How to autopost on Social media Social Pilot Review


Easy to use


Bulk scheduling





  • All social media accounts in one place
  • Social inbox
  • Bulk scheduling and posting


  • No PDF scheduling
  • No reminders
  • Could be more advanced analytics

Are you using too much time on your social media scheduling and analyzing compared to other tasks in your daily practice for success? Well I know I do and I thought: why not automate some parts of my social media schedule so I get more time for other tasks? So if you are looking to automate your Social media, I will address How to Autopost on Social Media Today and give you some good tools to help you out.

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Why should you Automate your social media schedule?

I think we all come to a point in our business where we need to take a look at what we use our time on.

Ask yourself these five questions.

1. How much time do I use on creating content and posting to Social media compared to other tasks? If your answer is a lot of time you should be thinking of automating your social media schedule.

2. How much time can I save if I automate it?

If your answer is it would save you a good amount of time you should be thinking of getting an automation tool to help you out.

3. What other things can I use my time on to make my business grow instead? I do not know what your answer is, but I could use much more time on other important tasks that I love to do and grow my business further. Not that I do not like working on social media stuff, but I often find myself using way too much time on it that I could use to create more value to my readers and customers.

4. Do you have a social media strategy or promotional plan?

If your answer is no you should create a social media strategy. If your answer is yes – Do you have a social media management tool to execute your strategy with?

5. Do you have a social media content plan?

If your answer is no you should create a content plan for your social media. If your answer is yes – Do you have a Social media management tool?

You might also want to see How to make a content strategy for your Website:

What is a social media management tool?


A social media management tool is a tool that help you manage your Social media process. You will feel released and have much more time for other important tasks like creating more value for your audience and customers. When you create Social media content you need a strategy and a plan to reach out to your audience and customers. This can be very time-consuming if you do not have a Social media management tool.

I have earlier written some reviews earlier about some social media management tools that you might want to read:

2020 Review of Promorepublic

Tailwind Plus Review 2020

Pinterest Review

All of these tools have supreme schedulers you can use to plan your social media content but they do not manage so many of your social media tools under one roof like the tool I am going to tell you about now.

Today I want to introduce you to another brilliant Social media marketing management tool that I think you will love, because it is also an automation tool. Just think about it. Wouldn't it be a brilliant idea to automate your social media posts? Well I think so. I think it must be a part of your daily practice for success to constantly look for new tools that can help you and your business grow. So let us take a look at this interesting tool together.

Social Pilot Review


Social pilot is regarded as a high performer by G2 and they get very good reviews. So if you hang on to your hat I will tell you more about this tool. I will use certain criteria to give them my score. I am not a currently user of Social Pilot so I cannot give you all the in depth details, but I will do my best to give you valuable information based on my own research about Social Pilot and customers reviews.

Start watching this Video

Facts about Social Pilot

Social Pilot is a cloud based SaaS management tool built to help you manage your daily social media practice by automating it for you and analyzing.your performance on social media. How cool is that? I do not know about you, but I would love to have a management tool that take care of these things for me

Crunch base info about Social Pilot



Professional: $30 Get it now!


Small team: $50 Get it now!


Agency: $100 Get it now!


Free trial: 14 day Free trial Start now!

Affiliate Program: Join here

Features: Social media accounts automation, Social inbox, Bulk scheduling and publishing, Social media analytics, Client management, Social media Calendar

How to start

The first thing you need to do is to sign up to Social Pilot and create an account.

A quick Social Pilot Walk through


Is the interface user friendly?

Yes the interface is very intuitive and user friendly and easy to understand how to use.

Social pilot Key Features


Social media accounts automation :

You can connect up to 100 social media accounts with the agency plan., 50 with the small team plan and, 25 with the professional plan.

Social inbox:

You can manage your Facebook inbox with Social Pilot

Social inbox for Facebook video

scheduling and publishing and social media Calendar

With Social Pilot it is easy to schedule and publish posts to all your social media accounts.

It is a dream to use only one place for all your posts.

See the Video:

Bulk scheduling and publishing :

This feature help you save a lot om time.




Social media analytics :

It is easy to create Analytics reports with Social Pilot.



Video – How Ipixel use Social Pilot Analytic

Customer management :

Customer management system let you manage your social media accounts of your clients without

having to be an admin or have access.

