OptinMonster Review - The Top of the cream Opt in Solution

OptinMonster Review – The Top of The Cream Opt In Solution


$9.00 monthly for Basic - Billed Yearly








  • Easy to use
  • Top Integration
  • Cost effective


  • Monsterlinks can be tricky
  • Should have better web style matching
  • Should have More options for customizing

Want your customers to come back, to get a lower bounce rate, more traffic and more subscribers? Having a good opt in on your website helps a lot. Did you know that between 70 to 90% of your visitors will never come back unless you have an opt in that can catch them there and then and make them somehow return to your amazing website? In this post I am going to review OptinMonster one of the top of the cream opt in solutions to generate more leads.

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In my previous posts I have written about How to create a free newsletter and How to build a list with a content Locker. It is only natural to take a closer look at some email providers and solutions I have presented for you. As your websites grows and you get more traffic this will definitely be a good idea to try out the OptinMonster opt ins.

OptinMonster is definitely a Top of the cream solution I want to look at. I do not use OptinMonster yet, but I am seriously planning to do so on at least one of my websites if not all. Except from the fact that I am an affiliate of this product I have not used it. I will try my best to give you an honest and unbiased review based on the information I have found through my research. I will share all this information in this review with you.

OptinMonster Review

OptinMonster is a leading people oriented company with integrity who give the users a good experience and pay attention to the details and making things simple for their customers.

Website – www.optinmonster.com

Vision: To help businesses grow their customer base and revenue.

Founded: 2013 now 1 Million+ sites use OptinMonster

Founder/President: Thomas Griffin

Founder/Strategic Adviser: Syed Balkhi


Basic: $9 a month billed annually – Get it here

Plus: $19 a month billed annually – Get it here

Pro: $29 a month billed annually – Get it here

Growth:$49 a month billed annually – Get it here

University:Learn how to attract customers – Start here

Affiliate Program – Apply here

Features: Content locker, Lightbox pop up, Exit intent technology, Full screen welcome mat, Floating bar, Inline Forms, A/B testing, Conversion Analytics, Yes/No forms, Onsite re targeting, Monsterlinks, Monstereffects, Page level targeting, Geo location Targeting, On site follow up campaigns, Inactivity sensor

In this review I will not focus on the affiliate program and the university only the OptinMonster features and questions you might have regarding this solution.

What is OptinMonster?

Shortly told OptinMonster is a lead generating Opt in Solution you can add to your website to make people return to your website, generate leads, more subscribers and sales.

Why OptinMonster?

These solutions are designed to generate more leads, subscribers and make people return to your website. This is exactly what every website owner wants. Don't you? Many Large famous companies are using OptinMonster just for this reason alone.

Secondly, What is great about OptinMonster is that it is also designed to work with almost all email providers, websites. The versatility of OptinMonster is simply amazing. It integrates easily with all websites and e-commerce platforms.

That is why I call OptinMonster one of the Top Creme opt in Solutions.

Who can use OptinMonster?

Everyone with a mail provider, web shop and a website can use OptinMonster to get more visitors, subscribers and sales.


OptinMonster Features

Content locker – This is a fantastic feature for marketers. You can make your own content gate. Your Quality content can only be opened if the visitor make certain actions to get it. Take a look at the video and judge for yourself here.

You might also want to read my article How to build a list with a content Locker

Lightbox pop up: Allows you to generate targeted messages and popups which will increase your conversions according to OptinMonster. You can choose from OptinMonsters converting templates or make your own easily by using the drag and drop builder. You can make all types of campaign pop ups and specify target for every campaign and create amazing campaign triggers and add seamless integration. You will get invaluable in depth insights in every action with the real time behavior. This, In my opinion, can be very valuable information to you. Watch the video here

Exit intent technology; When OptinMonster notice a visitor intends to leave your site it can detect your behavior and take action on it by using scrolling triggers, magnets, invitations and opt ins, just to mention some. Trying to catch the visitor who intends to leave your site. This feature is said to capture up to 4% more visitors and up to 600% more subscribers which is a lot.

