How To Create An Online Business

Wondering how to create an online business? How do you do it? What does it take? How much does it cost? I know the feeling. You are curious if you can do it, afford it and if you will succeed if you try.

It is not easy to start an online business alone and succeed, but I have found a way that you can create an affordable legitimate online business that will give you the training you need to build a business online and that will help you succeed if you make the decision to start.

Before you read the rest of my article I want to inform you according to best practices with information that may be important to you:

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Earnings  and result disclaimer: Programs or products mentioned in this post that involve earning money will not work for everyone and there is no guarantee for success because there are to many factors that influence the results such as skills, circumstances and knowledge that we have no control over. Our Intention is to provide you with good potential opportunities and tools that can be helpful to your success.

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How to create an online business?

Being online means you need a website or a blog you can use to promote your business (hobby, interest, talent, product or service). I know it costs money with hosting and domain names, but I have already thought about that and found the best and the safest solution for you. You do not have to surf through an ocean of offers out there and an ocean of scam sites that does not deliver what they promise.

To start your business with a website is better than starting your business from a Social media account like Facebook, Instagram, You Tube etc, because it is your property and you set the rules not the other way around. Having a business site on social media you are limited by the changing rules and algorithms of the provider on how much you can post, what you can post etc. And it is not your property. However Social media is a good way to promote your website on.

My solution is a highly secure website hosted on the safest servers in the world Siterubix powered by Wealthy Affiliate. They are free of spam, malware and porn. And the best thing is – You can set up your website for free with virus and malware protection and you will get a 7 days trial before you decide if you want to start your online business dream.

If that was not enough – you will get 10 online entrepreneur lessons and 10 Affiliatemarketing lessons for free. It does not stop there, because you will get access to get feedback and comments on your website for free as well and you will get a 7 days access for free to an expert community where you can get expert help.

After the 7 days trial you can make a decision if you want to make your dream of an online business come true or not by becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member. If you can find any offer like this I would love to hear about it. I looked a long time before I found Wealthy Affiliate.

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How to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is for you who are willing to follow the training and do the tasks. If you decide to start I will help you and so will the Wealthy Affiliate community which is unique. Together we help you succeed. You do not need to do it alone.

Yes I want to start a 7 days free trial now!

What does it take to create an online business?

– You need a website or a blog

– You need training

– You need to monetize your website

– You need a talent, product or service to sell

– You need website content

– You need to market your website to get visible

– A Strategy to succeed

– A long term mindset

You can learn all this by becoming a Wealthy Affiliate member. You do not need to have any experience to start.


What will happen when you become a Wealthy Affiliate Member?

Wealthy Affiliate will take you on a wild journey from where you are right now to exactly where you want to be. You set your goals and Wealthy Affiliate will help you fulfill your goals providing you do the work.

You will get the success blueprint or training I have used to create my websites, monetizing them and earning revenue from them. I will offer you the same blueprint and I will help you all the way. You will get personal help from me on every step. And you will get help from the community and the founders. It is not a quick scheme that will give you money immediately, but it is a well proven blueprint that works over time.


What do you get as a Wealthy Affiliate member?

Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership is the complete training blueprint. Advanced world-class marketing training based on 15 + years of experience and success stories.

What is included in Premium membership?

✅ Multiple income streams: 10 websites you can create and earn money on.

✅ World Class Training updated to a new decade:

Online entrepreneur training (50 lessons)

Affiliate boot camp training (70 lessons)

✅ Additional training:

Weekly (tutorials, videos, webinars)

Access to all future first class training

Access to all expert blog post (tons of value every week)

52 weekly live webinars a year(100 % value)

400 + hours with old training lessons

Unlimited class replays

Cameo Live webinars

Promoting Wealthy Affiliate program (optional)

✅ Jaaxy:

The worlds most advanced Keyword tool

Keyword search – Find the best keywords

Keyword lists – save the best keywords

Search analysis – see how your website and competition ranks

SiteRank – See how your posts ranks

Alphabet soup tool – generate special keywords alphabetically

Brainstorm ideas – get new keyword ideas

Jaaxy Affiliate program (optional)

✅ website functions:

Siterubix SiteBuilder – Build a website

Site content – writing platform and plagiarism checker

SiteHealth – your websites health

SiteSpeed Extreme – promote your website

SiteSupport – answers within minutes

Site e-mail – website mail

SiteDomain – create new domains

SiteMove – move your website to your own domain

✅ Site comments – get comments from experts

✅ Feedback on your website – Get feedback from experts


✅ Access to founders.

