How to get traffic to your Facebook Page

How to get traffic to your Facebook Page

Struggle to get traffic to your Facebook posts? If you want to know How to get traffic to your Facebook Page and posts then I will give you some Brilliant free tips in this article that actually works.

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Get free traffic to your Facebook page

Facebook is still the biggest Social media platform online. Most online marketers use it because this is where many customers are. Getting free traffic is hard if you are an affiliate marketing startup or a work from home startup.

I am often asked by my audience How do I drive organic traffic to my Facebook Page without having to use Ads?

But there are ways you can get free organic traffic to your Facebook page or Facebook posts without having to buy ads.

In this Article I will show you some common helpful ways I have tested out that made me increase my Facebook traffic massively which lead to more sales and commissions from my affiliate partners.

The key is in applying the methods and being consistent.

Get more traffic with your Profile Picture and name

Facebook Cover

Photo: Canva

I am not going to give you a lesson in how to set up a Facebook page, but I just want to swiftly mention that you can get more traffic to your page if you have an interesting Profile picture and name.

I actually tested out changing my personal profile picture and cover to a more business profile which helped me get more traffic and more targeted traffic. Your picture, name and description will attract people to your page so make sure your picture, name and description attracts the right people.

Canva is a great tool to create your Profile pictures in. They offer many Free professional Facebook cover Templates you can use.

Increase traffic by posting more often

Traffic schedule

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The easiest way to generate more traffic is to post often. Posting at least 5 times a week will keep the algorithm going for you.

I am sure you have heard that consistent posting will give you more reach. Consistency is the key.

However, do not overdo the posting or you will end up in Facebook jail or in the worst cases banned.

Many newbies just post in massive amounts thinking it will do the trick. But I can assure you that it will not help you.

It will work against you to post a lot of posts daily.

Create a posting schedule you are able to keep and stick to it.

You can watch an example of a weekly Social Media plan here

Attraction Posts

Attraction Marketing

Photo: Canva

you probably heard about attraction marketing, right? This is very popular because it actually works for many marketers.

The idea behind attraction marketing is that you want to attract your unique audience and customers without selling to them directly.

Attraction posts often get more comments than pure sales posts. More comments on posts will make the Facebook algorithm happy as long as it is comments from real people and not a bot. Want to know more about attraction marketing?

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Get more traffic by sharing


Photo: Canva

One thing I have learned from my mentors in Affiliate marketing is to share my content on as many platforms I can to attract different types of people to my posts.

You can share your Facebook posts on other social media platforms

Another effective way is to share a link to your latest posts in your emails.

I also share my latest posts with a segmented group I have created in CLM because the click rates are higher than on my emails.

Ask people to share your post on your timeline or in a group. This way you will get a lot more traffic too.

Share you Facebook Page or posts on Your Website in widgets to generate more traffic.

Share other peoples posts to generate more traffic

Sharing other peoples posts are a great way of helping another person getting more traffic as well as yourself. It is a win win method. The only thing you should not share because it will decrease your traffic is You Tube videos.

Generate and get more traffic with Hashtags


Photo: Canva

Hashtags is a great way to reach more people. It is the SEO of Facebook you may say. People on Facebook searches the hashtags to see if they find something of interest. So always use relevant hashtags to your post or page.

Emojis increases traffic to your posts

Emojis is a great way to spice up a post to make it more interesting or easier to read. Do not underestimate the effect Emojis can have on traffic. Do not use too many as it will have the opposite effect.

Create a group

How to start Affiliate Marketing

Photo: Print Screen of Daily Practice for success “How To start Affiliate Marketing” Facebook group

If you have a page or profile you can create a group to invite your followers to. This will generate more traffic long term if you are using this group actively.

Join groups on Facebook

If you have an interest there are many groups on Facebook that you can join to get in contact with people who have the same interests as you. A lot of free traffic comes from people who find you or who you come in contact with via other groups.

One Facebook group I love to be a part of is The OLSP Evergreen traffic system which is a free Facebook member group that focuses on methods for generating traffic online. There are many free groups as well you can join. Just put your Keyword in the search field and you will see tons of groups, pages and profiles pop up.

Free organic traffic tools


There are some free organic traffic tools that are super to used to find your true audience, follow up your audience, do organic automation and promotions. The whole Idea behind these tools is to help you get more Quality leads

One tool I have tested out is the Commission Lead Machine or CLM. . You can read my review here.

From my experience this tool helps me to find the right audience for my page or profile and to actually get in contact with my audience. Compared to email the contact I get with my audience through CLM is way better. I have had so many awesome conversations with my audience on Facebook after I started using this tool.

My traffic actually increased with 700% first month which was really great and it has continued to grow every month.


Getting traffic is the key to your success

Everyone needs traffic.  One of my mentors told me your success depends on the amount of traffic you are able to generate. This is so true. The more traffic you generate on a daily basis the more traffic you will get.

Traffic means more views, comments, sales and commissions.

So it all depends on how much effort you are putting into generating traffic.

I have showed you some well working tips to generate traffic to your Facebook page here that I hope will be helpful to you.

Want to know more about how to get traffic to your website and Social media you can join my email list for more tips or my How to start Affiliate Marketing” target=”_blank”>FB group for tips and training.


  1. Hey thanks for this post!

    It came on the right time, I was actually in need of something like this as currently I’m trying to use Facebook as a way to gain more visitors however it hasn’t really shown those results. So I thought I might as well look for why it hasn’t as of yet gained much. I think I’m definitely going to have a look at some Facebook groups related to my niche, maybe that way I can achieve the results!

    1. Author

      Hi Sariyah! Glad my article came at the right time for you. Facebook groups is a great way to get new contacts and more traffic. I would recommend you to join thie traffic dominators group where you can Earn $20 just for going through a traffic bootcamp and learn a lot of brilliant traffic methods.

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