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Free Trial


$15 - Lite


$ 25 - Plus



  • Huge Time saver
  • Cloudbased
  • Mobile friendly


  • Does not integrate will all programs
  • Not customized
  • There have been some update issues

Struggling with managing your invoices? Looking for a fast, easy and secure online invoice manager? Then you should take a look at Freshbooks easy invoice manager. It is an excellent invoice manager that let you manage your bills efficiently. Freshbooks invoice manager is easy to administer from anywhere with your mobile device. Let us take a closer look today at the Freshbooks easy invoice manager and how you can benefit from it and stress less with your invoices.

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I have been doing some research about online invoice systems that are secure, easy to manage to use in my online business. I found that Freshbooks invoice manager offer a cloud based system that is used by 18 million users online. If you are looking for an online invoice system for your website you should take a closer look at Freshbooks to see if this could be a system for you.

Review of Freshbooks Invoice Manager

Owner: Mike Dermont

Founded: 2002


Freshbooks cloud Accounting: Free trial 30 days.

Product 1: Lite :5 billable clients $15 monthly

Product 2: Plus: 50 billable clients $25 monthly

Product 3: Premium: 500 billable clients $50 monthly

Product 4: Select: 500+ billable clients – Custom pricing

Features: Invoicing, Expenses, Estimates and proposals, Time tracking, Projects, Payments, Accounting and reports, Clients, Add ons, Mobile

Read my review of Freshbooks monthly planner.

You probably have a product on your site that you are selling and you want your customers to pay you. You need a fast, secure, trustable and easy manageable system. Now I will take a look at what you can do with Freshbooks invoice manager.

What is a Freshbooks Invoice?

Watch video:

Freshbooks Payments is one of the features of Freshbooks cloud Accounting that let you create a direct payment from your invoice via Freshbooks so you receive your payments faster.

Who is Freshbook easy Invoice manager for?

Freshbooks invoice manager is for all online businesses who get paid online and need to release valuable time doing invoicing. Why make it difficult when you can make it easy?

Is Freshbooks Invoices easy to set up?

Yes Freshbook Invoice manager is easy to set up fast. You just click on try it for free and in a few steps you are ready to go. Just follow the instructions and you will feel like you get a new life.

For me starting with Freshbooks was almost the same feeling as when I got my first dishwasher machine. It is the life before where I had to do my dishes all by hand. Now you get a new life that makes everything so much easier. Just like the dishwasher who washes your dish Freshbooks manage your invoices.

Insert video and pictures

How does Freshbook easy Invoice manager work?

To make it a little easier for you to understand how it all works I will share some videos for you so you can get a good picture of how Freshbooks works before you start.

Learn how to master invoicing:

I have collected some videos that shows you how yo master invoicing and so you can see for yourself how easy it really is to use.

How to send an invoice with Freshbooks?

Watch the video:

How to create an invoice with Freshbooks?

Watch the video:

Freshbooks invoice App 

Watch the video:

How to write an Invoice that actually get paid?

Are you struggling to get your invoices paid? Are you writing invoices that actually get paid?

Another obstacle for me was how to write an amazing Invoice. I am not a guru in this field so I was positively surprised by all the good tutorial material I found. I had never thought about that how the invoice was written could have an impact on if it got paid or not. Have you thought about that?

To me an invoice was an invoice, but according to Freshbooks there is more to it than that. You want to get paid for your services so here is a guide for you to follow to make sure you are getting paid. This guide really helped me a lot with creating invoices. I recommend you to read the How to write an Invoice that gets paid guide here.

Breaking the time barrier

Free E-book!

This e book is great for all business levels from the startup to the businesses with +500 clients.

It is written by the founder Mike Dermont himself.

This E- book gives you really good advice on value based pricing and how to price and position your services and when to let go of low quality clients.

Get the free E- Book now!

How secure is Freshbooks invoice manager?

The security of Freshbooks is the highest possible on the internet for cloudbased systems.



This suits best for startups with up to 5 billable clients. If you should get more clients you just upgrade to Plus.

Normally Lite is $15 a month but right now you get a 60% special offer


Plus suits best for small businesses up to 50 clients. This is the most popular choice. Should you get more than 50 clients it is easy to upgrade to Premium. It includes all the lite features.

Normally Plus is $25 a month but right now you get a 60% special bonus.


Premium is for growing businesses with up to 500 clients. It includes all the lite and plus features. In addition, you get

Normally Plus is $50 a month but you can get it right now at a 60%discount.

Annual subscription:

The annual subscription is clearly the best offer and will let you save money.

Get 60% off now!

FreshBooks Annual Subscription


Custom Pricing :

The custom pricing is for growing businesses that wants a personal account manager, super low credit card transaction rates and easy quick books and Xero integration

You can see the pricing table here

How is Freshbooks Support?

Freshbooks support is the very best.
You can contact them on phone, email, chat and you can search the knowledge base. They are highly responsive to customers. Freshbooks recommend you to get in touch if you have any problems.

What are the Alternatives to Freshbooks?

Quickbooks is maybe the closest alternative you get to Freshbooks. You can take a look at the comparison Quickbook versus Freshbooks

See the comparison here:

FreshBooks vs. QuickBooks Page

What does the users say about Freshbooks invoice manager?

