How to set up a Lead Magnet Growth Hack to get more leads and sales for affiliate marketing beginners + bonus

In this article I will show you how to set up a lead magnet growth Hack to get more leads and sales for affiliate marketing beginners + bonus.

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Why should you have a lead magnet?

As a new affiliate marketer I had no lead magnet and I did not have any list.

I soon understood that Traffic is all for an affiliate marketer.

When I started building a list I discovered how effective lead magnets are to get traffic and leads.

A lead magnet is a way of giving value to your audience while you get an email in return.

How to make an effective lead magnet

After more than two years online I have learned that the better you know your audience, the easier it is to create a lead magnet they will love to have.

I use to listen to my sign ups and readers questions and then I create a lead magnet for them that solves the specific problems my audience have.

For example. Many new Affiliate marketers struggle with what to post on their timeline on social media.

Well then I can offer them 2200 Facebook one – liners to put on their timeline with my lead magnet growth hack

I just import the lead magnet from TD pages and insert my list name so I can collect the emails.

My sign ups get 2200 Facebook one liners to use and I get a bigger list.

What is TD pages?

TD pages stands for Traffic dominators pages and is the Squeeze page builder used by the OLSP system

It is a squeeze page builder that has very good integration with most autoresponders.

They also offer a plugin to your website so you can easily import and get your own domain name on the squeeze pages.

The templates are constantly tested and optimized to capture leads.

TD pages also offer other great features like a social planner, analytics and much more

How to get access to TD pages?

You can get a 14-day free trial on TD pages through the lead magnet Growth hack.

Go here to start

The Easy way to set up a Done for you Lead Magnet

In the Video at the end of this article you will see how easy I create a lead magnet with a tool called TD pages.

TD pages is a squeezepage builder with a good deal of integration, templates and awesome features.

The squeeze page templates are constantly tested and optimized.

you can easily split test your own created squeeze pages to get optimal results.

I think TD pages is the easiest way online to create great lead magnets.

To get access to TD pages you need to be an OLSP member.

Get The Lead Magnet Growth Hack with 14 days free TD pages

What is the Lead Magnet Growth Hack?

This DFY lead magnet growth hack is a pre made DFY opt in page and a Thank you page that are coded with your affiliate link and will automatically subscribe people who opt in to your list. All you need to do is to add your list name and connect your auto responder.

Even easier if you do not have an autoresponder. Then your leads will be captured into your dashboard in OLSP so you can download a csv file if you want to add them later on to an autoresponder

Once people opt in they will automatically be added to your list and sent directly to the lead magnet growth hack setup.

The lead magnets change every second week or so and you will always have the opportunity to offer your audience something new.

How to create your own lead magnet

I use Canva which is a free program if I create my own lead magnets.

A lead magnet is easy to make in Canva and they have great templates too.

I used to use Canva before all the time.

Now I use TD pages more and more because I want to save time on creating the Lead magnet.

Why create one when you can get one for free?

You can add your own lead magnet in TD pages if you want.

5 Best Lead magnets

The 5 types of lead magnets that have worked best for me has been:



3. Tips

4. Tutorials

5. Free Live training

How to easily set up a lead magnet in TD pages

See video

Want to get a lead magnet for free?

If you are new online I think this is the easiest lead magnet to set up.

And you even get a lead magnet for free and a 14 days free trial on TD pages which normally costs $99 a month

Get the lead magnet for free while you still can.

Go here to get it now!

I hope you found this article helpful

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  1. Thank you Daily Success for Practice. Very simple and easy to follow.

    Appreciated the explanations and step by step instructions.

    Really helps.

    Judith Tinai

    1. Author

      Great to hear Judith! Glad you found it helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. OK?

  2. I am all set up with the olsp system. I am a VIP ALSO

    1. Author

      Awesome Tammy! That is really great. Then we are both VIP. Then I will see you on the friday Masterminds!
      I hope the VIP membership serves you well and that you get good results with it.

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