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  • Time to learn how to use properly
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  • Some find it hard to understand how Pinterest works

Heard of Pinterest before? Or Maybe you are one of those who think Pinterest is just a visual bookmark or so overwhelming that you cannot get your head around what Pinterest is all about? Did you know Pinterest is the best visual discovery search engine in 2020? Did you also know that Pinterest is a SEO based marketing tool? Still, there are many people who do not use Pinterest or have not heard of Pinterest, but Pinterest is growing steadily and is now regarded as the best visual discovery engine. You would not miss out on Pinterest as a marketer or if you are looking for helpful and inspirational ideas. Today I want to make a review of Pinterest and take a closer look at what makes Pinterest so interesting for users and marketers alike and give my thoughts around this.

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Opinion disclaimer:

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Facts about Pinterest:


Founded: 2010


Founders: Ben Silberman, Evan Sharp, Paul Sciarra


Operated by Pinterest Inc.


Website: Pinterest

Official Partners:

Tailwind for Pinterest



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Pinterest Review:

I will review Pinterest according to my research, my own experience and insights and the following criteria:

1. Is Pinterest user-friendly and easy to manage?

2. How does Pinterest Support work?

3. What are key features of Pinterest?

4. Is Pinterest giving you value for the money?

5. Can you save time using Pinterest?

6. How is Pinterest pricing table?

7. Why should I use pinterest? Pros

8. Are there any surprises?

9. What do I dislike with Pinterest? Cons

10. Should you get Pinterest? Is Pinterest a smart tool for Self employed internet marketers, Affiliate marketers, Solopreneurs, Small business owners working from home?

I want to give you a good overview of what Pinterest is all about and be as objective as possible.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a growing Social media platform and are now becoming more of a Visual discovery engine that uses SEO in searching for ideas and images. You can read more about it in my previous article. Pinterest is different, because it emphasizes the visual, helpful and the emotional aspect much more to inspire their customers to action.

Infographic: Pinterest Sees Strong International Growth | Statista

You will find more info graphics at Statista

Who is Pinterest for?

Pinterest is for anyone who want to get inspired and get helpful and relevant ideas to their problem or needs. But it is also one of the 15 top tools for marketers to drive traffic to their websites. And guess what? Pinterest is becoming more and more popular. Women used to dominate as Pinterest users, but now the numbers are almost even.

Number of monthly active Pinterest users worldwide from 1st quarter 2016 to 1st quarter 2020, by region

Statistic: Number of monthly active Pinterest users worldwide from 1st quarter 2016 to 1st quarter 2020 (in millions) | Statista

Find more statistics at Statista

From the info graphic you will see that Pinterest is very popular in the US (especially among work from home dads). From a marketers perspective Pinterest have a huge potential for growth. Yet the majority of worlds marketers have kinda overlooked Pinterest. The focus have been mostly on Facebook, Instagram and you tube. As I mentioned in my previous article about Pinterest more people want to use Pinterest while more marketers will use Facebook according to a survey done by Sprout.

In the info graphic below you can see Pinterest is doing quite well with around 35%. So Pinterest is now among the 15 most popular social networks and still growing. Most popular social networks worldwide as of April 2020, ranked by number of active users.

Statistic: Most popular social networks worldwide as of April 2020, ranked by number of active users (in millions) | Statista

Find more statistics at Statista

A look at the Pinterest User Interface

Now we will take a closer look at the Pinterest user interface to find out if it is user-friendly and easy to learn.

You sign up to Pinterest for free and choose if you want to create a business account as I am going to talk about here. A business account is free too.

How to set up your Pinterest Startfeed

When people visit your site they see your start feed. It is the first impression of your Pinterest site.

You need to add your logo, your company name, contact details and a description. It is a step by step guide showing you how to do this from the start. All this information will be shown in your start feed (picture). The start feed contain a compilation of your boards, pins and user community.

The header of your start feed show pins from all of your boards. Your own pins and pins you have saved to your boards. When you add a new pin on a board you will see it in your start feed header. The start feed will change.

Below you will see your community or followers feed and you will see your most popular pins. You will also see pins that pinterest suggest for you to promote. Only you can see these promote suggestions.

Setting up your account and your first start feed is easy.

