OptimizePress for low budget startups Review

$17 Monthly






  • Easy to use
  • Mobile friendly
  • Membershipsites


  • No free trial
  • Not recently updated You Tube Tutorials and tips

Do you need a great tool to get your Freebie out there, but do not have a big budget? Then I will show you a good freebie funnel platform solution I know will work well for you. In this OptimizePress for startups review I want to share with you how to start, the features, the benefits and the cons about this platform.

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Why create a Freebie funnel?

In my recent reviews I have talked a lot about listbuilding tools and funnel tools and In this OptimizePress for startups review I need to start talking about why you need a good platform for your freebie funnel.

After I learned how to create my own Freebie I needed to get it out to people who want my Freebie. I needed a system where I could upload my Freebie so my audience could download it and I could connect them to my Email list. I needed a platform where I could create, publish and follow up.

So I started to search for good platforms that could suit me well. I needed to make an overview over functions I wanted the platform to do. This is how I found OptimizePress for low budget startups.

I also know that several influencers and top marketers recommend this platform as well for marketing your stuff and as a great start platform.



What is a Freebie funnel system?

You know, every time you see a Freebie online, you need to fill in a contact form with your email to be able to download it, right? I am sure you have done that a number of times yourself. That is normally the first part of a long freebie funnel system.

5 essential elements you need when creating a funnel

1. For startups I recommend creating a wordpress website because it is optimized for OptimizePress. You need a website to promote your freebie from. A website is a must for any Affiliate marketer.

If you do not have a website already, I recommend you to get one.

I use Wealthy Affiliate hosting because I can host up to 50 websites if I want and it is a great platform to host your site and you get tons of training, a SEO tool and SEO training and a super active community with marketers on all levels. Not many website hosts can offer this.

2. Then you need a Call to action on a contact form or Landingpage and a link where your audience can download the Freebie, Right?

3. Now you need an email provider or an autoresponder There are tons of email providers and responders out there. You need to pick one that fills your needs. Take a look at some alternatives I have listed at the end of this post.

4. Then you need to create a contact form and a connected email list. All top marketers say the same – Your money is in your list. Listbuilding is an essential part of affiliatemarketing. You need an audience to give your freebie to, right?

5. When people subscribe to your contact form, you send them to a thank you page with the link to your Freebie inside or you could create a longer funnel and send them to a landing page where they can get additional value and upload your Freebie.

In addition to this you need to create Follow up emails to your list and sales pages, payment processors and much more.

There are many ways to do this and many systems you can use to do this, but today I want to share with you my Optimize press for low budget startups review where I want to share some of my insight to what this platform can offer you. I do not use OptimizePress myself and I am not yet an affiliate so this review will only give you a quick overview and some helpful information about the platform.

What is OptimizePress?

Video OptimizePress


Getting started

OptimizePress is a Marketing strategy tool with a optin form builder, funnel builder and a landing page builder, salespage builder and a payment checkout builder created for wordpress sites.

Who is OptimizePress for?

OptimizePress is perfect for startups who wants to grow and have a low budget to start with. It is for all types of marketers, small business owners, bloggers and content creators out there. It is a code free platform and therefore superb for non techies who wants to create a funnel fast, easy and cheap.

How to get started with OptimizePress?


Go to OptimizePress.com and create an account. There is not a free trial, but the Starter plan only cost $17 a month and you have a 30-day money back Guarantee.

What Email provider works best with Optimize press?

When it comes to integration, there is a whole list of Email providers that works well with OptimizePress. Personally I use Mailpoet and Aweber because I love their easy to set up contact forms, but Getresponse is a good alternative too. In my

Top 10 Guide – How to create a Newsletter for free you will find a list of email providers to choose between.

Now let us take a look at some OptimizePress features like the Optimizebuilder, Optinforms and templates.


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4. Get Response All in One Marketing tool

5. How to build a landing page with Mailpoet and Elementor


With the optimize builder it is extremely easy to build landing pages.


Optin Forms

Optimize Press Optin forms are easy to create and takes only a few clicks and you are done.




What is cool about the templates in OptimizePress is that they are tested for conversion. They offer more than 250 templates that are optimized for conversions.

Webinar templates



Are just a few options they offer.

Membership sites

This is an awesome feature that Optimize Press offers their customers. I have the impression that they are really good on membersites. Membership sites are a great way to build a team, community, tribe, training platform or whatever you want to call it. In my view this is a valuable feature for marketers.

I found this video on OptimizePress You Tube channel you can watch:

How to add your freebie to a delivery page?

This is a question I know many startups wonder about after they have created their freebie. I know I did. And I often get asked. How do I add my freebie to my website? How can my customers download it from my website.?

