How to give and get Quality comments

Have you ever struggled to give comments on posts online? Or maybe you have been disappointed getting only low quality comments on your posts? What is a Quality comment and how to give and get Quality comments. In this article I will give you my best tips and experience on how to give and get quality comments. And show you why comments are more important than you may be aware of.

Why are comments so important?

When you have a website and you write an article, blogpost or a review people can comment on your posts.

When you are a member of a learning platform, forums or have an account on Social media, people can normally comment on your comments as well.

Comments are more important than you think and in this article How to give and get Quality comments I will show you why.

When people give you a comment it will generate more traffic through SEO on your website or more reach via Social media Algorithms that measure interactions.

They will help your post to rank better and become more visible and you will get more traffic.

On Social media posts, comments will give your Social Media posts more reach because people engage with your posts and the algorithms reward you for getting interactions.

Comments shows other readers that people are engaging with your content and it can be very informative for readers of a post and article to read the comments.

Comments can help people make a decision to buy or they can also have the opposite effect.

So comments actually matters for both your SEO, engagement, traffic and sales

Comments can help you or it can have a negative effect on your content, engagement and traffic.

Are you a person who read the comments? I know I am. I always read the comments to find some extra information or to see what kind of questions people are asking that I have not thought about.

But not all comments are good Comments. And this is something I am going to show you in this article.

I will show you the difference between a low quality comment and a high quality comment, how to write a high quality comment, how to get Quality comments and how to get good quality comments.

What is a Low Quality comment?


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When I started online I had no Idea that comments could be important. To me a comment was a comment. And I was happy just to get a few comments on my posts. But I soon learned to pay more attention to the comments I got.

Have you ever got a comment on your website post, Social media post or video channel that are full of self promotion and links?

Spam comments are actually a widespread problem.

People go online and drop their links all over the place on other peoples posts, timelines and groups and forums.

This is regarded as a very bad online practice and they will sooner or later be reported for spam, blocked or banned.

Or maybe you have asked a question in your post that you hoped people would reply to and people who comment never answer your question? Or you can see many people have been watching your post without leaving a comment

Some even start discussing totally different topics in the comments that have no relevance at all to your post.

Some just drop their links that have no relevance to the post at all on your posts.

And some are just creating generic comments that will add no value to your post.

Another thing I have experienced is people who think a comment is the same as giving  feedback on how your page look like or your grammar and want to start giving you advice on what is wrong with your website or start pitching their services to help you create a new logo , website, plugins or use their grammar tools.

Have you experienced that too?

Examples of Low Quality Comments

I do not even know where to start. The list is long, but the most common low quality comments are:

Great!, Awesome and Nice! The comments can be appropriate, but having your commentfield full of these kinds of comments will not help a lot.

Other low quality comments can be comments where people do not answer your questions like:

This is some fabulous information! Thank you!

Generic comments are low quality because they can fit in on any topic and does not give much value to a post.

Spam comments are comments where people put a link to their own offers, websites etc. without asking you for permission to do so. This is regarded as a very bad practice online.

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How to deal with Low Quality Comments?

What you can do and if you have time for it is to ask the commenter to edit their comment and tell them why.

Normally I do not have time to do that so I disapprove most Low quality comments.

What is a generic comment?

A generic comment is a comment that is not very genuine. It could be written on almost any post no matter what topic and niche. Generic comments are often copy and pasted or used by bots and are regarded as low quality comments because they do not give any real value to your post, article or video.

But there are real persons too who are getting paid to comment who have made a list full of generic comments that they use over and over again copy and pasting it into commenting on peoples posts to save time or to maximize their profits.

If you are new online it is important to be aware of this.

If you have a website generic comments will affect your SEO negatively because they are not unique and can be regarded as a bot comment even if it is a human who wrote it.

That is why I prefer personal comments from real people.

Example of a generic comment

This is a typical generic comment that does not mention anything about the post at all. It could be put on any post out there:

“Hi there! Thank you for writing this awesome post. I think people who read this post will learn a lot from it.

If you allow me I will share this post with my friends because they love posts like these. Thank you for writing this post. Very interesting and informative .”

How to Avoid giving and getting  generic comments

1. First rule is to Read the post well. Read it twice if you can so you are sure you did not miss any vital points.

2. Look for questions to answer.

3. Be personal – do not speak on behalf of others using words like We, Others, Many, One etc.

Use I think, I mean, My experience is instead.

4. Add some new Value to the post if possible.

What is a Quality Comment?

A good quality comment adds some kind of value to the article, post or comment.

It is relevant to the content of the post.

It shows interest in the content of the post.

This can be asking questions or giving a personal experience with the topic.

Personal views and opinions are also  a quality factor.

It focuses on lifting the post instead of lifting yourself and your expertise

How to give a quality comment that stands out and add value

When giving a quality comment it is important to read the whole article or posts before you make a comment or else you may miss the whole point of the article in some cases.

Click on the links, watch the videos if any to get additional information  that you may use to formulate your comment better and to show the Content creator that you actually have read their article or watched their video.