See the Video


Automate your social media posts on Social Pilot Connecting to Zapier:

See the video: 

Price an Value

I would say that Social Pilot offer a powerful and effortlessly tool at a low cost for startups, solopreneurs and small businesses that can not afford the Top Notch Social Media Management Tools. It is definitely an alternative to Hootsuite.

Companies with more advanced needs can use the White label plan. Just contact Social Pilot to get a custom plan and price.


Social Pilot offers valuable step by step video tutorials on their You Tube Channel, webinars, Free content curation tool, blog, Social media events, Free Ebooks,


Support is very Quick and Excellent. They offer a website chat bot, good FAQ on their website and tutorials on You Tube. Customers seems to be very happy with the Support and the support seems to be very responsive which is very positive for customers point of view. Support seems to try to meet the customers wishes and needs.

What does the customers say?

According to customers Social Pilot is cost effective and cover the basic use. You need to learn how to use the tool, but when you have done that it is very easy to use. Customers seem to love the bulk scheduling and analytics features lot. It helps them save time.

Golden eggs

The Batch scheduling.Imagine having all your social media in one place and get analytics in one place. So much easier.


Some customers wish for PDF scheduling, could have some notices and reminders on queue tasks, more analytics.

Should you get Social Pilot?

Being quite new in the game Social Pilot will probably evolve to include more and more features. As it is now it is a cost effective tool that will meet your basic needs. I would love to try this tool myself to see how it works. It is definitely a tool I would recommend for startups and small businesses with basic needs. Companies with more advanced needs might benefit more by using the customized plan and this way get a more customized experience.

I hope this review have been helpful to you and that you now are able to make a better decision if Social Pilot is for you or not.

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  1. Hello, thanks for SocalPilot review. I didn’t know that a program like this existed, so you broadened my horizons. For me, this would be a big time saver and business improvement, but also for all people who want to dedicate more time to their family instead of editing their posts on social networks. Great review, you helped me a lot.

    1. Author

      Hi Natasa! Glad to broaden your knowledge about social management systems. I agree with you that we need to use our time smart for our business and for our private life as well. It can be time consuming postiing from many different platforms. Social Pilot will definitely help you save time.

  2. Hi, 

    Your article is most interesting. Social Pilot will truly help people like me because I spend a huge amount of time on social media. With Social Pilot I can start to autopost on my social media so that I can get time to go and do other tasks. I like that it is not too expensive to use.  I would really love to try the bulk scheduler to see how it works out for me. Thank you. Great tips! Aluko.

    1. Author

      Hi Aluko! I am sure Social Pilot will help you save huge amounts of time. Go try it out and let me know how it works out for you!

  3. It was fortuitous that I found your post on automating posts on social media. One of my many weaknesses has been making regular posts on social media to promote my website blog posts. Every successful affiliate marketers stresses the importance of doing this to direct traffic to ones website.

    As you stated, this takes time and effort that could best be used to writing more blogs and let an automatic system take over the mundane tasks of writing content for social media. Thanks for writing this and I will be giving it more attention from the perspective of automation. And perhaps look into Social Pilot to make my work activities more efficient. 



    1. Author

      Hi Edwin! Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Social Pilot is a brilliant tool for automating your post. It is stripped down to the most basic you need and is therefore also a cost effective tool. I would definitely use my time more on  writing articles and reviews than posting and scheduling. No time to loose only to win. Just try it out for a period to see if it works for you.

  4. En tout cas si on peut automatisé la façon de gérer ces réseaux sociaux sa serait une tres bonne chose surtout pour nous qui débutons dans le business du marketing en ligne sa pourrait nous faciliter les tâches a faire et nous donnerait encore plus de temps pour mieux gérer les autres truck a faire

    1. Author

      Hi Hima! I am not french speaking,but I had french at school so I understand what you write here. Merci Beaucoup! Thank you for leaving your thoughts in French. As you say it is a good choice for marketing beginners and will facilitate the tasks and give more time for other tasks. 

  5. Thank you for the introduction to Social Pilot.  The pros and cons are clearly highlighted and appreciated with a great score that makes it sound like a highly credible system. You make some excellent points on why you should automate your social media. I have increasingly grown to understand that the timing of social media posts is critical for success. Thank you for the suggestions you have raised here.  I see you also highlight tailwind.  Do you use them?