✅ Possibility to create your own training and earn revenue.

✅ World Class expert advice.

✅ Your own trainer and mentor.

How much does it cost?

✅ $0.83 per day.

✅ $49 per month.

✅ $495 yearly.

$19 First month Action bonus

Here is how you start

Start a 7 days free trial and create your free website and go through the 10 Online entrepreneur lessons and the 10 Affiliate marketing lessons. Then make a decision to go for a Premium membership.

Follow the training

Do the tasks

Ask for help and feedback

Have a wish to succeed

Dare to fail

You can follow the training, do the tasks and practice until you master it.

Make use of the additional training and expert help.

The Wealthy Affiliate blueprint is just a guide to success – a process that will help you succeed.

In the end it is all up to you. You must own your success.

Invest some time every day, take one step at a time, ask for feedback and comments and practice and adjust until you master it.

Wealthy Affiliate method is simple and works in praxis.

Now it is your turn to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate if you take action and start.


Yes I want to start a 7 days free trial now!

What should you sell?

Maybe you are thinking I would love to start a business if I had a talent, a product or a service. But what if I do not have anything to sell? How can I start a business without anything to sell?

If you do not have a hobby. Interest, talent, a product or a service to sell you can take the affiliate boot camp and start promoting Wealthy Affiliate, Jaaxy and products relevant to these just to get experience and learn how to do it. You can basically start in any niche you want. Wealthy Affiliate will show you how. You can also watch my video about Affiliate boot camp here to get more information about the details.

Everyone have a story. Did you know that your story could be your fortune? Read my article Your story is your fortune to find out more.


How to claim your Action bonus?

There is an Action bonus $19 first month if you start a premium membership within 7 days.


Get your action bonus now.

Why did Jelena, Tiffany and Reyhana Succeed?

Jelena is the girl who inspired me to start and who introduced me, without knowing it herself, to Wealthy Affiliate. I read her story on a Pinterest pin I found online. This sparked my curiosity and then my interest in trying out Wealthy affiliate program. Just think about it you can also be able to inspire others with your story without knowing it.

Two years after starting Jelena bought a house and started working full time online.

Read her story here.

Tiffany has several websites and earned from July 2019 – December 2019 $16,203.50

Her commission in June was $1884.00

Read her story here

Reyhana bought a new Mac book in May thanks to Wealthy Affiliate:

Read her story here

My own success story with Wealthy Affiliate just started 5 months ago:

Read my story here

The success stories in Wealthy Affiliate are many on different levels from 1 to seven figures income.

They all have different goals and different commitment to their business.

According to statistics around 50% of online marketers earn less than $20K, 28% earn more than $20K and around 12% of all online marketers earn over $75K

They succeeded because:

– They took action before they were ready and just started.

– They were willing to learn.

– They were not afraid to fail.

– They followed the WA training.

– They changed their mindset.

– They grew stronger, more confident and experienced with practice.

– They asked for help and feedback.

– They love the journey and what they do.

– They did not give up.

You will never feel completely ready to start a business and you will never feel good enough to start. This is very typical excuses we say to ourselves, because we are afraid of change.  I said this too, but you need to start somewhere and learn how to build an online business the right way with training from people who have done this over and over again. You need a community to share your ups and downs with. Wealthy Affiliate is the only community who really delivers on this. You will never know before you really try. Now it is your turn to succeed.

Get your action bonus now


What is stopping you?

Are you to busy? Is it your home situation? Do you have small kids? Is it fear of the future? Is it fear of success? or do you think it is a scam? Fear of failing? Fear of being judged? or other things?

Most wealthy affiliate members are busy people. Many have other jobs too before they can work full time. Some just want it as an extra income stream. It is all about time management. An hour or two every day can take you very far. ( image made in Canva by Daily Practice for success)

Tiffany who I mentioned above has several small kids and still manage to run several websites with a strong determination and will. And it has payed off. She is working hard for her dream.

Is it fear of change or what the future will hold? I know the feeling of not knowing what you are to expect. Insecurity can be a scary feeling. I still do not know if I will reach my goals. They did not know when they started either. But we believe in our dreams and that each step has a value.You must be willing to invest our time in it. Each step will take you closer to the dream and the lifestyle you want. If you never try you will never know.