How to create your first Pinterest Boards:

You need to create some boards to your account so visitors that come to your site get to know you better. A board is the place where you collect certain pins of interest or posting certain pins that are helpful to other pinners. It is quite similar to having folders on a computer. The boards are easy to create. You click on create a new board, you give it a name and you add some pins to them.

Community or follower feed:

Then Pinterest suggest other accounts or boards to follow and you can add your contacts to your follower feed. The pins or boards you follow will turn up in your feed. You can use the search field in the header to search for new boards, ideas or contacts. Your follower feed is where you get your daily inspiration from. Once you have set up your account it is time to start pinning.

Create a pin

Now you click “create a pin”

Then you need to add a title and a description. Pinners are searching for Ideas so remember to have a relevant and searchable title on your pin. You can add a destination link and upload a picture you want to pin. The destination link must be relevant to your pin and lead to some helpful and quality content. Read Pinterest content tips. I use to make my pins first in Canva and then upload them to pinterest directly or by using Tailwind for pinterest. Tailwind for Pinterest is an official partner of Pinterest. I love to use Tailwind for pinterest to add my pins, because Tailwind for Pinterest have many smart features like the smart scheduler, smartloop and hashtagfinder. They also provide awesome tutorials on how to get the most out of Pinterest. When you add the picture you need to choose what boards you want to pin it on. And then you publish your pin. The image on your pin will now turn up in your start feed. You also have the option to pin it later and to duplicate the pin and share it on different boards.

So now you are rolling. It is not very difficult and I find the pinning user-friendly. Pinning is not difficult to learn.

Pinterest Support

Pinterest have a superb help center. A broad knowledge base where you will find a lot of information about Pinterest features. If you have any specific questions you do not find the answer to you can send Pinterest a note. You will also get a lot of handy tutorials on posting your pins and creating pins through their official partner Tailwind for Pinterest.

Key features:

SEO – search: Pinterest algorithm is based on SEO on text and pictures. It can be wise to use the best SEO Keyword tool Jaaxy to find the best Keywords for your pins.

Visual search – you can now zoom in on pins – a built in feature.

Pinterest Mobile app: you can download the app from app store or google play and you get access to pinterest from there. It works on IPhone and Android. Most pinners access pinterest from a mobile or a tablet.

Pinterest lens – You need the pinterest mobile app to use this feature. You turn your camera on something and snap a photo of it and get more ideas. Pinterest is the best image discovery engine at the moment.

Shop the look: This feature help you find and buy Fashion and home decor easily.

Pinterest Shopify App: Helps merchants upload catalogs to pinterest and turn their products into stoppable product pins.

Duplicate Pin notification – You will get a notification if you already pinned a pin before. Pinterest wants fresh content.

Send pins to friends – Pinterest is great for sending pins to your friends and give them good and useful ideas.

Pinterest Analytics – Pinterest analytics helps you to see which of your pins or pins you have saved are doing well.

you get an overview over Monthly Viewers(Total number your pin is viewed), Audience (number of people who saw the pin) , Interactions ( people who interacted with your pin), Audience and engagement rate ( clicks and saves).

Comment field on pins: Here you can start a dialogue with other pinners.

Share pins to social media: You can easily share your pins on social media directly from the board (picture below) or with the Tailwind for pinterest

Pinterest best practices: Eye catching vertical image, your brand in focus, your logo, text overlay, strong CTA, link to quality content that are helpful for the pinner, short and simple, show do not tell, give a good pin description.

Board Widgets: You can create Pinterest widgets in the widgets builder to your website by clicking on the question mark down to the right. Widgets are great to add to your website or blog posts. You just paste the HTML code into your website or blog post.


Group board: create a group board, join a group board, manage group boards, create secret boards

Business account: pinterest provide you with fresh data on useful features and information for marketers to help them understand the pinners journey better.


Pinterest Ads manager: You can promote your pins and get paid traffic. You can target your audience same way as on other social media.

Pinterest Academy: Pinterest academy Help you with growing your business, running campaigns, creative strategy, creative inspiration, targeting and buying, setting up a Pinterest business account, building and launching a campaign, managing and measuring campaigns, planning and strategizing a campaign

Pinterest Brand Guidelines: Here you learn how to use the Pinterest brand correctly.

What does Pinterest Users say about Pinterest?

I have collected some user reviews from G2, Trustpilot and Pinterest success stories.

