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Are you using Pinterest and have no idea how to market your business and get conversions with Pinterest? Today I will share with you the best Pinterest business tools any pinner should know about that will help you know how to market your business, get more conversions and make your business more visible.

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What is Pinterest?

If you have just started your business online and are looking for a powerful way to market your business or if you have a business already and wonder how you can market and grow your business Pinterest is a marvelous tool to take your business to a new level.

Pinterest is shortly told a visual discovery search engine created to inspire and help people to be creative and become action takers in their own lives whether it is starting a business, finding a travel destination, planning a wedding, finding a new hobby or shop the latest trends.

You might want to read my recently Pinterest review here to find out more.

Pinteresting stats

Three hundred and sixty-seven million users were on Pinterest monthly first quarter of 2020. That is 367 million users just waiting to discover your blog, website, product or service. Staggering numbers indeed.

According to Sprout Social 28% of marketers are using Pinterest. 80% of the users access the platform via mobile and by the end of 2020 Pinterest ad revenue is set to hit 1 billion.

How to market your business with Pinterest and get results

Most business pinners have no idea about all the possibilities they have at their hands. You can read more about how to market your business with Pinterest here.

Any business big or small have one agenda or goal: to sell their products to earn money. No businesses work for free.

On Pinterest you sell ideas, inspiration, helpful tips, guides, Value, and blueprints. You help your customer to find a valuable and helpful product.

Pinterest business tools

Marketing is so much easier if you have the right tools. A carpenter, plumber, painter or baker would never go to work without his toolbox. You cannot knit a jumper without the right sticks and Yarn. You can not write without having a writing tool. You probably got my point by now. Pinterest is a tool that will help you become visible through a combination of visuals, SEO and search. By becoming more visible you will get more traffic to your website or service, reach new markets and eventually get new customers.

Pinterest toolbox

It is always difficult if you do not have the right tools. You will struggle with getting the results and you will probably say – this tool does not work because you just did not understand it or invested time and effort into getting the tools that could have made the whole difference for your business.

I used to think Pinterest was totally useless. I had no results on Pinterest and I had no Idea what so ever how it worked. I never got my head around why some people could make a fortune with Pinterest. Sounds familiar?

I am sure you have thought the same thought. Here is what changed my mind: One day I said to myself that I would try to get it. I wanted to understand Pinterest. I wanted to figure out if it was me or Pinterest who was failing.

I came to the conclusion that I had totally misunderstood what Pinterest was all about and how to use Pinterest properly. That said I am still learning new things about Pinterest every day and gain a lot of insight.

To help you get started for real with Pinterest and to get results I have made a toolbox for you based on my insights. It is totally up to you if you want to use it, but if you choose to make use of my toolbox I can guarantee that you will see results.

Just by using these tools one of my pins got 2,3K views in just a few days. Now the pin is viewed even more times. I was so shocked that I wrote about it on my Wealthy Affiliate blog where I am documenting my progress. The blog post is called Are you pinterested? My Pin got 2,3K views in two days.

Here is what I did and you can do it too – My Pinterest toolbox

* Affiliatedisclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links which means that I will make a commission at no extra cost to you should you click through and make a purchase.

Third party disclaimer: We are not legally responsible for what happens when you click on third party links because have no control over third parties websites, content, functionality or security and can not be held responsible for any technical or other damage to your device such as computer, mobile or tablet used when clicking on a link to connect to other platforms, download material, install, modify or distribute any material, software or other.


1. Create a business account on Pinterest. Connected your website to Pinterest. Follow the Pinterest set up of your business account. Pinterest have a lot of information, tutorials and guides to how you can start pinning, creating pins etc. But the most important tool is the search field. I will tell you why in a moment.

2. Sign up for Tailwind for Pinterest which is the official partner of Pinterest. Tailwind is great because Tailwind have a unique hashtagfinder, auto posting and scheduler. Read my review to find out more about Tailwind here. A great Pinterest planner.

