Practice to overcome the affiliate marketing monster

Practice to overcome the affiliate marketing monster

Heard of the terrifying affiliate marketing monster Affie? Oh well, It is not a fairytale I am afraid. I am sure you have met Affie already. In this article you will learn to know him better and how to overcome the affiliate marketing monster with my 10 best Affiliate monster tricks.

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Who is Affie?

Affie the Affiliate marketing monstermonster

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Affie is a real monster you need to be aware of. I named him Affie on purpose because he is a monster who likes to make life difficult for affiliate marketers. Quite annoying actually.Not a very frightening name, but think again if you think he will not do any harm.

Affie is mainly invisible, but still very much there among us daily. The invisible threats are often more harmful than the visible you can see and be aware of.

Sometimes he is a huge Powerful monster and sometimes he is a small but stll powerful. He is more or less like the transformers. He can change just like that and you will not always recognize him. He is a master in his field.

Affie – The Affiliate marketing monster is all your negative thoughts. Did you know that 80% of your daily thoughts are negative? Yes – according to research that is a fact. Surprised? I was surprised too.

So today I will give you some real good tips to  Practice to overcome the affiliate marketing monster that I think might become valuable to you. But first I want to tell you a little bit about Affie and why he is so dangerous.

Why is Affie so dangerous?


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Despite the cute name, Affie is a smart little beist. He always finds a way to reach you. He knows what buttons to push. He loves to tell you how weak you are, how little talented you are and constantly whisper in your ear to give up because you are such a failure.

Who do you think you are? You have no value on the marketplace he constantly whispers in your ear. He is laughing at your plans and try his best to distract you in all sorts of ways. Sounds familiar?

As soon as you put your head out there he pops up and try to hammer you down again. He never stops.

As soon as you get a good idea or show your uniqueness he jumps up at you and screams at you that this is not possible. You think you are special? Do you think you are better than me?

He is constantly spying on you to get ahead of you. He would hate to see you succeed in any way. You get the picture here.  Do you see how dangerous he is to you now?

If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, you need to have a few tricks in your sleeve so you can be prepared when he shows his face. You need to know how to practice to overcome the affiliate marketing monster. So I have made a little list for you with 10 monstertricks that I know will be very helpful.

10 Monstertricks to overcome the Affiliate marketing monster

1. Believe in yourself

 You can do this


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Affie hates people who belieive in themselves. They are the biggest threat to him. It scares him so much because he knows people who believe in themselves is hard to conquer and control.

When he manage to break down your belief in yourself, he is having a huge party where he invites you and all the negative thoughts in your brain. So do not listen to him and never ever join his party.

2. Be confident and aware

Confident marketer


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Confidence is another thing Affie cannot stand. He will do anything to try to take your confindence away. You will not let him because your confidence is stronger than his negativity.

He will try do get into your emotions as well as your thoughts to break down your confidence. He will try to compare you to other people who are successful and tell you how small you look in their eyes and that you will never ever be like them.

You just do not have what it takes he can say and many other hurtful messages that can make anyone lose their confidence in minutes.

Building up a strong confidence is the best weapon to make Affie stay away. Unfortunately you will never get rid of him completely, but you will be able to hold him back because confidence scares him. He is still there waiting for the perfect moment to hit right back at you. And he have no mercy when he does.

3. Do not be afraid to fail 



You will only fail if you never start or give up


Do not start be smart

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 Affie loves to see you fail. He is the first one to say – What did I say? I told you this would never work out. This was a bad idea. How could you even think that it was possible. How could you ever think you would succeed?

When you fail it is like national holiday, christmas and passover at once for Affie. Just to point it out to you he will remind you

how big a failure you are every second until you just can not stand it and give up.

4. Bring value and help others 


Do not be a fool

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Affie do not like helping others and definitely not caring about giving value to the audience. He wants to scare your audience away. He is always telling you:  Do you really think anyone wants to listen to you?

You must be a fool if you think people will ever read your post. Or he can say – how boring!, Heard it before, done it before or been there before, yawn!

5. Develop a good Daily Practice


Habits are boring

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One of the things Affie hates more than anything is daily practice. It is a huge challenge for him and everyone with a daily practice and selfdiscipline represents a constant threat to him.

That is why he always try to distract you from doing your daily tasks. He is smart, so you will not always figure out it is him that is doing it. He knows how to ruin your selfdiscipline.

He will do anything to destroy your discipline, your focus and even try to creep into your feelings. You know all those bad days you have? It is Affie – no doubt about it.

6. Be positive and feel happy


Joy is dangerous

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Positive thoughts and words is Affies worst enemy. He try to interrupt them all the time. Every time a positve thought comes into your head he stops it by sending yo 10 negative ones.

