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Wonder how to earn money with a website? How hard can it be? Everyone with a hobby, passion or mission that have or want to create an online business or blog should read this post. Why? Because the difference between a hobby, passion and mission matters to how you earn money and your daily practice for success. In this post I will show you why it matters, how it matters and where it matters to you so you can become more aware of why you do your business the way you do and how to earn money with a website.

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What is the difference between an interest, hobby, passion and mission?

What is the difference between an interest, hobby, passion and mission? Are there Any differences? Yes there is a difference

that matters to you and your daily practice in many ways and I am going to show you why it matters when it comes to how to earn money with a website. I will give you the definitions and my thoughts around this. I would also love to hear what you think about it.

What is an Interest?

Interest is according to Thesaurus 1) The feeling of a person whose attention, concern or curiosity is a particularly engaged by something: ex: she has a great interest in the poetry of Donne. 2) Something that concerns, involves, draws the attention of, arouses the curiosity of a person. His interest are Philosophies and chess. 3) Power of exciting concern, involvement, etc Quality of being interesting:Political issues of great interest. 4) concern, importance.

Do you agree with this definition?

So interest is connected to the feeling of a person. What makes you curious? What is drawing to your attention? Having an interest in something. So what are you interested in? Have you ever thought about that?

Did you know that hobbies often start with an interest in something. An interest in something can spark a whole new direction in your life if you give it an important place in your life.

I have had many interests over the years – I guess you did too, but there have been some interests that draws its attention more to me and I have been more curious about than others such as writing and online marketing and working with people. These are the interests that I have been more attentive to than others.

What are the 3 most important interests you have had over the years? Did any of those interests turn out to be a hobby of yours? Let me know in the comments below.

Or maybe you just found a new interest in something?

Every day there are people who start an online business because they have an interest in a special subject, craft or other.

How to turn your interest into an online business

. Yes it is possible to start an online business just based on an interest. It is perfectly doable and a lot of people have started their online adventure this way. The best way to start is to create an online website relevant to your Interest. You can monetize it and market it and earn good profits from it. But how do you do that?

It all starts with a website and a good blueprint for success, training and practice. One of the best blueprints for success out there is available for everyone who have an interest they want to pursue and earn money from. It is free.

You can get a 7 days trial to make up your mind if you think this could be your thing or not. It is legitimate, well-known and evergreen. It is an online platform that is a web host, it is business and marketing training and it is also an optional affiliate program. You do not need any expertise, experience or professional skill, because with this blueprint you will learn how to build expertise, skills and authority with your own website. The only thing you need is an interest and a will to do the work.

The Free trial contain:

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Learning how to build a niche website from the ground based on your interest and how to turn it into an online business.

Sounds Interesting? – You can give it a try and see how you can make a business from your interests and how to monetize your website.


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What is a hobby?

Going to I find this definition: A Hobby is 1. An activity or interest pursued for pleasure or relaxation and not as a main occupation. Do you agree with the definition? It means as long as you do not spend most of your time doing an activity or an interest it is considered as a hobby. Do you have a hobby that gives you pleasure and relaxation?

Have you ever thought about why you have a hobby? Do you agree that you have a hobby so you can relax, feel free to do what you want because it gives you a form of pleasure?

I totally agree in the definition, but I would maybe add it gives you a feeling of freedom and learning. Do you agree with me?

Sometimes people get a hobby to learn a new skill, having an idea of a new way of life that they dream of. What about you? Don't you sometimes wish that you could live full time out of one of your hobbies instead of your current work?

I have a friend who just love to write poems and her secret dream is to write a book with poems. She told me that. But she does not believe anyone wants to read her poems. And she does not want to put her head out there. I have read her poems and they are really good. She is a natural born writer. She does it because she loves it. It makes her feel free and it gives her pleasure to write. But she does not think so herself. Maybe you have a friend like that too.

Another friend of mine loves to take pictures and she takes the most beautiful pictures. Her camera is always ready. She loves to look at life through her camera and capture golden moments. I told her once : you should become a professional photographer. She answered: No, my pictures sucks. I just do it for fun and because I like it. I asked her Wouldn't it be great if you could live out of taking pictures? She said – nothing would please me more, but I am afraid my pictures are not that good. I had seen her pictures and they were better than many pictures I have watched online by other photographers.

