How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review

How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review

Warrior Plus Platform







  • Free to join
  • Promote others products
  • Sell your own products


  • No scam filter on programs
  • Hard to get approved on high converting programs
  • Not easy for beginners

How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Have you heard about it? In this Warrior Plus Review I will take a first look at Warrior plus to get a better understanding for a beginner on how it really works.

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Warrior plus is both a vendor and Affiliate platform covering Online business products. In this How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review I will take a first look at Warrior plus to get a better understanding for a beginner on how it really works.I am looking into the Affiliate part of the platform, how it works, support, customer happiness and how easy it is to use and make money.

Founder: Mike Lantz

Website: Warriorplus

Products: Online business products

Features! Alerts, Wallet, Connect 3rd part accounts, Marketplace, Support

Who is this Affiliate program for?

How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review
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Affiliate marketers who have a website related to online business can Use Warrior Plus affiliate platform to sell their own products or become an affiliate and sell other peoples products.

This Affiliate platform does not suit all marketers. Warrior Plus states very clearly that this is not for multilevel marketing or health related niches. I will get back to the product categories below.

How to Create a Warrior plus Account

Creating an account on Warrior plus is Easy. You just create an account. It is free. Now you have the possibility to become an affiliate as well as a vendor.

At first, it can be a bit confusing on how to proceed. You need to use some time to read the Help and support section on how to proceed.

There is no automatic starting guide that tells you what to do. You need to ask yourself if you are going to sell your own products or sell others products.

If you decide to become an affiliate and promote other peoples products you need to Sign up and get your Affiliate ID

Affiliate ID and Vendor ID

On Warrior Plus Your Affiliate ID and vendor ID is your user name.

How to find a product to promote?

To get an affiliate link for a product you want to promote you need to find a product to promote first.

This may seem like an easy task, but you should really think about how to proceed here. To find a product you should look for a product that is relevant for your site. The more relevant the better and easier to sell to your audience. You need to apply for each product you want to promote.

My experience with Warrior Plus is that the quality of the offers varies a lot. There are a few interesting programs there, but also many programs that are not so good and some that are really bad.

Use your time to find the one for you. I would never promote a product I would not like to try myself. I think it can be a good rule to start out with. Another good advice is to check out the product sales page, funnel and stats.

The Marketplace

How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review

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Now you want to proceed to the marketplace to see what products are available. Here you can search for specific vendors or filter on keywords to find a product you would like to Promote. You can also bookmark Products that seem interesting.

Watch list

When you bookmark a product you are not quite certain about, it will be added to your Watch list.

Top sellers

As the name indicates, this is where you find the highest converting products.


You can add your own alerts by clicking the add alert button. Enter some keywords and get alerts on these keywords.

My products

How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review

(Photo: print screen of Warrior plus My product page)

This is how it will look like first time you click into My products. You have a Quick View search field with a drop down menu where you can see All time products or for a specific Period.

Below you will see statistics over total products, How many visitors and views you get, How many unique clicks, Sales, Conversion rate, Visitor value, Customer value and your total revenue.

It seems easy to have a good overview from here. You can also click on the green button and add new products from your my products site.

How to find your Warrior Plus Affiliate link for selling others products?

After you found the product you want to promote you need to request the links to get access to the affiliate links and promo material.

When you send a request you write about yourself and how you want to promote the offers. You will get a message in the main menu by clicking on the little bell when you are approved.

You can also see your approved affiliate offers in the Affiliate menu under Affiliate offers when you sort on approved offers.

Recent Products Feed

If you want real time updates you can set up a RSS feed via mail or in other ways to keep you updated.

My Alerts Feed

How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review

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Under Marketplace in the menu you will find My alerts feed. Here you get alerts about affiliate products you have added to your watch list and could be interested in promoting.

How do you pick a product to promote?

Go to Affiliate offers page. Here you will se what products you are approved to promote.

If you have an approved product you will see a green button beside the offer where you can get your links.

There are several things you need to be aware of when picking a product to promote.

1. Some products require you send an application and an application video.

2. You should learn what the different score terms mean and how to relate to those.

3. How to search for a product – The different search filters

4. Check the stats

5. Take a look at the sales page and funnels

Different Filters you should know about when picking a product

Pulse score – Shows the most popular products.

Launch Date – when the offer is launched.

Sales – How many sales was made.

Visitor Value – How much you earn per visitor on average.

Average sales – The average sales.

Conversion rates – How the product converts.

Vendor – Search on vendors.

What to look for when picking a product to promote

How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review

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1. Refund rate – Look for a product with low refund rate.

2. Conversion rate – How easily the product convert.

3. Up sells – If a product have up sells this can generate more revenue for you. How many up sells?

4. Sales – According to affiliate marketers who have been in the game for some time you should aim to pick a product that has more than 500 sales a month.

5. Funnel map

6. Commission

7. That you have a PLR license and not only personal use License

How to get approved as an Affiliate

After submitting your application you just need to wait for approval. Once you get approval, you can start promoting.

Shortly told

1. Find a Relevant product

2. Go to the market place to find a product

4. Apply to promote

5. If approved – Promote

How to add a bonus to a product you promote

How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review

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It is possible to add a bonus product to your offer. When an affiliate partner have approved you as an affiliate you can go to the menu and click on get links. When you click on the green button of the product you want to promote you just add your bonus URL into the window that pops up and Voila! your link is added. There is helpful a video tutorial in the help center that will show you how. The customer will receive the bonus on the thank you Page when ordering a product from you.

Important Purchase Details

How does Warrior Plus affiliate platform work? Review

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When you purchase a product you have to look at the Purchase details. As a new warrior plus member it can be hard to be aware of all the details you should pay attention to, but here is an important one. Look closely at the purchase details.

