New OLSP bootcamp – Easier, more Quality traffic and more commissions

The New OLSP bootcamp is easier, better and generate more commissions on all levels of the system. In this article I will address some new awesome updates you can expect to find in the New OLSP bootcamp

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Affiliate disclaimer

What is OLSP?

For those of you who are new online and never heard of the OLSP traffic system before I can say it stands for One Lead System Pixel created by Wayne Crowe which basically means you are cookie d in to the system via someones OLSP Mega link and everything you do inside the system of training, upgrading and purchasing is connected to your OLSP mega link.

OLSP is basically a traffic generation training platform where you learn how to generate traffic organically and with paid traffic, build a list, email marketing, automate your sales and learn how to sell all from low tickets to high ticket products online.

OLSP have changed over the time it has been online and have now 123.000 members and growing day by day.

The system is constantly optimized. The bootcamp, the training, the offers and more are constantly improving.

Does OLSP cost anything to join?

No – it is 100% free to join and go through the bootcamp.

You actually earn money to go through the training.

The training is extremely newbie friendly.

Yes, you read correctly – You earn $20 dollars for completing a 30-40 min bootcamp

In the old version of bootcamp you did not get anything and the training was many hours.

Once you have done bootcamp you earn $27 for completing training unit 3.

I started before that was a fact and I know of no one who pays you for going through basic training

All together you earn 47 dollars for completing a free basic affiliate marketing and traffic training.

This means you have money to upgrade to become a traffic Dominator which is the first goal all who join OLSP should have.

Free Livetraining Group, Actiontakergroup and VIPgroup

Every week Wayne have a free Live training and a Q&A in the free group for people who are going through the bootcamp.

The action taker group are for OLSP dominators and they get more advanced training in the OLSP system and how to succeed with it.

What is OLSP dominator?

This is one of the features of OLSP which makes it so special.

Traffic is the blood in affiliatemarketing and Wayne have done something really special to help OLSP members get

targeted quality warm leads to dominators.

As a dominator you get warm targeted leads on a monthly basis in addition to the traffic you generate yourself.

You also get access to so many helpful tools like the lead generation tool Commission Lead machine and comment dominator features for posting on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram that will help your get quality traffic to your posts and videos.

You get access to promote the OLSP products as well so you can earn more commissions.

Normally you need to pay $97 a month to become a dominator, but if you sign up on my Mega link and complete the bootcamp I can offer you a 50% discount the first month.

Once you are inside you just ask me for the 50% off link when you want to upgrade and I will give it to you.

OLSP Dominator

VIP membership – new bonus updates

you want the full power of OLSP and get more advanced accelerator training, access to more high ticket offers, access to the VIP community, coaching and opportunities then VIP is the natural coice to make.

Every week VIP members get a DFY bonus for doing some simple daily tasks

Bonus 1: High ticket buyer bonus rotator

You get High quality Buyer leads that have proven to spend money on high ticket on your list.

This bonus rotates between VIP members so this bonus is not weekly.


Bonus 2: Hands off commissions

When VIP members do 2 essential tasks between Friday 5pm and Friday 5pm they get a hands off bonus.

Bonus 3: A personal virtual assistant for 10 hours that are trained on certain tasks to help VIP members


Start earning money today! Join the Bootcamp now!

The new OLSP bootcamp is easier, faster and you can earn money while learning.

I have never experienced an easier online affiliate program to start earning money today.

I have not heard of any other platform who pays people to go through bootcamp.

OLSP system is an amazing opportunity.

After one year using this system I can say that I think it is an amazing system well worth the money.

The system works if you follow it. And I have made good recurring commissions that is growing daily.

Wayne and his team is present every day and they always give the best value and support to their members.

You learn to do things hands on and it is perfect for all levels of marketers.

The best way to find out how it works is to stop reading my article and just jump on to the bootcamp training

See you inside!

Have any Questions? Just leave them in the comments below and I will help you out.

Feel free to share, like and connect!


  1. Thank you for the clarification on OLSP and every thing inside OLSP system works. I have completed the bootcamp already and have upgraded to Dorminator now on a monthly subscription period.

    Hilde my dear I really appreciate your daily practice.

    Peace and good will.

    1. Author

      Congrats Judith! Way to go. You are an actiontaker! Now apply what you have learned in the bootcamp. I am happy you like my daily practice.
      It is what it is. A practice and we are all responsible for practicing whatever it is that will take us to our goals and dreams.
      See you inside the dominators! Look forward to connect more with you!

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