Well here you will see how easy it is with OptimizePress.:



Checkouts and Payments

You do not need a Payment service to offer a freebie, but you might have other offers in your funnel that require a checkout and payment service. OptimizePress use Stripe which is one of the most reliable and secure payment tools online. You will also find a Video tutorial on how to set up stripe.

Customer happiness

According to G2, OptimizePress get 3,9 out of 5 stars based on 24 reviews.

Customers think the new updates to OptimizePress are awesome and much more up to date than before.

Easy to use, affordable, mobile friendly and good support are words users are saying about this platform which is the impression I get as well.


Do OptimizePress have an Affiliate program?

Yes they do have an Affiliate program. You need to make an application to get approved. Customers will be prioritized to become affiliates.

Now let me sum up for you some features I like about OptimizePress and some features I am not so content with.

The Good

You can basically do everything in the Optimize Press Platform.

OptimizePress is GDPR ready.

The platform is Mobile responsive and that is very important

The Membership Element is a huge plus. They offer great membership sites and solutions.

I like that OptimizePress have a Facebook button and a Secure payment service.

Another great feature I like with OptimizePress is the Audioplayer.

Integration are very good and that is also a major plus.

And it is a Low cost platform for beginners which is a major plus.

The platform definitely offer a lot of value and great features for marketing purposes.

There is no platform out there without any flaws so what are not so good about this platform?

The Cons

All platforms usually have a few drawbacks and Optimize Press is no exception here. This is what I think are the major drawbacks with the platform.

They do not offer you a free trial, but when that is said you can start at a very low cost which is good.

I did not find any recently updated Videos on their You Tube Channel. For me that is a drawback because I like to watch video tutorials and tips when I start a new program.

I believe it will engage more people to watch if the videos are new. The alternative is to look at Affiliate partner videos that is more updated.

Alternatives to OptimizePress

The Alternatives to OptimizePress are Clickfunnels, Getresponse, Elementor and Funnelmates just to mention a few. Note that all of these alternatives are built for performing different tasks and goals. So knowing what your goal is makes it easier to choose what platform suits for you.

Final thoughts

I have not used OptimizePress myself yet, but I would say OptimizePress is definitely a platform suitable for small businesses and wordpress sites. It is definitely a platform I would consider using myself.

The new updates on the platform are great, modern, mobile responsive and affordable. Customer happiness are high. It is mainly built to design landing pages, but you can do a lot more with this platform like membership sites.

I think it is a great platform for startups as well as top marketers who are looking for a good platform and good and flexible support. There is no free trial, but nevertheless worth the money.


  1. Just the article I needed. I am looking for a good sales funnel that is affordable. I have heard of clickfunnels, groove funnels and many others.

     Is optimizepress long in the market or relatively new?

    Is optimizepress easy to use? Reason asking there no trail period and do not want to waste my money on a product that is not easy to use.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Author

      Hi Bernard! Thank you for the questions. I will do my best to give you a helpful answer.

      Optimizepress is definitely affordable and easy to set up and use. You get good tutorials and Videos once you sign up.  You are in good hands as they are very professional and help you along the way. Really good support.

      I have started to use this platform myself now after I wrote this review because It have everything I need at an affordable price and good integrations. 

      Optimizepress have been long in the market and many Top marketers use this platform. 

      Just recently I attended a  Free webinar with  Clickbank Millionaire John Thornhill where he said that he is using this platform for his business and have done so for years. 

      I hope I answered your question. If you have any other questions please let me know!

  2. Hi Hilde!

    Thank you for sharing with us what OptimizePress is. I have never heard of this and had no idea on what it is until I’ve read your article. It is good for people, who are starting their own online business, which is a lot people, due to the pandemic. It is good to know the Pros and the Cons of this service to know what to expect and make the decision on whether we would like to invest in the service. 

    Thank you for sharing this article with us and I wish you the best in life!

    1. Author

      Hi Amzy! Since I wrote the blogpost I have invested in Optimizepress myself because I think it was very affordable and a good solution for my wordpress sites. I can now say that the training inside optimizepress is awesome and support is superb. There are so many possibilities with wordpress. Creating landongpages, OPtins, Thank you pages. All done for you templates, Funnels and Membersites. Yes, This was really worth the money.

  3. I have used the free version of Elementor. And there are things I like and don’t like about it. A friend suggested that I should try OptimizePress. And that is why I am here researching. I wish OptimizePress had a free trial. But with all I read about it on your post, I think the low entry level is worth it. Thanks for your review.

    1. Author

      Hi Ann! Both Elmentor and Optimizepress are good products. 

      I think optimizepress offers great support and tutorials as well as super templates and functionalities.

      Optimizepress is an affordable solution for most marketers.

      You will also save on going Yearly.

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