Raven Tools Review 2020 - for technical SEO Pros?

Raven Tools Review 2020 – for technical SEO Pros?

Raven Tools


Free trial







  • marketing reports
  • automated reports
  • site audit


  • not updated video tutorials
  • no geo targeting rankings
  • limited integrations on API

Looking for a SEO tool with great reports? What is Raven Tools? Have you heard about it? In my Raven tools Review 2020 – For technical SEO Pros? I will continue my exploration of major SEO tools on the market from a beginners' perspective. I want to give you some insights into Raven tools and features and to see if this is a good tool for beginners'.

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A beginner to Keywords and SEO?

I will not go in details on the Keyword and SEO basics in this review .So if you have no idea what Affiliate marketing, content writing, a Keyword is and what SEO is I suggest you :

Watch this video to get a short introduction to keywords:

What is a Keyword and what is SEO? A short intro.

Get some free training

My #1 Recommendation on Free Affiliatemarketing training course

Review of Raven tools 2020

All In One SEO Reporting Tool

This review is written from a beginners' perspective. I am not a user of Raven Tools, but I promise to give you the best information about this tool that can help you who are new and looking for a good SEO tool, to make a decision based on useful information.

You might also read my previous reviews of other SEO tools.

1. Jaaxy Review

2. SEMrush Review

3. Serpstat Review

My Keyword tool Criteria

In this review I will take a look at one of the top Keyword tools named Raven Tools and dig deeper to see if I find out more about the

1. Coverage – How much search coverage in % do the tool have on all online searches?

2. Accuracy – How accurate is the tools in searches.

3. Do they offer free trials to test the product?

4. Do they offer training in using the tool?

5. Do they have an affiliate program ?

6. Is it easy to use?

7. Do they have an app?

8. How is the Support

9. Pros and cons

10. What does the Customers/audience say?

I also want to see if this is a tool for beginners' or more advanced.

Facts about Raven Tools

All In One SEO Reporting Tool

What is Raven tools?

Raven tools is considered to be a leader SEO tool this fall by G2

G2 Rank: 4,3 out of 5

Trustpilot: Not found

Trustradius: 8,6 out of 10

Founders: Scott Holdren, Patrick Keeble, Arienne Holland, Jon Henshaw

The story of Raven : 







Free trial:

Essential Reporting for Digital Marketers

Small biz: $39

Start: $79

Grow: $139

Thrive: $249

Lead: $399

Other products: Tap clicks, Ispionage, Megalytic, Adstage

Features: Google Data studio, Marketing Reports, Competitor Domain research, Site Auditor, SERP rank tracker, Keyword rank checker, Keyword Research, Backlink checker, Link spy, Social media


Google Data studio

Marketing Reports


Competitor Domain research

Site Auditor



SERP rank tracker



Keyword rank checker

Keyword Research

Backlink checker

Link spy

Social media

App: Yes they do have an app.


All In One SEO Reporting Tool


Raven have a contact chat box where you can contact them and ask a question.

Customers seems very pleased with the support they get and several customers mention how supportive and responsive Raven support is. I think this is a big plus because most users of a product value good support.


Raven have video tutorials on their You Tube channel. I noticed that most of the videos are more than 1 year old. I think It would be great if Raven could have some updated videos. They have their own resources site.

Affiliate program

Raven offers an affiliate program through Shareasale and uses a 45-day cookie.

User friendliness

The dashboard is user friendly and easy according to customers.

What are the customers saying


Bear Group Testimonial

Socium Media Review

Doing my research I have noticed that the reporting feature is what most users like about Raven tools. They also find the tool affordable and like the free trial and pricing plans. Most customers seem very content with the customer service.

Pros and cons

The pros are the automated reporting tools, the affordable pricing plans and Free trial Many customers think it is an accurate SEO tool for finding Keywords.

Cons Not so updated You Tube channel videos. Taken into account that their competitors uploads weekly videos. According to some customers they do not offer Geo targeting rankings and The API is only integrating with Google products. Many users say this tools is not for the novice user. Do not have reports for Instagram. Several users mention they would have loved it if Raven could offer a report for Instagram.

All In One SEO Reporting Tool

Alternatives to Raven Tools:

1. Semrush : Number 1 SEO tool 2019 – SaaS platform

2. Raven – Leader Fall 2020 – SEO, social media, ppc, content platform and tool.

3. Jaaxy Keyword research tool

4. Ahrefs – Leader Fall 2020 – back link analysis tool

5. Spyfu – Top 50 at G2 – research and reporting tool

6. Wordtracker – Keyword tool

7. Keyword. Io tool – Keyword tool

8. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword tool

9. Google Keyword planner

10. Moz Pro – Leader Fall 2020 – G2

11. Wordstream – search advertising tool for ad words

12. Junglescout – Amazon search tool – Leader Fall 2020

14. Longtailpro – AI optimization tool

All In One SEO Reporting Tool

Raven Tools vs Jaaxy

Jaaxy have an easier interface and features for beginners'

Raven can compete with Jaaxy on price and affordability.