This is not a scam. Wealthy Affiliate is a strong solid company with founders that are actively helping members to succeed and to give you the best possible frames to work in. For 15+ Years they have helped people succeed online.

Many people never start because they are too afraid to fail and afraid of what people might say. But not you. You are a grown up person who believe in your dream and even if you do not know how to do everything perfect from the start, you are willing to learn how to do it. Am I right?

Here is the Key to your Wealthy Affiliate Success

Remember that everything is difficult from the start. One of my old mentors used to say that all the time. So now I am saying it to you. You will get my methods and help and you will get Wealthy Affiliate training.( image made in Canva by Daily Practice for success)



You are in good hands. We will take one step at a time until you rock this.

I know you can do this if:

You work a little every day,

follow the training,

do the recommended steps in the training,

ask for help.

Do not take any shortcuts

Practice what you learn.

If you do this you will get results. I know this, because I have done it.

Before you know it you have:

Created a website

Monetized your website

Completed your training

Earned recurring commissions

Achieved many goals

And you will be able to reach any goal you want.

You can do this – Get started now!


Get your action bonus now

*Get an extra bonus ( personal coaching on every step)*


Do you have any questions? Let me know below in the comments.

ONE thing before you go: I would be very grateful if you would do me the favor of sharing this post with a friend or on your blog, Social media or messenger. You never know- You can be the reason someone succeeds to create a business online.



( image made in Canva by Daily Practice for success)


Feel free to share, like and connect!

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  1. This is a great review of Wealthy Affiliate and shows the reader, exactly how they can get started for free, then build a successfull online business using the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

    What is good is that you have laid out, exactly what is required, so the onus is on the reader, to follow and if they are serious in wanting to start online, then your steps will be a good guide as to get there, which if they follow, they wil do so

    1. Author

      Hi Dave! Glad you found it a helpful guide to how to create an online business. I have no intention to make people think making money online is a quick scheme. Quick schemes does not last long. I wanted to present what I think is the best way for a startup or a newbie to start a business online withouth having to pay $3000 – 5000 as you will do with most other platforms when you count the total costs. And a way they can see themselves succeed longterm. When I started in Wealthy Affiliate I could almost feel the success of this blueprint. It amplified every day when I saw how much the members managed to achieve. I was a skeptic at first, but now I have experienced the results of my work too and I have achieved way more than I expected.

  2. Hi Hilde,

    Wealthy Affiliate is a wonderful platform. I signed up in March 2019 and it is one of the best decisions I have made in life. Only on my first free week, I gained so many skills and much knowledge, and even the “technical” website part was explained clearly and made quite easy.

    Being busy is not always a good excuse. We are all busy; the question is, how much time and effort are you willing to put in to achieving your dream? It takes time and it takes much effort, and I liked that you mentioned the point having a longterm mindset. That is important too. Many people give up because they want quick money. setting up a business though does not happen overnight and somehow people tend to approach the internet with a miracles happen mindset. I think that’s why many give up, because the miracles take time to happen. 

    1. Author

      Hi Christine! 

      Thank you for giving your helpful insights to Wealthy Affiliate. It is the best decision I have made too. I am glad you mentioned the technical part, because I had no technical skills whatsoever. And now I have learned a lot. 

      Yes We are all good at excusing ourselves, but I believe that if it is important enough for you you will put the effort into it. If you do not it is just not important enough. It is really that simple. 

      If you want it you find the time and you overcome your fear. And as you mentioned many expect things to happen tomorrow or getting everything served on a golden plate when in reality it is a result of consistent work over time, practicing, failing, learning and succeedeng. Consistency and patience is a deed. 

      Nothing will happen if you do not start . And you will get no results if you do not do the work required.

      But the good thing is that Wealthy Affiliate can help anyone who have a wish to succeed making it happen by following the training and doing the tasks. 

  3. Wow! I do not know how to start. I must say i feel very much less anxious about starting an online business after carefully going through this article. Sincerely speaking, i have no single idea of creating and managing an online business, it is definitely beyond my field. 

     Just recently i joined WA after a few talks from a friend to join and start up something new  to achieve my financial freedom goals. I reluctantly joined as a free user,went through a few lessons which i still have not completed yet. After few days i optioned for premium level, still with little or no clue.