It has got excellent reviews in the get app reviews.

According to G2 reviews 77% thinks Freshbooks is excellent.

Words like Invoicing fun, Easy to use, User friendly, Quick invoicing are just some of the words users use to describe Freshbooks.

Pros: Time saving, Cloudbased, you can use it on your mobile from anywhere with an internet connection. Easy to use.
Some users mentions they wish Freshbooks could integrate better with other programmes and they would like more customization and some have had issues with the new updates.

Freshbooks seems to be very responsive to all reviews which shows that they value their customers opinions.

Infographic: Small Business Accountant Survey 2019

Freshbooks success Case studies

I love the success stories. You can always learn a lot from people who have succeeded.

Take a look at Freshbooks Success Stories.


Final thoughts

Freshbooks is a great way to manage your invoices.I love the fact that you can start small and grow with it as your business grows. It is a safe cloudbased system

I have taken Freshbooks to my heart because it is so easy to use for me as an affiliatemarketer. I can sav tons of time and I have everything I need whenever I need on my mobile.

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How to claim your 60% of for 6 months bonus!

Right now you have the opportunity to get 60% off for 6 months. Get it now!

How to become a Freshbooks Affiliate


  1. Interesting! I had not heard of Freshbooks before. We use a custom system for our main business but have referred other small business owners to online options. The one that I know the most about is Quick Books, but it does have some limitations for small businesses who need to customize.

    Have you compared Freshbooks to QuickBooks before? I wonder which would be better for small but growing businesses. I’d appreciate any insight you can offer.

    1. Author

      Hi Diane! Good Question. I have added a link in the review with the comparison between Quick books and Freshbooks in my previous review Freshbooks monthly will find some more info. Or you can read it here.I have not used Quickbooks myself, but I know that many Quickbook users have switched to Freshbooks because it is frasier to manage. Freshbooks is much more used friendly. I hold my button on Freshbooks for startups small businesses that is growing. According to their user numbers it seems like this is a popular and good choice . It works wellfor me. I hope I answered your question Diane. Let me know if you have any further questions.

  2. I read your article with interest primarily because I am working for a non-profit which depends upon recovering payments quickly.  It is also necessary for us to send receipts which has not been mentioned in your article.  Many of the invoicing programs are so complex that the average person really can’t use them.  This program does not seem to be complicated at all.  Thanks for the article.  I am going to do a bit more research to see if this fits our needs.  This was a clear, well-written article.  I appreciated the video.

    1. Author

      Hi Anastazja! With Freshbooks recieps is automatically generated when the customer pays. Your client can just save the reciept with the save button from their client account. It is very easy. You get a free trial so give it a try to see if it works out for you.

  3. FreshBooks has a well-earned reputation that has been around for over fifteen years. I tried this service years ago and forgot all about when conducting searching for the invoice system to use with my business.  The price seems very reusable and I like that it offers a free trial period of 30 days. Thanks for sharing this review with videos to watch, I watched every one of them. After reading your review and watching the videos I am going to sign back up with the trial period to start and then move up. How long does it take to convert unpaid invoices to paid invoices?

    1. Author

      Hi Janette! Good question! Freshbooks invoices get paid 2x faster than normal invoices. The customer can pay directly to you via Freshbooks client account. When you send an invoice your client can pay directly when opening your invoice. If it is a recurrent invoice you can create this in your invoice. You can also use the time tracker if you are invoicing for hours used. I hope this answered your question?

  4. Freshbooks looks like a simple and easy program to use!  I haven’t seen a program yet that allows you to create beautiful invoices for your clients which I believe truly makes a difference in processing what’s owed to you faster.  Their invoice templates look very profressional and it’s nice you can customize them to fit your business needs.  Wonderful information!  I will definitely be keeping this on my radar.

    1. Author

      Hi Lindsey! Yes the look of the invoice can make a difference. Freshbooks is really easy to use . I like that it is cloudbased and that I can access it from anywhere. It is secure and I think it is an affordable option to more alternative and more complicated programs. Thank you for stopping by and giving your thoughts on this.

  5. I have been looking for a good invoice manager for some time. And up till this point the previous ones I had researched about didn’t seem to be for me. I like that you can quickly set up Freshbooks and that it’s mobile friendly. All the other features would be considered a bonus, from my point of view. Thank you very much for this review.

    1. Author

      Thank you for giving your thoughts on this Abel!. Freshbooks is mobile friendly and easy to set up. You might also want to read my post Monthly buget planner..

  6. Great review, but I was wondering if Freshbook was only for an online business, or would it also work for an offline business for example a gym? It seems to have great features, support and training, and I never realised that one could improve on the look of the invoice to get paid, as I thought most invoices were just standard.

    The price for the lite account is pretty reasonable, but jumps quite high after that, and there are cheaper systems one can get online, although not sure if they are quite as good.

    1. Author

      Hi Michel! Great question. yes you can use it for offline businesses, but you need a computer or the mobile app to use it. The look of the invoice can inmprove payments.You can try it out for free and see if this works for your gym. 

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