How to make an online lifestyle business

Do your business improve the lifestyle you want to have? Does it support your own personal goals and aspirations? In this article How to make an online lifestyle business I will address how to build a business around your lifestyle and why this is important to think about when you start an online business.

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What kind of lifestyle do you want?

How to make an online Lifestyle Business

First of all I want to ask you a question. What lifestyle do you want to live? Do you want to work alone 24/7 until you get a major burnout, join the no friends and family club or do you want to have time to live, be social, enjoy your life and make a difference for others?

Is the hustler trends and the grinder trends really the way you want to run your business? I am just asking you. I know for a fact that many famous hustlers, influencers and grinders are hiding the fact that they get burned out from it. Yes, they may make fortunes, but fortunes are not everything.

Having a business that is according to your lifestyle can be even more rewarding long term and you can live a wonderful life that you love at the same time. That is why I think it is so important for new online marketers to know how to make an online lifestyle business.

What kind of business do you want?

Imagine waking up every day knowing you can decide how to help others the best way to succeed and change their lives around, or that your product or service actually have a higher meaning and benefits for your customers. Wouldn’t that feel great?

Whether you are a marketer, working from home, dog trainer, cat lover, Tea lover, solopreneur, painter, gardener, networker yoga trainer, coach etc. Your customers will notice your passion and excitement because your customers love the same things you do and want the same things you want. It will affect your life and lifestyle positively. You will feel more connected with your customers.

That is just a dream for many business owners who sells things that have no value to them personally. Without knowing it,it affects their own lifestyle negatively. Their customers will notice it too.

To put it another way. Would you love to work for a company where you can not find any meaning or interest in the products and a company that does not excite you? Very few would not do that unless they are only in it for the money or for a shorter period of time.. It is not a rewarding job long term so they will pretty soon quit their job and find something more rewarding.

You would of course work in a company where you can benefit from the lifestyle they offer you. Where the customers are sharing your views, beliefs and excitement. Wouldn’t you? I know I would.

Bingo moments

How to make an online Lifestyle Business

First bingo moment I got regarding this was when I myself helped to build up a computer business many years ago when at the same time attending marketing school. This was even before the internet. However, I worked from 07 to 23 every day for two years. I learned a lot, earned good money, was good at what I did, but it burned me out.

Partly because I had not yet learned how to use my energy properly and create healthy working habits and partly because I thought that I could get so much more done and earn much more.

That was true. I did get a lot more done and I earned more, but at what prize? I was part of the no family and friends left club for a while because I had never time for them. Work absorbed all my time. It affected my whole lifestyle, my life quality, my social life, my love life – you name it. I remember I had my moments thinking: this is not how I really want to live the rest of my life.

So when I got burned out, I needed to make a reassessment of everything. To change the way I thought about my life, working and how I did things. My mindset, habits, lifestyle, goals etc. It was a hard, but a rewarding period of my life on an inner level.

When I worked with my self I changed. Not overnight. It actually took years. But my new perspective, habits and goals changed everything for me and affected everything else. I started growing in another direction. A direction I chose myself.

How to make an online Lifestyle Business

My second Bingo moment came One day I had allowed myself to just sit and listen to audios and look at training videos of my business and personal development heroes. One of my heroes said You need to think differently about business. You need to build an overall approach to life so you can build the life you want and you need to build your business around how you want to live your life. You need to plant many seeds of revenue.

Bam! it hit me like a rock in my head. I suddenly realized what I had done wrong all along many years ago when I got my burnout. The business I helped to build was not at all close to the lifestyle I wanted. No wonder!

I have written articles about it earlier. How to turn your passion into a business. This time I go a bit further.

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How to build a business around your lifestyle

1. You need to find out what lifestyle you aspire for.

2. Build your business around the lifestyle you want for yourself.

3. Focus on the benefits on that lifestyle.

The benefits of your lifestyle

How to make an online Lifestyle Business

This is why I decided to become an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing interested me because I had studied marketing, but never affiliate marketing. The benefits of having this lifestyle was quite clear to me.

