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Did you know that Jaaxy is the worlds most advanced Keyword search engine? If you are working online you have probably heard about Keywords and SEO (search engine optimization). If you have not heard about Jaaxy or keywords before you should take some time and learn about it. Affiliate marketers and active Pinterest users are normally well aquainted with keywords. Both are using SEO as an important powertool to get more traffic. Do you struggle to find the best Keywords for your niche? Did you know you can find the best keywords with Jaaxy pro? Today  you and me are going to find out Why Jaaxy is the most advanced Keyword search engine tool on the planet and what this will actually mean for you and your business online.

Before you read the rest of my article I want to inform you according to best practices with information that may be important to you:

Affiliate disclaimer: This post contain affiliate links which means I will get a commission at no extra cost for you if you should click through and make a purchase.

Third party disclaimer: We are not legally responsible for what happens when you click on third party links because have no control over third parties websites, content, functionality or security and can not be held responsible for any technical or other damage to your device such as computer, mobile or tablet used when clicking on a link to connect to other platforms, download material, install, modify or distribute any material, software or other.

Earnings  and result disclaimer: Programs or products mentioned in this post that involve earning money will not work for everyone and there is no guarantee for success because there are to many factors that influence the results such as skills, circumstances and knowledge that we have no control over. Our Intention is to provide you with good potential opportunities and tools that can be helpful to your success.

Opinion disclaimer:

All views and opinions expressed in posts on are my own and not Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy views or opinions. Projections in this post are not endorsements.


( Photo: Unsplash)

Did you know that 7 billion searches are conducted on Google on a daily basis? 500 million of these are new Keywords. That is absolutely mindblowing! According to Google every single user performs 3 or 4 searches each. Just think about it for a moment. How many times a day are you on Google searching for something?

Maybe you are looking for a new easy digital invoice software, an easy contact form, a  Social media scheduler, the best online marketing training course , a place to start a free website or a training in how to brand your business on social media.

Whatever you are searching for Google will register your search. There are different types of search engines you should know about:

1. Crawler based search engines like Bing and Google who are indexing,Calculating relevance, and bring back results.

2. Human records, lists, yellow pages etc

3. Hybrid search engines combine ,as the name suggests, the crawling and the human records.

Google is the largest search engine In addition to Bing and Baidu. Google, Bing and Baidu are the top 3 search engines According to Statista. If you want to find out more about Search engines you can look at  the list over search engines in Wikipedia

This is where Jaaxy comes into your world as the brave saviour riding on a white horse – Jaaxy collects the data from 99,7% of the search engines and process this data through the best metrics and processes in a second. Jaaxy is all about finding the best keyword for you in no time. You do not have to use a whole day just to analyse the different search engines anymore. Jaaxy is doing the job for you.


Review of Jaaxy Pro Keyword Features

(Image designed by Daily Practice for Success in Canva)

In this Review I will look closer at the Keyword Search features in Jaaxy. Keyword search, Alphabet soup and Brainstorm.

I will review these features according to the following criteria:

1. Easy to use

2. Support

3. Saving time

4. Pros

5. Cons

6. Price

7. Surprises

8. Alternatives



Facts About Jaaxy

(Image designed By Daily Practice for Success in Canva)

Website: Jaaxy

Product 1: one month Enterprise: $99

Product 2: one  month Pro: $49

Jaaxy Lite: if you are a Premium Wealthy Affiliate Member

Starter free trial30 free searches

Pro Features: All the features in the starter + sortable search results, unlimited search history, Search analysis, manual QSR search, manual domain search, Alphabet soup 15 letter, 2x multi – threaded search 2K  siterank analysis search, lucurative Affiliate programs


Who is Jaaxy for?

(Photo: unsplash)

Jaaxy is for internet marketers, SEO firms, small marketing businesses, bloggers, Social media users and more. Everyone online that wants to optimize their traffic and get quality traffic in their niche.

