New Wealthy Affiliate program Updates for 2023 give new Affiliate marketers free domain and higher commissions

New online? Looking to learn affiliatemarketing and a good affiliate program to join where you earn good commissions?In this article New Wealthy Affiliate program Updates for 2023 give new Affiliate marketers free domain and higher commissions I will give you the latest updates on how New affiliate marketers online can benefit from becoming a member and build a business online

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The Old Wealthy Affiliate program

Since I joined Wealthy Affiliate in February 2020 The platform have gone through a lot of changes for the better.

I wrote several posts about Wealthy Affiliate that will give you insight into the old platform and my personal  experiences with this platform.

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New Wealthy Affiliate program

The new Wealthy Affiliate is preparing for the Future in Affiliate marketing and have made a lot of significant changes from  2020 until 2022.

The latest changes is preparing Wealthy Affiliate for what is coming in 2023 and beyond and will probably just be another update in many others to come.

The new changes in Wealthy Affiliate  will benefit people who are looking to learn about affiliate marketing and how to create an affiliate marketing business as you will find out if you continue reading.

Now let me take you on a tour  into the new changes to see how this will benefit you as an affiliate marketer.

Major Changes in New Wealthy Affiliate program

There are some significant changes in the new updates.

1. New Wealthy Affiliate Homepage

2. The Wealthy Affiliate 7 day free trial  action taker bonus is removed

3. New membership features are introduced

4. Free Domains are included in all membership levels

5.Videoblogs are introduced

6. Higher Commissions for affiliates

7. Full access to community on all levels

New Wealthy Affiliate Homepage

The biggest changes to the homepage is that it now focuses on what you can achieve by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

You can turn your dreams, interests and passions into a full time business.

You can check it out here

New Wealthy Affiliate Program Free trial

It will be much easier for a new starter on the free trial to know where to begin and what actions to take with the new dashboard in the free trial.

It is more clear what is inside the free trial and what is for paying members.

It is still a 7 days Free trial, but the action bonus is gone and you will still have access to the community after the 7 days.

Before you lost all the communication with the community after 7 days so the new changes is in my eyes a better solution.

Free domains on All New Wealthy Affiliate programs

All the Programs in Wealthy Affiliate will now offer Free Domains

Free trial 

On the Free trial you get a Free Siterubix domain

New Wealthy Affiliate Program Premium membership

The new thing in the Premium is that you get a free domain

New Wealthy Affiliate Program Premium Plus membership

The new feature in Premium plus is you get two domains for free

New Videoblogging Feature in New Wealthy Affiliate Program

Videoblog #1 Message from Kyle

The new Videoblogs will be rolled out over time starting with videoblogs from the founders Kyle and Carson and will over time according to kyle be expanded to include other members as well. Exactly how this will roll out is not officially clear yet.

Higher Commissions For Wealthy Affiliates

One great thing with the New Wealthy Affiliate program is that the Affiliate commissions goes up now.

As an affiliate you can earn 2,5 times more in commissions on first upgrades.

This will clearly be a huge benefit for new and existing affiliates

Want to start a business online?

Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform to start your online Journey on and build a solid platform online.

I started at Wealthy Affiliate in 2020 and I am still a member because of the immemse value and the awesome community.

Since I started with Wealthy Affiliate I have earned thousands in commissions online from what I learned here

Go here to start your Free trial

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