Create a simple masterplan for your success and you will succeed

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Do you want to Succeed? Do you have a master plan for your success?

I know, many avoid this theme because it demands a bit effort.

What about you?

Do you hate planning or do you love to plan?

Are you a person who often say I hate planning? Then this post is especially for you.

I will state this: No plan = No success Do you agree or disagree?

Questions like why should I make a plan?, How can I plan my success?

I have had those questions too.

Actually I did not think strategic planning was important before I had my burnout many years ago.

I was a free spirit and believed in taking action and did a lot without any strategy. I did not have a clear why.

A lot of time was wasted on irrelevant tasks that only made me more stressed and drained my energy.

Funny how one can go from hating doing a thing to loving it when you actually see the value of it.

Today I am addressing strategic planning for your success and why it is so important.

I will try to address these questions and more.


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Why should you plan your success?

To Succeed is a verb and it mainly means to achieve the desired aim or result

I repeat:

The meaning of the word success is achieving your desired aim or result.

In my previous post Turn Your Daily Practice into success I address how to start.

Once you have defined what success is for you and your deepest why you can start creating your master plan for success.

Planning your success will allow you to get more things done, be more focused, to have control over your time and tasks that leads to your goal and faster achieving your aim or result.

You do not want to waste time on tasks and activities that just take your energy out and will not lead you to your success.


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Ways to plan your success

There are many ways to planning, but one thing every plan have in common is the ultimate success goal, vision, dream or whatever you may call it.

Goal planning, Life planning, Tactical planning, Strategic planning, Action planning, Operational planning, Project planning, Social media planning, Consistency planning, you name it. You find some tools here.

The principles of planning are the same no matter what you plan.

You plan to Succeed.

Don\t You?

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How to create a master plan for your success

Today I will concentrate on creating a simple master plan for success you can start to use as a basis for your master plan.

Strategic success planning is the framework on how to reach your success goal.

My advice is to make it as simple and easy as possible to follow up on.

First you create an overview of all necessary elements in your master plan.

My overall basic master plan looks like this:

Your Why/ You now == Invest in You /learning == milestone 1 ==== milestone 2 ==== milestone 3 ===) Successful life

A milestone can be almost everything from skills to financial goals. You fill in the blanks in your own plan.

However, it should be something you can measure like getting your website ready to launch, viewers, readers, customers, products sold, financial freedom, etc.

Next up is to determine what type of smaller plan and more detailed  you need inside your master plan to keep your focus going towards your success goal yearly, monthly and daily.


Make a skill plan for yourself: Ex. You == Practice Skill == Practice Skill == Practice Skill = Expert on skill.

I made a plan to learn WordPress and become an excellent user of WordPress as one of the skills in my plan.

It can be different for you. Maybe you need to practice focus or self discipline.


“Olivia” wants to be a very successful affiliate marketer. Her dream is to have a blog about Yoga and earn money from giving yoga lessons and offer affiliate products online. She hope she one day can live from this.That is her success goal.

Now “Olivia” Have no skills in affiliate marketing, She has little or no clue how to set up a website by herself, she does not know how to blog, she does not know much about how to use WordPress either. And she has very little money to start with.

Should she go for her dream and jump right into it and find solutions on the way or should she just give up her dream because she does not have the money to start and do not have the skills?
What can she do right now to make it happen?

She can look for low cost start alternatives.

Olivia Signs up on Wealthy affiliate boot camp ( it is free) and start with a free website and 10 training lessons where she can practice new skills.

The best affiliate community to be in at the moment if you want to succeed in affiliate marketing.

She can start making a website plan right now:

Step 1:

Set up a website in minutes ==== Learn WordPress,in boot camp, Launch website == Get to know what niche to operate in, learn about keywords and == add value and relevant products ===) Traffic

Step 2:

Upgrade to premium membership with full access to an ocean of training possibilities, experts and resources == Buy a domain == Create more Value

Step 3:

Monetize the website and connect it to relevant social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc., l

Step 4:

Nurse and connect with the audience consistently with more value and products and service.

Step 5:

Sell a product/ advertise



If you have a website it is smart to make a website plan. It helps you keep your website relevant and focused to your message and it will get you faster to your goals.

Value plan == Start writing == Give Value == Freebies == Give Value == Freebies ==) Traffic and readers

Decide what kind of value you want to give your customer, how much and how often.

