How to make your first commissions as an Affiliate?

New online and not got any commissions? In this article I will try to answer the most frequently asked question I get from new leads and affiliates. How to make your first commissions as an Affiliate?

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As an Affiliate it is very important to understand the Affiliate fundamentals.

Being online for almost 4 years now made me realize that many new affiliates do not understand the fundamentals of affiliate marketing and how they as new affiliates can make a commission.

So, let me take you through the fundamentals before I show you how to make your first commission.

What is an Affiliate?

First of all you need to know what an affiliate is and what your role as an affiliate is before you can start earning commissions online.

My definition of an affiliate is:

An affiliate is a person who generates traffic to other peoples products in order to make a sale and receive commissions.

So your role as an Affiliate marketer is first of all to focus on generate traffic to the creators product with your affiliate link.

The more quality traffic you generate to your Affiliate link, the more sales you make.

What is an Affiliate link?

An affiliate link is a coded link. It is coded with your Affiliate ID, commission level and a expiration date (cookie).

When someone buy something by clicking on your affiliate link within the expiration date, the sale is registered on you and you receive the level of commission you are registered with.

What is a commission?

One thing many newbies seems to forget is to actually define what a commission really is.

As an affiliate it is very important to know the fundamentals.

From my experience many newbies mistakenly believe they are entitled to a commission just because they join a program.

I will define A commission as money or a reward you receive for making a sale for someone else.

You need to make a sale in order to receive a commission.

You need to generate traffic to the offer you promote in order to make a sale and a commission.

Commission and sales levels

As a FREE member of an affiliate program you will almost never earn higher level of commissions.

You will probably earn the low ticket commissions in the program.

In order to earn higher commissions you need to invest in the various training or coaching a program offers you.

Affiliate marketing is a craftmanship – a set of skills that can be learned by anyone with an interest and who practice it.

Low ticket commissions and sales

Low ticket commissions are commissions normally under $100. Your affiliate link is often coded to these low ticket sales.

Mid ticket commissions and sales

Mid ticket commissions are normally commissions between $100 and $999

A lot of Coaching programs are typically ranging as mid ticket programs up to high ticket sales.

High ticket commissions and sales

High ticket programs are hard to access as a beginner online.

You most likely need to join a special affiliate level to get access to high ticket products.

Service Commissions without making a sale

There are some programs that will allow you to earn commissions for doing a service.

Examples: commenting on peoples posts, click on peoples links, watch peoples videos etc, or even write content.

How to make your first commissions as a new Affiliate?

As an affiliate you normally get some affiliate tools to help you make a commission.

An affiliatelink, emailswipes and social media pictures and swipes or banners for your website.

A swipe is a text in case you wondered what it is.

Now , I will give you some valuable tips to how you can make your first commissions with ease.

My best tips to make your first commission as an Affiliate

  1. Join a proven to work affiliate program that have a high ticket sale opportunity as you grow.

I made a successbox for new affiliate marketers where I have listed down all the proven to work programs that has helped me generate commissions.

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  1. Document your Journey as an Affiliate. Your story will become your fortune as you grow. ONE thing that helped me become more focused, organized and generate more commissions was to write an Affiliate marketing Journal.

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  1. Build an email list with quality traffic. Your commissions will grow along with your list. If you do not know how to build a list correctly in order to earn from it then I suggest you check out this Amazing training that helped me build a quality list.

Start building your list by watching this listbuilding training

Get more tips to make your first commission as an Affiliate

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