     I have tried joining in live chat to learn more and even ask questions, but trust me i usually feel lost with any clue. Even  With all these limitations i have had i still feel very strongly in my spirit that WA is just the right place for me to achieve my goal.. So please how can i make use of the additional training and expert help, like the Jaaxy, for better leverage?

    1. Author

      Hi there and thank you for your insight and questions. 

      First of all I think you made a good decision to join WA Premium. The best thing you can do is to follow the training and do the tasks. The tutorials is very easy to follow and will give you a good explanation. 

      If you have any questions you can go to your profile – not the chat area and ask a question in the questions area. In your dashboard you go to Live events to see Jays videos. These are only for premium members. 

      There is a whole section in the training on how to use Jaaxy – The keyword tool and how you find the best keywords. You might also want to read my review about the Jaaxy Affiliate program

      I am not sure how far you are in the training yet, but go step by step. Do not rush it or skip any tutorials or tasks. It is all there. 

      Just send me a private message inside the WA area and I will help you if you need any help. From what you have written here I do not know exactly what you struggle with, but we will help you figure it out. You can also ask technical questions to help center in your dashboard regarding your website, plugins, HTML codes, Themes etc.

      I hope I answered your questions. 

  4. Heloo there…. Thanks alot for this wonderful review on Wealthy Affiliate…… Your effort on helping people create  an online businesses is really amazing…presently we have so many unemployed youth… And this is a great opportunity for them to start earning cash from their home through Wealth Affiliate….. Thanks for sharing this.

    1. Author

      Hi there! Yes it is a good opportunity for unemployed who wants to start a business. It is for all kinds of pockets. But I have to stress the fact that it is not a quick scheme for making money. It is a real business building opportunity. It is not done over night.

      You might want to read my other review: How to create a moneymaking website with Wealthy Affiliate

  5. Website building !!

    This is what I was looking for and it seems I’ve found the right place. Digging deeper I see that this I much more affordable than the other affiliate programs I was looking at like Authority Hacker which was a bit out of my price range. Online businesses are what’s going be a thriving in the near future because of lockdown happening around the globe and people aren’t able to work. There is al lot you get with WA that’s unbelievable. I am especially interested in the webinars and keyword research tool Jaaxy.

    Coaching and site feedback are also very helpful. I shall try out the free training courses and afterwards probably join the monthly program. This is just to good of a deal.

    1. Author

      Hi there! 

      Yes this is a good and real deal. No bull. If you sign up on the free courses you get free access to my expertise In the free trial period as well as a community of experts . You get coaching with the Premium membership.not to mention the founders with more than 15+ years of experience doing this.

      You are absolutely right about the latest trends of working online from home.Starting an online business is a good way to start earning money and doing what you love at the same time. 

      You can look forward to Jays Webinars as a Premium member . You choose if you go for a monthly plan or a yearly plan. I am on a yearly plan, because I saved two monthly fees doing so. Wealthy Affiliate is a unique and Thriving community that give eachoter helpful feedback, support and advice to succeed. Together we can do more.

      You never feel you work alone when you have this wonderful community around you. Looking forward to see you inside Wealthy Affiliate area and to follow your progress.

  6. Hi, I already created my website through Siterubix website builder you have on your site. But now I have continue to read some of these other posts. It’s good to know all we need for our online business. I definitely need training. I’m glad I found your site and can’t wait to start building mine. Thank you very much!

    1. Author

      Hi Paolo! Great to hear! Just follow the training and do the tasks and you will do just fine!

  7. Hi Hidle,

    It’s inevitably online business that is booming in view of the surge of internet usage and online spending. Many people would like to try a hand on this business (aka affiliate marketing) but were clueless about how to create a profitable online business. And your guide has explained each step to be taken in order to succeed. 

    Most importantly, you must learn and master the art of online marketing skills besides having the right mindset. I am a student of Wealthy Affiliate and currently runs several niche sites. Honestly, WA is the best platform to learn digital marketing skills and l have no hesitation to recommend it to anyone.

    Great read and would glad to share it.


    1. Author

      Thank you Chris! I appreciate it! Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome learning platform with the most helpful community. I appreciate your insights and experience from having built several websites. It is a great place to start your online adventure. 

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