Do not use a fake account – Use your real name

Look for questions or call to actions so you can reply to questions or comment on actions

Challenge an Idea if you can or share your insights

Be personal. Use your own experience  to add some value to your comment that other readers can learn from.

You can give your views or new perspectives on the matter discussed in the article, Video or post.

Ask questions that make people think or ask for more details on the parts you feel are missing or would love to know more about.

Ask for related soloutions to a problem you have.

If you have experience with the topic you can stress the benefits it had or will have for you.

Never do this when giving a comment

Do not only read the headlines and conclusions before you comment.

Never drop your links on posts, timelines, group posts, forumposts etc unless you are asked to or allowed to.

Do not give feedback on a website or the grammar in a comment. Send a message instead in messenger or on email.

Do not use generic terms like we, us etc. Use I, Me and You instead.

How to get Quality comments

Since I started online I have learned some ways to get better and more Quality comments.

Engaging content

The content is of course the most important.

The more engaging your content is the more people will engage with you.


Work on posing questions to your readers that they need to give a good comment on. Not just Yes and no questions.

Ask more open Questions Like What do you think about this…

Do not approve Low quality comments on your website.

I think it is important if you have a website to disapprove low quality comments as this affects your seo and ranking.

Before I learned this I approved all sorts of comments.

Report and Delete Social media comments that are spam 
These comments will not add any value to your post and can turn other readers off from commenting.

Ask Your list to give you some quality comment on your post

This is a good way to get more fresh quality comments that have worked very well for me.



Comment Dominator Pro



How to Give and get Quality Comments?

There are platforms where you can give Quality comments and recieve Quality comments back.

Two platforms that I have tested out that have this as a part of their Learning system is Wealthy Affiliate and OLSP.

As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium and Plus member you can offer Quality comments to other members and recieve a credit to use for getting comments from certified commenters in the community. As a certified commenter with a certain amount of comments you will start earning on giving comments.

In OLSP they have a product called the Comment Dominator Pro where you get paid to give Quality comments on posts that other people paid to get comments on. They Also have You Tube Dominator Pro and Instagram dominator Pro that you get with the VIP program

You have the opportunity on both platforms to disapprove or approve any comment you paid for.

When not to comment

I have been offered to comment on some articles and posts that are almost impossible to comment on.

Normally I do not comment if I have nothing to add of value to the post, article or Video.

So if you are a paid commenter and you have no idea what to write please do not add a generic comment just so you can get your money. You risk being disapproved or have a negativ effect on that persons post or SEO.

Many paid commenters do not care. They forget that people actually pay for getting comments.


How to get more traffic with comments

There is no doubt in my mind that giving and getting Quality Comments will also lead to more Quality traffic and more Quality backlinks on your website.

I have also seen that Social media posts with great comments get more reach than Social media posts with Low comments.

Are you a Quality Commenter?

Becoming a Quality commenter is just training, but it will pay off because people will notice that you are serious and trust you more if you show that you actually read their posts and are giving good comments.

Get paid to comment

Most people who comment does not think about the value when they comment.

If you are looking for getting some extra commissions this can be a great opportunity to ear a little extra.

Being a paid commenter will not make you rich , but it will add up over time.

But as a Paid commenter I think it is important that you think about giving the best value you can

and stay away from generic comments.

You can get training in Quality Commenting and at the same time recieve comments by using platforms like Wealthy Affiliate and OLSP system and the Comment Dominator


  1. You make a really good point there, comments that are too generic are not adding any value to the site. I have my fair share of dealing with comments like this too- they often looks like just copied and pasted from somewhere, and what makes it worse are those embedded links that lands on low quality or even illegal sites. The best way to deal with it is to regulate every single comments that we receive. 

    1. Author

      Hi Grace! Yes it is a quite common phenomenom unfortunately. People have no time to really put together a good quality comment or they are just looking for easy profits. You can of course disapprove comments, but I am not sure what you mean with regulate comments. 

      1. Thank you very much Hilde, This article on giving and getting quality comments, I just love it and can’t express more. I saw my many mistakes while I was reading through the article and saw the many corrections to give and get good quality feedbacks. I recalled while I was commenting on one post and the person flagged my comment. Now I see the importance of quality comments and will not repeat the same mistakes again. Thank you very much for this training.

        Peace and Good will.

        1. Author

          Yes Judith. It can easily happen that your comments get flagged if you give very generic or put links in comments to your own offers as many do. This is regarded as a bad online practice. Before you post a comment on someones post you should always ask yourself if it is a helpful comment. Glad to hear you learned something new.

  2. This was an eye-opening article that made me read your content twice… carefully. I had no idea the impact of writing a good comment verses a ho-hum boilerplate comment would have related to traffic. Obviously, you have researched the impact of comments extensively. I did sign up for your training and look forward to learning how to write better comments.

    1. Author

      Hi ! Good to know it helped you. Thank you for letting me know. I think it is something we all can be better at and have in mind when Leaving a comment on someones website, blogpost, You Tube channel, review,  or Social media. 

      1. You welcome Hilde and yes I think I can do better now after this training.

        Will appreciate more trainings from you.

        Kind regards.

        1. Author

          Great to Hear Judith! Let me know how you are doing or have any questions

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