G2:Looking at G2 reviews I found: G2 scored Pinterest as a Leader spring 2020, And Pinterest score is 4,5 out of 5. 99% recommends Pinterest to other users. G2 also have the most complete reviews

Lowest ratings user reviews

1. Overwhelming, not many benefits to my business.

2. None of my friends uses it.

3. I have trouble keeping up with it

4. I feel like I am less interesting if I use Pinterest

5. Too easy to steal other peoples work

6. I still do not get Pinterest

Best rated user reviews:

1. It helped me plan my wedding

2. The dialogue it creates within this community is great

3. What a unique collaboration tool!

4. I love the search functionality

5. Pinterest help me brainstorm new ideas

6. It makes content marketing much easier

Trustpilot: Going to trust pilot 69% thought Pinterest is bad and only around 20% would recommend Pinterest to others:

I also found that several of the reviews that had nothing to do with pinterest and referred to other products.

Bad Reviews:

1. Stupid site

2. Childish behavior

3. The site is wonderful and a great resource, but the ads are horrendous

Best reviews:

1. I love Pinterest

2. Lot of pictures are hard to find in Google

3. Pinterest is Awesome!

4. I love this platform

5. Great App to use

6. One of my favorite Apps

It looks like some new users find Pinterest a bit overwhelming from the start. That not everyone know how to use Pinterest properly. The opinion is divided. I find that G2 had more helpful and complete reviews regarding Pinterest.

Pinterest Success Stories

Pinterest users success stories are multifold and quite impressive. Many users have lifted their brand awareness and been extremely successful with promoted pins. Others have massively increased their engagement and got noticeable higher referral traffic. Some have even doubled their sales with Pinterest. Many have managed to get a more global reach and unlocked new markets. There are definitely possibilities for Pinterest users who have learned how to get the most out of Pinterest. If you want to learn how you can get the most out of Pinterest you can definitely get some awesome inspiration from these companies. You can read for yourself different stories here.

Pinterest value

Pinterest is an awesome free tool for individuals and businesses. If you want to use Pinterest to the full as a marketer it will only cost you to use Pinterest ads and Tailwind for Pinterest. Pinterest is free and provide a lot of Inspiration and helpful ideas to pinners and traffic and conversion to marketers. Pinterest have a high conversion rate. You might want to read how people shop on Pinterest.

Value for users are high quality content, visual search and amazing visual ideas and inspirations.

Value for marketers: the pinner journey is shorter than the normal customer journey. Pinners shop differently than on other social media platforms so you need to apply other methods. The conversion on Pinterest is high. You might want to read my previous article on how to market your business with Pinterest. The value for marketers are more awareness, branding possibilities, increased traffic and sales and valuable connection with customers.

Global revenue of Pinterest from 1st quarter 2016 to 1st quarter 2020

Statistic: Global revenue of Pinterest from 1st quarter 2016 to 1st quarter 2020 (in million U.S. dollars) | Statista

Find more statistics at Statista


One of the surprises I found is the Pinterest strong mobile prescence. Today when most people have mobiles this is an important feature from a marketer and user perspective. Learning how to use Pinterest mobile app and about users mobile behaviour on the Pinterest mobile app would therefore be important.

What is brilliant with Pinterest ?

The brilliant thing about Pinterest is that it is an amazing tool for pinners who are looking for inspiration and helpful tools. You will always find fresh content on Pinterest. Pinterest is an extraordinary tool for marketers because they can add pins for free with links to their content. Pinterest is very clear on how content should be presented visually and with text. Their guidelines are a very useful tool to get the most out of Pinterest.

I think many marketers not fully understand how to use Pinterest properly. SEO works well on Pinterest for users who makes searches and for marketers who present their ideas to the pinners. Pinterest has a strong mobile presence and the app is continuously being developed by Pinterest. You can actually become a part of Pinterest engineering.You can plan and duplicate pins on different boards according to interests of your pinners.

Pinterest Generate referral traffic:

Statistic: Year-on-year referral traffic growth of leading social networks in the United States as of 4th quarter 2019 | Statista

Find more statistics at StatistaFind more statistics at Statista

Pinterest Knocks

Pinterest can be a bit hard to get your head around for new users and it can be time-consuming if you do not follow the guidelines. Pinterest can ban you if you do not follow their guidelines. Finding fresh content to add is also an obstacle for many pinners. Pinterest often needs time to grow on people. On the other hand it is a wonderful tool once you learned how to use it.