3. Sign up to Jaaxy – the worlds most advanced Keyword search engine with 99,7% coverage. I will tell you why in a moment.

4. Sign up to Canva. Canva is a great tool for creating high quality pins, images etc.

5. Sign up to Promorepublic Another great tool to create, plan and post to social media.

5. Use Google search. Google is the worlds largest search engine and a valuable tool for your Pinterest marketing.

6. Pinterest Analytics. I will tell you more about this in a moment.

7. Create a Google Analytics account. I will give you more info about this in a moment.

8. Sign up to Sprout Social which is an Official Pinterest marketing Partner is a valuable marketing tool providing statistics

9. Pinterest Ads

10. Read books on how to grow on Pinterest. Books are great tools. Get my Pinterest booklist at the end of this post.

How to use the Pinterest business tools

It is important that you follow the setup of your account and follow the suggestions Pinterest give you while setting up your account. To create a business account you need to first create a regular account and then upgrade it to a business account.

Watch the pinterest tutorials. The video tutorials are very short and point on. It does not take long time. Another thing you should learn from the start is Pinterest best practices.

The Pinterest Search field

The Pinterest search field have two billion monthly searches! Is that mind blowing or just extremely mind blowing?

Did you know that? Two billion! Let it sink in for a moment.

The search field is the most important tool. When you create boards, pins or search you use this field. I will try to show you why the search field is so important for you.

(Photo: Print screen of my Pinterest search field)

You can see on the picture that I have added a word into the search field – “Pinterest.” So when you are making a board or a pin you can get the most searched terms. In this case searching for Pinterest will give me these terms:

The Pinterest search field contain 3 fields

1. Terms and categories containing the searched word.

2. Boards containing the searched word.

3. Accounts containing the searched word

Red Hooks – Branded accounts, terms, boards

So this is what you see when you search for Pinterest:

Pinterest with a red hook on: it means these are Pinterests own boards. Pinterest, Pinterest Brasil, Pinterest Mexico all have a red hook.

The first part of the search field are search terms and categories that are popular. Pinterest, Pinterest logo, Pinterest logo aesthetic, Pinterest marketing, Pinterest board/ideas, Pinterest wallpaper, Pinterest Outfits, Pinterest failures hilarious.

The second part is boards that contain the search term : Pinterest tips

The third part is accounts containing the search term: Pinterest, Pinterest Brasil, Pinterest Mexico

The search field is important because you can easily find out what search terms, boards and accounts that are using a certain keyword.

Why is the Pinterest search field important?

Pinners are using this search field when they are using Pinterest for inspiration, helpful tips or just for curiosity.

Business Pinners are using this field to create catching headlines and descriptions for their pins that are searchable so they can generate more trafficand reach more customers.

So when you are creating a pin – Remember The Pinterest Keyword search tool is a very important tool.

Jaaxy Keyword search engine

Jaaxy is my favorite tool for finding the best keywords for my pins. The reason for this is that it covers 99,7% of all searches on most of the search engines in the world. Jaaxy is not an official Pinterest partner. Jaaxy gives you search engine marketing training on how you search and find the best keywords for you pins, headlines, descriptions and ads. Jaaxy also have an affiliate program that you can earn money on if you want to. In addition to that you get access to 10 free online entrepreneur lessons and 10 free affiliate marketing lessons because Jaaxy is the official Keyword tool of Wealthy affiliate. who is the owner of Jaaxy You can read more about Jaaxy in my previous reviews:
Review Maximize traffic with Jaaxy pro and Jaaxy affiliate program.

After I have Checked the Pinterest Search field I go to Jaaxy to check how searchable this terms are.and how competetive they are. And Jaaxy can give me the best and a more accurate search term or Keyword to use on my Pins.


Get 30 free Jaaxy searches now!


Then I go to Google to check out the search term or keyword I have chosen to double check with Pinterest search field and Jaaxy Keyword search engine.

