How to set up a website for free – for the non techie

Looking for a way to set up a website quickly and easy without ripping your shirt off? Look no further. Setting up a website can be quite a hustle if you are not a techie. In this article, how to set up a website for free – for the non techie, I will show you a way to set up a website for free quick and easy with the Siterubix website builder powered by Wealthy Affiliate.

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The Siterubix Website builder

The Siterubix website builder is a website builder you do not need any technical skills to use. All the technical aspects of building a website have been removed to make it as user-friendly as possible. It is so easy to set up a website and the fastest websitebuilder around. It is powered by Wealthy Affiliate and will therefore provide you with valuable training and tools to build your website which makes this website builder quite unique and one of a kind.

The process of setting up a Free website – A quick Guide for the non techie

Step 1 – Create a Free account

The first thing you need to do is to create a free account on the Wealthy Affiliate Siterubix hosting platform. You set up your account. Once your account is set up, you can start the building.

Step 2 – Start the set up your website training

Once you have created an account you will get access to the dashboard. Under the training in the main menu you will find the 10 free lessons to help you set up your website. The online entrepreneur lessons.

Overview of the WA menu and first online Entrepreneur lesson

Click on View course to get to the training

Lesson 1. Getting rolling

In this lesson you get acquainted with Wealthy Affiliate platform and offers. Kyle, one of the founders will give you a walk through and give you a few tasks to do like setting up your first goals.

Lesson 2. Understanding how to make money online

Now you are going to learn all the basic about the process of making money online. And you will get a few easy tasks to do as well.

Lesson 3. Choose a niche

Here you will learn about how to choose a niche for your website and you need to decide what your website is going to be all about and who your target customers are.

Lesson 4. Building your own Niche website

Now the building starts. Watch the tutorial video step by step and build your website in seconds.

Lesson 5. Setting up your website

In this lesson you learn how to log in to your wordpress admin area and prepare your website to be published and set up your SEO settings. It is a step by step tutorial and very easy to do. You do not need any technical skills to do this. You just follow the training and do your tasks.

Lesson 6 Getting your site ready for search engines

Learn how to set up your website for search engines so you can be found online in search on Google and other search engines.

Lesson 7. Creating initial Content

Creating the first content on your website is the focus in this lesson. You will be making The first pages on your website.

Lesson 8. Creating custom menus on your website

Now you are going to learn how to create your own custom menu for your website.

Lesson 9. Understanding Keywords

In this lesson you are introduced to SEO – search engine optimization and Jaaxy the worlds most advanced Keyword tool and you will learn how to make use of this Keyword search tool to get traffic to your website.

Lesson 10. Next step

Finally, you get some last tasks. Now you have built a website with the Siterubix websitebuilder and set up your site.

Now you need to decide what your next step should be. Do you want to transfer it to your own domain and start an online business? In that case you will be offered an awesome action bonus. 59% OFF the first month, Note that this offer is only valid for the first 7 days of the Free trial.

If you want to wait to transfer your Free sites to your own domain – You can continue writing on your Siterubix page for 6 months, but you will not have access to the community more than the first 7 days.

The benefits with a free site on Siterubix

It is free to start and learn how to set up a site.

You do not have to have technological knowledge.

You get a step by step tutorial and help on how to set up your website.

First 7 days you have access to 24/7help from an awesome community of marketers.

You can earn money with your website on the free trial as a WA affiliate or your referral links to other partners.

The website is hosted on the most secure servers in the world.

The prices at Wealthy Affiliate have been more or less the same the last 15 years so you will not get a surprising add on to the pricing.

Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate is low cost. The alternative hosting companies will cost you much more in total costs over time.

I recommend you to host your site at Wealthy Affiliate – the most secure servers in the world. In total, you get much more value for the money. There are no up sells regarding the hosting and no hidden costs.

The cons

The website on the Siterubix server is not owned by you, because you are using a sub domain on WA servers. But your content is yours. Remember – You are on a Free trial. A free trial is meant to give you a taste of what this platform can offer you. On the other hand most hosting companies do not have free trials or training. You at least know what you get here.

You need to transfer your site to a domain that you own to get full ownership. You can transfer it to WA domains you can buy for $12-15 or to other hosting companies of your own choice. It is up to you.

As a free member, you have no access to website support during the free trial. However, the first 7 days you will get help 24/7 from the founders, your referrer and the community.

Ready for success? Grab the Premium membership Action Bonus

If you decide to become a Wealthy Affiliate Premium member within the first 7 days you will get an awesome action bonus.

First month you will only pay $19 for more advanced training and possibilities to make a successful business with your website. This is a super awesome deal – Normally you need to pay $49 a month or $495 a year.

The benefits of premium is the world-class training and that you can build 10 websites and multiple income streams, Get double commissions from the Affiliate program and your own WA blog just to mention a few.

You can also generate income on making your own training in the training portal just to mention some ways to make money within Wealthy Affiliate.

