Jaaxy Enterprise SEO Power ranking tool Review

Jaaxy Enterprise SEO Power ranking tool Review

Jaaxy Enterprise

$99 per month

Free trial







  • Automated searches
  • 5 x Speed
  • Competetive Price


  • No Geo location

All affiliate marketers dream is to get on Google Page 1 to get more visible. It is easier said than done in this online Jungle. Buying a keyword research tool that can help you find the best Keywords to rank fast, smart and easy is the best thing you can do. You can actually change the course of your life with the right Keywords. In this Jaaxy Enterprise SEO Power ranking tool Review I will show you just how fast, smart an easy it is to rank using Jaaxy Enterprise.

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Jaaxy Enterprise for better ranking

Jaaxy Enterprise Ranking

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My intention with this Jaaxy Enterprise SEO Power ranking tool Review is to give you a good insight into this tool. I want you to be able to make a good and well-informed decision about what Keyword Search tool to choose for your business.

I have used Jaaxy Enterprise now for quite a time and I have been blown away by how wonderful this tool is when it comes to rankings on Google. Jaaxy Enterprise helped me rank on Google consistently with most of my posts and many of them have been on Page 1. (See the video below)

My first 30 Free searches went fast. I loved how easy it was to use as a beginner. Get 30 Free searches here.

I Joined Wealthy Affiliate Platform to build my website and this platform offers a Jaaxy Lite tool which is great for an affiliate marketing starter.

When you grow and learn more about SEO, you need more powerful features. A few months later I upgraded to pro because I needed more than I was offered with Jaaxy Lite.

I used Jaaxy pro for 6 months and I have been very content with it and ranking with many of my posts. So I decided to try out Enterprise to get a better understanding of the automated features and to see if the automation and 5x speed was worth the upgrade.

Jaaxy Enterprise SEO Power ranking tool Review I will show you why Jaaxy Enterprise is the best solution to better ranking for you. But before I do that I want to ask you some questions. What is your goal with getting a Keyword research tool? and What features are important for you?

The obvious goals with ranking

Google search

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The obvious reasons why affiliate marketers wants to rank on first page in Google is of course to be more visible, get more traffic and generate more sales as a result of this.

In this Jaaxy Enterprise SEO Power ranking tool Review I will show you how Jaaxy Enterprise can help you get more traffic and eventually sales.

The benefits with ranking

Sales traffic

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Imagine for a moment that you write a review about a product or about something you normally write about in your niche. How would it feel if your review or post managed to rank on page 1 on Google. What would that mean for your business?

It would obviously make you more visible and you would get more traffic on your website. Agree? Most people tend to look no further than page 1 on Google unless they are searching and looking more deep into something.

How would it feel if all this traffic generated more customers and sales? You would be ecstatic! You would get money into your account! Jump up and down of joy! And who does not want that?

Then imagine if this revenue repeated itself over and over and over and over again? Wouldn't that be nice? Imagine what it would do to your business and your life!

In this Jaaxy Enterprise SEO Power ranking tool Review I will show you how you can use Jaaxy Enterprise to make this happen. (see Video below)

Organic SEO versus Paid Ads

Organic search or Paid Ads?

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When I started out I thought Ads was the solution to more traffic and sales. Paid Ads or PPC are great if you have a very short perspective, money to spend and a huge audience otherwise I would not even think about using paid ads.

Organic SEO is so much better in a long term perspective for generating traffic and sales. I know there are people who might disagree with me here, but as long as people are searching online Organic SEO can be a true goldmine.

And here is where Jaaxy come into its right element. Jaaxy Enterprise is a powerhouse when it comes to find searchable SEO keywords that will generate huge traffic over time. So let us first take a look at the Jaaxy Enterprise Features.

Jaaxy Facts

Founders: Kyle and Carson from Wealthy Affiliate created Jaaxy and it is the official SEO tool on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. The tool is designed for keyword searches on internet.


