mail-poet-free-form-editor review - easy made sign up form

Mailpoet Free Form Editor Review – Easy made Sign up forms

Mailpoet Free Form Editor


Free Premium plan


Annual Paid Plan



  • Amazing Templates
  • Customization opportunities
  • Analytics


  • Could be even more templates
  • Could be more automation possibilities
  • More sizes on the forms

Looking to make an awesome sign up form for your website quickly and easy? Look no further. The Mailpoet Form Editor is a superb choice with drag and drop functions and personal customizing. In this Mailpoet Free Form Editor Review – Easy made sign up forms I will show you how you can make awesome forms in minutes.

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A mail subscription form is something most affiliate marketers have on their website to build a list, to give free offers in exchange of an email address, to keep their readers updated with the latest news and to give readers special offers.

There are many mail providers out there and all of them have different types of forms. Some are easy to set up and some are more complicated.

In this Mailpoet form editor Review I will take a look at Mailpoet Form Editor and show how you can make an awesome sign up form in just a few minutes. I use this form editor myself and I find this to be the easiest and one of the best drag and drop editors out there.

Why Use Mailpoet Form Editor?

First of all Mailpoet form editor is extremely easy to use and you save a lot of time on creating Sign up forms.

You have several pre made templates that are easy and fast to customize.

If you have a campaign you can create a sign up form with the Mailpoet editor in just minutes and insert it where you need to use it. It is effective. Personally I love it because it is so easy and uncomplicated. The templates are easy for your readers to sign up to.

Who use Mailpoet Editor?

Affiliate marketers, bloggers, solopreneurs, small and large businesses use Mailpoet because it is a very easy to manage provider that offers high quality and good integrations.

Make a Mailpoet Account.

When you made your account,you are ready to download the plugin and start creating your form.

How to use the Mail poet editor?

Watch the video

What I like about Mailpoet

It is free to use up to 1000 Subscribers.

Mailpoet is very easy to manage in all ways. I have had very little huzzle with Mailpoet.

The templates are appealing to the eye and easy to fill out for my readers.

I like the new forms because you have multiple choices of editing and customize these forms.

Create pop up forms and Slide in forms. Together with Gutenberg block editor there is no limit to what you can do.

Mailpoet offers as many lists you need on your site. Multiple lists can be added to the forms.

You can automate, segment, schedule and plan a regular schedule daily, weekly, monthly for your emails.

The Analytics feature is great to keep track on how many register and opens your mails.

It is easy for customers to subscribe and unsubscribe.

A GDPR box and privacy policy link can be added to the form.

You can import other contact lists you may have.

Mailpoet is an awesome high quality form editor and they strive to give you a quality service.

I have not had any problems with Mailpoet at all since I install it and I think it is a very reliable service provider.

What I think Mailpoet could Improve

All in all I think Mailpoet is one of the best mail providers, but there are a few areas where I think Mailpoet can improve even more. I know they are working continuously on Improving their functionality in many areas and that it will come:

There could be even more pre made templates to choose from in different sizes.

A link,not only an html code, to the form to share in an email or on social media would be a real game changer.

More automation possibilities and More widget size options. Especially 729 x 90 and 980 x120


Create your Awesome Mailpoet sign up form now!


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Create your Awesome Mailpoet sign up form now!

Alternatives to Mailpoet

There are many Email providers, but here are the ones I recommend as an alternative to Mailpoet

WP mail is a good alternative and is also a very popular form editor.

Another alternative is Formidable forms. It is not so easy as Mailpoet but is a more advanced form editor with many integrations possibilities. This is also a very high quality form editor and service provider.

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Create your Awesome Mailpoet sign up form now!

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  1. Hi, thank you for this very informative article. I have been using mailpoet for the last couple of months and i think it is a great tool, especially for someone who is just setting up an online business. There are so many functions and its very straightforward to set up in my opinion, but also the templates are very appealing. The one improvement and which you stated in your article, is that there should be more templates to choose from. Apart from that, its a great tool to use. 

    1. Author

      Hi joe! Thank you for the comment! Yes the newest form templates are great. I am sure they will add more templates. I love the simplicity of Mailpoet and the design.

  2. Hey there!

     The Mailpoet Free From Editor is really an amazing initiative and it appears that the platform is quite easy to use. Another thing I like about the platform is that they make it easy for new members to sign up. It appears to be an interesting form editor. I like that it has drag and drop functions that make it really uncomplicated for me and a mailprovider I would love to try out.

    1. Author

      Hi Caro! Yes It is very easy for new members to start and very uncomplicated. The drag and drop features are brilliant. You need no special skills to set it up.

  3. Thank you for your review on Mail poet, I came across this service the other day and I just to find out what is it all about. I love the fact that it is easy to use and it is free to 1,000 subscribers. I am going to give it a try and take it from there. Hopefully I can get a lot of subscribers from this service. 

    1. Author

      Hi Nuttanee! Mailpoet Form Editor is really easy to use and the templates are awesome. I have never had an easier form. I just love Mailpoet because of its simplicity, drag and drop and integration possibilities. This service will not give you subscribers. It will give you an awesome form where your audience can subscribe to your Email lists. You can customize it as you want.

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