Full screen welcome mat: An initial targeted call to action as soon as the visitors come to your website. See Video here.

Floating bar: Allows you to create a sticky campaign to your website. See Video here.

Inline Forms: These are targeted actions towards your engaged visitors. Watch the video here.

A/B testing: If you are doing campaigns this is an amazing feature to test your campaigns and what works or not. Watch the video here.

Conversion Analytics: For a marketer, E commerce and any business online the statistics are incredibly important. OptinMonster provides a unique conversion analytic tool so you get the most valuable information you need to proceed and grow your business. Watch the video here.

Yes/No forms; This is another way of presenting targeted offers, discounts, information and much more to your customers.

Onsite re targeting: This feature make sure that your visitor never get the same targeting offer. This way your visitor feel it is more exciting to stay on your website because there is always something new and exciting offers or actions going on there. Watch the video here

Monsterlinks. Want a 785% increase conversion? Then Monsterlinks are something to consider. Monsterlinks are according to OptinMonster proven to increase conversion with 785%. Who does not want that? Find out more about Monsterlinks in this video.

Monstereffects: Did you know that animation and sound effects can increase conversion? Used in the proper manner of course. That is what Monstereffects is all about. Using Animations and sounds to get attention from your visitors. See how in this video here.

Page level targeting: This is a very interesting and smart feature. Did you know that OptinMonster can analyze your behavior online based on your interactions? See how here.

Geo location Targeting: This feature allows you to show your visitors the most relevant offers for them based on Geo Location. If a visitor from India and a visitor from Norway visit your website their preferences will most likely be very different. That is why this feature is so great. You can offer them what is relevant for them based on interests and Geo location. See more here

On site follow up campaigns: When a visitor engages in your content this feature allows you to give them a second chance offer. Since most visitors need to see an offer plenty of times before taking action this feature allows you to remind your visitor about a new product, new lesson, webinar, discount, campaign or anything you would like them to take action on.

Inactivity sensor:This feature is especially good for mobile users. 80% of Mobile users never complete a sale according to statistics. So this feature focus especially on capturing your mobile users. After 5 seconds of inactivity your, visitor get a targeted offer on a message. This is said to be highly effective and increase subscribers with up to 600%.

What does the users say?

I have read through al the reviews on G2 and Trustpilot where users can have their say.

G2: According to G2 OptinMonster have been a leader this summer. 60% of the reviews on G2 rated OptinMonster with 5 stars out of 5 which is pretty good. There were 24 reviews.


Trustpilot: According to 27 reviews on Trustpilot: 74% thought of it as excellent and rated OptinMonster to a 3,7

The good benefits

G2: Words like easy to use, robust, supreme support, intuitive, easy to use, fabulous statistics, fun, affordable, fantastic in driving leads, cost effective.

Trustpilot: Worth the money, helpful support, user-friendly, great optimization choices, awesome, amazing customer service, flawless user interface, easy to integrate, great tool, great value, the best thing we did for our business,

The bad downsides

G2: Words like: More options to customizing, Monsterlinks can be difficult to configure, better web style matching, a bit technical

Trustpilot: Terrible customer service

Should you get OptinMonster?

I can not make the decision for you. I have provided you with some good information about OptinMonster so you can decide for yourself. Would I recommend you to use OptinMonster? Oh Yeah! I sure would. I think this is an excellent and Top Cream opt in builder for any business who wants to increase subscribers, conversions and sales.


Get OptinMonster Now!

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  1. Wow! This can really be the very best way to getting to the next level for my website. I actually value the Information you are providing here and it makes quite a lot of sense to be honest. Being able to focus on delivering the very best in line of leads and traffic generation is something I value a lot. I am definitely going to use Optinmonster on my website.

    1. Author

      Hello Nath! Happy you found a useful tool to help you get more traffic and leads. Optinmonster is a great choice! Go for it!

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