commission Lead Machine (CLM) Insider Review and bonuses

Commission Lead Machine (CLM) Insider Review and bonuses

Commissions Lead Machine (CLM)

$67 monthly

CLM software


Case Studies


Swipes and engagement emails



  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • More clicks and conversions


  • Should be a more clear warning not to send to many messages at a time

Looking to get more traffic, leads and sales? In this Commission Lead Machine Insider Review I will show you a messenger tool that will boost your traffic, leads and sales in no time.

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Commission Lead Machine (CLM) Insider Video Review

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What is Commission Lead Machine?

Commission Lead Machine Software

Photo: CLM

The Commission Lead Machine is a very handy tool if you want to use messenger as part of your marketing.

It is a chrome extension plugin system made by Neil Moran and Wayne Crowe in OLSP to optimize messenger traffic.

It will help you get the full organic potential out of Facebook and produces fresh high quality leads like clockwork.

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Who is Commission Lead Machine for?

This tool is for all Types of marketers who use Facebook Messenger and who wants to maximize and optimize organic traffic, leads and sales.


How does Commission Lead Machine work?

Photo: Printscreen from Salespage

After you have installed the plugin and set up your CLM you are ready to go. It does not take long time to set it up. You add tags, segments, campaign messages and broadcast messages and you manage everything inside your CLM back office.

Builds your list automatic with the special friend request/message function and you will notice your engagement will skyrocket with this tool.

You can automate your messenger messages and replying very easily.

What are the benefits of using Commission Lead Machine

CLM tag

Photo: Printscreen from Salespage

From my own experience with CLM I like that this is Free organic traffic.

With CLM it is Easy to get in contact with your audience faster and I have much more engagement and conversations with my audience than I do via mail.

For a newbie it is easy to set up and start building a buyers list with this tool. I found the tutorials to be very helpful and it is easy to set up instructions and tutorials following the software.

CLM will help you Generate buyer Leads on demand to affiliate offers. This is a feature I have come to love, because It is very effective in terms of running affiliate campaigns.

The click rates compared to Email was maybe what amazed me the most. People actually read your messages and you can get an overview over the engagement and segment your audience even further.

I know that this product is Proven and tested well before Launch. The testers and users of CLM that I have researched are really happy with this plugin and cannot do without it once started.

The Automation Features are great. You can automate affiliate offer campaigns very easily.

You also get Access to a FB group of CLM buyers and training area.

CLM offer great bonuses (see below).

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Guaranteed way to earn commission

CLM commission proof

Photo: Printscreen from Salespage

There is no doubt in my mind that this tool will help you earn more commissions as you build a fresh buyers list with it. It is easy to reach already buyer ready people and laser target buyers automatically. This make this tool really powerful.

From my own experience I have noticed that the click rates are way higher than if I send an email to the same list. I have personally emailed and a message on messenger to the same list and I was shocked how much more effective CLM was in terms of click rates.

The cons

If I should mention anything that I think should be improved with this tool is that it was not very clear from the start how many messages that was smart to send at a time.

The thing is that if you suddenly start friend requesting or sending uncritically to hundreds of people daily then chances are you will be stopped by Facebook because they will believe you are some kind of bot and in the worst case banned.

So I think it should be a more clear warning to build up slowly over time. Although it is mentioned and I know Neil and Wayne say it on training I think this cannot be stressed enough.

Another con is that I think this tool will be very easy to misuse unfortunately by people who are just looking for quick money or spammers. But they will not be able to keep it up for a long time if they spam.

Commission Lead machine Upgrades

There are some up sells with CLM that can be a handy contribution to the software.

1. Step by step Video training

2. CLM Case studies and look over the shoulder training

3. Tools and resources to boost and optimize your CLM experience

Commission Lead machine Bonuses

Bonus 1: Weekly Q&A sessions

Bonus 2: Private mastermind group

Bonus 3: Done for you market campaigns

How much does Commission Lead Machine cost?

Commission Lead Machine cost $67 monthly or is free if you become an OLSP VIP member.

This is an affordable price for a very effective software and it will pay off in terms of commissions you are able to generate with this tool.

>> Get (CLM) Commission Lead Machine and bonuses here >>

Should you buy Commission Lead Machine (CLM)?

I can only give you my experience and info about this software, but I cannot make the decision to buy or not for you.

But I can say that I think you will be very pleased by the results this tool can generate for you if you decide to buy it.

