Pinbank Insider Review for Affiliate marketers – Stay Ahead of the competition and trends

Did you know Pinterest Social Media Platform have 479 million users and are a growing platform? How to make money with Pinterest? How to stay on Top of trends and competition? In this Pinbank Insider Review for Affiliate marketers I will show you a tool that will help you stay ahead of the competition and ahead of trends on Pinterest.

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Watch the Video here:

Pinbank Insider Review for Affiliate marketers - Stay Ahead of the competition and trends



✅ Staying Ahead of Competition

✅ Staying on top of Trends

✅ Smart Keyword Search with Top performing Keywords

✅ More Traffic and leads

✅ Bigger Email list

✅ Extra bonuses within the system

✅ Easy to follow Tutorials

✅ Simple Blueprint to follow

✅ Newbie Friendly

✅ Increased earnings

✅ Personal and commercial use


✅ Costs money, but affordable

✅ Brand New Software

What is Pinbank?

Pinbank is a cloud based traffic automation tool designed to grow traffic, leads and sales on Pinterest.

Personal or Commercial Use?

You can choose to make a personal account or a commercial account or both. The commercial Package will let you create 10 Clients accounts that You can use for Commercial use and actually be able to earn a full time Income with this tool.

How to start with Pinbank?

It is easy and affordable to start. The Software is extremely User Friendly and Newbie Friendly.

You need to start with creating a Pinbank Account.

When you log in to Pinbank you go to the menu and choose the offer you Purchased and then you will be Guided on what to do through Videos and training and the step by step blueprint Guidebook.

How Does Pinbank Work?

Pinbank have a smart Keyword search finder and Trend finder that will always give you the top trending keywords and niches on Pinterest and much more. This is really a goldmine for any Pinterest marketer to use to be able to stay on top of trends and competition. It also Offers DFY Templates for ecom pages and blogs.

Pinbank Bonuses

Bonus 1: 100+ Page Blueprint

Bonus 2: DFY page templates

Bonus 3: Pin Templates

Pinbank Upgrades

If you want to upgrade from a personal user or the commercial user there are several upgrades

Frontend : Pinbank Personal/ Commercial Use Software and training

Pinbank OTO 2 – DFY Suite PRO – $67 / $37: This upgrade will give you DFY Pinterest Setup

Pinbank OTO 2 – Affiliate Marketing Pro – $47 /$27: This upgrade will give you advanced training and strategies and an over the shoulder training.

Pinbank OTO 3 – Limitless Traffic + DFY Blogs – $97 : This upgrade will give you 35 DFY websites and traffic service training.

Pinbank OTO 4 – AGENCY – $97: This upgrades is designed for freelancers who wants to sell pinbank as their own service

Pinbank VIP: This upgrade will give you access to a VIP group and more advanced training

Pinbank OTO 1 Kateryna: This upgrade will give you coaching 1-1 with Kateryna

Final thoughts

In this Pinbank Insider Review for Affiliate marketers – Stay Ahead of the competition and trends I have given you a peak inside of what you get in my Video and how this software works. It is easy to see that this brand new tool will give you many advantages as an affiliatemarketer. This tool is so new that I cannot find any flaws with it the short time I have been using it.

I think Kateryna and Demetris have done a great job putting together this tool that I am sure will help many marketers to succeed with Pinterest smarter, faster and easier.

Beta Testers and clients who uses it I have tested the Keyword tool and trends tools and they have proved to increase all results for each one of them.

If you are thinking of starting with Pinterest or just want to increase your already Pinterest results then this tool is the best you can find on the market now.

If you have any Questions please leave them in the comments and I will get right back at you. Follow us on pinterest here.

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  1. Great article about this system! In my personal opinion, would work as the opposite of a SEO, looking up for keywords of our interest! And the price is something that´s really affordable, one might think it would cost much more, but actually find it really catchy! I shall definitely help me in my new business.

    Thanks for the info!

    1. Author

      Hi Johnny! Great to hear! This is Pinterest SEO that target trending high traffic Keywords combined with Demetris tool for extracting the highest performing ones.  It works very well for Pinterest and this tool and blueprint  is just amazing. The best I have tried until now. I agree with you that Pinbank is very affordable.

  2. Your website is very impressive and filled with lots of affiliate links.  There is so much to read and learn and interesting information.  Just wondering if there is a trial version before you buy. I never thought of using Pinterest to sell my products so I may be interested in learning.  I just started direct sales and I still trying to learn how to make a website.  I like your website layout.  Good Job

    1. Author

      Hi Sara! Good question!  there is no trial, but you have a 30 day Money back guarantee. If you go for the commercial lisence you get an awesome opportunity to have full agency rights for 10 clients which can be a great income and testimonial for you. 

    1. Author

      You are welcome! Let me know if you have any questions

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