How Dino left his 9-5 Job and made his first $150 as an Affiliate marketer

If you are new online. Read this. In this article You will meet Dino, one of my sign ups and how Dino left his 9-5 Job and made his first $150 as an Affiliate marketer.

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Why I share Dinos Journey

Dino signed up to a free affiliatemarketing training I offered online and I have helped guide him ever since.

I decided to share Dinos Journey because he took a big risk in dropping his 9-5 job to start affiliate marketing just to follow his dream and ambitions and because he is an action taker.

If you are a new affiliate marketer online you can relate to his story very easily and learn a lot from it.

I asked Dino if he wanted to share his story and do a co creation post with me on my website about his journey Online.

He has agreed to share his story on my website .

We have created this article together to help new affiliate marketers online find a good system and guidance to follow from the start.

So, Who is Dino and how did he make his first $150 online?

Some facts about Dino

Online Entrepreneur Buddy

Dino is from the Philippines and the owner of the website online entrepreneur buddy

You can also follow him on his Facebook profile

He went from working 9-5 as a government development officer to become an affiliate marketer without knowing anything about affiliate marketing.

He has a very strong dream to be able to earn a living from affiliatemarketing.

Tired of Working 9-5?

Like many new affiliate marketers who starts online Dino wanted a change in his Life.

His 9-5 job was not the life he pictured for himself.

He felt trapped in the daily grind like most people are in all over the world.

I am sure you can relate to that, right?


One day he stumbled over the opportunity to make money online.

He tried out a lot of different free online courses, training, tutorials and paid training as well.

Dino became overwhelmed and felt pretty lost.

He almost gave up the idea of becoming an affiliate marketer because he did not see any results from these courses and tutorials and training he joined in on.

So what to do?

Building the future

The dream of building a new future and be able to live from an online business drove him and motivated him to find a solution.

He did not want to give up his dream that easily.

He decided to build his knowledge.

To build valuable skills for the future.

He jumped on a golden offer that seemed very promising and gave him hope

But still he did not get the results he wanted.

He got blinded by the shiny object syndrome like many online marketers do.

He imagined he could easily make money fast only to discover that it was not that simple.

online entrepreneur buddy

The problem most New Affiliate marketers face

He soon found out that his problem was that he had no real guidance.

Everyone was trying to sell him something instead of showing him what to do to make money.

He had no idea how to promote his offers and get traffic to his affiliate link

He had no list

No follow up of his sign ups.

No strategy or plan

He needed help and decided to find guidance and help somewhere.

And this is how me and Dinos roads crossed for the first time.

Dino signed up to my free training one year ago.

And he took massive action while I tried to guide him as well as I could.

He asked a lot of questions and followed the roadmap I use myself.

And it did not take long time before he earned his first $150 dollars.

Now he generates leads and commissions on a regular basis through this affiliate marketing system.

The Roadmap and Guidance

This is Dinos own words that he wants to add to this article.:

“I found an incredible system that proven effective and efficient when it comes to generating sustainable money online.


Do you want to know what this is?

It is OLSP Academy; it is a system that provides tons of value from starting your online business with just few clicks to making it fully automated.

Not only that but also this system provides tons of done for you resources, training, and software that you can use in your promotions and in scaling your online business.

I learned so much from OLSP Academy, I learned how to generate warm traffic to my offers and how to create high converting copies for my promotions.”



Making the first commission online

“With the help of my OLSP guide, Ms. Hilde Regine Rayani, and our mentor, Mr. Wayne Crowe, I was able to generate quality leads and some sales.

This has made me realize I can make money online if I learn how to do it and follow a roadmap and guidance.

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing business then you should learn the following skills:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Email Marketing (also known as list building)
  • Lead Generation
  • Traffic Generation
  • Copy writing
  • And much more…

These might be overwhelming at first but no need to worry because you can learn all these inside the OLSP Academy.

It is a no-brainer for newbies, beginners and even veterans. You will be guided every step of the way until you achieve success.” Quote end.

Making a website to build authority online

But Dino did not stop there. He took action and created a website to help his audience with helpful content and fulfill his dream of becoming a successful marketer online.

He is slowly building his online authority and empire step by step.

Now Dino is helping others to become affiliate marketers and guide them using the roadmap and his website.

What can you learn from Dinos Story?

You need to take action on your dream if you want to change your future.

He proved to himself and others that he could make money online and make the change.

Taking action is the best way, even if you do mistakes .

You will find the right solution for you if you search for it and do not give up.

You need a proven roadmap and good guidance because it will make your journey so much easier.

I do not recommend leaving your Day job from the start like Dino did.

Do not stop your job until you come to the point where you can make a living of it.

And never give up. The truth is that 90% of online marketers give up way too soon.

Be patient and you will get results.

Final Thoughs

If you are new online or looking for a new opportunity online you should definitely learn from Dinos story .

I am using the same roadmap as Dino and It helped me make thousands of dollars already.

If you are ready to start, I would recommend you to be guided by Dino who knows what you need to do.

By signing up to Dinos Free training you will get great support and help

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