Daily practice of making consistent commissions

How to make consistent income and commissions online? This is a question I often get from my subscribers. In this article I will give you some helpful tips that have helped me earning consistent commissions.

Before you read the rest of my post I want to inform you according to the best online practices with information that may be important to you:

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Earning consistent commissions is a daily practice

So many new affiliate marketers have heard that they can only drop an affiliate link one time online and start earning commissions.Did you hear that too?

Dropping a link one time and believe you will be an online success is not the way to go.

Affiliate links will help you generate commissions, but you need to learn how to do it and you need to create a daily practice of making consistent commissions and income online.

Build a good foundation for earning commissions

How to build a good foundation for earning commissions?

The first thing you need to get in place is yourself and your mindset. It all starts with you.

In order to earn commissions you need to believe you are able to receive commissions.

Just imagine the feeling of waking up to daily commissions. Wouldn`t that be nice?

Making your first commission

The first commission is always the most memorable one. Mine was $4 and I felt i was going through the roof of excitement about it.

But how to make your first one? How long time will it take to earn your first commission?

As you might understand there is no fixed answer to these questions.

It all depends on what you do and what affiliate systems you follow.

My best tips is to Follow proven affiliate systems like Wealthy Affiliate or OLSP in order to earn your first commissions.

I follow them myself and both have helped me tremendeously in the process of earning commissions online and learning the skills to become a better affiliate marketer

How to make consistent commissions online?

It is all about Daily Practice for Success. If you want to be good at something, you need to practice.

If you follow a proven system like Wealthy Affiliate or OLSP, they have a lot of training and webinars showing you how to earn consistent commissions. All you need to do is to practice what they teach.

To practice what I learned I created my own Daily Affiliate marketing Journal to help me practice Affiliate marketing and the stuff that I learned. It has helped me to become more focused, gain more clarity, help me stay more disciplined and consistent over time, become more organized and earn more commissions.

6 tips to earn more commissions

1. Follow a proven Affiliate system like Wealthy Affiliate or OLSP to build a solid foundation

2. Use a Daily Affiliate marketing Journal to document your journey, keep aligned and gain clarity about your affiliate endeavours

3. Learn the skills of listbuilding. Check ot this free training
4. Learn how to generate Traffic to your offers Check out this free training
5. Use Social Media to promote your offers and connect with your audience

6. Create a website or blog. Start for free here

Affiliate Marketing Journal


Daily practice will make your commissions grow

You probably heard this quote thousand times before “what you focus on will grow”.

I love this quote because it is so true.

There is mothing like the feeling of waking up to constant commissions and a growing bank account.

I know you would love it too.Am I right?

It will happen if you start focusing and practice the skills of affiliate marketing.

The more you practice – the better you will become at it.

Get my Weekly marketing  tips here

So what are you waiting for?

Lets get you started….

Do these 3 things today to get a Great start:

Join Wealthy Affiliate


Grab your free Daily Affiliate marketing Journal

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