Jaaxy Free trial

Jaaxy lite – Only for Wealthy Affiliate Premium members

Jaaxy Pro – for startups and intermediate users

Jaaxy enterprise – for more advanced users with automated features

The Best Deal * As a Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus member (value $99 /month ) you get Jaaxy Enterprise (Value $99/month) included and access to both Platforms and affiliate programs.

In this Jaaxy Enterprise SEO Power ranking tool Review I will show you how powerful Jaaxy Enterprise really is and why I think this is one of the best Keyword search tools out there.

Jaaxy Enterprise Features

Jaaxy Enterprise offers a great deal you see. Everything from the pro membership and the features listed below:

Jaaxy Enterprise

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A Supreme SEO tool and affordable price

Jaaxy enterprise cost $99 a month. For most marketers this is an affordable price compared to other SEO tools out there.

Jaaxy Enterprise short video walk through

I have made a short video walk through of Jaaxy Enterprise so you can get a good feel of how it works and will also show you proof of my rankings inside the video.


What is the Jaaxy Enterprise Secret to help you get more visible?

The secret to Jaaxy Enterprise is a combination of you, your content, your website speed, techniques, Jaaxy search tool, what people search for, trust, authority, competitor analysis Just to mention a few important factors for ranking.

1. Jaaxy have a Supreme training platform. All Jaaxy users are invited to become a member of the Wealthy Affiliate platform that will give you extra SEO training and resources if you want to use the opportunity. You will also be able to promote the affiliate program as well as the Jaaxy Affiliate program as a Wealthy Affiliate Member.

2. It is extremely fast in finding keywords and measurements on keywords. Jaaxy Enterprise have automated searches that works with a supreme speed.

3. Jaaxy is easy to learn and use. Not a lot of fluff. Very straightforward.

4. Different techniques like the Low hanging fruit technique, Alphabet soup and Brainstorm will help you find the highest potential ranking keywords.

5. A respectable and trusted platform.

6. 99,7% search coverage on all searches on internet will give you a high accuracy on keywords and how competitive they are.

7. Designed to find the best keywords on internet that can potentially rank on Page 1. Many other search tools are not built specifically with internet in mind.

Alternatives to Jaaxy Enterprise

There are several good alternatives to Jaaxy. Here are the alternatives I think are the best alternatives.

Top 6 Keyword search tools to become visible and found

Another good alternative is to use the SEO checklist by SEO buddy who are using Ahrefs SEO tool for ranking purposes.

You can read my SEO Buddy Review here.

Additional articles that you can read to get more in depth info and comparisons on other alternatives:

The best Keyword Research tool for success

Semrush Makeover review

Semrush Free SEO tools

Serpstat – A leader SEO tool

Jaaxy – A winner SEO tool for beginners

Raven Tools review 2020 – for technical SEO pros?


How competitive is Jaaxy compared to other SEO tools?

I would say that based on my search Jaaxy is a One of the top advanced SEO tools there is. It is highly competitive and specially a great tool for finding keywords for organic searches.

You can track Keywords over time which i a very nice feature and you can see what keywords your competitors are ranking with and track data on different websites. This insight will help you determine your SEO actions and how to improve your own SEO

When it comes to price I would say that the value you get for the money is huge with Jaaxy. It is more than good enough for most marketers and it will help you keep your costs down.

If you look at your needs now and period ahead you get an idea what tool to pick. You can always change SEO tool if you outgrow it on your Journey or need special features. I know marketers who have used Jaaxy Enterprise for years and are constantly ranking on Google as a result.

Below I have compared Raven, Semrush and Serpstat with Jaaxy on price. I know that price matters to many marketers.

If you are in doubt I urge you to try the free trial on all before you make your decision. That is the best way to know what feels best for you and your online business.
Comparison SEO tools

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Raven is best on customized reporting. Semrush and Serpstat have more advanced tools for monitoring PPC campaigns over time.


1. Highly competitive Price

2. Good price

3. Fast

4. Best for organic SEO

5. Automated features

6. Search Analysis

7. Track data on competitors

8. Mobile friendly


Jaaxy does not have Geo location on searches as far as I know. This can be important for some local SEO marketers to personalize their SEO to their local customers.

