How to turn your talent into a business 2020

What is your talent, hobby or field of interest? I am sure you have a talent or a field of interest that you love doing now and then whether it is home decor, gardening, your pet, food, health, sports, repairing your bicycle, cleaning your boat or knitting. Whatever It may be for you – Have you ever had the idea that you can earn extra income working from home with your talent, hobby or field of interest? Today I will show you how to turn your talent into a business and how easy it is to do so.

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Spreading the risk

Photo: Pexels (picture of a dandelion)

First I want to give you the reasons to why I think it is a good idea to turn your talent, hobby or field of interest into a business in 2020.

In my previous article “What is the best work from home jobs” I showed a infographic where 43% of people asked wanted to work more from home after the recent crisis. What about you? Have you changed your mind about working from home? Could you even see yourself working from your home?

The tendencies are all very clear – more people work from home online part-time. They do so to disperse the risks of being unemployed should they lose their job due to unwanted circumstances. During the crisis the numbers in online shopping went crazy. People shopped more online than ever before. This is why many got eye-opener to the possibilities the online world can offer.

Just think about it. All the rich people in the world spread their investments in different sectors. Why? If one sector is doing badly, another goes well reducing the risk of loosing it all. So why not apply the same principles to your own life?

Even the dandelion on the picture above is using this principle – leaving multiple seeds on the ground to ensure new growth.

If I told you that you can get 10 different income streams at least for an affordable price – would you be interested or would you just stick to the work you have?

This is where your talent, hobby or field of interest come into the picture. If you have 10  talents, hobbies or fields of interest you can create a business for them. I will tell you more about how as you proceed reading this post. But you start with one talent, hobby or field of interest first. I will show you how you can actually start for free and try if this is something for you. Sounds good?

If you could work every day with what you love – how will your life change?

Will it change for the better? Will you become more happy and feel more aligned with yourself and your life?

I know I am feeling much happier and fulfilled now that I can do what I like the most every single day for the rest of my life.

You are scared of the unknown

Yes, it is a scary thought for many people. That is what is stopping you. To actually dare to do what you love instead of what is expected of you. I can almost hear your thoughts. What if you do not succeed? What will my friends say? What will my parents say? What if I am not good enough? I am no expert. I can hear this thoughts coming like a waterfall.

All these thoughts you get now are your current mindset. But as we all know – mindsets can change. You can actually decide to change how you think about these things. You can actually decide to think – What if I succeed? Why should I care about what my friends and family think – I am a grown up person and I make my own decisions. What if I am good enough? I am maybe not an expert now, but I can become an expert by practice. (Photo byIan Kim on Unsplash )

I am saying this, because I really had to do some self talk myself before I decided to turn my talent, hobby and fields of interest into a business. Like many others I did not believe I was capable. Now I know better. Why? I tried it. You can not say it is not for you before you actually try.

Yes you can fail, but you can also succeed. The chances are 50/50 of both. It is all up to you and your commitment. Just like you are committed to go to another kind of work out of your home. What is driving you to do so? You always have the risk of loosing a regular job too. How committed are you to your current work? The commitment is not less working from home with your hobby. And the reward of working with your hobby is so much more fulfilling. It is just a different setting and a different state of mind and emotion.

You will definitely fail just by not trying or by giving up. Daily practice for success is about trying, doing mistakes, learning from mistakes, improving and succeeding. Trying will make you better no matter what you do. You will gain experience and knowledge you did not have before, new skills and discover new perspectives.

Are you afraid of change?

Turning your talent, hobby or field of intesrest into a business will mark a change for you. In your mindset, lifestyle and your daily practice. I can understand that it can be a bit unnerving to lose your old ways of doing things. All the things that you are accustomed to. But believe me you will soon be accustomed to working with your hobby too. And guess what? It does not even feel like work when you do what you love. It is just fun most of the time. You will feel so much more motivated and your discipline will most likely skyrocket. Because when you do what you love, you take it more seriously. You know why you do what you do. You own it and will have a stronger sense of responsibility, involvement and be more connected to what you do.

How to turn your talent, hobby or field of interest into an online business

Now let us talk about the main thing. How can you turn your talent, hobby or field of interest into an online business?

I have done some research on this for myself before I started my own website that I want to share with you today so you are able to make your own decision about what your next step will be in turning your talent into a business.

I will now present to you a very safe and solid solution. And it is based on my costly experiences and research. There are so many scams, pyramid schemes and ponzi schemes out there online. I do not want you to do the same mistakes as I did. So here is what I think is the best way for you to make your talent, hobby or field of interest into a living. ( Photo: Pexels)

1. Find an all in one legit online platform where you can start for free:

You have to be aware that you do not get to try out these platforms before you buy their products. And do not fall for the thought “the more expensive it is the better it is”. Most of the time it is not. And there is often a lot of up sells on different tools you need to be able to proceed.

After experiencing an expensive platform that did not deliver at all what they promised, I found Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur education. It is a legit all in one platform where you learn how to turn your hobby into a business step by step.

You can try the platform for free for 7 days and get the basic business training for free.

Yes I want to start now for free!
Click here to start now!

In these 7 days you create the platform of your business. You build a website with a few clicks for free with Wealthy Affiliate hosting which is the fastest and most secure and user-friendly hosting platform. ( read my review wealthy Affiliate hosting platform SiteRubix here to find out more).