Affiliation plan == find relevant affiliates == promote affiliates on website == New refferals – keep your affiliates relevant to your website.

Social media posting plan == Value posts == Product posts == Reviews == Freebies == Traffic, readers, referrals

Financial plan == Make a website budget == Monetize website == Set financial goals = Do the work ==) income

Reinvest in optimizing your website

Financial goals: Now 0 $ = After date 1000 $ ===== After date 10.0000 $ =====After date:100.000 $ == etc == Financial goals accomplished

Time Perspective:

Inspiration plan : schedule your time to get inspiration every day.

Wellness plan: Make time to move your body, go training, be social, have fun, take a break, laugh a little, show some love to yourself and others. To live life a little.

What skills do I need to Succeed?


Success plan for skills to learn

A written document describing your goals, skills, actions needed to reach your skill goal.

The skills you need depends on what your successgoal is and what kind of experience you already have.

For “Olivia” It is Learning to set up a web page, WordPress,  how to write reviews,  how to make plans, how to be consistent and focused,

how to monetize her website, how to use google analytics, how to give value, how to use social media and much more.

By making a skillplan it is easy for you to focus and find time to learn what is needed. It will also be a great document for your progress.


Success plan for Health

A written document describing your goals, skills, actions needed to reach your health goal.

I will adress this in an upcoming post so make sure to click the follow button below.

Success plan for Mindset

A written document describing your goals, skills, actions needed to reach your mindset goal.

I will adress this in an upcoming post so make sure to click the follow button below.


Life plan

A Life Plan is a short written document, usually around eight to fifteen pages long. You create it for you. It describes

your personal priorities and how you want to be remembered.

I will adress this in an upcoming post so make sure to click the follow button below.


Creating an easy master map for success

A master map for success unifies all these small plans into one master map so you can visualize it all easier and your path to your goal becomes clearer. All the focus points will become much clearer with a visual map.

1. On top of your master map – Your Success goal

2. Financial – Grow, manage, Increase goals

3. Customer – What do you want your customer to think, say and feel about your business?

4. Internal perspective – Customer management, innovation, message, value

5. Learning and Growth perspective for you, and your customers.

What do you think? Can you do this? or is it too difficult?

Did you know you do not need to do it alone? You can get a helping hand from successful people within Wealthy Affiliate community. We will lead you step by step through the whole process while you learn what you need to succeed.

Claim your free bonus now and start succeeding.


Do you have any questions about this topic? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Hope this post was useful to you – Let me know below!


  1. Greetings! What an inspiring article. I really enjoyed reading this. You did a great job outlining the steps and putting this together. I am now more confident in my abilities on becoming successful. Thank you the great read!

    1. Author

      Thank you! Glad I was able to inspire you today! I am sure this will help you too.
      If you feel more confident already just by reading it I can not imagine how you will feel when you put your plan into your daily practice and start getting results.
      – Big hug! – Hilde

  2. Hi Your plan looks quite genuine and strategic I will definitely be looking into this. Thank you for your detailed information. Many times people do not tell the truth marketing online.

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment! Yes this is the basic strategy. You must of course make it relevant for your life and your successgoals.
      Maybe you do not need all the smaller plans I mentioned here. Maybe you need to add a plan that is special for your niche.
      Make it simple and visible for yourself every day! I will go more into this subject later on. If you have any questions feel free to ask. If you click on the follow button below my post you will get a notice when I add a new post. Have a great day! – Big hug! – Hilde

  3. Hi there and thanks for your informative post.
    I think sometimes I just don’t know where to start and success seems like something that is very difficult to reach
    I feel after reading this that I can achieve what I am looking to achieve, I just need a plan and to follow the steps.

    1. Author

      Exactly! You have to define what is success for you. Make your plan and follow it until you are there. Read my previous posts about how to start, about focus etc. Yu find it in the menu under daily practice for success- you. I know you can do it! Keep on rolling!

  4. Goals without a plan are simply wishes.
    As your article stated, make your goals, then make a plan on how you will accomplish those goals. The plan will keep you focused on accomplishing the goal.
    I think a lot of us think about what we want to achieve buy never put it down in writing so we don’t accomplish it.
    Thanks for the post.

    1. Author

      You are so right about that Bob! Most people never stop to think about it or write it down. I was like that myself before. I thought planning was a dull thing to do and I hated it. Now I love it. Of course not everything in life can be planned, but it sure help to have a plan! Thank you so much for your comment. It is spot on!

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