Both are mentioned as being an accurate tool for finding Keywords

Raven seems to have better automated reporting tools

Raven have more tutorials and a video channel.

Jaaxy does not have their own video channel with tutorials.

Both offer Free trials

All In One SEO Reporting Tool

Raven Tools vs SEMrush

SEMrush is higher priced than Raven

Both offer free trials

SEMrush seems to meet Customer requirements better than Raven According to G2 comparison.

Raven is slightly easier to use than SEMrush

SEMrush is Slightly easier to set up than Raven

Raven got a microscopic better score on Support

SEMrush comes better out on SEO auditing and Keyword research.

SEMrush have more updated tutorials and video resources than Raven

All In One SEO Reporting Tool

Raven tools vs Serpstat

Both are middle priced and offers different Pricing packages.

Serpstat meets overall user requirements better than Raven.

Customers rank Serpstat Support to be a winner on support.

Serpstat comes out slightly better When it comes to be easy to use and administrate.

Serpstat have more updated Video tutorials and resources

Raven comes slightly better out on Automated reporting.

Both have good support and are responsive to customers.

Raven Offers a Free trial but Serpstat have a 30-day money back guarantee.

All In One SEO Reporting Tool

Final discussion

It is very clear that Ravens strongest feature is the reporting tools. Almost all customer reviews mentioned this as a feature they loved. SEO accuracy was also mentioned to be Top. When it comes to the question if Raven is a tool for beginners' there are also clear indications from customers that this is not a beginner tool. From the short comparisons made it is clear that Raven can compete when it comes to price, reporting tools and having a free trial, but that they have things to improve on some areas. They have been recognized at G2 as a leader fall 2020. Do I recommend Using Raven? Absolutely. I think Raven is one of the Major players, but as with all SEO tools they have issues that can be improved. I am not so sure if this is a tool I would start out with as a novice, but for reporting I would definitely consider using Raven. They offer a free trial and I think it would be wise to try the product to see if it fits your needs.

What is your opinion?

If you have never used Raven before -Is this a SEO tool you would like to try?

If you are a Raven user – What are your experiences with Raven tools?

Let me know in the comments below.

Speedy Reports, Deep SEO insights, Smart Analytics

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  1. Thanks for this review. I always make sure i look at a good review page before buying or even looking at something i intend to get in the future. Very well layed out and written beautifully if i may say. I am looking forward to some more great reviews. Thanks very much and have a great day.

    1. Author

      Hi Taine! Glad you liked my review and that you may consider Raven Tools in the future. More is to come soon. In the meantime You might want to read my previous reviews of other SEO tools. 

      1. Jaaxy Review

      2. SEMrush Review

      3. Serpstat Review

  2. Hi Hilde, 

    Raven Tools is the best keyword research tool there is. I have heard lots about it and wanted to get firsthand information from someone who has used it. I am developing my website and badly need a tool that can pretty much automate my SEO. I have used Jaaxy for keyword research and All-in-one-SEO for SEO. But I do understand that I have to graduate to a better and more responsive program. 

    Thank u for this review. I sure got what I was looking for.



    1. Author

      Hi Aparna!  Happy to hear you found my review useful to you. I am sure that Raven Tools will serve you well. 

  3. Raven tools sounds like a really great platform from what I’ve read about it in your article and will be a great addition to anyone who is an affiliate marketer. Your review of the platform has given me an excellent and in-depth knowledge of it and I’ll be sure to try it out. I’ll also be happy to share this article if possible. 

    1. Author

      Hi Sean! Thank you for sharing your views. Yes, Raven is one of the major SEO players out there and I am sure that anyone who choose this platform will be served well. You are welcome to share it. Give it a go and let me know  your experience later on. Would love to hear from you!

  4.  Hi,

    From my online findings in Raven tools for technical seo pros review I learned it is a solution that with it you can audit any site, conduct all your backlink research, manage all your link building efforts, track all of your keywords, research every competitor and any keyword, and you can report on anything from SEO to PPC to social media, call tracking, and email marketing. How durable is Raven?, Is it a good and effective solution? Raven tools pricing starts at $79.00 per month per user.

    Thank you.


