Messenger Marketing Software that will turn your leads into buyers

Do you use messenger? In this article Messenger Marketing Software that will turn your leads into buyers I will show you a way to use messenger in a more profitable way to get more traffic, Leads and Buyers and bonuses.

What is messenger?

Messenger is a free app that is used to send instant messages to your Facebook friends and contacts.

First you need to install messenger.

1. Go to Messenger website

2. Create an account and you are pretty much ready to start sending messages.

Messenger Marketing

Messenger Marketing is an extremely effective marketing method that uses targeted conversations via messenger to get more traffic, capture leads, give value and make sales.

It is an effective way to monetize your business conversations on messenger.

The reason it is effective is because the communication is instant and in real time with real people who are in your target audience.

I have come to love this type of marketing because of how easy it is to use, the instant contact you get with your audience and that you can easily turn your leads into customers by automating your conversations. So how does it work?

My personal experience with messenger marketing and El Messenger Pro

I heard about this software called El messenger Pro from a friend within the OLSP system who used it to build a huge list and got tons of leads and sales after starting to use it.

I became curious of course on what this software was all about and how it could help me get more traffic, leads and buyers, so I decided to do a little research on this program on my own.

How toturn your messenger into a Sales machine

How I discovered El messenger Pro

As a VIP member of OLSP system I had access to a program called CLM – Commission Lead Machine.

CLM is a version of ELM Messenger Pro sold especially to the OLSP system audience via another VIP member who are a

reseller of this program and have created a special training program that they offer to OLSP members to help them generate more traffic, leads and commissions. Read my earlier review of CLM here.

Most of the OLSP members who have used this program already, became quickly dominators on the OLSP leader board thanks to the ELM messenger Pro and this program.

They increased their traffic, leads, engagements on posts and sales rapidly after starting to use it.

Since I had access to (the OLSP version of El messenger pro – CLM) which is included in the OLSP VIP program I decided to install it and give it a go.

How toturn your messenger into a Sales machine

How I can generate 30-40 leads daily with EL Messenger pro

I have used ELM Pro as sub partner of CLM – Commission Lead Machine program now since September I can say that it is a brilliant tool. It is so easy to engage with people and to get more traffic and warm leads.

It gave me instant results in form of more leads, traffic and sales. So far I have generated hundreds of leads to the OLSP system using this tool.


Just to make things clear , you do not have to be a member of OLSP to get access to ELM pro and ELM pro Legacy.

You can sign directly up to ELM Pro and ELM Pro Legacy.

It is also important to note that the training in OLSP does not include the ELM Legacy Pro CRM training, reseller and agency opportunities.

I wanted to get some more mentoring on how to use this new CRM program and more advanced features.

You can Just sign up to ELM pro as a basic affiliate partner, and ELM Pro Legacy to earn higher commissions and get access to more advanced CRM features.


How toturn your messenger into a Sales machine

How to manage a growing list of leads

Recently Cloudkii added a new program called ELM pro Legacy CRM as an upgrade to ELM pro. In this version there is an awesome CRM program and system to follow your leads from cold to warm hot buyers, A reseller program and an Agency program.

I got a coaching call with one of the ELM experts who showed me how this system works and I was amazed by this CRM system.

As my list is growing bigger now, I have felt the need to get a better system on managing the leads. So this was really something up my alley. Following up my leads became so much easier now that I have a professional system to take care of every lead I get and my leads are now on a secure cloud based SAAS platform.

Even before I started Affiliate marketing I have worked a lot with following up customers and clients and knows how important it is to get a good connection and relationship with them and give them info and support along their journey.

Is ELM messenger Pro Legacy CRM for you?

Just imagine getting all your messenger leads into an automated CRM system?

How would it feel to be able to follow up your messenger leads with workflows that are automated and targeted?

For me this has been a game changer and I am really happy I discovered this system.

The possibilities of hat you can do with this system is impressive and most people do not know how powerful this system is before they tried all the features and use it daily over a period.

If you are looking for a system who can help you generate more leads and follow up your cold leads and turn them in to hot buyers then this tool is for you.

If you are looking for an all – in – one system where you can not only generate more leads, but create funnels, web pages and manage your leads more professionally then this system is for you.

If you are looking for a system that will help you scale your business then this is the tool for you.

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El messenger pro Legacy basic affiliate account

You do not have to have any affiliate marketing skills or a high budget to start although it is an advantage if you do. You can start as an affiliate and go from there.

To become an El messenger Pro basic Affiliate is free and you will earn 25% commissions when new customers become a paid member.

If you want to earn more commissions you can do this by getting more customers and be automatically upgraded or to go directly on a paid plan.

How toturn your messenger into a Sales machine

El Messenger pro Premium basic account

In this plan you get just the basic features of ELM. To get the CRM, reselling and agency features you need to upgrade.

El messenger pro Legacy CRM Upgrade

With an upgraded account which normally costs $164 a month you will get 40% commissions from every sale on El messenger Pro and you get access to the CRM dashboard where you can start building your pipelines, workflows, web pages, funnels and much more.

The upgrade includes:

ELMessenger Pro | (Value $67/mo)

CloudKii® CRM | (Value: $97/mo)

BONUS #1: (VALUE $497) – Elite Partner Pathway to Success.

BONUS #2: (VALUE $197) – Live Weekly Success Training.

+ One time offer – 5 Proven frameworks

If you want to take your online business to a whole new level, You can earn up to 90% on upgrading even more to more advanced levels with re seller rights and partner account rights.