Sounds familiar?

After speaking with many people in my life I am astounded by the fact that many people walk around with a secret dream inside to actually do something more out of their hobby and earn money from it. They often excuse themselves with – Oh I have to work, I have no time, My abilities are not good enough. I am not a professional. I will do it when the time is right. But only 1 out of 10 do it.

Who said your abilities were not good enough? You did. Who said the time was not right? You did Who said you have no time? You did. What is your excuse?

There will never be a right time, You will never feel good enough. You will never have time for it unless you prioritize it. So You can just as well get started now. What do you have to lose?


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How can you turn your hobby into an online business?

Do you really need to be a professional to start an online business? Do you think the so- called professionals were perfect from the start? If you do you should think twice.

Who said your hobby could not be your main occupation? Who said you can not have pleasure and feeling more relaxed when turning your hobby into a business?

I am just asking. I strongly believe the best business you can ever have is when you do something that you are interested in and that will give you pleasure. Something you are Passionate about too.

You can learn how to turn your passion into a business without being a professional from the start. I did. I love to write, but I am far from a professional. Get a 7-day trial to learn how to turn your hobby into an online business. In this 7 days free trial you will learn how to make money from your website. No, experience needed.


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What is a Passion?

What is Passion? And how does it differ from a hobby? Going to Thesaurus again: A passion is 1) Any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling, as love or hate. 2) Strong Amorous feeling or desire; love;ardor. 3) strong sexual desire;lust. 4) An instant or experience of strong love or sexual desire. 5) A person toward whom one feels strong love or sexual desire. 6) A strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm or desire for anything. Ex. Passion for music

From the definition of passion I would say that the difference between a hobby and a passion is that passion has to do with the emotional aspect more than the activity or object for passion. It is a powerful, strong feeling. When you have a hobby like playing Piano or drums for example passion for Piano and drums is what probably make them continue doing it. Do you agree? Without the strong feeling and love for it they would probably just stop at a certain moment when things become difficult.

But who said you cannot have passion for your hobby too?

People who are passionate about something often want something more. They have this inner drive that drives them forward supported by their passion. Sounds familiar?

Passionate people often find a way to pursue these strong feelings. Just look at some chess champions, basketball players and football players in this world. Some of them are so passionate about their hobby that they become the best of the best. There are a high level of emotions luring behind the seemingly quiet facade of chess. In basketball and football the passion have a more visible expression. Some of them even became superstars and big brands because of their passion. Their Passion became their main occupation and eventually their lifestyle, business and success.

They were not professional from the start. No, with consistent daily practice they gained success. Did they plan it? Some of them were natural born talents and others trained themselves to become professionals driven by their strong feelings for what they did.

Who said your passion could not become your main occupation? Who said you can not feel more aligned with yourself when turning your passion into a business?

So many people are afraid to take their strong feelings for a hobby to a level where they actually can do what they love every single day. I believe that if you feel strongly about your hobby you should definitely take it to another level. You can do it now!

You can create a website based on your interest, hobby or passion and learn how you can earn money with your website by taking this free 7 days trial.


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How can you turn your Passion into an online business?

You do not need to be experienced to have a passion. Your passion will drive you to learn what you need to learn to become better at what you like. Your enthusiasm and confidence grows as you get better at what you do and your passion grows too.

Enthusiasm and Passion is the greatest basis for starting an online business. Passionate people are willing to do the work needed to get where they want. If you could choose to do your hobby on a full time basis would you do it? You probably will if you are passionate enough about it.

You can start for free at this very moment to build an online business with Wealthy Affiliate and make your dreams come true. Some people are even so passionate about what they do that it turns into a life mission.


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What is a Mission?

So what is a mission? And how does it differ from a hobby and a passion? Let us go to Thesaurus definition.

Thesaurus tells us that a mission is: I quote: 1. A group of persons sent to a foreign country to conduct negotiations, establish relations, provide scientific and technical assistance, or the like. 2) the business with which such a group is charged 3) any important task or duty that is assigned, allotted or self-imposed. 4) an important goal or purpose that is accompanied by strong conviction; a calling or vocation; ex. She has finally found her mission in life.

From the definition I find it most relevant for my post to stress the 4th definition because people with a strong passion that turn into a mission often have big goals, visions or a purpose.