    1. Author

      Hi Aluko! You summed up my review pretty good. I am not sure what you mean with durable. Raven Tools have a solid foot in the market and will probably be here for years to come. 

      Raven Tools is a major SEO tool for businesses and marketers of all kinds. As you saw in the videos from customers they have used Raven Tools for longer periods and are very happy with it 

      You need to find the best fit for you and your business. Find out what you need before you decide on what tool is best for you. The differences between the major SEO players are minimal, but they are there.  I have tried to show the differences  with my reviews. 

      You will for sure get what you pay for and a good support according to customers. In my opinion Raven Tools is a tool that suits better for more advanced users. But they have a free trial so I suggest you try it out before making any decision.

  5. Thank you for this review on Raven tools. I am always on a look out for the best tools one can use to optimize the SEO of my website, there is a lot in the market and it is not easy to make choices. This was very helpful, especially that you also mentioned the alternatives to Ravern tools

    1. Author

      Hi Bogadi! Thank you for your comment. Glad you found it helpful. If you have any further questions on the matter please feel free to ask me. I am sure you will find the right choice for you. Great you are doing some research before you decide. With Raven Tools you will get a Top SEO tool that is especially good for reporting.

  6. Thanks for writing the Raven Tools review. It seems this is a good tool, especially with their free trial. However, I feel the lack of a geo-targeting feature is crucial for my business since it’s a local one. It’s actually nice to have an automated report and the price plan seems fair for a newbie, but I’m not sure this tool is for me. Thanks, anyway.

    1. Author

      Hi there! I appreciate your views on the matter. Many businesses use multiple tools namely because they are all built to perform different tasks. I can understand that you feel a bit thorn about the Geo targeting when having a local business. The only way you can find out is to try the product or contact the Keyword tool provider to see if it is  a way to go about it. 

  7. When it come to search engine optimization using an excellent keyword tool is the first step before other form of optimization like on page and off page. Since Raven tools come this exception it makes it a go to tool for marketers. I saw your list of tools and saw another good one on your list – jaaxy

    1. Author

      Hi Parameter! I agree that choosing an excellent tool for SEO is important. Raven is definitely one f the major players here. Yes Jaaxy is said to be the worlds most advanced Keyword search tool built for internet. Both have strengths and weaknesses. All SEO tools do. Both are good tools and I do not think you would be disappointed with any of them. As I pointed out it boils down to your needs as a marketer.

  8. As a beginner in the business online world, I haven’t tried Raven yet, I’m currently using Jaaxy, and I’m very happy with it. However, when I upgrade my skills and gain more experience, I might really try Raven, as it has a lot of good options, I like it because people are happy with the services and support. It’s always good to check what people think, what experience they have with the use, and what information they share.
    Thank you for writing this Raven Tools review friendly to beginners like me. I gained a lot of useful information!

    1. Author

      Hi Nina! I am glad you found some useful information to you. Doing my research on Raven Tools I find it to be a great tool with many different options especially the reports. Most customers also mentioned this so this is a feature I will definitely try out too. I agree that users opinions matters in choosing a tool, but at the end of it you need to find out how well it suits your needs and your business. And the only way to do that is to try it out.

  9. I have given Raven ago following this article by undertaking the 7-day free trail. I think the Raven tool is far better than Jaaxy. I like the way the raven tool combines the ranking and SEO, plus the rank tracker is a fantastic tool for checking my ranking for keywords for any set time frame.
    I also think the price is reasonable compared to many other keyword tools. It is safe to say I am a big fan.

    1. Author

      Hi Joe! Thank you for giving your insights. I am glad to hear that you found Raven to be a great tool for you after trying it out. 

  10. I am kinda new to affiliate marketing. But I already know how important rankings in Search engines are. I have come across Raven and there are some things I like and some I don’t. But your post has made me understand that I may not be at the level in which I can get the most out of Raven. Thanks for your review.

    1. Author

      Hi Abel! Thank you for your comment. All SEO tools have their strengths and weaknesses. in the end it is up to you to pick the one you think fulfill your needs in the best way.  Raven Is a great tool and one of the major players in the market. You might want to read my post The 6 best keyword search tools to become visible and found

  11. I never heard of Raven before until I read your review. I would love to try this SEO tool. As per your review, if Raven can carry out keyword research, check keyword rankings, conduct site audits, explore backlinks, and offers a free 14-day trial, it’s worth checking it out! Thanks!

    1. Author

      Hi Calla! Thank you for your comment! Raven is one of the major SEO tools so I would definitely try it out to see if this is a tool for you. Absolutely worth checking out!

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