The neverending keyword struggle

(Photo: Pexels)

Many affiliate marketers are dragging their hair in desperation every day just because of this asking them selves: How can I find the best keyword for my business and my niche? Why do I need to find the best keywords? How can I become visible on Google so people can find my business? Sounds familiar?

I do not know if you are struggling to find the best keywords or if you are really using time finding Keywords or not, but anyone who do knows how much time this takes if you are going to do a real good job.

The good news for you who struggle is Jaaxy. You will save an immensly amount of time looking for the best keyword. Jaaxy is faster than you – much faster. Within a second Jaaxy helps you come up with the best Keyword for your niche. It is like having a magic wand right there at your fingertips.

So first I have to ask you – do you know what a Keyword is? I have made a video for you. I will take you on a journey through Jaaxy and show you what a Keyword is and the main features of jaaxy. here


Jaaxy Keyword Features

(photo: Unsplash)

What is the goal with finding and searching for Keywords? Do you know?

I do not know what your goal is, but in general the goal is to rank on first page of Google and be found in search on search engines. Why should you rank on first page? What is the point? The short answer is to become visible and get more traffic to your website. Read my previous Review here about How to maximize your Traffic with Jaaxy.


What is a good Keyword?

(photo: unsplash)

I am now going to show you how the keyword search works in Jaaxy. To use this feature you can start by Signing up to Jaaxy free trial or Pro.

You will then come to the dashboard (see picture below).

First you need to know that a keyword can be a word, a phrase or an url. the next thing you need to know is that there are high competition keywords and low competition Keywords which are measured in the term QSR ( Quoted search results). The number on the QSR tells you if the keyword is competetive or not. If the QSR is more than 300 it is competetive.

So do you want to use a competetive keyword or a low competition keyword? Well that depends on a few things. If you are a larger brand like Wealthy Affiliate or  Tailwind you would probably go for the high competetive keywords. But if you are a blogger, an affiliate marketer or a small business with a low marketing budget you would probably go for the more low competetive keywords. It is easier to rank with “low hanging fruits” as we call them and you will get more traffic to your website this way.

Jaaxy Keyword search

(Image designed by Daily Practice for Success in Canva)

Now add your keyword In the keyword search field and click on find keywords. Let us see how easy it is to search for a keyword in Jaaxy. In this showcase I have added the word success. In less than a second Jaaxy gives me a long list of choices containing the keyword success.

So how do you know which one of these keyword suggestions is best?

If you look at the picture below, Success is a keyword with a lot of traffic and a QSR on 214. SEO is 65 which is low. You normally want a SEO closest to 100 as possible.

So what does this numbers really tell you about the word success? Is it a good keyword or not? What do you think? Before I go into that you see that you can also search for a domain for every keyword on the right side of SEO field. This is a very handy feature in Jaaxy.

Success is an average competetive keyword according to Jaaxy. It means it is possible to rank with it but have quite a lot of competition. The QSR is under 300 which means it is not that bad. Under 300 is OK.  Normally I would choose a keyword with QSR between 50 – 100 , and SEO around 100 because the competition is lower and it is easier to get ranked on first page in Google. The keyword success is rated as normal by Jaaxy so it is not very good or very bad.

With Jaaxy you see how easy it is to find out if you have a good Keyword or not. If Jaaxy says it is great you can use it. If you are using a Keyword Phrase like in the second result in the list you must first check that the phrase makes grammatical sense. In this case it does. The second search result is as you can see less competetive but have less traffic. Which one of them do you think have the best chances of ranking for you on Google?

Just try to Google the word Success and you will find 1 820 000 000 search results for this word. The second choice is “most successful online businesses” with 1 260 000 000 search results.

How on earth are you going to get to first page with your post? We all know first page is the thing if you want most traffic.

Do not be blinded by the traffic of the first choice. If you take a look at Google on the first page of success you will see first a definition, then ads and videos from big brands. Blogs or posts from smaller brands are far down on the pages. If you are on a low budget you would not choose this keyword. Your post may not even be indexed unless your content is extremely helpful and good. It is better to choose a low competition keyword that will get you indexed and ranked. This will help you grow your traffic much better.

