How to build a list with a content locker

Trouble getting people to subscribe to your email list? Looking for a method that actually works to get more subscribers? Today I am going to address the concept of content locking and how to build a list with a content locker.

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What is an email list?

An email list is a list of people who are interested in your product, service that you promote on your website. People often subscribe to a newsletter to get a free trial, some tips and tricks or keep themselves updated with what you are offering. An email list is a value to you if you learn how to use it correctly and not just spam your customers with all sorts of offers.

In my previous post I wrote about How to create a newsletter on a website. So you can easily grow your e -mail list. You will also find my Top 10 Email and newsletter providers there.

Today I will let you know more about how to build a list with a content locker. I will address the following.

1. What a content locker is

2. If content locking is a good idea

3. who use a content locker

4. How you can get a content locker

5. How to create a content locker

6. Pros

7. Cons

8. Alternatives

9. Which content locker is the best

10. Top content lockers

11. Should you get a content locker?

12. My # 1 recommendation

What is a content locker?

Maybe you never heard the term before so I will try to explain it to you simply. What is a content locker? So what does a content locker do? How can it help you?

A content locker is something you can do to lock the content so people do not get access to the content fully or partly unless they make a certain type of action like signing up to an email list, buy the product, accept your cookies and more.

Why use content locking?

If you want to measure you visitor response and get more subscribers and sales, content locking used in a good way can be very effective. You will be able to track what content your users are most interested in. Let us say you have a PDF with your 3 best tips to do something and you have a free ebook and a free trial on a course as many websites often have these days. Then you can add a goal in Google Analytics to track the conversions on the sign ups or a landing page.

Does a content locker work?

Content lockers works very effectively if they are used in a correct manner regarding your content. It can actually have an opposite effect if you do not use content locking in the correct way. Your visitor can become disappointed and leave your site. You probably had some bad user experiences online with locked content.

You find an article you want to read and suddenly the content locker pops up to tell you that if you want to proceed reading you need to sign up for a list, answer some questions or buy something first to get access. But if you believe the content that is locked is worth paying for or giving your email away for, you do it.

– infographics

Who uses content lockers?

1. Newspaper websites often use content lockers on parts or all of their content. If you want to read it you need to sign up for a monthly subscription and agree to terms, conditions and cookies (tracking).

2. Authors of books may give you a free chapter to read before you have to buy the book.

3. The film industry. You see a free trailer of a film, but need to sign up to the channel to see the whole.

4. You Tube channels may give you some free videos, but you need to leave your email or register as a member or subscribe to the channel to get access to everything.

5. Online courses – You often get a free email course and then you get an offer advance to next level. Musicians, How to become a writer lessons, Yoga lessons, business mentor programs, coaching programs and all kinds of training programs can use this method by dripping some free content and lock the most high quality content that you often really want to get access to.

6. Many business websites use content lockers you probably have seen these types very often

How to use a Content Locker

Free ebooks – by giving your email you can download the free ebook. You got something of value and the website who offered you the free ebook got something of value. So it is kind of win – win situation that seems fair to both sides.

Get 10 tips in your mail – Sometimes you just come across a website who offers you some golden nuggets on how to plant in your garden, How to make your home more cosy or high paying business opportunities that you would like to know. So you think it is fair to leave your email to receive these tips i your email. I guess you have subscribed to those tips letters too. Am I right?

Get a free trial – Some businesses offer a period of free trial of their product so you can become more familiar with the product and hopefully have all your questions you had from the start answered so you can make a good decision whether to buy that product or not. Free trials are a great way to use content lockers. Your potential customer or client get something for free and you get their email in return.

A free template. Social mediaTemplates are really popular to download.

Free training. Free training lessons are always popular.

Free statistic infographics. Infographics will always be popular for people in your niche

Blueprints: Blueprints are often something subscribers are willing to give their email address or pay for.

Get a daily quote on mail: Quotes are a great way to increase subscribers


Get a checklist: Checklists are often useful for people and worth signing up for


Free courses: This is often quality content people will sign up and pay for

Webinars: Invitation to an exclusive webinar is a good way to increase a list

A chapter of a book: A chapter or a prelaunch of a book can be a win if you ask for feedback.

Guides: How to guides can be very helpful for your subscribers.

How to create a Content Locker

The process of creating a content locker demands certain elements are in place to be effective.

A website, blog, channel that have a good traffic

Most important that you have a premium content you can lock.

You need a File lock tool.

Create a procedure to get access that involves a certain action to be made for getting to your content.


How do I get a Content Locker?

If you have a word press website I will definitely recommend using a mail provider who can offer a content locker tool.

That is the easiest way.

Here are my Top 3 content locker plugin recommendations

1. Content Locker pro plugin for Mailpoet

Mailpoet Features


2. Optinmonster content lock also integrate well with most mail providers

Optin monster content locker Features:

See the optin monster content locker video


3.WP forms Form locker


4. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms – $399.00

Formidable Forms is the most flexible and powerful WordPress form builder plugin in existence. Database management, dynamic views, graphs, calculations, and conditional logic are all baked right in. Plus repeating fields, multi-page forms, front-end editing, custom post creation, and much more.


What are the benefits with Content Lockers?

Content lockers will generate more subscribers and you will get only interested people and more quality subscribers that will be more loyal to you.

It is a win situation because you get their email and they get your valuable content in return.

It is a fair way of using the content locker.

You can also generate more sales on certain services or products you may offer by giving away something for free to try first.

Your content is more protected this way from others who otherwise would have used your quality content as their own.

The Downside with Content Lockers

Using the content lockers in the wrong manner may cause you to lose readers, visitors, subscribers and sales.

CPA networks

CPA means click per action. Some networks allow you to earn money on content locking.

CPA grip 


CPA Build

They are two popular CPA networks.

Both are Free to register and use and can help you generate money to your website.You can create Content locker templates to add to your website and you can earn money on promoting content lockers.


Alternatives to Content Locking

Are there any alternatives to content locking?

Frankly I do not know if there is any other way than to use a content locker unless you want to give it all away for free.

If you know about any good alternatives to content Locking I would gladly hear about it.

Which Content Locker is the best?

The never ending question is of course which one is the best one? Which one should I use?

The way I see it you need to set some goals first and look at your content and then look at what the content lockers can provide you of features you are interested in. Then make a choice. All content lockers have some differences in features.

You need to decide if you want to lock all your content or just some of it.

Should you get a Content Locker?

If you want to get more subscribers and want to build a list of interested, loyal and quality subscribers, I think content lockers are definitely something to use. However, use it smart and make the subscriber understand why you have locked your content and a good reason to why they should perform a certain action before you give them access to the content.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about content lockers please leave your questions below in the comment field.

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