Freshbooks Monthly Planner

Monthly budget planner – Freshbooks Review 2020


$15.00 - Lite

Free Trial


$15 - Lite


$ 25 - Plus



  • Easy Expense tracker Saves a lot of time
  • Time tracker
  • 256 SSL certificate


  • Only in English
  • Manually fill in on balance
  • Integration issues with some programs

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Many people worry about the economy now. More than ever you need to budget. If you are like me, You want to focus on the work you love and not on billing and expenses. You want a painless budgeting and billing system. Am I right? Are you an Internet marketer, affiliate marketer, blogger, solopreneur or small business owner? Today we will look at Freshbooks monthly budget planner that promise to let you focus on your work. Managing your budget online, Tracking expenses, online payments, invoices etc. Freshbooks is all made for you who are self-employed or working from home. Sounds like a dream? We will find out together by taking a look at Freshboooks.

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Freshbook Review

I have been looking for an easy 100% web based accounting software that suits my needs. Maybe you are looking for one as well? So let us take a look together at Freshbooks today. I am currently not using Freshbooks myself, but are considering using it because I have heard many positive things about Freshbooks and how easy it is to use.

I want to review Freshbooks by these criteria:

1. Is Freshbooks user-friendly and easy to manage?

2. What is Freshbooks Support?

3. What are Freshbooks key features?

4. Is Freshbooks giving you value for the money?

5. Freshbooks time consume. Do you save time?

6. How is Freshbooks pricing table? Which pricing table should I choose?

7. Why should I buy Freshbooks? Pros

8. Are there any Freshbooks surprises?

9. What do I dislike with Freshbooks? Cons

10. Should I get Freshbooks? Is Freshbooks a smart tool for Self employed internet marketers, Affiliate marketers, Solopreneurs, Small business owners working from home?

Maybe you have some criteria as well that you want to be met so let us dig in to Freshbooks and see what we find.


Freshbooks Overview and Facts

Image: by Daily Practice for Success

After doing some research about Freshbooks this is what I found:

Owner: Mike Dermont

Founded: 2002

Website: www.fresh

Freshbooks cloud Accounting: Free trial 30 days.

Product 1: Lite :5 billable clients $15 monthly

Product 2: Plus: 50 billable clients $25 monthly

Product 3: Premium: 500 billable clients $50 monthly

Product 4: Select: 500+ billable clients – Custom pricing

Features: Invoicing, Expenses, Estimates and proposals, Time tracking, Projects, Payments, Accounting and reports, Clients, Add ons, Mobile

How to start? How easy is it to use Freshbooks?

The first thing I notice is that Freshbooks have a Free trial. I like to try a product before I buy so I sign up on the Free trial.

Just do the same and give it a judge for yourself.

As you see in the picture to the right you can sign up with Google or with your Email and password. No credit information needed. (Image by Daily Practice for Success – Print Screen of Get started sign up form)

If you sign up with Google you are directed to a dashboard where your name displays automatic and you need to add your phone, address, country and VAT number.

You will receive an email from Freshbooks with information on how to get started.

When you have done this you get three questions with a checkbox to choose if you are totally new to running a business, f you want to figure out how to run your business as you go along or if you have been running your business for a while. I click the first alternative – New to this. I am then directed to another page where I can choose between several options. Sending invoices, Tracking time, Manage expenses, Collecting payments, Accounting or Bookkeeping.

I choose to manage expenses. Then I am directed to a page with more choices: I have to answer what I am using for invoices today. You make your choice from nothing, spreadsheets or booking system. Then you need to tell them about your business.

Once you have done this you get access to the dashboard where you can start creating invoices, manage expenses and register your working hours just to mention a few. Now you are all set up and ready to go!

I used maybe 3 minutes on this process. Extraordinary quick and easy to set up.

Even my grandmother could do this so I would say from this first experience that it is in reality surprisingly user-friendly and easy to understand the starting guide.