They are often strongly convinced that they need to do a certain activity or task and many feels an inner calling to go further with their talent, knowledge or whatever it may be.

There are plenty of stories of big organizations that started out just because of one persons mission or strong conviction, experience or knowledge about something.

Let me give you some examples of such people that later turned into great and well-known organizations or companies. You probably know who they are.

Take Elon Musk for example. Whatever you may think of him he have an extraordinary and intense passion and drive for solving large problems. His mission is to change the world and design the future according to different interviews and written material I have found about him. As you may know he founded PayPal, SpaceX, Solar city, Hyperloop plan, starlink, Neurolink, Tesla and Open Al just to mention some of his many endeavors.

Was he a professional when he started? No, – not at all. As a matter of fact he dropped out of school and pursued his passion. His first employer told him he was not adequate for any kind of job. That he would never do for anything. What if he had believed in this person instead of himself? Money was never his driving force. I remember I saw an interview with him where he said that. It was his desire for solving bigger and bigger problems. He did not have experience with everything he did, but he found a way to do it. I think that is quite impressive. He truly believes in his abilities to solve big problems that can change the world.

Another example you may know is Steve Jobs:

He started out in a summer job at Hewlett Packard and also dropped out of school and was quite poor for a while. His passion and mission resulted in companies like Apple and Pixar that have changed the lives of many on this planet.

So a strong passion can also turn into a live changing mission.

But it will never happen if you do not start somewhere. I do not know whether you will be the next Elon musk or Steve Jobs, but I do know that it all starts with an interest, hobby, a passion and a desire to do something that can benefit mankind in one way or another.

Now after reading all this ask yourself this question: Am I focusing on the things really matters in terms of interest and passion to me in my life or should I be focusing on doing what really makes me interested and passionate and may help others as well?

You have this life of yours and a certain amount of time to live it. Why not spend your time on something that matters?

The only one who will stop you from doing it is yourself. Nobody else.

I will give you an opportunity today to start an online business in any niche you choose and how to earn money with a website. You can try it out for 7 days for free. You do not need any experience. All you need is an interest or a passion to do something more with your life that matters to you. You will get a free website, basic online business building training, a SEO tool and a passionate community that only want you to succeed. And you will get help from a mentor when you start. Let's get you started right now!


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What is an online business?

An online business is a business on internet where you can earn an extra income from doing what you are interested in and passionate about to reach your goals in life. You will be your own boss and you can do what you like to do every day. Most online businesses have a website, because this is the best way to leverage your business from. A website is your property and your office online. Using Social media accounts is more risky because you can risk being thrown off the platform and lose all you created any time.

What is the difference?

The whole difference between an interest, hobby, interest, passion, mission is your feelings, dedication and time you put into it.

What does the difference have to say?

The difference will clearly impact your mindset, lifestyle, your income and your overall well-being and feeling of fulfillment.

Why does it matter to your online business?

Seeing your online business like an interest will make your business just an interest. Nothing more.

Looking at your online business like a hobby – it will be just that. A hobby that gives you a certain amount of pleasure and relaxation now and then.

If you look at your online business with a strong feeling – a passionate feeling – you will continue doing what you do and invest more time and dedication into it.

You do not have to have an extreme passion like Elon Musk or Steve jobs or to go on a mission to change the whole world. But the opportunity to do so will always be there if you choose it.

Do you already have a website or a blog and doing what you love it is Great! You took action on what mattered to you. You probably set your goals and made a plan to succeed.

Are you thinking of starting a business online I think it is important to have the difference between interest, hobby, passion and mission in mind and know that whatever you choose to do, you do it for a reason that matters to you. I think believing in your own abilities to do what you love is the most important thing of all. You do not have to know it all. You just need to start. You will find a way to reach your goals.


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Why does it matter to your Daily Practice for success?

The more time you use on your hobby, passion or mission the more it will impact your lifestyle, daily habits, mindset and self-discipline and your experience just to mention a few. So it matters if you see your business as an interest hobby, passion or mission. You will treat it differently and with a different level of seriously and It will impact the result. So in the end it all goes back to you. Why are you doing what you do? What is your goal and dreams? What is most important for you and how to earn money from a website using your hobby, passion or mission. I hope this post is helpful to you and give you something to think about. You might want to follow my Wealthy Affiliate Journey from a newbie to a moneymaking website here


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  1. You have made a very good point out of the differences and also the similarities between Interest, passion, and hobbies. Connecting these three terms towards the possibilities to make a living or earn some money by monetizing them, is good advice. Also explaining how the different terms can impact your own will to succeed in the online business segment.