    1. Author

      Hi Trevor! Yes automating is a huge time saver. There are some times that are better to post on to optimize your views on different social platforms. Many social schedulers suggest the best times to post your posts. Yes I use Tailwind for Pinterest and Instagram and also Promorepublic. I like to autopost with different tools. All of them have their strengthts and weaknesses. But now I am looking into Social Pilot because I need to automate all in one place.

  6. Auto posting is an excellent way to automate your online business. Posting to social media can take a lot of time and ultimately is an expense. You could be using the time to do something which has a higher value. Having your article is an excellent way for me to start my journey of autoposting and scheduling. Social Pilot sounds like a brilliant tool for that purpose.

    1. Author

      Hi Castle! thank you for leaving your thoughts. Social Pilot is definitely a Time saver and Cost effective. Glad my article inspired you to automate!

  7. For those of us who feel like social media is one of the best places to go on to market our goods, I’m sure it would be really nice for me to be able to to post my stuff on my social media platforms just by a single click and it seems that is what Social Pilot is all about here. The price to become a member doesn’t seem so expensive so why not. I’ll definitely give it a try 

    1. Author

      Hi Jackie! Yes I am sure you will feel the difference in the time you are saving by using this tool. Why not? I totally agree with you. I hope you let me know what you think about it after you tried it. Would love to hear from you! Thank you for leaving your thoughts!

  8. Managing several social media profiles can be challenging. Expecially with the sudden turn out of digital marketing. Every product now goes online and there are so many social media platforms that makes it much more challenging to manage all social media with their various uniqueness.. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and lots more. Based on your recommendation I will try Social Pilot 

    1. Author

      Hi! Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Yes there is no doubt that managing multiple accounts can be challenging. Especially if you have a lot of other tasks to be done. Automating is a good solution and once you done the work and added your accounts it works automatically. I think it is brilliant. Glad you want to try it out. Would love to hear from you how it works out for you!

  9. Hi there , I’m really glad I came across this amazing article, I find this article really helpful and highly innovative, and I would gladly share this article to friends to and family . To be honest I never knew programs like this existed, I really gained a lot of knowledge while reading  this article, I would really love to try Social Pilot to see if it is something for me. I like the fact I will save a lot of time. Time is very precious to me as I have a very tight schedule. I am sure that with this tool I will get a lot more done.

    1. Author

      Hi Jack! I am sure too that you will get more time to do other core tasks in your business or just to be more social with family and friends. The digital world is progressing and so are the tools. Social Pilot is innovative and a solution many have been searching for but just partly found in other tools.

  10. Though Social Pilot are  quite new according to this review they’ve got awesome features that all could benefit from. And since you are planning to give it a trial then I think it’s worth trying. I trust in your words. Social Pilot will help me doing Online activities to something numerous, useful and stress free.  I hope those who have come by this website will know the value of what they have here of valuable information and utilize it to the fullest

    1. Author

      Hi Elizabeth! Thank you for leaving your thoughts and trusting in me. I appreciate that. Your life will probably be much more stress free and joyful when you can use your time on tasks you like to do more of. Thank you for finding my Website valuable. I hope to help as many as I can finding solutions to the same struggles I have had myself. 

  11. Hello Hilde, after I read this article I understand a whole lot about Social Pilot. I have been searching for great online opportunities like this to assist me in saving some precious time. Glad i came across your article and getting to see this automating tool. I think automating my social media accounts will help me save time and build my audience.

    1. Author

      Hi Joshua! Automating your social media is a great idea and a huge time saver for sure. And it is a low cost tool that many affiliate marketers can benefit from building a business online and get time for other activities. Thank you for giving your thoughts.

  12. Social Pilot seems like a great option for both saving time and making the most of all the social media sites that you can, as I don’t normally get time to post to more than four at a time. The software is reasonably priced for the average marketer who is still building their business.

    Do you need a following though on all the social media accounts to make this worthwhile? If opening new accounts you actually have no followers, so I am wondering how much time you will need to spend building up your following.

    1. Author

      Hi Michel! Thank you for your question. There is no rule to how many followers you need to have. If you are a starter online you need to build an audience and Social Pilot is a great tool for building an audience, because it helps you to be consistent in your posting. But of course the more followers you have on your Social media accounts the more effective the tool is.