The setup guide is only in English so you need to understand English to set it up. If you do not understand English you can get help from someone who understand. (Image: by Daily Practice for Success – Print Screen of Dashboard)

What is Freshbooks?

Freshbooks is a 100% web based budget and accounting software that let you manage your expenses online. Freshbooks is designed for you. Just let go of excel, pen and paper, spreadsheets, Excel or Worksheets you are using today. Everything is saved in a cloud and encrypted with a 256 SSL certificated security system. It is the most high security online.

The idea behind Freshbooks is to be able to manage your budgeting and accounting online anywhere you go, to save time and use valuable time on the things that matters in your business. I absolute support this Idea. It would suit me perfectly to simplify my daily tasks. What about you? Wouldn’t you love to save time doing your budget and accounting? I guess you value your time just as much as I do and prefer to use your time focusing on the main tasks in your business?

You might want to watch the Freshbooks video here to learn more.

Who is Freshbooks for? Is Freshbooks for me?

24 million people have been using Freshbooks already. Most of them are: Self employed, Small businesses, freelancers, bloggers, Solopreneurs, Working from home who wants to save time and concentrate on the work. When 24 million people have rated Freshbooks to 4,5 out of 5 I think that is a good indication on that people are content with this product. Don’t you agree?

You might want to read Freshbooks annual report here and info graphic on How do self-employed professionals work? to learn more.

Freshbooks Key Features

Rating:4,7 out of 5

Image: by Daily Practice for Success

Let us take a closer look at some features Freshbooks offers:

Time tracking: Tracks your working hours. Do you know how much time you work? Just integrate the Time Tracker with Asana, Basecamp, Trello and Teamwork. Just also record time used against a certain client if you are an online consultant or an online coach. You can actually time track your projects with a built in timer on your desktop or mobile. I think this is an unquestionable helpful feature for me. I do not have to constantly watch my clock and remember to write all down. Every day you will get a breakdown of your working hours. That is a cool feature no doubt.`You can furthermore track and bill your time.

What about your expenses? Are you good at tracking and managing them? Are you in control? I know I can be much better at it.

The expense tracker tracks all your expenses by connecting your bank account or card. Just take a picture of your receipts with your phone – add it to an expense and Freshbooks do the rest for you. At whatever time you pay tax you will have everything you need. It categorizes your expenses automatically. You will always have access via your mobile app on Android, IPhone or IPad.

Just create estimates as well. Another smart and helpful feature.

Freshbooks provide standard color coded reports.


Is Freshbooks economical?

Image: Print Screen of Freshbooks Pricing table by Daily Practice for Success

Look at the Freshbooks Pricing table. What do you think? Do you think it is expensive? I think this product is vitally affordable. And I am very happy because I can give it a try before I make a decision. I can actually start the free trial and try the product before buying. By saving 16 hours a month it is worth every dollar. Just grow your business up to 500 + billed clients if you are a consultant, coach or have clients.

As an affiliatemarketer I have expenses and affiliate income that needs to be registered. So I think Freshbooks is an economical solution for my simple daily and monthly needs.


How is Freshbook Support?

Doing my research I came to learn that Freshbooks has an award-winning support. A promise for good. Don’t you think?

They work from the philosophy of 4 E`s: Execute, Extraordinary, Experiences and Every day.

They provide many informational and tutorial videos to help you. Like this one : Say Hello to Freshbooks cloud accounting

You will get access to plenty of business tips and tools as well. From what I can see Freshbooks care about their users experiences with their product and they provide multiple ways of getting support.


Is my data safe?

Freshbook uses 256 SSL Encryption certificates. This is the most secure certificate online. It shows that they take their users data seriously and do their uttermost to protect your data.

Do you save time with Freshbooks?