Beside every keyword result in Jaaxy there is a little box. While searching you may find some keywords you think you can use. You can mark them and add them to a list. You can save different lists.  Later you can compare or save these keywords for later use. This is a really helpful and cool feature. I use this feature every time I make a search.

On the right side of the picture you see another list. This is a list of suggestions from Jaaxy based on your search that are related. These can be very useful as well. Now you have found some relevant keywords to use and you have maybe saved a list.

(Image: print screen of my Jaaxy dashboard)

Alphabet Soup:

Now let us add the keyword success into Alfabethsoup and see what happens. Alphabet Soup lists the searches in alphabetical order. Starting with your keyword +A etc. Some make grammatical sense and some dont. Click on the box beside the results you would like to add to your list. If you want to add it to Brainstorm feature as well click add on the right side. Alphabet Soup helps you with finding the best keywords.

(image: Printscreen of my Jaaxy Dashboard)


Let us add the choice “Why are successful people successful” to the Brainstorm Queue. Click add.

(image: Printscreen of Jaaxy Dashboard)

Then click on the marked Keyword and start the Brainstorm.

(image: Printscreen of Jaaxy Dashboard)

You see now all the results you get are great. Which one would you pick?

There is no competition on the second, but there is a little traffic. Number 1 have better SEO, more traffic, but higher competition. I would pick number 1 or 2. Add to your list the best results you want to proceed with. On the list to the right Jaaxy offers you related brainstorm ideas to use. I have found many good ideas in this list so it is worth a peak.

Now your keyword process is done. Now you can go to your list and compare the search results and pick one keyword to use for your article, post , ad, domain  and more. Do you see now how easy and time saving this feature is?  In a few minutes you found a great keyword!


Other smart features in Jaaxy Pro

Even if this review is about the keyword search features, I want to mention a little bit about the other resourceful features.

Siterank: The siterank feature is great here you can add your keywords and automate scans to see when you rank.


(photo: printscreen of Jaaxy page)


Search history:

In search history you can see all your searches.

Tracked rankings:

This feature allows you to see all your tracked rankings.

You can also track your historical rankings and get graphs.

(photo: Printscreen of Jaaxy page)

Search Analysis:

You can also keep track of your competitors and analyze if their rankings is going up or down

Is Jaaxy Pro Keyword features user friendly?

Jaaxy is extremely user friendly and easy to understand if you follow the Jaaxy tutorial. I guess after this small showcase you can see how userfriendly it really is.

How is Jaaxy Pro Support?

Jaaxy have a supreme support and you will get help with anything connected to keywords and SEO search. Jaaxy is good at taking care of their customers and meet their needs. They have a highly responsive support.

You will find all the videos in the help section.

The key features in Jaaxy is the search function, The site Rank and tracking function, the Alphabet Soup function, The Brainstorm function and they also have a real good affiliate programme that is very lucrative.

Jaaxy will definitely give you real value for the money, because Jaaxy helps you get more traffic and more traffic means more conversions and revenues for you. Jaaxy is worth its weight in gold. Time saving  and traffic optimization is the two greatest things about Jaaxy.

 Which Jaaxy pricing table is the right one for you?

(Printscreen of Jaaxy Pricing table)

Why should you buy Jaaxy Pro?

First of all Jaaxy is the only keyword search engine who covers 97%.

It is easy to find the best keywords

It is giving you an edge

It is affordable

You can see if you are ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo

You can track your competition

You will get more traffic

Are there any surprises with Jaaxy Keyword Features?

The biggest surprise is how easy it is to use and track your keywords. There will be changes to Jaaxy in 2020. Jaaxy is already the most advanced keyword search engine out there and with the new and optimized changes that is coming in late summer/fall this tool is a must have for everyone who is marketing and posting online.


What is the knocks with Jaaxy Pro Keyword Features?

If there is anything it must be that I only have 15 returns on each letter in Alphabet Soup. To get more I need to update to Enterprise.