Using a combination of Pinterest search field, Jaaxy and Google will maximize your chances to make your pin as visible as possible in the search engines.

Tailwind for Pinterest


Tailwind in combination with Pinterest is magic. Tailwind have a hashtag tool that finds the best hashtags for your pin based on your keywords. With Tailwind for pinterest you can post on twitter and Facebook. You can also use Tailwind for Instagram to post on Pinterest. Using Tailwind for Pinterest help you reach more markets via hashtags.

You  will save hhuge amounts of time on scheduling. You can plan your posts months in advance and it will autopost for you with the smart scheduler. Using the smartloop to re post successful and evergreen pins. Read more about Tailwind here.

Tailwind is the official partner to Pinterest and I would say this is a must have tool. You can also see the video Tailwind for Pinterest

Get Tailwind for Pinterest Now!

How to use Canva for Pinterest

Canva is great for creating pins, social media posts, logos, banners, info graphics, invitations etc. You can import monthly Pinterest templates to Canva and use them for creating your own pins or you can design your own pins. Tailwind recommends Canva as a tool to create pins. I followed Tailwinds advice on importing the monthly Pinterest toolkit. You get these templates monthly. Just import them to Canva and you are ready to customize them. Pinterest Algorithm love pins created in Canva. Canva is great to create branded pins as well. Canva is an official partner of Pinterest.


Try Canva for Free now!


Another great tool is Promorepublic. They are not Official partners of Pinterest. It is a hybrid of Canva an Tailwind in a way. They also offer a Free social media course and branding course. I use both Canva and Promorepublic. Both have pros and cons. You can get a Free trial to see what suits you better. Get the free social media and branding course here.

Try Promorepublic for free now!

Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest analytics is gold. It is so important to check your analytics. After you start pinning you can watch how your pins are doing straight away. When you get enough data you will see which pins are doing best and which pins that does not do so well. This gives you valuable information about what needs to be improved. Now you can start to measure your statistics. Down to pin level. You can measure up to 90 days. Get reports and csv files.

(Print screen of Pinterest analytics. Norwegian language)

This Picture is taken from my Pinterest account. It is a 90 days scoop. You can almost see where I started to apply all this tools. All the numbers are only organic.No ads.

Make it a daily practice to check your Pinterest analytics.

Google Analytics

Google analytics is a free tool. In Google analytics statistics you can actually measure how much traffic is coming directly from Pinterest at any given moment by setting up parameters. You can see how long time users are on and what device they use providing the data is available to Google analytics.statistics So this is another great way to measure if your Pins are converting and how to develop your marketing strategy further and to get more knowledge about your customers.


Want to learn more about how to use Google analytics for marketing purposes? As a Premium member of Wealthy Affiliate you get access to world-class Live training with Jay that will show you live how to set up your Google analytics to measure your goals and how to use Google analytics for your website. You will also learn how to use Google analytics step by step to grow your business and track your links. This training is constantly picking up new changes or topics that people struggle with.

Sprout Social business tool

Sprout Social Analytics is an official Pinterest partner that helps you measure your Pinterest engagement and understand the insights so you easily can create a better strategy. URL tracking to understand the behavior and engagement of customers and where the traffic is going.

Get Free Access to Sprout Social business Tool


Pinterest Ads

There are two ways to grow your traffic on Pinterest. Organic and with Ads. The best thing is to grow organic. Bust with ads you will get a wider reach much faster by running ads campaigns on Pinterest. Pinterest is now focusing on helpful, visual, fresh content. Running ads demands you know some statistics about your customers. Through Pinterest Academy you will get a quick tutorial on setting up and running ads.

I would also recommend Jays Live training for Premium Wealthy Affiliate members that digs much deeper into the details on running Pinterest ad campaigns

7 Useful Books about Pinterest Marketing

Reading books about Pinterest Marketing is a good way to understand how Pinterest works, different strategies and how you can learn to use Pinterest better. I have created a small booklist for you to dig into:

Amazon Disclaimer: Daily Practice for Success is an Amazon Affiliate and by clicking through on this links I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you should you make a purchase. When you click on these links data is collected by Amazon to track clicks, your behavior on amazon and for analytical and affiliate payment purposes.