Customer Happiness – Does Jaaxy Work?

Customer Happiness

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Do you hear it? the sound of a Huge YES!

As a daily Jaaxy user I can say that it works like a clock and I have the impression that most marketers I know just Love using Jaaxy because it is fast, easy, powerful and affordable.

Here are some other customer blog post worth reading.

1. How Jaaxy Guarantee NO. 1 rankings by Cassi

2. Jaaxy Enterprise is like Money in the Bank by Eugene

3. You might want to read my WA blog post I love Jaaxy



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Jaaxy have a fast and supreme support and the founders Carson and Kyle are always interactive and eager to help you out with your questions. In addition, you get a lot of extra training tools if you choose the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus Packet.

Here are some examples:

1. Using Jaaxy like a keyword research Ninja

2. Using Jaaxy like a boss

3. Wealthy Affiliate SEO Checklist CheatSheat

Domain shopping with Jaaxy

Domain Shopping

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Not many knows this, but Jaaxy is awesome for domain shopping as well. As soon as you enter a keyword you will see the available domains for this keyword. This is a great feature for people who shop and resell domains online. Many marketers earn money on buying and selling domains. Buying a domain with Jaaxy normally cost between $12 -$15. This often become an extra income stream for some marketers. You might want to read my article: How to build an asset.

My 3 Best tips for ranking with Jaaxy Enterprise

Jaaxy Enterprise Tips

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1. Make a daily Keyword search practice for training your SEO skills in Jaaxy Enterprise. The more you practice the better you become.

2. Use the Techniques provided by Jaaxy to find the best Keywords like the low hanging fruit technique, Alphabet soup and Brainstorm.

3. Study your niche and customers well to know what Keywords they are searching for.

Should you get Jaaxy Enterprise?

Thumbs up

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I hope I have managed to serve you well with this Jaaxy Enterprise SEO Power ranking tool Review so you feel more sure when choosing a Keyword search tool.

I can not choose for you, but choosing Jaaxy or one of the other 5 tools I mentioned in my article 6 best Keyword search tools to become visible and found you will be on the safe side.

All of them are power tools. It boils down to what you feel are the best one, your business needs and how much money you want to put in a SEO tool.

According to Statista, online searches are going to increase over the next decade globally because more and more people are shopping online. The industry is expected a huge growth in years to come. So having a Powerful SEO tool will be of high importance for any online business.

Take a look at your needs at the moment and look forward 3-5 years – How will your needs change? Write a list over the features you need and are most important to you. I think that will give you some more clarity on what to buy.

One of the questions I often get about Jaaxy Keyword Search tool is: Which plan do you think suits best for me? The pro plan or the Enterprise plan?

My answer will always be that if you can afford Jaaxy Enterprise this will give you the most value long term, but Pro membership is good enough for most online marketers, bloggers and affiliate marketers. You can upgrade any time to Jaaxy Enterprise if you need to speed up your search experience, automate, analyze and get more search results.

The biggest difference is the speed, automation, competitor analysis and the number of searches you are able to receive.

Another question I get is it worth the upgrade from Pro to Enterprise? My answer is a definitely big YES.

If you are looking for an advanced powerhouse of a Keyword search tool to capture the best keyword searched on the Internet then Jaaxy Enterprise is definitely the best choice at an affordable price. It is the most easy and straightforward Keyword tool to use and very mobile friendly.

If you decide to go for Enterprise I would advise you to go for the Wealthy Affiliate Premium Plus bundle where Jaaxy Enterprise is included.

You can change the course of your life with your Keywords.

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  1. Jaaxy is an incredibly good program that helps me a lot in building my website. Very easy to handle, making the job 100 percent easier. Great program and I recommend it to everyone. It easily finds keywords and helps me build the site. Jaxxy is universal and long living. Long live Jaxxy.

    1. Author

      Hi! And thank you for your comment. I can tell that you love Jaaxy just as much as me.  Which plan are you using? Are you using Jaaxy Enterprise?