Should you get Pinterest?

Is Pinterest a smart tool for self-employed internet marketers, affiliate marketers, solopreneurs, small business owners working from home? I think marketers who overlook the power of Pinterest will miss out on a lot of valuable traffic and conversion. Pinterest is growing steadily and will continue to develop and grow. Starting as a different a social media platform to now becoming the best visual discovery search engine using SEO I absolutely think many marketers who do not use Pinterest today should reconsider doing so.

My best tips is to get your head around what Pinterest is and how to use it before you start pinning. Learn Pinterest best practices and be consistent. I would advise marketers to use Tailwind for Pinterest to get the maximum effect and save time with scheduling and posting.


I have provided you with information about Pinterest that is useful and unbiased. The numbers speak for itself. It is no doubt that Pinterest is a growing visual discoveery tool for users and businesses alike. The benefits of using Pinterest correctly is more traffic and conversion for marketers by providing visual and helpful content. Pinterest have a huge market potential.

With features like SEO search, the Pinterest App on shopify, shop the look, visual search, The Pinterest App and Pinterest ad manager I think this is a very interesting and promising tool for marketers. Pinterest are working constantly with a high focus on the next decade, a strong mobile presence and AI technology.

Personally I use Pinterest actively for marketing purposes together with Tailwind for Pinterest and have only had positive experiences with Pinterest in terms of traffic to my website. Would I recommend Pinterest? Yes – absolutely. I would not do without it.

Do you have any question about Pinterest you would like to know more about? Let me know in the comment field below.

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  1. I’ve been using Pinterest for years and never realized how much I don’t know about it. I guess I’ve mostly used it as a how-10 encyclopedia lol. Learning about the Pinterest lens, shop the look, and the Pinterest Shopify app gave me so much insight. I’ve always been intimidated by that side of Pinterest, but now I think I got this!

    1. Author

      Hi Leina! Same thing with me. For years I thought it was a kind of collector society and only for hobby ideas. I decided to find out what Pinterest was all about and how to use it. And what a surprise it was for me as a marketer to find out it was a SEO based platform and that conversions were high. I have been inspired to buy a lot via Pinterest myself so I totally get it now.

  2. Totally agree. All the major social media platforms are great to advertise your products and business. Saying that a particular social media doesn’t work for you is like saying that the hammer you use is wrong because it always puts the nails in the wrong position. It is not the tool, it is the way you use it.

    1. Author

      Hi Juan! Exactly! That is a very good metaphor. We all have our preferences and we are influenced by what friends and colleagues say and what is supposed to be “in” at the moment. Actually using a platform  and all the features it can offer gives you a totally different perspective of it. 

  3. Thank you for this insightful review on the use of Pinterest. In my mind, I expect that a level of expertise is necessary to engage this resource for a productive endeavour in the online business. Your explanation provides a clear guide. It is easy to get frustrated and confused if one does not get the usage right before starting to use it. This is where I got it wrong. It is time for me to get around it again and do it the right way now that I am more knowledgeable.

    1. Author

      Hi Mojisola! I know how it is. It took a while before I figured it out myself. Once you undestand it you will find that Pinterest is an awesome marketing tool. I am sure that if you follow the Pinterest Guide and take the Pinterest Academy courses you will succeed. The Pinterest Academy course consists of 2-3 minutes videos that shows you how to do it. Tailwind for Pinterest also provides many good tips on how to schedule and post.

  4. Having only seen a few links here and there, I had no idea that it was a useful tool for marketing tool. WA recommends it, but I have always thought it was just another social program. You’ve changed my mind. Good work.

    1. Author

      Hi there! You are not the only one who did not know. Many people have already had great success with Pinterest. My guess is that more people will use it when they understand the huge potential of Pinterest.

  5. I am a part of Pinterest and this is a search engine that has grown over the years and has so many users. Pinterest is a good place to advertise and build your business.

    1. Author

      Hi Norman! Yes Pinterest is growing fast now. No doubt about that. Pinterest Ad manager is easy to use and they provide good tutorials on how to create ads too.

