How to get the results you want with Affiliate Marketing

It is a new year and 365 new opportunities to reach your goals. How to get the results you want with Affiliate Marketing?

In this article I will give you my thoughts based on my own experience and results.

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What I learned that works

It is really very simple. I just took the advice of my mentors and other successful marketers.

I started last year by taking massive action and challenging myself to grow.

My goal was to build a list and focus on generate traffic to my website, social media and content that I created the year before. Read my article How to make the best year ever On how I created the foundation for my affiliate marketing journey.

The results were amazing. My traffic on social media exploded and I 10X + my earnings and list, 79% increase in views on you tube and 700% increase in Facebook traffic to my website Facebook page.

How did your year go? Did you reach your goals?

I hope this article How to get the results you want with Affiliate Marketing will inspire you to do what you need to do to reach your goals this year.

My Tips For 2022

See the Video

Main Goals

Setting some main goals is essential because you need to have something to focus on going forward that you can measure as you go and at the end of the year.

It can be wise to document how you reached your goals so you can replicate and optimize.

Yet it is a thought cross that most affiliate marketers does not write down their goals or make a plan to move forward.

Will going with the flow take them where they want and give them the results they want?

The chances are that they will be less focused on the things that give them the results.

This year I want to 10x my email list, traffic and my income if not more.

What are your main goals?

Focus on this every day to get results

Build your email list.

Get more traffic to your offers.

Create content consistently.

Help your audience as much as you can.

Increase your income

Work on your mindset daily.

A personal journey

It is easier said than done.

Becoming an affiliatemarketer is a personal journey.

All the big marketers out there who have been years online will tell you the same.

You have probably heard it before thousands of times just like me.

But hearing it and understanding it is not the same as actually doing it, right?

Some will have the means and resources to scale up their online business faster than others.

But what we all have in common is the same amount of time in a day, the journey and ourselves for good and for the bad, right?

How to get the results you want?

Wake up and start taking action now.

Taking Massive action now will affect your end results a lot.

Affiliate marketing is growing and is predicted to grow even more and have a momentum between 2022 and 2025.

So if you are new to Affiliate marketing this is a great time to learn and earn online for sure.

Do not start your journey comparing yourself with all those big marketers out there who have used 5-20 years to become millionaires overnight.

Yes, you read right – Most online marketers use years to grow authority, trust and a substantial income.

And so will you. That is the plain truth.

What do you want?

And you need to start with yourself first. Your dreams, goals, your Why and the skills and tools you have right now.

You might want to read my previous articles about this.

1. What is your deepest why in life?

2. How to focus in order to grow

3. A daily practice for success starts with you

And you will learn step by step how to improve your mindset, skills, methods and tools to succeed.

It is a daily practice for success.

It demands that you work with your mindset, focus and your self-discipline on a regular basis.

Affiliate marketing is not a quick fix to success, but it is probably the most interesting and best way to earn money online except from being a content creator.

I agree with Russel Brunson when he says that Affiliate marketing is very cost effective and you do not need to invest a lot of money to gain a lot from an affiliate program.

Today there are so many tools, programs and methods that can help you succeed.

Many new Affiliate marketers find it hard to figure out on their own what the best way to getting results are.

They easily feel stuck and need help from an expert, super affiliate or a mentor with more experience and authority.


Have you ever thought about getting a coach when you feel stuck? Or are you a person who just want to figure things out for yourself?

I am sure you have wished you had your own Mr. Miyagi who could show you the way and the steps you need to make to get where you want when you felt stuck.

Well, there are a lot of good coaching programs out there for affiliate marketers that can help you move the needle forward.

Coaching costs money so normally you have to be eligible to these coaching programs.

First of all you need to be coachable.

Coaching Call

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Are you coachable?

There is no point in getting a coach if you are not willing to receive advice, help and guidance and commit to what they tell you. That is why it can be wise to go on a free coaching call to assess your situation and see what your potential is.

One of my goals were to generate more traffic to my affiliate offers and increase my traffic on social media

I needed some guidance from some more experienced marketers.

I booked a coaching call and I jumped on a traffic accelerator program for 30 days.

I followed the training step by step. I was coached by an expert. And It was worth it. My traffic increased.

For 30 days I was committed and focusing only on doing what my coach told me to do.

Every day for 30 days I joined a small group of accelerators on Live calls where we got our daily tasks and could ask questions and get personal coaching by our mentor.

In 30 days I built great habits to get results, Learned how to do all the details smarter and better, how to help my leads, what tools that works best, how to work with any traffic source, how to measure and optimize my traffic, how to use social media to get more traffic, how to use content and graphics to get more traffic and how to get more quality leads and buyers and creating a strategy forward just to mention a few things.

Now, I can just use this evergreen method and do the same over and over again to increase my traffic.

I also got a group of new friends and partners to turn to every time I need help with something. It is priceless.

What you do right now will affect your results

It is no secret that if you want to get the results you want with Affiliate Marketing, you need to set some goals and focus on them. You need to take action daily and work strategic.

But the most important thing is to know your why, hold yourself accountable and do the things that will lead you to your goals and give you the results you want. Remember, What you do today will affect your results tomorrow.

You can figure out a lot on your own, but It can be very Lonely, time-consuming and frustrating.

With a mentor or a coach you can get more clarity and reach your goals faster.

Having someone who can hold you accountable when you struggle and can show you the best move forward for you.

I hope this article inspired you to take more action and do whatever you can to get what you want.

So the big question is What will you decide to do this year to get the results you want with Affiliate marketing?

Want a free coaching call?

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Coaching Call


  1. Hi Hilde ,

    Excellent blog! Thanks for the tip, we are always looking to learn more about how to grow & improve.

    Do you have any hints for aspiring writers? I’m planning to start a blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything. Would you suggest starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally overwhelmed .. Any tips?

    overall, I  think I really need coaching program to join.


    1. Author

      Hi Safia! Thank you for your comment and question. No matter if you want to become a blogger or something else you will need traffic. I can relate to your feeling of overwhelm. I think taking a traffic bootcamp and go on a free coaching call with a super affiliate could make things more clear for you where to go from where you are now.  At some point you need training and As i write about in my articles my best tips are OLSP system for generating traffic and building a list and Wealthy Affiliate for superb SEO training.

      These training platforms are great and will help you get results to move forward. Both platforms offer high value training. But none of them are any quick fixes to success. You need to put in consistent work to reach your goals. I suggest you go on the free bootcamps first before you decide to go on a paid option. 

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