Right now you can get a special offer on El messenger Pro for $97 a month by clicking on the link banner below.


Get El Messenger Pro CRM

ELM PRO Legacy Cloudkii Support

They are really helpful and the support they offer is excellent.

The Cloudkii experts are very professional and helpful.

They offer you a Facebook group with guides and weekly training.

A constantly updated knowledge base with very good tutorials.

From my own experience they answer very quickly on messenger and mail if you have any questions

and they are really good at following you up.


Why go from ELM messenger Pro Premium to Legacy?

Well, that is of course depending on where you are in your online journey.

For my part it was that I have endless of opportunities and I feel I can grow with this system.

My data is secure as can be and the support is great.

The framework behind the system is really good and the community is full of Inspiring people who are action takers.

If you have lots of leads you need to follow up from being a cold lead to becoming a warm lead, this is a brilliant tool to use.

It is an All in one messenger CRM system for growing and scaling your business directly from messenger.

You will be able to:Make pipelines, Grow your audience with Group friender and post friender, Automate campaigns from posts and conversations, Email automation, Generate workflows, Create opt ins, Make websites, Send Broadcasts, Add sales funnels, Create follow up funnels, Book calls, Book meetings, Send SMS, Resale options and much more

ELM pro Legacy have an extraordinary CRM feature which will help you turn your cold leads into warm leads and sales in an effective and brilliant way.

It also offers an Affiliate program,

You can upgrade to A re seller program and Agencies program with partner licenses, and sub partner licenses that you will not get with the basic ELM messenger Pro account.

How toturn your messenger into a Sales machine

El messenger pro Premium features

This software is brilliant because it allows any user to create tags to segment their contacts on messenger just like you can do in a regular CRM program. You can color code each segments as well.

You get access to a group friender, a post friender for engagement, and an ad friender.

These are special features that can help you engage with cold and warm leads in groups, on posts and ads on Facebook.

And it is really easy to use.

Watch how I use El messenger pro Legacy Post friender to find targeted leads from people who interact with my posts and how easily I connect with them in just a few minutes on autopilot.

Another feature in Premium is the Broadcast and campaign features.

Other features are pipelines, Frameworks and Post engage Features.

I have used these post engage features and they are so brilliant for generating targeted leads to my offers.


El messenger pro Legacy features

The Legacy software contain more advanced features than CLM and El messenger pro premium.

You can get a 14-day free trial to try it out for yourself

In addition to the basic features of premium You get access follow up flows and Pipelines.

High Level Funnel builder with 20 funnels, integrated web page builder, chat bot builder and access to the ELM link mini funnel

There are some great over the shoulder training inside the community group that is very helpful to attend to.

You also get access to their community Facebook Group where you can connect with other members and follow weekly live training
in the group.

How toturn your messenger into a Sales machine

How to get El Messenger Pro Legacy CRM?

El messenger Pro Legacy CRM is developed by Cloudkii which is an all in one marketing system that delivers traffic, funnels, websites and email marketing systems.

Get El Messenger Pro CRM


How much can you earn with EL messenger Pro Legacy CRM?

The sky is the limit. It all depends on how much work you put into it. There are of course no guarantees that you will make anything at all because it is all up to what you can make happen.

There are some stats and testimonials, from several members who have made a full time income, increased sales and got a huge boost in their business and much more just by using and promoting this program, inside the members group.

It is not unusual for upgraded members who put some work into this to earn 10K a month or more, but this is not something you can expect if you are brand new.

Personally I got 39 new organic ELM Pro Legacies sign ups to the Free trial the first two days I became a member (see picture below)

How to start earning with ELM?

But you can start as a free affiliate and earn 25% and go on a free ELM pro Legacy free 14 day trial.

As a ELM pro Legacy member you will earn 40% and all upgrades after that you can earn up to 90% commissions.

The upgrades are Re seller and agency programs that allows you to have more personal accounts and sub accounts.

Basically there are two ways to reach the highest upgrade which is called God Mode. You can earn your way by getting customers to buy the CRM software or you can pay a higher monthly or yearly fee to become a re seller and all the bonuses and benefits that follows with these upgrades. You can find out more about it here:

How toturn your messenger into a Sales machine


Want to become an ELM partner?

Want to earn commissions by becoming an Affiliate?

This is a very lucrative affiliate program starting with 25% commissions.

If you upgrade to El messenger Pro Legacy you earn even more commissions.


Go to Affiliate in the menu to find out more and sign up as an affiliate. It is 100% free.

Affiliates with a free account get 25% commissions.

With ELM Legacy pro you get from 40-90% commissions depending on what upgrade you are on within the system.

How toturn your messenger into a Sales machine


Final thoughts

I have showed you how you can turn your Facebook profile into an organic lead generation powerhouse with ELM Messenger Pro and ELM Messenger pro Legacy CRM. And I have demonstrated one of the many features on one of my own blog posts in the video.

I have shared with you why I think building relations with messenger marketing is effective to get to know your audience better and how this will help you get more targeted leads and sales.

I use this software myself and I am very satisfied with it so far. It helps me organize and automate messages, workflows, pipelines, create funnels, web pages and much more.

I think it is a very good investment if you are building a list or already have a huge list you want to get more organized, automated and worker smarter using the built in features in this software tool.

Hope it served you well and let me know below if you have any questions about this software and do not hesitate to contact me instantly on messenger by clicking on the icon below to have a conversation and get more info.

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Let me help you get started quickly so you can start making sales

How toturn your messenger into a Sales machine

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