  6. I really enjoyed reading your article on Pinterest which as you mentioned complicated.

    I am one of those people who use Pinterest every now and again as I do not truly understand its value. However, in your article you provide just that and I suppose in order to help my business gain traffic you want to be using a variation of platforms.

    How long do you think it would take to start getting good content out there that people get to notice?

    Thank you for sharing this I will start building up my boards.

    1. Author

      Great Question Imelda! Well there are no guarantee, but if you start pinning consistently your traffic will automatically grow. Pinterest Algorithm favors consistency in front of quantity. As soon as you pin it people will see your three first pins immediately. Pinterest make sure if you have more tha 3 pins at a time that these are being dispersed at different times so your community will not get spammed. On my newest pinterest account I used 3 months to reach 20K views in total and about 5K a month. As long as you provide visual and helpful content people will notice you. If you have any other questions let me know. I am here to help you. Hope this was answer to your question?

  7. Thank you for your information about Pinterest. I have obviously not been using very many of the features of this great tool.  I knew about TailWind but really knew little other than it was to work with Pinterest,  I love to pin and flip though but don’t do it as I know I should, making my pins work for me.  Your article makes me feel ashamed that I have still just played with this tool.  I like spending time on this platform and do, but have to closely regulate my time as I can lose hours here.  

    I have often compared Pinterest to the Sears and Wards catalogues that we had growing up.  You could flip through the pages for hours.  I appreciate your review of Pinterest and have earmarked the information to have when I get a chance to do some work on my Pinterest boards.  Actually I am looking forward to working on this project as I think it calls so much attention to my projects.  I have made many purchases from following a Pinterest lead to a site.  

    Working on an online business is sometimes a bit lonely.  Seeing all the action on Pinterest is fun, and an inexpensive way to get you to thinking creatively about our businesses.  Thanks for sharing your review

    1. Author

      Thank you for sharing your Insights Sami! No need to be ashamed. I think you are not the only one who have not really understood all the features Pinterest offers. I was just like you. I loved to sit on Pinterest and get inspired by all the visual pins. I thought it was a collector site so I saved a lot of pins every day. I also found a lot of useful tools and opportunities there. I would not have this website if it was not for Pinterest. You are right Pinterest is a great way to find inspiration, motivation and good ideas. Let me know in a while how your Pinterest experience change.

  8. Thank for this awesome post. I had no idea that Pinterest was such a useful tool – I shall certainly be taking a more detailed look at the courses you have suggested!

    1. Author

      Hi Julie! You are not the only one. are you using Pinterest for Business or as a private person? I think more people would use Pinterest if they actually knew what a useful and world class tool it is. It is continously developing new features. I cannot wait to see how much difference a year can make regarding my own traffic and the numbers of users on Pinterest. Let me know how Pinterest is working for you!

  9. I was actually surprised to learn that Pinterest barely makes the top 15 list of most used social media. I always had this somewhat of an illusion that it was definitely top 5. I guess not. Also, I had no idea that some of these other ones were so damn huge. WeChat, Tik Tok, and QQ were a surprise for me.

    Still, I too do believe that Pinterest hides an amazing opportunity for businesses and, no doubt about it, often gets overlooked in that regard.

    There’s a ton of stuff I learned from your article. I’m just kind of learning my way around Pinterest but I think this accelerated that my centuries (haha). And with that, thank you. I truly do appreciate it! Cheers.

    1. Author

      Thank you Matiss! Glad to be of help. I guess we will see Pinterest is growing faster this year than ever. With all the new features and features they probably are planning I am very excited to see in one year from now. Maybe they will be in top 5.

  10. I have a Pinterest account but to be honest, until I read your blog, I did not properly understand it.  Thank you for helping me to understand it better. I did not previously know it was SEO based. It is true, the pins I have seen in pinterest do tend to “inspire” me so it was good to learn that is a focus of this social media. It was interesting to see that it is close on the heels of twitter, which I personally find far more negative than pinterest.  I appreciate the suggestion to increase your number of followers on Pinterest Pinterest by using Tailwind for Pinterest.  Thank you.  I will check it out. I enjoyed looking at some of your “daily practices for success”.  In particular, being consistent.

