How to build an online business at 18 with wealthy affiliate

Are you 18 years old? Have you been wondering about starting your own online business? Do you have an aspiring entrepreneur in your stomach? How can you start at a very young age to build your business and grow a revenue online for life starting for Free? Today I will show you how to build an online business at 18 with Wealthy Affiliate.

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You have the best opportunities to succeed

I wish I had the same opportunity as you when I was 18. The world looked a lot different back then. We did not have the Internet and the huge amount of possibilities it gives you to make a future online.

Today everyone can start working from home, in their spare time making money online. My own mentor at WA started out without any money and two years later she bought a house. Even old people over 70 do.There are plenty of stories.

But I know that if I was 18 now I would have started an online business. No doubt about it. When you are 18 you have drive and energy to pursue your passions. It takes time to build any business whether online or offline. But you have an advantage, because you have time on your side. Personally I have built two website assets with Wealthy Affiliate in a very short time.

A good Idea

So you have been thinking of starting an online business? That is a very good idea!. And I will show you how you can start for FREE with Wealthy Affiliate and give you some tips I wish I had got when I started.

Affiliate marketing is a growing industry. It is popular because everyone can learn how to do it. You can learn how to do it too.

It is not difficult to learn the affiliate marketing basics. The difficulty lies in practicing it on a daily basis which is one of the cornerstones for success. And you want success my friend! Am I right?

So how do you get success with Wealthy Affiliate?

Read my article: 10 Tips and 10 Key practices for success with Wealthy Affiliate

I have the advantage that I am older and been in the marketing industry for a while. I started late to go online because I did not have this opportunity at 18 years of age. So I can help you get into the right mindset of starting a business and give you a helping hand in starting.

Here is what you need to do now to make it happen

1. Make a decision to start an online business.

2. Get free training at Wealthy Affiliate

3. If you still want to create a business after the free trial – Accept the Action bonus and become A Wealthy Affiliate member and let me help you through your journey in the advanced training.

4. A daily practice for success. Take your business seriously. Practice what you learned and listen to good advice you get along the way.

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is basically a World leading training platform for all kinds of marketers online. A world-class, legitimate and proven affiliatemarketing blueprint.

The founder Kyle just wrote a blog post on how he and Carson, the co-founder, started this amazing training platform 15 years ago with a Keyword list. You can read the whole story if you like here.

Benefits with Wealthy Affiliate

1. Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most affordable Affiliatemarketing platforms online to start a business.

2. It is the most easy way to start for a beginner. In a couple of minutes you have created a FREE website.

3. You will get Step by step training and help. Every step you need to make to become a successful affiliate marketer. 10 FREE affiliatemarketing lessons. 10 FREE online entrepreneur lessons. Access to the worlds most advanced Keyword search tool Jaaxy. SSL website hosted on the most secure servers. Take a sneak peek at lesson 1

4. A community of marketers on all levels. A dynamic and thriving place to learn, be motivated and inspired.

5. World class training from marketing veterans.

6. You can build 10 valuable websites as a member.

7. Techniques, strategies and blueprints.

8. You will learn industry secrets you get nowhere else.

9. The Lucrative WA + Jaaxy Affiliate program you can start promoting at once. Their commissions are among some of the highest you get.

Do I need to say more?

The value you get with Wealthy Affiliate is nowhere to be found anyplace else. It is a unique platform.

The hook

There is no such thing as a passive income. The term is created to get people easily hooked on a product or service.

1. The truth is that behind this “passive” income lays a lot of hard work. What you see is normally only the top of the Iceberg. I know it is not what you want to hear, but that is the truth. When you become successful you reap the fruits of your labor and time invested. Then you can see the money rolling in and start talking about “Passive” income. Do not listen to anyone telling you otherwise.

But hard work can be extremely fun if you love what you do! And making an online business around something you are passionate about could be a really good Idea and help you on your journey to success. You probably have plenty of things you are passionate about. It does not have to cost a lot to start a business online.

You need a long term mindset. Rome was not built in one day. It takes time to build a business, but Wealthy Affiliate for sure knows how to help you build a solid online business and give you a solid mindset and values so you can live the life of your dreams. The benefits of affiliate marketing are great if you work hard for it.

Do it now!

Do not be afraid to fail. Everyone does. If you never fail you never learn. Just make sure you are failing forward. Be more afraid to give up on your dreams. I know I had plenty of dreams at 18. At 18, you are powerful beyond measure. You can do anything you set your mind to. You can make what you want come true with Wealthy Affiliate if you take action now. Do not wait until you are 50.

This is a no brainer deal. You get training for free – skills you can use for years to come.

Get started here and now!

