How to start your own Business online in a growing online market

Want to start your own business online? The next six years will be a game changer in the online affiliate market according to the latest market reports. So today I am going to address How to start your own business online in a growing online market that is expected to explode the next six years and how you can become a part of this.

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Where are you now?

Maybe your situation right now does not look so good as before. Everything looks more insecure globally. You might have been pondering on if you are going to take the plunge and start an online business working from home to get an extra income stream to secure yourself more financially. Or maybe you finally want to make your long time dreams come true by starting your own online business. Whatever your reason may be and wherever you are now it is a good idea to go online.

A Growing online market

Do not let the thought of the huge online market set you back. There is a role for you to play if you are willing to take the plunge and do something of value to yourself and to others. Times are changing and you need to adapt to the changes that we will see online over the next decade. More and more people will work and shop online. All due to the new global situation and the latest technologies. We all need to adapt to new circumstances and technologies. It is no way around. A growing market means new opportunities, new income streams and a huge earning potential.

How to start

Starting is always the worst part of it. Before you start you have tons of questions and insecurities that holds you back from actually starting. A good mentor of mine said. We all start on zero. You need to make the first step, then another and then another until you are at your ultimate goal. You will never know it all in advance how it will turn out for you. If you never start you will never get there. You need to throw your bread on the water, because you never know what will come back to you. These words have stuck with me ever since and I have found them to be so true.

Your own business

Yes I know it can feel scary to say these three words. You are so used to work for others that these words almost seems like a distant dream or an illusion. But it is far from a distant dream or an Illusion. The only thing you need to do is to make up your mind to start your own business. It is merely a decision you make. That is the first step. To decide to actually do it.

How to start an online business?

It is easier than you may think to start. You can actually start for free. Get Free business training and try it out before you make the final decision to proceed. The free training will give you a foundation for success. To be successful you need to take the next step to actually go online. To create your own website that will be your asset and your online office. Your home online base. Get started

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Creating a website

Woman sitting by a desk. A computer screen with a website in front of her. Flowers on the table.

You need a website if you are going to have the most opportunities for succeeding online. There are ways to make money without a website as well as using only social media and impersonal storefronts with CBProAds for clickbank as an example. The opportunities are more limited doing this and you do not own your own office. But the best way is to create your own domain and website. You will have unlimited opportunities with a website and you own it. Your website is a place where people can go to, connect with you, learn from you and be inspired.

My #1 Recommendation is to create a Free website with Siterubix which is powered by Wealthy Affiliate. You will get a step by step training and do not have to be a techie to do it. Even my grand mother and grandfather would manage to create a website with this website builder Create a free website here:

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SEO tools to become visible and found

How to start your own Business online in a growing online market

Being online today requires a top-notch SEO tool that let you compete with all the advertisers and big companies with huge budgets. You need to be visible online in order for people to find you when they search for a product, tips, reviews or a phrase online. Here are my 6 best SEO tools to become visible and found

Monetizing your business

Woman sitting on a chair. Money flying all around her.

The next step is to monetize your website. You want to earn money on what you do so the smartest way is to monetize it. The best way to do that is to get training in how to do it the right way.

My number #1 recommendation is to start a free training at Wealthy Affiliate. You get to try out the platform and the tools. You will get an action bonus if you want to start create your own business. This action bonus will only be there the first 7 days of the Free trial. I recommend you to grab it. It is all worth it and more.

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The best online platform for Affiliate marketers

If you decide to create a business online, the best place for you to be is with Wealthy Affiliate. They have trained some of the best marketers in the world and is very popular among affiliate marketers because of the value you get. The unique about Wealthy Affiliate is the awesome community you become a part of. You will find marketers on all levels. Yes even the most successful marketers are still there and popping by from time to time to help the new starters out with questions or whatever they might need of help. Even the founders of Wealthy Affiliate Kyle and Carson are active daily on the platform offering help within the community. I promise you – You will never ever find a platform like this one. It is one of a kind.

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Start your own online business now!

There is no doubt in my mind that starting your own online business now will be a very smart thing to do regarding the market prospects of this industry. Wealthy Affiliate is the best place to learn the why's and the how's, the strategies, tools and techniques for building your own online empire. I know you can do it if you want. So get your business rolling!


  1. Thanks for this informative post. I’ve tried to earn additional money by working online. I since my salary has been cut down. I think I grasp the overview of how making money online works, but I have a question about the website building. Is it necessary to learn about coding and stuff? I see that you recommend SiteRubix, but I’m afraid that even with a website builder, you still need some basic coding and technical knowledge. I’m weak in that area. Thanks for the answer

    1. Author

      Hi! Thank you for the comment and question! No it is not necessary to know anything about coding. Siterubix have removed all technical stuff and made the website builder a true dream to use for non techies and beginners. It is all done for you in a few clicks. You just follow the training and tasks. You will have help 24/7 the first 7 days of the free trial.

  2. Thank you for the helpful review and recommendation. The information you provided is enough to help anyone make an informed decision. From what you said  appreciate the fact that one can actually test drive the wealthy affiliate system for free without even being a tech savvy. Great opportunity for aspiring online entrepreneurs.

    1. Author

      Hi Bogadi! I absolutely agree with you here. It is a great way to get to know this platform and the value it will give you. To my knowledge it is a unique feature with this platform. You normally do not get to try out other platforms first. Glad you found it helpful and thank you for the comment.

  3. Wow, I found this article really helpful and educative, this article was also an eye opener and it shows that the online market is  growing exponentially and in a little time the online market would be very big, this shows that this would be the best time to jump on opportunities like this. It is still saddening that many people still struggle at their jobs trying to make ends meet, not knowing that there are juicy opportunities like this online

    1. Author

      Hi Collin! Yes the online affiliatemarket is expected to grow along with the huge growth in online users the next 6 years. Many countries are now making it easier to work online and is going to be stronger due to the global situation. I think we will see many new online businesses and affiliate marketers in the years to come. The market is huge and there is room and success enough for those who take the plunge. Joining a platform like Wealthy Affiliate will help you and guide you through the jungle of possibilities out there. They have an excellent proven training that works extremely well for online as well as offline marketing. It is worth to note that it is not a make money quick scheme, but success is waiting for the ones who make the effort to learn and being consistent.

  4. Thank you for sharing this here. It is almost impossible for someone to have a business these days without having an online presence. What you have shared here is good to see because it can help us all to get our business running and to know the basics that needs to be in place to have a successful business online

    1. Author

      Hi Liza! Yes you are right!. Online presence is becoming more and more important as more and more people are shopping all kinds of products and services online. The basic is crucial if you want to succeed. And I believe that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn the affiliate marketing basics.

  5. Online business is truly growing by the day and a lot of people are making millions and thousands of dollars every day by doing their prospective businesses. It is a good idea to be able to build your own business as it’ll help you be very stable and buoyant financially. Thanks for sharing this

    1. Author

      Hi! Thank you for your thoughts. I agree that building an online business will give you the opportunity to generate multiple streams of income in an insecure and growing market. The earning possibilities are huge for the ones who go all in and make the effort. The way I see it it is crucial to get a good basic training in how to go about it.

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