Freshbooks promises Easy Invoicing as a time saver. According to Freshbooks you save 16 hours a month. That is a lot of time you can use for other tasks in your business. You can save 16 hours a month I think that is a good deal. Do you agree with me? I can use these 16 hours to do research and write my reviews instead. 191 hours a year is a lot of reviews and posts. Just think about it. What would you rather use these 191 hours on?

Freshbook Surprises

To my surprise Freshbooks have a page with Focus on entrepreneurial women Take a look here

Since I am a woman I think this information is very useful.

Free E -book from the founder. Get it here.

What does Freshbook users say?

Marina online marketer: watch here.

Nate IT specialist. Watch here.

Interviews with people: Watch here

Most users stress the fact that Tax time is less stressful after they started using Freshbooks

Freshbooks Pros

Image: by Daily Practice for Success

The Time tracker is a lovable feature where you can log your working hours and bill the time you worked. As far as I can see this is especially good for coaches, consultants etc.

The expense Tracker tracks all Spending you do. And you do not have to make an effort – Say goodbye to your spreadsheet!

Snap receipts and log them – Freshbooks take care of the rest.

There are 24 million users worldwide using Freshbooks daily. I find it reassuring that 97% of the customers are thriving with fresh books.

They have an award-winning support – and that matters. Doing my research I found out that their support is excellent. They are highly responsive, solution oriented, provide all kinds of tutorials and other reviewers have also given them a high rating. They seem to go an extra mile for their customers happiness.

The biggest pros for me is the fail- safe and the 256 SSL online certificate – The most secure online certificates.

Freshbooks Cons

Image: by Daily Practice for Success

The only reasons why you should not buy Freshbooks is because It is only in English. If you do not understand English it can be difficult for you to use the app without having someone to help you.

You have to manually snap your receipts and expenses and log them, but hey! The alternative – the old way is not better.

You need to manually fill in your balance sheet.

You need access to internet, so if you are somewhere without internet you have a problem.

According to some customers the integration with some programs can be difficult, but Freshbook support seems to try to help out with this if possible. If you have programs you want to integrate with Freshbooks I would advise to communicate with their support to find the best solution for you.

Some Android users have had issues or bugs. Not clear if it is a phone problem or a Freshbook problem. It can be many reasons for this and if you experience issues or bugs you should contact support to sort it out.


Why should you get Freshbooks?

Image: by Daily Practice for Success

I think Freshbooks is one of the best budget planner software tools for Self employed, Affiliate marketers, internet marketers, small business owners, bloggers etc.

It is easy to use it, you save an immense amount of time, you can track your expenses and manage your bills wherever you may be online. It is affordable and the features are easy to understand and to use on a daily basis.


Freshbooks versus Quickbooks

Many former quick book users who switched to Freshbooks say they find Freshbooks easier to use.
Read the comparison here. Accountants and book keepers with clients using Quickbook think accountant software is too complicated to learn according to the survey of 300 Accountants.


Freshbooks Evaluation

Image: by Daily Practice for Success

First I need to say that we are entering a decade with much more economic insecurity than we probably expected just a few months ago. Investing in a monthly budget planner could be a paramount decision you make right now. After taking a deeper look at Freshbooks monthly budget planner and starting a free trial to try the product I can say it is extremely easy to use.

I am sure that 24 million users would not use Freshbooks if they were not content with it and if there were better alternatives out there. Their support is extremely good and they are highly solution orientated and responsive to customers. This for me is of grand importance when choosing to buy a product.

If you are very into accounting or have a big business Freshbooks might not be your first choice. You would probably pick a more advanced accounting program.

But for startups, Self employed, Affiliate marketers, Solopreneurs, bloggers and small business owners this is an extraordinary tool. Freshbooks gives you time to do the work you love instead of struggling with tasks you hate. It is so secure as it can be online and the features are great. Starting and setting up your account is easy. It is economical and definitely worth the money. And you get control over your budget.

I hope this review was helpful to you!

Get Freshbooks today.

One thing before you cruise off…….

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