Is Jaaxy Pro a smart tool for Self employed internet marketers, Affiliate marketers, Solopreneurs, Small business owners working from home?

Besides from your website the Jaaxy tool is a must for anyone online who are marketing and posting something. Jaaxy will give you the edge you need to get more quality traffic to your website


Final thoughts

I hope you enjoyed your little journey into keyword land and that all your questions you may have had is now gone. If not feel free to ask me in the comments below.

There is no way to come around the fact that Jaaxy is the most advanced and best keyword search engine in the world.

Finding the best keywords with Jaaxy is fun compared to the old way of doing it. Jaaxy is more accurate and you can easily keep track of your keywords and rankings.

If you do not have Jaaxy already then sign up today before you miss out on valuable traffic and the new and upcoming changes that will give you an edge in years to come. It is worth it and it makes the struggle for keywords fun!



One thing I thought I should mention before you go – As a Wealthy affiliate Premium member you also get access to Jaaxy.



(Image designed by Daily Practice for Success in Canva)

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  1. Great article, Jaaxy is the number one keyword tool out there, so glad I subscribed.

    1. Author

      Hi Michael! Yes YaaxyYaaxy is a powertool. So good to hear you subscribed to Jaaxy! Very good decision!

  2. I did not know that Jaxxy is the world most advanced. I am using the lite version right now but I wish I can do more extended keyword result. How many keywords will I get on both pro or enterprise per one search? I believe right now I get about 15 on a lite version My site is fairly new so I want to target good keywords with high search and low QSR but I am not sure which one I should go for and the lite version is very limited. What is the difference between the pro and enterprise version?

    1. Author

      Hi Nuttane!

      Good question!

      You have 30 free searches on the free trial on a 15 letter keywords with 20 search results on one search

      The lite version is limited.

      With  Pro version you have unlimited searches on 15 letter Keywords in alphabetsoup with sortable search results.

      On Enterprise you have unlimited search with extra speed and 35 search results and 50 letter Alafphabetsuoup search. Automated QSR. You can see the difference here. From the start the Pro version is good .

      You can make lists to add your best searches and then compare. Are you using the lists?

      If you feel you need more searches or want to automate QSR function you can go for enterprise. You get most value with Enterprise of course. I hope I answered your question.

  3. Jaaxy is an amazing tool that will give the best keyword for your niche. I have been using Jaaxy for years now and have never been disappointed with the results. Because of this keyword tool, many of my posts have good rankings on Google and other search engines.

    1. Author

      Hi Norman! Glad you stopped by to give some valuable insights. Glad to hear Jaaxy give you good results. It is the same with me. When I started Using Jaaxy I immediately started ranking.I have had many posts on Page 1 position 1 thanks to Jaaxy.

  4. Great info on the process of keyword research as well as the advantages of Jaaxy as a keyword research tool. Thanks for increasing my knowledge in this area.

    1. Author

      Thank you for stopping by Joseph! Glad I could be of help to you!

  5. I only got to learn about Jaaxy recently from Wealthy Affiliate and i have to say its a remarkable keyword search tool. It has not let me down and its made really simple for anyone to use.

    1. Author

      Hi Chezya! Jaaxy will be your best friend and your right hand if you are working online.I especially love the Keyword lists – what feature are you most content with?

  6. I got to learn about Jaaxy right here at Wealthy Affiliate and it has made my website work a breeze when it comes to keyword search and saving. i love it, and am sure i am not the only one who feels so. Coming from me i honestly don’t have questions as what is in the article is genuinely true and i have personally experienced Jaaxy. Thank you for the amazing information in the article, Great Job.

    1. Author

      Hi Chezya! Thank you for giving your insights and sharing your positive experience with Yaaxy.

  7. Hello there, thankbyou for this very detailed review, I understand that alot of conscious, calculated and deliberate effort has been put in bringing this review together, I just started learning how affiliate marketing works  with wealthy affiliate, my friend mentioned to me that I’d be needing jaaxy, after going through this post I understand its purpose but i would want to know if there’s a video training to think explanation on how to find the best keyword with jazzy?