Is the product for personal use or extended use?

Personal use does not give you any right to use the product in any other way than for personal purposes.

Extended use give you extended right to market and sell the product except the copy right to the product.


Some bundles allows you to pay what you want and receive a bundle of products that are mixed for personal use and extended use. There are some PLR offers in it. It will be specified in the license of each product.

Another thing, You will have 30 days from date of purchase to use the download/access links, after which the

vendors or WarriorPlus will no longer be responsible for access.

What affiliate material is included in the offer?


I promote a high selling  ecommerce solution software called Shopmonopoly

The vendor offers you a JV page where you can get your affiliate link, 50% on the whole funnel, Email swipes, Salespage preview and bonuses.

Affiliate Commissions


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Commissions are automatically transferred to your Warrior plus Wallet when you make a sale.

You can anytime withdraw to your PayPal Account easily.

By clicking on your Username you get a drop down menu where you can access your Wallet and see how much you have at any given time.

Payment options for Affiliates

Payments will Automatically go to your Warrior plus wallet. From the wallet you can choose to withdraw via:

1. PayPal

2. Stripe

How does Refunds work?

Warrior plus make it very clear that The Vendors and sellers are responsible for all refunds. These are managed by them. It makes it very easy for you as an Affiliate.

If your customer ask for a refund the vendor will deduct it from your account. That is why they have delayed payments in case there are refunds in the guarantee period.

Delayed commissions are to secure the vendor and customer of a product. Some Affiliates do get instant commissions, but normally as a beginner you do not get that. You can all the time keep track of pending earnings in your Wallet.


If you are a newbie you must realize that Warrior plus only offer support on how the platform works and not for the products.

The platform have a knowledge base and a chat bot where you can get support. Product Purchase Support is handled by the Vendor.

There are some Video tutorials to help you succeed.

My first impression of the platform support is that The FAQ site is good, but I would love some more interactive support.

Warrior plus Forum

However there is a Warrior Plus Forum where you can get many good tips and advice from experienced warrior plus members and much more. This could be very helpful when you are new.

What does the Affiliates say?

The experience with Warrior plus are divided. Some affiliate have made huge commissions and are doing well while others struggle to find the right product and get conversions.

Affiliates I have connected with who use Warrior plus seems to be content with the platform and do make a good amount of money. Warrior plus is regarded as a good and respectable platform for affiliates and vendors.


It is free to create an account.

The best thing about Warrior plus is that you can sell your own products there and that you can get some Free PLR products to offer.

There are a few interesting programs that converts well and deliver the goods they promise.

If you create alerts you will get alerts constantly on mail to keep updated on new offers.

Approval process is normally fast but varies according to who the vendor is.

Performance stats are constantly updated.

Affiliate marketers have made good money on the platform.

Many experienced marketers use this platform.


No automatic starting guide for beginners.

Some programs are difficult to get approved to for a beginner without any sales.

Most programs have a lot of up sells.

There is no approval process of the programs submitted which I think it should be to prevent  fake products. There should be some form of scam filter. I think there should be at least a minimal approval process to ensure the quality of the programs offered.

I found some products that were really outdated and bad and I am sorry to say that I did not understand how these could be sold at all. They should have been updated or removed as they are pulling the impression of the platform down.

Complaints on the refund process seems to be something some affiliates and customers struggle with.

Many of the complaints tells of Vendors who do not respond to their customers. So it is clear to me that some changes or terms and conditions for responding needs to be set and consequences like vendors being removed quickly if they do not reply to warrior plus or customers in a certain time.

In my eyes Vendors who does not respond to Warrior Plus or Affiliates should not be allowed to market their products there.

What are the alternatives to Warrior Plus?

Clickbank and CBProAds are good alternatives to Warrior Plus and have a faster and better support. I know because I have used all the programs.

Clickbank Review for beginners – How to make money with clickbank

CBPro Ads Storefront



My #1 Recommendation

Another alternative I would strongly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate platform where you can get access to many great affiliate programs, good support and affiliate marketing training.

Final thoughts

Platforms like Warrior Plus are a great offer for affiliates in general, but it demands that the platforms knows how to juggle between vendors and affiliates and set some clear rules for communication on disputes and some quality standards on the products offered.

Many similar platforms have their flaws too. Personally I have had no problems with Warrior plus. It is 100% legit and a huge marketplace for vendors and buyers online.

I use Warrior Plus Platform now and then when I find some interesting PLR products that are relevant for my site. I get constantly updates on new offers so I can easily see if something is interesting to me.

It takes some time to get to know the platform well, but Once you learned how to use the platform it is easy.

Should you try Warrior plus? That is a decision I can not take for you. All I can say is that it is free to use and you may find a some interesting programs and you can make some good commissions. And you can sell your own programs there too.


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      Thank you for the comment. Glad to hear you like to read my blog. I also hope you will continue to visit my blog for future.

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    Hi! It depends on if you mean as a vendor or as an affiliate. Warrior Plus is a platform that connects creators/vendors and affiliates. It is free to sign up to the platform
    There are pros and cons with the platform. There is a marketplace with Wide Range of Productsof different quality
    High Commissions: Affiliates have the potential to earn generous commissions on each sale, often ranging from 50% to 100% of the product price.
    You will find many helpful Affiliate tools on the platform.
    The warrior plus community is a pretty active community and there is a lot of collaboration.
    I found it a bit challenging to find good products there, but there are some real pearls as well.
    I only used the platform as an affiliate, but I heard from many vendors that there is a high degree of competition.
    I hope this answered your question. Let me know if you have more questions

    Read my review here:

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