  13.  I can only say that I value this review. Having all in one access to all my social media accounts would definitely make my work a lot easier. I will be able to reach out on a more consistent basis with automation. I will definitely start using it. It is really a brilliant solution and worth the investment.

    1. Author

      Hi there! I am glad to give you something of value for you. It truly is a very brilliant tool and as you say well worth the price. I am sure you will love it!

  14. Social media is a vital part of the business in recent times and most of us are making the most out of your various social media pages. The idea of auto-posting is new to me and after my judgment from this article it is a very good idea as it saves me time and stress while you go about other activities. With a trusted platform like Social Pilot, Automating sounds like a great idea I think will make my daily work much easier. I would love to try out this tool.

    1. Author

      Hi Michael! Yes, most marketers are using Social media now and automated features are becoming more and more needed. Good idea to give it a try and find out for yourself. Would love to hear from you later on about how it works out for you.

  15. Hello there Hilde. Thanks for the Social Pilot review. I never knew that such a platform existed so it was really enlightening and eye opening reading about it. The benefit for me with Social Pilot is that I can autopost say my social media for example which will give me time to focus on other and more important tasks and endeavours I would rather be doing. I will for sure take a look at it to see if is relevant for me at this point or if I should wait. 

    1. Author

      Hi Sean! Glad to hear your opinion about Social Pilot. You will definitely get more time to do other tasks. It is an evaluation you need to make if it is worth it for you or not to start using it now or if you should wait. I would love to here your experience if you decide to start using it. Let me know.

  16. This is the first time that I have heard of a system like this especially one that functions in this way when it comes to social media. Though it may have some drawbacks it is still worth giving a try because it has some value to it but what I found intresting is what it can do because I never saw this happening with social media.

    1. Author

      Hi Norman! Yes Social Pilot is one of a kind you may say. It is said to be a good tool. And I am sure they will come up with more features as they grow. I have used other posting programs, but none of them allows you to post to all Social media accounts.

  17. I agree that setting up posts automatically on social media is super smart.  There are awesome tools out there to do it as well.  But I do think I’m missing a social media strategy and content plan as you mention.  But I HAVE used automation tools to grow my own networks.  There’s a tool i bought years ago, which crazily, grew my pinterest account to 6000 followers, and I haven’t even logged into my own Pinterest account in years.  Also Instagram grew close to 10,000 followers in a short time.  BUT, as you mention, without a strategy what are we really doing?  Haven’t heard of Social Pilot but looks great with the analytics reports it provides and especially the automation.  I’m no longer using the tool I mentioned above but I do know I need to use something soon.  Regardless of what tool I choose to use down the road, I think my biggest downfall is the actual strategy and content plan itself.  

    1. Author

      Hi Paul!  I agree that a social media strategy and a content plan is smart to create before you start posting. It does not have to be so complicated. I always make a strategy and a plan before posting. Social pilot is great because you only need one tool for all your social media channels. As for now there are tools that let you use many of them, but not all. Or you have to pay a lot to add extra channels. Social Pilot have only focus – to gather all your channels and schedule to all at the same time to save huge amounts of time.

  18. This sounds like an AMAAAAAAAAZING tool!!  Do you have any idea how much time I spend posting on Social Media?!?  Okay, you probably do 😉  

    I love the fact that I can manage all my postings from one place.  The Analytics reports are also a great way to find what’s working and what’s not. As for the cost, I can only compare that to the money I would make by being able to work instead of bouncing from one Socal Network to another!

    1. Author

      Hi Cynthia! Oh Yes! It is a truly amazing and simple tool! I am sure that the investment will be worth it in terms of time and money. Just imagine how easy life can be using a tool like this. I also use a lot of time on posting and scheduling on different platforms. I am very grateful that I found this tool. It will make my days so much better being able to focus on other parts of my business that needs more attention. Thank you for the comment.

  19. Hello,

    I’ve never heard about Social Pilot before. Thanks for the informational review, a great explanation with detailed videos also, I agree with your Pros and Cons. I think it is a great idea to save a lot of time with Social Pilot.  Looks like a perfect tool for busy folks, and it is tempting to sign up and make my daily social media routine faster and easier.

    Thanks so much for the Social Pilot!

    1. Author

      Hi and thank you for sharing your thoughts on Social Pilot. You will definitely save a lot of time with this tool. So this is a tool that can be very handy to have in your marketing toolbox. 

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