    1. Author

      Hi! Your friend is right. Jaaxy is a tool that will be of much help to you as a Marketer. When you sign up with Jaaxy you will get Video tutorials in the help centre of Jaaxy. However I have made a video you can watch to get an impression. You can watch the Video here. Hope you find it helpful! you can also do the free trial to get your hands on with Jaaxy before you decide.

  8. Hey nice article you have there. This is the exact information, I have been searching for overtime. The extend to which one use the right keywords on a website will determine how often it will receive traffic . In choosing  keywords for your niche what are those factors you need to consider, what are those keywords that frequently attract traffic?.

    1. Author

      Hi! and thank you for the question. All niches are different. You need to get to know your niche so you knows what inspire, motivate or tiggers them. Choosing Keywords depends on what kind of article you are writing. Are you writing to engage, inform, educate, inspire etc. The most popular Keywords have high competition and if you want to rank to get traffic to your website you will not want to use them. You might want to read my previous review about how to maximize your traffic with Jaaxy here.

  9. Hi Hilde! I have learned a lot more about Jaxxy now than i knew before after reading your article. I have been using the Lite version until now, and have been doing a bit of research on other keyword tools. Some of them has been good tools, but i have found them to be quite expensive compared to Jaxxy. 

    I was about to ask about the difference between the lite version and the Pro, but you clarified that in your review. , but now I am tempted to go for the Pro version. 

    Does Jaxxy only support English language or can you use it for other languages as well?

    1. Author

      Hi Roy! At the moment  it is not multilingual, but hopefully WA will be able to provide it in the future. 

       If you use the Google browser as your default, you can select language to translate.

      Two ways to do this:

      1) select settings>language Google products or Google search.

      2) click on dot cube, and click on ‘language ttranslated.

      Not sure of the accuracy of translation, but hopefully this will help!

  10. This is another phenomenal article, with lots of detail and superb information. I’ve been using the version that comes with a premium WA subscription, but even then i’ve barely been using it. I’ve stuck with the tool inside of WA. After reading this article, it’s clear I need to spend more time on Jaaxy. But I have one question, in your honest opinion, is it worth the upgrade or are the tools inside of premium WA more than sufficient to get the job done?

    1. Author

      Hi there! Great Question Zulfaqar! It is definitely worth the upgrade because you get more siterank searches and more results in keywordsearch, Brainstorm and Alphabetsup. You can also add more lists. The Jaaxy lite version is perfectly fine and sufficient to find good keywords and get the job done.  I guess it all depends on how active you are. Personally I like pro because it is less limited. I hope I answered your question.

  11. Jaaxy is very smart. Your examples on how to use Jaaxy to provide great keyword results is simply amazing. You recommended the Pro version. May I ask why didn’t you recommend the Enterprise version? 

    In your use of Jaaxy,what search engine ranks have you got with the Keywords that you used Jaaxy to use in your blog posts? Have you compared the Pro version with the free version that comes with Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership?

    To know that Jaaxy can be had as part of a subscription to the affiliate marketing training platform Wealthy Affiliate is quite an attractive proposition. Especially as there is a special being offered at the moment. 

    Thanks for bringing Jaaxy to our attention.


    1. Author

      Hi there Edwin! Glad you ask. The reason why I recommend Pro is because I am it, but of course the Enterprise is giving you maximum of all features. I also recommended Pro because I think from the start this is more than enough. In my use of Jaaxy I have ranked on Google 12 times the last two months that i am aware of. I have been on Page1 post 1. All this thanks to the video tutorials on how to use Jaaxy. I have not made a review yet comparing the pro to the basic, but that is a great Idea and I will take your word and create a comparison.

      You are Quite right! Wealthy Affiliate is preparing now for a new and exciting decade. All the training material and Jaaxy will be upgraded. The changes in Jaaxy will take place in late summer/fall. But Right now there is an exclusive special yearly time limited offer to New Wealthy Affiliate Premium.  claim your yearly special bonus!