Extra Special bonus

If you sign up to premium via the free trial or directly as a full time premium member through my website you will get my special bonus with my content strategy training as an extra gift to you for taking action.

My starter story

I started as a free member and I saw the immense value of this training could offer me so I grabbed the Action bonus. For me it was a no brainer and $19 is not a lot to loose if you for any reason change your mind. Very few does once started.

Then I was on a monthly plan for some months until I was 100% sure about my decision. I then went all in as a Yearly member. After 10 months I upgraded to Premium plus to get the expert classes and Jaaxy enterprise. You can read more about Wealthy Affiliate Premium plus here.

I did a lot of research about different platforms and hosting companies. What I found is that the long term costs will by far less with Wealthy Affiliate than anyone else and the value you get can not even be compared.

General costs for a website on a yearly plan lies between $500-800+ a year depending on where you are hosting.

I dare say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform for online marketers today. The core values and the vision of the company is also a major factor to why I think so, not to mention the extremely awesome, unique and one of a kind community you will be a part of.

Under a year later I had multiple websites and income streams and so can you. This training works. I have documented my whole process on my Wealthy Affiliate blog

This training will teach you all about creating a successful money making website, but it is all up to you to make it happen by starting to build your website and put in the effort needed to build the business of your dreams. You have nothing to loose only all to win.

Get started for Free Now

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  1. The topic was covered very well, so well, in fact, that it did not generate any unanswered questions for me. The setting up of a free website through Wealthy Affiliate was explained in excellent detail. This moved on in a natural way to the Premium Membership with WA. I like that it was explained well and in good detail so that I know exactly what will be required of me financially to make my move and set up an online business. 

    1. Author

      Hi Jenni! Thank you for your comment. Yes I always make my readers aware of what is required so they can make a decision based on this. The setting up of a website and training is free, but if you want to make your own online business you need to invest in your own website and hosting. Hosting will be included in the membership for 10 websites.

  2. So, I love affiliate web-based marketing and started building my own online affiliate marketing business with the tools, training, and support I received in Wealthy Affiliate. I encourage anyone who wants to earn while learning to go ahead and use the Wealthy Affiliate platform, you won’t regret it. Lessons 1 to 10 you have mentioned were key to me understanding the basics of how a web-based works, while building out my business at the same time. I highly recommend this training to your readers. I’ve earned online income regularly since and it all came down to being shown properly, how to do it thanks to Wealthy Affiliate. 

    1. Author

      Hi Rina! Great to hear your story about how Wealthy Affiliate helped you understand the affiliate marketing basics and that you are now earning regularly. I experienced the same as you. It helps me generate income as well and growing my business step by step. This training is priceless not to mention the community you become a part of. The most helpful and valuable community in the world I dare say. And it is priceless to be able to try out the platform before you become a member.

  3. Thanks for these great instructions on how to get started with your site, I am very pleased to have found the Wealthy Affiliate and joined as a complete beginner a few months ago, and upgraded my membership to premium after one week. I am very happy with everything they offer – with education, support, great people in this community.
    For now, I am following the training for Online Entrepreneur Certification. I wonder if you recommend that I start Affiliate Bootcamp after this workout?
    I wish you all the best,

    1. Author

      Hi Nina! I recommend you to finish the OEC first. However after you found your niche you can choose to go the Bootcamp. The Affiliate bootcamp is made especially for the MMO (make money online) niche and for promoting Wealthy Affiliate. The OEC (online entrepreneur certificate) is made for all other niches and for selling your own products as well. Since I have a site which is a Hybrid of make money online and Personal development I took them both. You can take them both if you want.

  4. As a business owner and have been trying to move my business forward by adding the internet touch, which has been a problem cause I just started a small startup and the billing I get from my web developer are to high, 

    With the Siterubix, I believe have found a way to design my own site and even make more cash to grow my business with wealthy affiliate.

    1. Author

      Hi Williams! I agree Wealthy Affiliate and Siterubix Websitebuilder will save you a lot of money. I applaud you for taking the step to go online. It will do a lot for your business as the internet growth is growing constantly and are set to have a huge growth at least for the next six years. A wise decision you took there for sure.

      With Wealthy Affiliate there is almost no limits to how you can grow your business. You will learn more than you thought were possible. And it is perfect for startups to keep the costs low over time. You have come tothe right place.

  5. Hi Hilde,

    Thanks for this detailed steps to setting up a website. I’m happy to share this to friends. I read a lot of good feedback about Wealthy Affiliate being one of the best website hosting platforms and very affordable hosting fee. 

    I just followed you on WebTalk so we could connect and share more about website building.

    God bless you more,


    1. Author

      Great Chuna! I will connect with you on Webtalk then. Yes you heard right about Wealthy Afffiliate. It is the best platform for Affiliate marketers of all levels. Great hosting and low longterm costs. If you want to start building a website I recommend you to take the free trial first and then go Premium before 7 days to get the AWesome Action bonus. If you Sign up via my links you will get an extra bonus going premium from me personally as well that will help you grow your business.

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