How to build a list fast when you are new to affiliate marketing?

In this short article How to build a list fast when you are new to affiliate marketing? I reveal some secrets New Affiliate marketers normally do not know from the start when it comes to building a list and generate more commissions

Why Building a list?

I did not focus on building a list the first year I was online.

I did not understand why it was so important.

My aha moment came when a super affiliate showed me all the possibilities you have with a list.

What Type of list to build first?

Basically there are 3 types of list you need to build in order to make money online.

Many New Affiliate marketers have no idea often about this little secret. You need to build 3 email lists, not only one email list

1. A cold list

2. A warm list

3. A buyer list

Read: what is the difference between a cold list, a warm list and a buyer list here

Read my article How new Affiliate marketers can build a money making list fast where I go more into that.

How you build a list faster, easier and quicker?

The smartest way if you are a brand new Affiliate marketer is to use different viral Email systems.

So called lead generating systems are not something newbies are told about from the start.

I have listed some great tested and proven viral systems that I use myself to build a list

:6 ways to build a list fast

I use many Viral email lead generating systems to build my list.

Some will probably say stick to one system and work with it, but I think it can be wise to find

out what works best for you.

How to earn from your list?

this is the big question many ask me. How do I earn from my list?

All the lists I have mentioned above needs to be approached in different ways.

To earn from a cold list you need to have a great opt in page, sales page and offer to send to your list.

This often demands a lot of testing and can be quite costly, but I found that the OLSP magic link training is brilliant when you build a cold list because you earn commissions on every traffic click.

You need to constantly send good offers to your cold list. Want more tips? join my marketing tips

To earn from a warm list you constantly need to provide value and to build know like and trust.

To Earn from your buyer list you need to provide excellent additional value and offers.

In fact, it is only your own imagination that will stop you from earning from your list.

Other smart ways to build a list

The best way to build a list is of course to build your list with organic methods.

To help people online and create good and more deep conversations with your audience.

This will take longer time to do, but will often give you more quality leads and customers.

Using various social platforms and groups is an excellent way to grow organically.

More traffic tips?

If you want more tips on how to build a list you can subscribe to my marketing tips list

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