  12. Hi, I enjoyed reading your article on finding the best keywords with jaaxy-pro.  There’s a lot of helpful and interesting information about jaaxy.  I am familiar with jaaxy and I know that it will help you rank in Google by using keywords.  I am new to jaaxy and have a basic plan.  Do you think it would benefit me more if I would upgrade my plan?

    Thank You,


    1. Author

      Hi Margareth! Wonderful question! I would definitely suggest you to upgrade to Jaaxy pro. You will get more out of all the features. More searches, more lists, Siterank, more trackings etc. If you take a look at the priceplan you will see the difference between Pro and basic version. The Enterprise version is of course the very best. I hope I answered your question. 

  13. Hi, Hilde
    Thanks for sharing the expressive review of Jaaxy Pro keyword research tool. The feature I liked most is the instant information on what kinds of keywords have great value. A little time spent on Jaaxy tool and its various features will leave a lot of time to plan and write quality blogs. I think Jaaxy is a must for online marketers.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Author

      Thank you Gaurav for your insights! Jaaxy have helped many including myself to optimize traffic and get more quality readers as well. I use to call Jaaxy my best friend or my right hand in marketing. I can not wait until the new updates are coming in summer/fall to see what new and exciting features we will get. If you are not already a yearly Wealthy Affiliate premium member I will suggest you take the plunge and get your yearly special time limited bonus before 11th May for $298 (lifetime price) After this you will have to pay $495 Get your yearly special bonus now!

  14. Truly amazing. I am still working on my website and I am not setting it up for myself. I want to reach out to a large audience and I am very excited because I feel Jaaxy will make my dreams come through by giving me the opportunity to research and use keywords that work. As a starter, I think getting Jaaxy Lite is a better option considering the fact that it comes with Wealthy Affiliate. When I eventually see great results, I’d go for Pro. I was wondering, are we limited in number of searches we can make with Jaaxy Lite?

    1. Author

      Hi and thank you for asking this question. Yes ,Lite is a limited version of Pro version you get when you become a Premium Wealthy Affiliate member. And it is only for members. As a starter on the free trial you only have 30 searches. On lite version you have 100. On Pro you have unlimited. See the comparison here.

  15. Hi Hilde

    Thank you for posting such a wonderful article. I have learnt more of Jaaxy Pro that I never knew since I am using Jaaxy Lite. There is no doubt that I have seen the reason for me to upgrade one day. You thoroughly explained the much-needed items to know in this great keyword search engine. 

    Kind regards

    T. Manyimo

    1. Author

      Hi there! You come far with using Lite version but You would definitely get more features and value with Jaaxy Pro or Enterprise version. 

  16. Hello there! this is super amazing. What caught my attention was the fact that the search history is unlimited which for me, it is super cool and also as a WA premium member, the jaxxy lite will be suitable for me.

    What I do not understand is that; do I have to pay another fee to use the jaxxy lite as a wealthy affiliate member.

    1. Author

      Hi! no  you get access to Jaaxy lite when you sign up as premium. It is only for Premium members. It is a hybrid between Starter and Pro. Pro version however you need to Pay for, because it gives so much more value. I hope this was answer to your question? 

  17. Hello there, This is an amazing review you have got here. The jaaxy pro comes with a variety of features that makes keyword search easier. It is faster and helps save time when searching for keyword for a niche.  It I interesting to know that as a premium member in wealthy affiliate I have access to jaaxy. 

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

    1. Author

      Hi there! you are welcome! You have access as a starter too, but you have to sign up for it on Jaaxy.