  2. Hi, I’ve just gone through your article about jaaxy enterprise SEO power ranking tool. I found it very interesting and helpful too. I always struggled to get on google page 1, and I always failed. I hope jaaxy enterprise SEO power ranking tool will be the solution to my problems. I am glad I came across this article today. Thanks for sharing, I definitely will be sharing it further too.

    1. Author

      Hi there! You are not the only one struggling to get to Page 1. It is a constant struggle for most marketers. And It can actually take some time before your post gain momentum and rank. Even with Jaaxy there is no guarantee of Ranking. it all depends on you and if you use the techniques and tool as it is meant to be used . But I am sure you will find a lot of high potential ranking Keywords in Jaaxy. Give it a go and tell me how it works out for you. Would love to hear some success stories from you.

  3. Since I joined the Wealthy Affiliate a few months ago and upgraded my membership, I have access to Jaaxy lite, which, as a beginner, is enough for me for now.
    I read some reviews and comparisons with other SEO tools, but Jaaxy always convinced me the most.
    I haven’t thought about upgrading yet, but it was very interesting to read your article with all the information and your experience with Jaaxy Enterprise. As I progress over time, I’ll probably think about upgrading, and I’ll definitely stay with Jaaxy.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Author

      Hi Nina! Yes the first couple of months Jaaxy Lite, which is only for WA members,is enough. But you will come to the point where you will feel the need to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise. Since You already are a WA member it will be smart to go for Premium plus membership where Jaaxy enterprise is included and you will get lots of advanced training in Affiliatemarketing.

  4. This is such a good tool. I think I am addicted to using it–it really is fun, actually. I don’t know how I managed without it before, trying to rank my old website, before joining Wealthy Affiliate a couple months ago. It could not be any simpler to use, either, and the price makes it a no-brainer.

    1. Author

      Hi There! Yes Jaaxy is a great tool. With Jaaxy Enterprise you 5x your Keywordsearch process and I love the automation features as well. Having a website without a Keywordtool is like playing in the lottery. You might be lucky. But with Jaaxy you find the Keywords with the highest possibility of ranking.

  5. Hey there! I just finished reading through your article on Jaaxy and just wanted to drop you a quick comment to say thanks for the info. I’ve been working online for around 6 years now and I can confirm that this keyword tool is an essential part of my marketing strategy. The great thing about this tool in general is how easy it is to use. I don’t like things that are too complicated, I just want to be able to easily look up the information that I need and Jaaxy has certainly delivered that. I’ve been using the standard version of Jaaxy for years but very soon I might be looking to upgrade. 

    Thanks for the information!



    1. Author

      Hi Andrew! Glad to hear you are a Jaaxy user too. I totally agree with you that Jaaxy is easy and a very trustable Keyword search tool to use.  I am sure that you will Love using Jaaxy Enterprise. It will defenitely deliver way better than the standard version. 

  6. I’m a huge fan of Jaaxy and I love that Jaaxy Lite came as a package free with my Wealthy Affiliate membership where I have learned so much about building an online business. It was there that I have learned how important keywords are to get ranked on Google and everyone online needs SEO tools at a competitive price. I don’t think any other tool can beat Jaaxy.

    1. Author

      I am glad to hear that Lily! I love Jaaxy myself and swear to it in my daily writing. Jaaxy Enterprise is simply an amazing tool well worth the money.

  7. I have been a member of Jaaxy Pro for a few years now and was wondering if it would make a difference to upgrade to the Enterprise version. I enjoyed reading about all I was missing out on, and after reading your article am very tempted to join the higher level of Wealthy Affiliate, just so that I can have Jaaxy Enterprise thrown in. 

    I am going to wait and see if they offer a good Black Friday deal first.

    1. Author

      Hi Michel. I will definitely say that I do not regret upgrading to Enterprise for the reasons I mentioned in my post as well. The Automatic ctr function, Competitor analysis, More keywords to choose between to mention a few of the benefits. 

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