In this Review I have showed you a behind the scenes Video from the perspective of an insider.

After trying out CLM I would say this Chrome extension plugin works as promised and is a good, free organic way to get more traffic, sales and leads.

Once you get the grip around how it works, you will see how brilliant it is to use. You get good support and the plugin is worth every penny.


  1. Commission Lead Machine is interesting.
    I think I will try. The article is useful for me.
    Especially since it’s more efficient than email, which I have to check.
    It’s something new and revolutionary for me.
    I was tempted to continue training but first I wanted to read to the end.
    I wasted a lot of time with this but I will be back to climb.
    This article was new and unique for me.

    1. Author

      Thank you Vasile for your comment. If you want to grow your engagement on Facebook and get more leads, sales and commissions this tool is great. I use it myself and have had a massive growth since I started using it and I actually made a sale within the 24 first hours which is great. It is also a good way to get more traffic to your website as you can send a message on CLM when you posted a new article. I compared the click rates with my email list and the click rates are so much higher with CLM.

  2. Hello Hilde

    The truth is that I have been in this online marketing for a short time and I am in the last stages of my training, which I prefer to finish before starting to use the different promotion options that exist.

    At the moment I am looking for information, and I must thank you for this article that I will save and use later to test CLM, if it really works as it seems it can save a lot of work and time, which is always interesting for the business.

    Could you share in your personal experience how much the increase in CLM benefits has meant?

    Could you suggest any other tool that can be useful for online marketing?


    1. Author

      Hi Antonio! Doing research is important and I am glad you found this tool interesting. First month I had about 700% increase on Facebook engagements. Not only that. It have helped me get better contact with my audience as most people use Facebook and messenger. Open rates on messenger broadcasts from CLM is way higher than on Email and the response rate have totally blown my mind. So this for me is not only a good friend request tool, but a leadgeneration too, campaign tool and best salestool I have used so far. Another brand new tool for marketing that really is a mega super tool is a new multichannel bot named xbotz. This tool allows you to automate almost every part of your marketing with deep bot flows.

  3. CLM sound like an excellent plug in to make use of. But I am concerned as I am on Facebook and to be honest I haven’t had a good traffic growth on Facebook at all. I get more responses from Quora. So my question is will this application work on a different social platform? If not, do you know about a platform that can help boost my Facebook interactions? Will appreciate the assistance! Thank you.

    1. Author

      Hi  Bernard! No this is merely a messenger chrome extension and app. It is the best tools I have used to boost my Facebook engagement and it is perfect to use tor broadcasting to your audience and connect. You can not use it on other platforms. You might want to read my latest review about a multichannel tool called xbotz that you can use on many channels. Both of them are really super tools and I would actually go so far to say they complement eachother. Using both together is like putting your listbuilding, leadgeneration and sales on fire.

  4. CLM sounds like it could potentially be a helpful tool to consider for the arsenal in the future. I’m more focused on content creation than engagement at the moment (just getting started in the online business space), but gathering ideas about how I might approach engagement has been on my mind. I’m nervous about using automated apps like this, but gaining efficiency is very appealing. Can you offer a specific example of how CLM could be used in an affiliate campaign?

    Thank you for this overview and review.

    1. Author

      HI there! Content creation is of course very important. I did the same when setting up my website from the start, but getting in contact with your audience and building a list is also something that is important to focus on. It is not an app. It is a chrome extension and you can use it whenever you need to. It is not a chatbot.  CLM can be used in a campaign when you post  on Facebook to give people who comment on your post an autoreply. You can set up diferent replies based on tags. You can also follow up your audience on  messenger in addition to email to answer questions. You can easily send out promo messages to a segmented group and laser target your promotions.  Since sending messages via CLM  it has so high click rates it is a great tool to use for affiliate promotions. You will get an over the shoulder training if you but the product and super support. It is a very effective tool. I love it and use it daily

  5. Your information is great, thank you.  Your research is great, this seems like a useful interesting tool.  A tool that has many advantages, it has great potential.  Audience contact and building a relationship on trust is of great importance, and I see this tool helps with that in a big way.  Thank you for the great informative post, and thank you for sharing with me, this tool is absolutely a must try.  

    1. Author

      Hi Marlene! Yes CLM is definitely worth the money and have great advantages like targeted friend requesting features, auto replies, promo automation and follow up automation to mention some. It helped me grow my list and get more leads and sales.

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