  18. Thank you for introducing me to this keyword tool. There are several things I’ve discovered recently:

    1. How Google indexes our site through keywords

    2. The importance of not stuffing our post with keywords but to write naturally.

    3. How keywords can make a difference between a post that is being viewed and one that isn’t.

    But reading your post, I learn about this technique called the alphabet soup. I’ll sign up for Jaaxy and test it myself. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi Ann! Glad I could Inspire you to start! Let me know if you need any further help once started. Yes Google indexes your website through Keywords as one of the metrics. Searchable and relevant Content is therefore essential. Jaaxy is very accurate in finding niche keywords to rank with. You also learn many different search techniques. It does not matter if you have the coolest headline or content if no one searches for your keywords. Anyone thinking SEO is dead have to rethink.

  19. This is a great review of Jaaxy. I have been using Jaaxy starter member for about a year now and I have been wondering whether it would be worth my while to upgrade to Pro. I certainly cannot write a blog post without doing keyword research and for that Jaaxy is great. 

    I am not a hundred percent sure though what you mean by a fifteen letter keyword as I have never experienced any issues with the length of keywords, even when I search longtail keywords. So really how many fifteen letter words are there? Would this still be a problem in Enterprise?

    1. Author

      Hi there Line! Great question. I can see now I should have been more specific here. As you say you can search for keywords and phrases in the search. But In the alphabeth Soup 15 letter. You can see it is mentioned on this site.. In Enterprise you have 50.

      Example: If you search for Jaaxy In Alphabeth Soup You get 15 search results for every letter in the alphabeth. I hope this helped.

  20. What a fantastic review of one of the most important tools in the industry! So neat and clear and transparent. Thank you for this. I wish that everyone who is in the online business get in touch with Jaaxy as it is so powerful. I’ve been using Jaaxy Lite as the Wealthy Affiliate premium member and I am very satisfied with it. Actually it helps me a lot in my business. 

    I would recommend Jaaxy to everyone. 

    1. Author

      Thank you Sunny! I love Jaaxy too. I think when you first start using it it is like before and after the dishwasher machine came or before and after the mobile came. A huge gamechangerfor me too.

  21. Excellent post about Jaaxy.! I love Jaaxy because I can make my Jaaxy research on a keyword and get the best keywords to add to my own website that can work well for me to draw traffic to my website through the search engines.Jaaxy also offers valuable training in different search techniques that have been very helpful in how to use Jaaxy and get the most out of it. I love all the Jaaxy features. I think the Pro version is really worth it. More searchresults, more lists to save my keywords so I do not forget them and keep track of my daily rankings. 

    But the coolest thing is that I can use the search analysis to spy on my competitors. It’s good stuff you shared all round. Thanks! Go get Jaaxy if you do not have it! It is a no brainer for marketers.

    1. Author

      Hi Sus! Love how passionate you seem about Jaaxy! Thank you for your thoughts. I totally agree with you that you will get an extra edge with the Jaaxy Pro Version.  And Yes! Anyone who have not tried Jaaxy yet are missing out on a great advantage and a supreme tool. Get a free trial here!

  22. Hello there, online businesses need good tools  to make progress and I really like how you stress the importance of SEO. Keywords are more important than ever before. Having the right keyword  search tool to grow your site to have a good ranking on Google and other search engines is very important and Jaaxy is a tool that I really would trust to deliver. I find it to be a very accurate tool and I use it daily. No wonder when the search coverage is 99,7%. I believe organic traffic through SEO is extremely important and with  the help of Jaaxy you will get more organic traffic.

    1. Author

      Hi Justin! I totally agree with you that organic traffic matters. And to get it you need to find the Keywords people search for. Jaaxy is supreme when it comes to cover searches online and can therefore give you a pretty good accuracy on keywords. Jaaxy is developed by the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.Using the techniques they  teach  at Wealthy Affiliate your chances of ranking on Google is huge. Personally I rank every month with many of my posts. 

  23. I got such a chuckle when you pointed out the number of daily searches on Google and how many are new. This is because we use it constantly. Anything we don’t know or can’t remember from the past, just “Google it”. Looking for recipes or what does that word mean? Google it. I think the fact that the world seems to be shrinking plays a part too. We hear of things from around the world that we had not heard of before. You know the answer – Google it.

    1. Author

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