Third party disclaimer: We are not legally responsible for what happens when you click on third party links because have no control over third parties websites, content, functionality or security and can not be held responsible for any technical or other damage to your device such as computer, mobile or tablet used when clicking on a link to connect to other platforms, download material, install, modify or distribute any material, software or other.

1. Pintastic Marketing: (2020)Acheieve Pinterest Marketing Success in 2020. Author: Lauren Hay

2. Pinterest Marketing: (2019)Author: Kerrie Legend – 80k to 14+ Million in 3 Months Paperback – March 24, 2019

3. One Million Followers: (2019) How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days: Growth Hacks for Your Business, Your Message, and Your Brand from the World’s Greatest Minds Author: Brendan Kane

4. Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for business: (2013) Author: Karen Leland

5. .Pinterest Power: (2012) Market Your Business, Sell Your Product, and Build Your Brand on the World’s Hottest Social Network Author: Jason Miles and Karen Lacey

6.Twitter, Pinterest and Linkedin Marketing for beginners: A Complete Social Media Marketing Guide with Twitter,Pinterest and Linkedin. Author: Robert Grow

7. The Quick Guide to wordpress and Pinterest: Surviving the Social media revolution. Gazella D.S. Pistorious (Author)

Are you Pinterested to get started?

I hope I managed to spark a Pinterest in you with my blog post and that my Pinterest business toolbox will help you get the results you want. My Pinterest toolbox is a really powerful tool for growing your business and for conversion. You can find out more about Pinterest by reading my earlier reviews about Pinterest, Tailwind, and Jaaxy.

There is no doubt that you can take your traffic and your conversions to a whole new level with this Pinterest toolbox.

Now it is Your turn – You have the toolbox – All you have to do now is to start pinning like a king or a queen!

PS! If you choose to use my Free toolbox above I would love to hear from you what tools you are using and how it works out for you. Let me know!

Want to get my private Pinterest tips? Sign up to my weekly Tips ( below ) to get my best insights and latest posts and more.


Have any questions about my toolbox? Let me know!

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  1. Pinterest is without a doubt my top social media choice. What I love about them the most is that once your get your Pinterest account going it takes relatively little effort while bringing in buckets of traffic. I also love the fact that one pin can bring traffic in for months to come which is what really makes it stand out from all the other social media platforms where new posts will bring in traffic for a few hours or if you are lucky a few days but rarely for much longer. 

    1. Author

      I totally agree with you Lynne! Pinterest is not limiting who can see your traffic like Facebook and Instagram does. And as you say if you make a pin it can bring in traffic for years. And that is truly amazing. It is my Top social media tool too. And It converts more than the other platforms according to statistics. You might want to read my  previous review about Pinterest Best visual search engine marketing tool 2020

  2. Very useful article. I have been using Pinterest to increase my website’s traffic for some weeks now. I am already getting traffic but not much. Probably because I am just adding new PINs every time I create a new article without any additional planning or logic. Your article was very useful. I will start using Pinterest in a more strategic way. 

    1. Author

      Hi Horatius! Glad you found my article useful. My quick tips for you: New and fresh pins are great. Pinterest loves fresh content. you are doing that absolutely right. I did just like you before.  but use some time in Canva to make an amazing pin, and use Tailwind for Pinterest. Tailwind for pinterest also provide good ideas of creating amazing and inspirational pins. And do not forget to use the search field  and a good Keyword tool like Jaaxy to find the best keywords. Only this will make a huge difference. Let me know if I can help youwith anything!

  3. I really enjoyed this article about Pinterest tools for business and your website.  In fact, i’ve bookmarked it on my computer to revisit.  I”m a Pinterest  junky and this information is very helpful. I know Pinterest is one of the leading ways to build your online business and this article outlines some valuable information to go back and make sure i’m utilizing what it mentions.   Thank you for sharing!

