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  • Easy and short training
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  • Only in English

In my article OLSP Academy Review – Affilate marketing made simple and profitable I will take a closer look at the New OLSP academy where beginners actually make commissions from the start and build an online business at a very low cost without a website

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Simple Affiliate marketing

Most affiliate marketers are told to build a website where they can blog about their affiliate partners and products.

Building a website that will sell your products is not easy and often takes time before you get any results.

I think everyone who started online have dreamt about finding a more simple and profitable way of doing affiliate marketing from the start.

A platform and a system that is easy to learn, easy to execute and easy to get results from is just a dream for many affiliate marketers out there until now.

OLSP Academy is the new face of the old OLSP System and have simplified their system so everyone who goes through their training and follow it will earn commissions faster and without having a website and a lot of other stuff you normally are told you need to do in affiliate marketing. All you need is one OLSP Mega link and a Facebook profile

Sounds to good to be true? Let me show you that it is true. I will take you inside the new OLSP academy and you will see and judge for yourself. I am a VIP OLSP member so I am not completely unbiased, but I will try to do my best to give you an unbiased review of the New OLSP Academy as I can. I will look at the pros and the cons with this system.

Welcome to the weekly OLSP Academy Live training

This is where the magic happens and this is where most of the beginners start.

You may have got an invitation already to an OLSP live training or seen a post online with the OLSP Live training

If you have not experienced an OLSP Livetraining yet you can sign up to the Free Live training area here and now.

It is very easy

Simplicity is often something many affiliate marketing beginners are looking for.

Most affiliate marketing beginners normally do not want to buy a lot of  complicated tools and software before they know it will work for them and will give them some real value.

Most beginners just want to earn commissions fast.

I remember my first commission of 1 dollar and I was in heaven because I knew if I could earn 1 dollar I could earn much more. Do you remember your first commission?

But the reality in affiliate marketing is that it takes time to get regular recurring commissions.

And if you are new, You do not want to go through massive intensive training for days and weeks or months before something happens.

Statistics show that only one out of 10 Normally proceed to the next level in normal affiliate systems because they feel it is too complicated or time consuming. Well the OLSP academy decided to do something with this problem.

OLSP Academy Commissions
OLSP Academy Commissions

It is designed for you to get commissions fast

Getting commissions is motivating. It will urge you to do that little extra.

Wayne Crowe discovered that if he gave people a chance to see results faster then they would be more likely to be motivated to learn more and earn more.

He has made the training for beginners really short, simple and profitable.

When people see results fast they will trust you faster and in affiliate marketing it is all about the know, like and trust factor when it comes to making sales. Especially High ticket sales.

Done for you System

All you need to start making commissions with the OLSP system is a Facebook profile and the OLSP megalink that you will get when you sign up as a free foundation member in the OLSP academy.

OLSP Academy Traffic
OLSP Academy Traffic

Foundation Member

When you sign up to the free OLSP group you become a foundation member and you get access to the OLSP Academy training. In olsp there are 130.000 members at the moment and the number is still growing.

The OLSP Academy training  Unit 1 consists of 3 short Videos
As a foundation member you will be introduced to the weekly Live training and group and you will recieve an OLSP guide who will help you on your journey.

In the academy training Unit 2 you will be introduced to the different commission levels and you will recieve your megalink and you will learn about the OLSP dominator training and how the OLSP system works and how to progress and earn commissions. You are also introduced to comment Domination and Comment Domination Pro as well as other OLSP products and affiliatelinks.

Unit 3 unlocks the commission generator and replays for earlier Live trainings as well as giving you an overview over

FB Lives and Webinars commissions
OLSP Accelerator commissions
OLSP TD Pages (recurring) commissions
Mega Funnel commissions
OLSP VIP Lifetime Access commissions
OLSP VIP One-Year Access commissions
OLSP Dominator (recurring) commissions
All other product releases commissions

So as a foundation member you can earn commissions without having to invest anything.

Many beginners start here and are making their first commissions.

Unit 4 unlocks the training and tools for setting up your affiliate marketing business

Unit 5 unlocks the training on how to automate your affiliate marketing business

I have been through the old OLSP training and the new one as well and the new training has been cut down to the point so much that only what you need to do to get results are left. It is a huge improvement and I think this training will be gamechanging for beginners especially.

But as with all make money online systems there are opportunities for actiontakers and high performance achievers too.


Make your Megalink sing as an OLSP Dominator

To earn more commissions you can become an OLSP dominator. Currently there are over 5000 dominators in OLSP and this number will grow as people are taking action and see the value of becoming a dominator. You just need to make the jump.


As a dominator you get massive commission increases.

All dominators get a two tier commission and dominator upgrade commissions.

You get access to comission generator and Comment Dominator Pro for free.

You get a coaching call for free and access to tracking your links

Access to the Action Takers group and weekly training

Access to the OLSP dominator group and training

Weekly Q&A for actiontakers and dominators

Access to Bonuses you can give your leads

Many dominators are making real good commissions. But if you are one of those High performance achievers who want tha little extra edge and more training and coaching and higher commissions you can jump into the VIP membership training

OLSP Academy Free training
OLSP Academy Free training

VIP training

I am not going deep into this in this article, but at the time being around 140 people are a part of the OLSP VIP group.

Access to more advanced  training

Access to Weekly master mind with Wayne

More commissions

DFY commissions

Challenges and much more

What is not so good about the OLSP Academy?

No systems are perfect. There are always something that are not so good and can be improved.

However if I should point my finger at something it must be that the training is currently in English only as far as I know.

I know the OLSP team is working on it.

OLSP Academy Tools
OLSP Academy Tools


Final conclusion

OLSP academy is a great program for beginners because it is free to start, easy to go through the training and all the hard work of testing traffic sources, squeezepages, emails and afiliate products are done for you.

You get a step by step gameplan to follow that give results if you do exactly what the training show you to do.

There are a lot of proofs that this system helps beginners generate leads and commissions much faster than they would do on their own.

As I mentioned above there is little to put the finger on except that the training is for the time being only in English.





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