He does not want you to feel happy because it makes it harder for him to get the positive thought out of your head. That is why you need to force him out with all your heart and mind. You have to get Affie to shut up. Make him tired with all your positive thoughts and feelings so he goes to sleep.

7. Never give up

Never give up

Say no

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You can only win over Affie if you do not give up. Affie love quitters. That is his goal. to make you become like him so you can complain together and have a party everytime something goes wrong. When you quit he grows stronger and he controls you.

8. Celebrate your daily wins

Multiple income streams

Monster streams

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Everytime you do a task or achieve a milestone or goal, you should celebrate it with gratitude. Affie hates gratitude. He does not see the value of being grateful. In fact he is the most ungrateful of all monsters.

He will constantly tell you that that was not a big deal, you have no clue about what you are doing, this is not going to help you in anyway etc.

He will try to get you to procrastinate and feel terrible so you postphone tasks and cancel plans and ideas. He tells you how bad your ideas are all the time. and remind you about what other people will think about you if you do this. He wants you to fail, because then his power grows stronger.

9. Co create with others that want the same as you.

Affie home

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Many affiliate marketers work alone – That is why he loves  people  who work alone like Affiliate marketers. They are easy targets for him.

Affie do not like when you co create with others. That is why he will do anything he can to spoil it for you. He will use Machiavellian methods.

He will put you up against your co worker or team or put some thoughts in your head that you are better off alone, make you forget things and tell you negative things about your co workers or team. Things he knows you do not like to hear.

He wants to isolate you, because it is easier for him to control you this way. He knows that if you get an extra person or a team that support you on your bad days he will be totally lost. He can take you alone but to get a whole group of positive, confident, happy people who help you and have a daily practice that is too much for him.

10. Imagine and Feel the Success

Feel the success

Stay with Affie

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When you Imagine and feel the success for every task, small win, milestone on your journey Affie can not reach you anymore. As long as you feel grateful, confident, positive,happy, and believe in yourself you are out of danger. He is always around just waiting for a little passage in.

You get the idea – Affie is always hungry for more. So the trick is shortly told – Do not give him any food for thought. Do not give him power. Do not feed his plans to make you give up. It will be a constant battle, but you will win if you develop a daily practice for success. Now let me tell you how Wealthy Affiliate helped me overcome my affiliate marketing monster.

Wealthy Affiliate helped me conquer my affiliate marketing monster

Change your life with Wealthy Affiliate

Change is no good

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As an Affiliate marketer working alone I was the perfect target for Affie until I joined the Wealthy Affiliate Platform.

Wealthy Affiliate helped me get rid off Affie step by step. The Wealthy Affiliate platform have everything you need to fight off the Affiliate Marketing Monster. In fact it is not the place Affie likes to hang around.  I am so grateful for that I found this platform :

1.  You Get Training to get Skills to become a confident affiliate marketer and  believe in yourself.

2. Learn how to give and add value to the marketplace.

3.  Co create with others who also wants to fight off the Affiliate marketing monster and be successful.

4. The community is the most helpful and supportive community online. You will never feel Alone when Affie comes around.

5. Tools to create Multiple Income streams and make success online.

6. Get Results from the proven blueprint at Wealthy Affiliate


Action Bonus

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Articles and reviews about Wealthy Affiliate:

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Affie of course does not want you to click on these links because you may change his life too.

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Now let me give you my final thoughts on this matter.

Final thoughts

Not a good place

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I hope this article about Affie serves you well. You do not want to allow Affie to take control of your thoughts and your affiliate marketing business so you need to be constantly aware and practice the tips I gave you.

A daily practice for success involves controlling the Affie in you. It is not always easy, but you become better with daily practice. You learn to listen to your real inner voice instead of the voice of Affie.

I hope you enjoyed reading my post just as much as I enjoyed writing it to illustrate how to Practice to overcome the affiliate marketing monster.

I would love to hear what you take away from this article in the comments below. Did you get any Aha moments while reading it or maybe some new ideas on how you will conquer your own Affie? Or maybe you have your own name on your Affiliate marketing monster?



  1. Hi Hilde. Thank you for encouraging article ! I just started my own blog and adventure with digital marketing few months ago and I must admit I had lot of doubt (and still have). Its not easy to begin something completely new, and amount of knowledge you need to absorb is overwhelming. But I completely agree that wealthy affiliate is great support. With tons of trainings and helpful, active community its great starting point for all beginners. Also looking forward to test your other advices and recommendations in practice.

    1. Author

      Hi Cogito! Glad you found my article helpful. I can totally relate to the feeling of being new and know almost nothing. It is easy to doubt your own abilities and let Affie rule your world. I am happy to hear that you find Wealthy Affiliate a good place to stay. Personally I would not have overcome the Affiliate marketing monster without this platform  keeping my back from the start.

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