1. Become your own boss

2. You are your own time manager

3. Work in any niche you want – with your passion, hobbies, interests etc.

4. Become a part of a large online community.

5. A lot of new skills to learn.

6. More time for family and friends.

7. More time to travel.

8. Better relationships.

9. Multiple income streams.

10. Being able to Help others.

11. Be creative.

12. Work online from Home.

13. Work from Anywhere with an internet connection.

14. I can help other people start a business and build around their lifestyle and my own hobbies and interests.

15. You can start a business at a low cost.

16. Happier customers.

I could clearly see that I could use more of my abilities than I ever could do in my daytime work. You can use your own knowledge to build wealth and abundance in many areas of life by becoming an affiliate marketer.

How Wealthy Affiliate helped me to start a business I love

How to make an online Lifestyle Business

I searched a long time online before I accidentally found an article about Wealthy Affiliate that caught my eye.

I Started the free trial and became a Premium member just days later. This was the platform for me. I just felt it after I had started the free trial and got a sneak peak into the platform.

Now 1 year later – I have multiple websites in different niches and multiple income streams. I have laid a good foundation.

All of them are relevant to the Lifestyle I want to have.

I love my work. I am so grateful to Wealthy Affiliate and the Wealthy Affiliate Community for giving me the opportunity and helping me through ups and downs along the way.

And know I can truly say with a hand on my heart that Wealthy Affiliate is for you too if you want to learn how to make an online lifestyle business.

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With Wealthy Affiliate you learn to build your business around the Lifestyle you love

How to make an online Lifestyle Business

Another wonderful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is their core values. To help people succeed and give them real value. This value is well incorporated on the platform on all levels from the Free trial to Premium (the regular membership) and Premium plus(the most advanced level). This community truly help one another.

The founders and the community are in a perfect excited synergy and it is just an amazing place to be. They give you much more value than you ever will dream of. I have learned so much from how they run Wealthy Affiliate and so will you if your start building your business here.

Wealthy Affiliate teach you a healthy way to create a business online. They are a global lifestyle business for affiliate marketers of all kinds based on the passion of marketing. With Wealthy Affiliate you can build the business of your dreams. You just need to get into the ballgame. Wouldn’t it be great to learn how to build your own online lifestyle business that both you and your customers will love?

Can you do this?

Of course you can. You are a powerful human being with so much abilities you never even know you have. You just need to learn how to unlock them so you can benefit from them in your life. If I can do it – You can do it too. You Just need to make a decision to do it.


Final thoughts

A business that is built around your core values and lifestyle is the best way to go long term. You will not make any money tomorrow. Anyone who say you can build a business in days, weeks or a few months is not telling you the whole truth. Making a business is work, commitment and consistency.

That is why it is important to choose a work that aligns with your aspirations and the lifestyle you reach for. It will not feel like work. It is merely a joy to do your daily tasks because you love to do them. Your Customers will benefit from it as well because you have so much more to give them. Inspire them with and motivate them with. And you will feel like a much happier person when you love what you do. That is just a fact you cannot ignore. And neither will your audience.

If you are standing on the verge of starting your own business online – Do yourself a huge favor and create a business around the lifestyle you want. It will benefit you massively in the long run. Wealthy Affiliate will give you a golden opportunity to do this at a low cost. Get started for free today.



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  1. Hi, this is a nice article indeed. Online business is very interesting as we can work from anywhere, especially while at home where I think it’s everyone desire to be. The world is facing  pandemic which is taking lives and forcing many companies to close down, so, I think it’s the best time to invest or do business online, especially with wealthy affiliate because we get free guidance with training.

    1. Author

      Hi there! Thank you. Glad you liked my article and I hope it serves you well. Wealthy Affiliate is the best community to start learning affiliate marketing and online marketing. Wealthy Affiliate never fails in giving value to their users and success for those who are willing to go through and make an effort. It can be hard at first because there are so much to learn and you have to build a good foundation, but if you manage to be consistent and follow the training you will be well rewarded. Combining your own Lifestyle with affiliate marketing is a great way to do what you love and at the same time grow. So choose a niche you love.

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