I want to see you soon Inside Wealthy Affiliate and help you succeed. I know you can do this!

Still, in doubt?

I understand if you might need some more information. If you want more information about Wealthy Affiliate I have made a list of 10 helpful reviews and posts below that goes more in depth. And you can feel free to ask me any question you like about Wealthy Affiliate in the comments below or contact me on Webtalk

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  1. With Wealthy Affiliate, there is a huge possibility that anybody no matter the age will be able to make money online. One of the best things about the platform is that it allows for that flexibility and one can choose to work on what a person has that passion for. It’s a huge advantage. Also getting help in how doing it  from veterans that  have done it many times before. That is really valuable for a 18 years old person. Agree! it is a no brainer.

    1. Author

      Thank you Suz! I agree For a 18 years old all is layed out for you. You just need to do and ask when you need help. You will have access to all the tools and expertise you need. That can sometimes make all the difference. 

  2. Thank you Hilde for sharing this with me. In as much as Wealthy Affiliate is beneficial for business owners, It is also an amazing opportunity for young people to start up and excel in blogging which is the trending business for youth. 

    I have been able to build up my site to reasonable standard via the training from WA.and It  means so much to have access to all these different levels of marketers in the industry and learn from them. I have all the tools I need here at WA. I know I would not have it elsewhere. I hope many young people will read your article.

    1. Author

      Thank you for giving your thoughts on the matter Eva! Much appreciated. Yes having access to the best tools and experts in the industry is truly a major value of the WA community. And the training will always be up to date with the latest trends. 

  3. A very useful article for young people.In all honesty, I find what you have shared here quite worthy to read and follow. Building an online business as early as possible could be the best option available to young people these days. As you say they have time on their side, and starting now will allow them to bloom well. I hope many 18 year olds read your article and start building their online business at Wealthy Affiliate. I started there myself and it is truly the best platform to start. 

    1. Author

      Hi Nath! I am glad you think my article is useful for an 18 year old or younger person. I hope to see many younger people starting a business online with Wealthy Affiliate because I believe it is the best training and the most value they can get online.

  4. Hello there, thanks for the tips on how to get your business running at Wealthy a young age. Somehow we all aim at going into making money online . It is really a great idea but you have to out some things in place and that includes having the right training. I really like how you’ve made things easy for us all with this article and I would make use of it . I have decided to sign up to the free training.

    1. Author

      Hi Justin! Glad you found it easy and that you made the choice to get thr free training to see if this is something you want to do. If you need a hand just reach out to me inside Wealthy Afiliate and I will help you.Looking forward to follow your online journey.

  5. Your article ‘How to build an online business at 18 with Wealthy affiliate’ was really fascinating and I think it would be particularly helpful to teenagers who are looking to make some extra money either to buy personal effects or just to pursue their hobbies. Or maybe someone who have a little entrepreneur growing in their stomach. Wealthy affiliate really is a great training platform that I’m sure will be ideal for them. Just brilliant!

    1. Author

      Hi Beesean! Thank you for your thoughts about my article. Well, I know many young people are looking for multiple income streams and building an online business is one of the best opportunities for many 18 + . They have all the possibilities to learn and succeed with affiliate marketing if they put in the work needed.

  6. One thing that makes Wealthy Affiliate really different from all platforms of its kind in my opinion is how they manage the online training, There is no age barrier whatsoever and it is very friendly to newbies who doesn’t have  any idea of how to start an online business.  It is an ideal place to learn affiliate marketing early at Wealthy Affiliate. I think your article can inspire many young people to start and to see what is possible with Wealthy Affiliate. I will share this article to the young people I know who is looking for an extra income or create a business  because I know this will help them.

    1. Author

      Hi Bruce! Thank you for giving your thoughts and for sharing my article. As you say anyone can start at Wealthy Affiliate. I wrote this article with the intention of inspiring young people to start. To show them how to do it in an affordable way. To start for free. As Zig Ziglar said: I quote” You do not have to be great to begin, but you have to begin to be great”. I love that quote. So much truth in it. You have to begin with the affiliate marketing basics..

  7. If I had known about this when I was 18, I would have jumped at this too. My life would have been different, who knows, but I sure would have loved to learn all about affiliate marketing when I was 18. Although back then I had even less knowledge about it and my mindset might have been different, I think that I would have grasped this opportunity. 

    Nowadays, the internet is part of life when growing up, and although there are disadvantages to that, it also brings many advantages. Young people are more informed, and have the chance to build an online business from a young age. I hope that many will take this opportunity.

    1. Author

      Hi Christine! Yes I would have loved to have this opportunity at 18.That is why I wrote this article. Affiliate marketing is a great way and is easy to combine with studies as well.

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