How to create a Black Friday Campaign for Affiliate marketing beginners + bonus

In this article How to create a Black Friday Campaign for Affiliate marketing beginners + bonus I will show you how to create a very simple Black Friday campaign if you are new online or just started out with affiliate marketing.

Why Have a Black Friday Campaign?

When I started affiliate marketing I had no idea how to create a Black Friday Campaign.

I over complicated things.

The reason why you create a Black Friday campaign is to first of all to build your list.

Secondly offer some value to your leads on your list and hopefully make some commissions.

Black Friday is the best time to build a list for an affiliate marketing beginner.

Create A Black Friday lead magnet of value

The best way to get people to your list is to give away something of value for free.

Right now I am giving away my 5 most successful emails for affiliate beginners to create a black Friday campaign so that they do not have to use a lot of time creating them all alone.

You can give away free courses, training, lists, tips or whatever you have to give away.

Find some Black Friday offers to promote

When I find an offer or multiple offers to promote I always make sure that these offers have a high ticket back end.

It means they may have a low ticket front end with more expensive up sells and down sells at the back.

In addition, I like to promote proven to sell products. Products that I know from the stats have been doing well over time and that people look at as a valuable product.

This means you need to know what your audience like to buy.

Create a simple opt in Page for your Black Friday offers

Once you have some offers you need to create opt in pages for your offers.

Affiliate Black Friday offers often come with DFY sales pages connected to your link so you do not have to make one yourself.

All you need to do is to make people opt in to your Black Friday list.

My advice is to make it simple. I use an Aweber landing page as an opt in.

I make it very simple. Check it out here

Create a Black Friday Thank you page

Once people opt in, They will be directed to a thank you page.

In Aweber you get a DFY thank you page that you can use that is great if you are a new affiliate marketer setting up your first campaign.

Create a Black Friday email campaign

Now comes the hardest part. The Black Friday Email Campaign.

Make it simple. Just make 5 emails. That’s all.

You can use my 5 Black Friday email templates for Affiliate marketing beginners .

That is really all you need.

Then if you want add automated campaigns for each offer you have.


Create Black Friday Posts

Once your campaign is published you just start promoting it on your social media to get people to opt in

to your list.

Bonus1 – 5 tips to get more traffic to your affiliate offers

5 Tips for Affiliate Marketing beginners

Go here to get my 5 tips for affiliate beginners to get more traffic to your affiliate links

Create a Black Friday opt in form for your website

Create a simple optinform so people can opt in via your website if you have one.

This will give you more traffic to your list.

Get set up and start bonus!

5 DFY Black Friday Emails

If you are a new affiliate marketer online and want to make some extra commissions or maybe even your first commissions online then setting up a very simple Black Friday campaign is the best way to do it.

In my article I have offered you my Black Frid5ay Email Templates for free so you do not have to use time thinking about what to write.

Bonus 2 – mini workshop – How to create a simple Black Friday campaign for Affiliate marketing beginners

When you get my 5 emails you will also be invited to a special time limited mini workshop in my private workshop  group on how to set up a simple Black Friday campaign for Affiliate marketing beginners in Aweber as a bonus


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