    I do also experience that people have a tendency to excuse themselves instead of taking action when an opportunity like this is presented. Changes from something familiar to something new and unknown is very often frightening to a lot of people.

    I decided this spring, in March, to finally do something about a long time idea of mine and that is how to make some money on the Internet. It was triggered by accidentally reading an article in one of the national newspapers in my country, about a guy who was making money online. After some additional research, I discovered an opportunity to do this, which seemed like a serious provider of such services. I haven´t regretted starting with this since then.

    Your example of Elon Musk is great. He has the drive, passion, and interest to take action. His results speak for themselves.

    1. Author

      Thank you Roy! I am glad to hear you are taking action on your ideas. I agree with you that our society have planted a lot of fear in us. We are supposed to be like everybody else. Think like everybody else. Having your own dreams and passions could be dangerous because you stand out of the crowd. But now that more and more people are working from home – this will be the new norm. We already see a rise in online businesses and this is just the start. As our societies change the way we do business and live our lives will change too.

  2. Making money online with a website is not exactly an easy thing to do but it is really interesting to see out here. On a more serious note, I can see myself getting involved in this because affiliate marketing is something I have been learning about and I will like to get started with it too. You have broken down what it entails to really make money via a website and thank you for that. Thumbs up

    1. Author

      Hi Philip! Thank you for leaving your thoughts on this. Glad to hear that you can picture yourself earning money with a website. My tips to you is to start with something you are passionate about doing or learning. Glad you found my post helpful! Wish you all the best onwards. If you need a hand with anything just let me know.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and research article. The main subject of this article is how to earn money on a website? It is truly commendable that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about interest in online business. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like Mission. I was very inspired to read your article and joined Wealthy Affiliate.

    Finally I would like to say that those who want to earn money online must learn affiliate marketing by joining Wealthy Affiliate and I would like to share it with you on my Facebook group so that everyone can know about Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Author

      Thank you Asraful! Glad you were inspired to start to earn money with a wealthy Affiliate website. Thank you for sharing it. I am really grateful for that.I like that you already have a mission! let me know if I can be of any further help.Thank you for leaving your insights.

  4. Hey Hilde,

    Great article and l totally agreed with you that everyone can turn their interest, hobby, passion or mission into a seamless profitable online business. The only difference is that how much time and effort you can put into your online business. 

    Further, you must learn and master the skills and have the right mindset in order to succeed in your business undertaking.

    Honestly, l joined Wealthy Affiliate with a mission to make money online so that l can quit my 9-5 boring job. I always wanted to enjoy the lifestyle on my own design. 


    1. Author

      Hi chris! You are so right. Learning to master the skills is a part of the journey to success. Learning to love your obstacles and practicing self discipline is all a part of succeeding online. Thank you for being so honest and sharing your goal here to quit your 9-5 job. I think there are many who really would love to design their own lifestyle if they find the opportunity and right place to do it. Wealthy Affiliate is such a place for all kinds of niches and people of all ages and experience. A rare gem. But when it boils down to it – It is what you invest in it of time and effort that makes the whole difference on the outcome.

  5. Thanks for writing your post about turning interests, hobbies, passions and missions into online business opportunities.  Most people certainly would have something in their lives that they could share with others.  It is an amazing time the at we live in where we can share things that matter to us with other people from around the globe.  Regardless where you may live you almost have instant contact with almost all  of them.  We can share ideas, stories, inspirations, goods and services.  If we have something to offer that others want to purchase we can sell it to them.   I was certainly inspired to jump in.  Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome platform that gives you the training and resources to be a success.  We just need to get in there and do the work.



    1. Author

      Exactly David! We all have something to share based on interest, hobbies or passions we have. It is possible for anyone to create a website and earn a full time income on what they love to do if you do the work. How to earn money with your website will all be determined by how much you are willing to put into it. Building a website with Wealthy Affiliate and going through the 7 days trial with training on how to earn money with your website is one of the most well known and successful blueprints online. No scam. No bull. No ponzi schemes. No MLM. Just pure evergreen business building. It is the best place to start.

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