You find the niche for your talent, hobby or field of interest. If you already have a talent, hobby or field of interest, this is easy. There are millions of niches to choose between. And yes, you get free training and help to find your niche too.

You follow the training and do the tasks step by step. 10 free Online entrepreneur lessons and 10 free Affiliate marketing lessons. You also get access to 30 free searches on Jaaxy the worlds most advanced SEO(search engine optimization) Keyword tool Jaaxy.


There are two ways you can monetize your talent, hobby or field of interest:

1. You already have a product you want to sell and you create a website with a blog or web shop.

2. You find your talent, hobby or field of interest niche for example: Yoga and you sell other peoples Yoga products on commission as an affiliate marketer via your website.

In the free trial the basics of both of these ways to monetize is included.
After 7 days of free trial with Wealthy Affiliate you have got so much information and all the basics you need that you are able to make a decision whether you want to proceed with growing your talent, hobby or field of interest into a business. Wealthy Affiliate is the only platform who offers a free website and free business training at the moment.

You will get an offer to start your first month with advanced training for $19, if you start within 7 first days which is ridiculously low price for such a world-class training as Wealthy Affiliate offers. The advanced training is called Premium membership.


2. Turn your hobby into a business


By going premium the 7th day or before, you mark a change – from talent, hobby or field of interest to business. I went premium after three days because I realized this was the real thing and because the value they offered me were too good to say no to.

You can choose between a Premium monthly plan for $49 or a yearly plan for $495. I would recommend the yearly plan, because you save 2 months expenses compared to the monthly plan. You can pay via PayPal or your card. That is up to you. If you choose other providers who do not offer training you must be prepared to pay $250 – 2000 in Total costs extra than what you do with Wealthy Affiliate.

Becoming a premium member you will be offered to create a domain name and publish your website on your own domain. Your website will be secured with an SSL certificate and full redundancy (a twin website that goes up if your website goes down) Site support does all the technical stuff for you so you do not have to worry about it.

You will get trained step by step in how to do everything and progress your talent, hobby or field of interest into a business. No need to be a technological wonder.

You will have access to coaching (included in premium) and experts who are in the community, valuable feedback and comments on your website, Live training and webinars. And you will get a free Wealthy affiliate blog. You will get access to Jaaxy lite – the worlds most advanced keyword tool. In case, you wonder why you need this tool it is because most online businesses use this to get more visitors to their sites by finding keywords that people search for in different search engines like Bing, Google, Yahoo etc. The Jaaxy lite is more than enough from the start. Later on you can choose to upgrade if you want.

This is the easiest, safest and most affordable way for you to turn a talent, hobby or field of interest into an online business in 2020.

Here is an overview:

3. Monetize your talent, hobby or field of interest and earn money

Keep in mind that building any business take time to learn and to build. Keep your expectations real. It is no different with turning your talent, hobby or field of interest into a business. You need to develop a long term mindset. You will most probably not earn money overnight. A few do, but that is not the normal. Wealthy Affiliate is a solid world-class blueprint you can trust. By following the training that is based on 15 years of experience, expertise and know how most Wealthy Affiliate members who does not give up after a month or two will succeed in turning their lives around.

4. Further opportunities

In the premium membership you get 10 websites you can create if you want to. Just think about it. 10 different income streams is an opportunity of a lifetime. Probably you will not build more than 2 or three, but you can have 10 different websites in 10 different niches. Investing in multiple websites is almost like investing in multiple types of stocks to reduce the risk of loosing money. And the price is so affordable that anyone can do this and make it work.

When you start another website, you do the training again. Only this time you have become an expert at it. Now you will not do the mistakes you did the first time. Imagine how professional you will become if you opened 10 websites! Each of these websites can be monetized and generate income for you.

Some success stories you might want to hear:

Florence is a girl who manage to make a 5 figure income through hard work in 2019.

Tiffany is a girl who make in average $1989 a month 2020

Personally I made my first referral after just 9 days so I can confirm this training is working.

Being a premium member you will never feel alone in your work. You have the Wealthy Affiliate Community there ready to give you feedback, comments and support whenever you may need it.

Final thoughts

I think that if you have a talent, hobby or field of interest you are passionate about, why not start your own business around it? Disperse your income streams?

You will not lose anything on trying Wealthy Affiliate 7 day Free trial. That is for sure. It is safe and it is free.

I have provided you with good information and perspectives to how you can turn your talent, hobby or field of interest

into a business. Now it is all up to you to make it happen. Turn your hobby into a business – Start your free trial now!

How to claim your mentor bonus:

If you sign up on premium membership directly here I will give you my special success tool as an action bonus.


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  1. The amount of websites out here is a strong indication of persons who rather work for themselves turning that passion into a full time job. Why use these talents to make money for some else when you can make that same amount or more working for yourself. Affiliate marketing and website building is the new wave that is here. So many are enjoying this lifestyle of making money doing what they love best from home. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Author

      I totally agree with you on this. Why work for someone else if you can work for yourself and thrive more? I think it has to do with our mindset. We are trained from an early age that working for others is the correct way to go about things. And for many people it feels much more safe to work for others. There is nothing wrong with working for others. It is a choice we make according to our knowledge and experience.

  2. Very good article on using our native and acquired skills to maximize our potential in online marketing. Many people are afraid of change and you addressed this nicely. Thanks for this informative piece of content. All the Best.

    1. Author

      Hi Joseph! Thank you! Yes many people are afraid of change because they do not know what the change will bring. And our brains are wired to think negatively about change.

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