    1. Author

      Thank you Trevor! I am glad you see the potential of Pinterest after reading my blogpost. I think it is a very good Idea to use Tailwind for Pinterest. Glad you liked my post about being consistent every day. Now you can create your daily practice with Pinterest and be consistent with it.

  11. Hi there, Wow, this is an excellent review of Pinterest. This is a visual discovery engine that supplies marketers of all categories and backgrounds and beliefs all kinds of inspirational images, texts, etc. Personally, I just started using it, wanting to write my own texts because sometimes, some creative thoughts will fill my mind. For which if I don’t put them in writing, it will just disappear and be forgotten. 

    To say the least, this review is well articulated and brilliantly presented. It provided your readers a lot of hidden truths many of us don’t know, especially myself as movies. I never know that it is another competing SEO platform, that can help boost a marketer’s public image and traffic generation. I never knew about the training, just because when you’re in a hurry you just by-pass much useful information, thinking that it is a waste of time to navigate through a site to know what is all about. 

    With the information I have aging from your review, I’m going to try their courses, and go from there.

    Thanks, for sharing.


    1. Author

      Hi ! Glad I could provide some helpful news to you about Pinterest. Yes Videos on Pinterest is a quite new feature that I am exploring myself to find out more about how works. Pinterest have been a hidden treasure for a while now so I am glad to see they are growing. With promoted pins an Ad manager you can do well on Pinterest. I have not yet used promoted pins, because I want to see how much organic growth I can actually get. But I have plans to use promoted pins as well. The pinterest Academy is short video tutorials that are great for learning about Pinterest. Tailwind for Pinterest also provide good video tutorials on different subjects. Let me know how it works out for you!

  12. Hi,

    Thanks so very much for this important article!

    For me as a WA Affiliate Marketer who is nearing the perfection of his website, this is a very opportune moment to come across your review of Pinterest. This is more so because one frequently comes across blog posts of Affiliate Marketers who report tens of thousands of Pinterest views overnight! 😳 Questions: 1. Are these amazing stats confined to the US only, or do Pinterest users in other regions of the world experience that many views? 2. Are you viewed by your contacts only as with the majority Social Media platforms, or is a Pinterest account visible to all users, globally?

    As the statistics which you have provided clearly indicate, this social network is picking up fast outside the US where some of us are, but it’s only just picking up, so I frankly am one of those who use the leading networks only. Well, after reading your article, that’s about to end. I see tremendous potential in the tool you have laid before us. So, thank you! Question: YouTube, surprisingly because it does consume significant data, is growing very fast in popularity. Do you see Pinterest also catching up to THAT extent?


    1. Author

      Many great questions here Teboho! I will try and answer you. First I have to correct you a little bit. I did not get tens of thousands over night but in a 3 month period. I have in average 7,2 K a month which is good for a new site like mine. These stats are global stats, but US have most Pinterest users so the global potential should be pretty good. Views on Pinterest is defined as how many times in total your pins have been viewed. It is not unique views. A Pinterest account is visible to all users who search for certain keywords. It is like Google. You search on a word and up comes a lot of sites. All people who follow my boards. New pins with new and fresh content will always be favored by Pinterest and shown before older pins. Pinterest does not regulate the reach like Facebook and Instagram does. I think You Tube will still stay on top, It is owned by Google. but you never know. If people start using video on  Pinterest it can absolutely become the new thing like Tik Tok. When people become aware of  the potential of Pinterest they will definitely want to use it much more. 

    1. Author

      Hi Joseph! Glad I could be of help to you. Let me know how it works out for you!

  13. Great article and a TON of useful information. I bookmarked it for reference. I have had a business account for a few years now but I had no idea just how effective of a tool Pinterest is. I had never heard of Pinterest lens, I will have to try that feature. I know from a marketing prospective that the traffic is there. Your views put mine to shame LOL I only have 1.6k as of tonight. I have used the paid ad pin feature before with much success and my views go up massively. In your opinion though could one learn to do the same and get the ame type of results without using the paid ad feature? I am thinking yes with Tailwind? Your thoughts?

    1. Author

      Hi! Glad you found my article about Pinterest useful to you. Paid ads is of course a great way to generate traffic on Pinterest. But if you use Canva to make your pins, the Pinterest search tool  and Jaaxy to find Keywords and Tailwind for Pinterest you will also get more traffic. Pinterest is all about providing visual, fresh and helpful content. 

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