    1. Author

      Hi Tammy! Glad I could provide you with some new and helpful information. If I can help you with anything just let me know, ok?

  4. This was a detailed and comprehensive discussion on Pinterest.  I am still lost, so much information here and I have no idea how to use it.  I need a basic understanding and start there, even if it means less clicks, because otherwise I will get no clicks because I have to way to use it.  If you could help me, that would be great!  Pinterest is powerful, so I want to utilize it, but until I get a dumbed down version of how to get it started, I am not getting anything from it.  I recommend this for a valuable read.

    1. Author

      Hi Anthony! Sure I will help you. Start with this toolbox. And if you have any questions along the way just let me know precisely what your obstacle is and I will help you as you go.

  5. Hi Hilde – This is a very informative post that is packed with valuable information.  I’ve started using Pinterest recently but I still have a lot to learn.  I have about 65 boards between my two websites and I am making pins with Canva.  But I am not familiar with the Pinterest search tool yet.  I will have to look into that.  I also need to view the tutorials.  I make a new board with every new post and I have noticed an increase in traffic.  Wee-U! There is so much to learn!

    1. Author

      Hi Nathaniel! I think you are on the right track.65 boards and making pins in Canva. Now you only need Tailwind for Pinterest to give your pins a boost. With the smartloop Tailwind will post your pins on the most favourable times for you and you save a lot of time. The Pinterest search tool is a must when you make a board or a pin. In addition you should use Google and Jaaxy to see what is most searchable on other searchplatforms Jaaxy covers 99,7 % of all keywordsearches. I use them all together and it works like magic. If your posts are in the same category you do not need to make a new board every time. Make categories instead. Let me know if you need any help. 

  6. Pinterest is an amazing tool and what makes Pinterest more interesting is that this platform is not a social site per- say but is a search engine although you can engage with people. I have a Pinterest account but have been having some challenges with it lately. But I love what you said, it is all about following what they say so I am guessing that I have to do my homework to get things back to where it was and also improve. Thanks so much for sharing this most useful information.

    1. Author

      Hi Norman! Yes you need to spend a little time to fully understand how Pinterest works. It is also wise to apply Tailwind for Pinterest. If you use the tools I have suggested you will do just fine.

  7. Thanks for this great guide on how to make the most of Pinterest.  I have played with it, but have not really done much with it.  But I am starting to realise the potential there is with using it more.  Will definitely be saving this guide, need to start working on Pinterest.

    thanks again

    1. Author

      Hi John! There is definitely a huge potential in Pinterest for business. Using the tools will give you a good start. You might also want to read my other blogposts about Pinterest.: 1) 2) 3)

  8. That’s awesome, nice to find out some newer options I’ve never heard of before. Could you talk more about the Pinterest Sprout social business tool? I am quite interested in it as it seems it might provide some valuable insights, combined with the other tools of course. Is it free to get into? Thanks!

    1. Author

      Sure Julius! Great Question by the way! Sprout social is an online listener as they like to call themselves – At sprout you get reports, social analytics and scheduling messages across all your social platforms. It is not free, but you get a 14 day Free trial where you can try out the platform and the report features. It costs $99 a month. so it is quite pricey. However this tool can give you lots of valuable information and tools to increase your traffic and conversions online.

  9. This post seems a little bit too overwhelming for me because I just started off my internet business and I think that they said it would be a good thing if I take the business to social media platforms like Pinterest but I don’t have any background knowledge of how it works at all except about the whole search thing.

    1. Author

      Hi Jay! Thank you for airing your thoughts about Pinterest. Pinterest can be a bit overwhelming from the start. But if you go to the Pinterest Academy  and s Sign up for Tailwind for Pinterest you will have the resourcses to learn the basic rrules for Pinterest . You need to put in some effort to learn it. If you have any further questions that are more specific I am here to help you out if you ever need a hand.

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