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  • Free to start
  • Allows more earning possibilities
  • Rewards for Engagement


  • Cost $200 year for Pro membership
  • You need to stay Pro in order to get your lifetime earnings

Are you planning on joining Webtalk or already a Webtalker? Do you understand The Webtalk Reward Program?Is it a good reward program? Should you Join Webtalk? Today I will review Webtalk Affiliate reward program and Give you my Top 10 Tips how to earn Money with Webtalk.

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What is Webtalk?

Webtalk is a growing Social engagement platform where you can earn money through engagement on the platform in multiple ways. They are just now among the Top 9000 websites and are experiencing an explosive growth.

Read my previous Review about Webtalk here to find out more:

Facts about Webtalk

Founded: 2011 Have now 440k users (march 2020)

Founders: RJ Garbowicz and Jeff Catherell

HQ: Florida

Website: www.

Mission: Help the world create more success


2011: Launched Social CPX rewards program

2019: Launched Pro Premium feature Suit

2020: Launched Magic news feed with social syndication to Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Twitter and slack.

2020: New Features are coming in Q4.

How to join Webtalk

You can join Here

Or watch the Video:

(This Video is made with Invideo)

The Webtalk Referral program

To be able to earn money on Webtalk you need to do a few things first.

1. Create a Free account, Pro account or a Pro platinum account.

2. Complete your profile.

3. Join the Webtalk referral reward program which is free to join. It is important that you join this program if your aim is to earn money with your social engagement.

Webtalk Rewards

Watch the video

10% referral awards : this is a reward you get if you invite people to join webtalk and who is creating an account.

Pro subscription reward: All members can earn a 10% reward for every invited member who become a pro.

PRO membership: A pro membership costs $200 a year.

Pro membership packages:


Early adopter bonus (the first million of webtalkers)

1. Refer or become a Pro member.

2. Annual sale of $200.

If you are a pro member among the first million of webtalkers you will earn 10% from 5 levels of referrals for life if you refer another pro member as long as you stay active as a pro member.

This means If you invite a colleague to join who become a pro you get 10% of his points while he is still keeping 100% of his points. This continues if your colleague invite another person etc. 5 levels down. So the person who upgrades to Pro will not loose on this because you were an early adopter of Webtalk. To keep this lifetime offer you need to have an annual sale of $200.

Web talk Swag shop rewards: You will earn 10% Swag rewards if the persons you have invited purchase anything in the Swag shop. Earn $1 for items purchased.

Business cards: There is a one time fee of $50. The business cards have a Bluetooth integration which will take the one you give them to directly to your registration link.

Marketplace transactions reward: You will earn 10% reward if any of your invited persons make a transaction in the marketplace. Earn 1% from every transaction on Webtalk. Includes all member to member transactions and services sold through Webtalk.


Ad pool Free Reward Program

You have to look at the ad pool as a pie of points. So when you engage on the platform and get points you get a slice of this Ad pool pie. 1000 points = 1 slice of the pie.

At the end of each month the Ad revenue pie is divided between the pie slices into Free cash. The Ad pool points are generated from all of your engagement on the Webtalk platform from logging in, liking, sharing and creating valuable content that is helpful for others.

Engagement points are earned when you do something on other peoples posts, like, share and comment as well as when people view your profile. 100 engagement points a day is the maximum you can earn.

Influencer points is earned when others like, sharing and commenting on your post.

like= 10 points

comment = 20 points

Share = 30 Points

So you get the idea that using Webtalk some time every day and being active like you would normally do on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media is rewarding for you. These points are unlimited.

Matching points or referral points When someone signs up on your link and start using Webtalk you will earn the same amount of points as they generate. The matching points will be generated on 5 levels. You do not have to be a pro to earn matching points.

Rewards Free users

Ads consumed: Earn 0,01 CPE

Rewards Business users

Ads purchased : Earn 10% of monthly budget.

Social CPX – Social commissions per exchange cash program

You can earn social commission of all transactions and services made on Webtalk from people you have invited to join you and sign up via your link. You will get paid commissions by all transactions made from your direct referrals.

Webtalk pays out 50% of all revenue to its members through the Social CPX program.

See the video HERE

What you get paid for on Webtalk

1. When someone you invited create an account and upgrade to PRO.

2. Ad pool reward credits.

3. Webtalk Marketplace transactions ( New Upcoming feature).

4. Travel transactions via Priceline ( New upcoming feature).

5. Swag shop transactions ( New upcoming feature).

6. Webtalk Job services ( New upcoming feature).

How do you get paid on Webtalk?

To get a payment from webtalk you need to have earned $100 on the 28th every month. So if you earn $100 one month, you will get the money on the 28th the following month.

As for now Webtalk accept Stripe and Payoneer, but Webtalkers will probably be able to use PayPal as well very soon. Webtalk is working on the possibility to pay with Webtalk credits, Coinbase and Transferwise.

Is Webtalk an MLM company?

No. Webtalk is not an MLM company. They have patented their own revenue system. Some have asked this question because you can earn from 5 levels. RJ Garbowicz stated in one of his posts the following: I quote:

“Since our mission is to help the world create more success, this offering complimented our mission better than every other rewards program model that we contemplated. However, we didn’t want Webtalk to be an MLM because there is a lot of negative opinions about MLMs in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. This is why we made our rewards program 100% FREE! We also made our 5-Level bonus FREE, awarding it to every member who refers a PRO customer.”

Reward Disqualifiers

Webtalk wants to be a quality social media platform and give you success by using their platform. However, there are always some people who misuse these kinds of opportunities. Webtalk will disqualify any member who:

1. Violating Webtalk terms and conditions.

2. Have an Incomplete Profile.

3. Multiple Accounts.

4. Fake accounts.

5. False, inaccurate, misleading info about Webtalk.

6. Intellectual Property Violations.

Webtalk Mobile App (coming)

This is an upcoming feature that many think will help Webtalk with skyrocketing in the market.

Note! Webtalk mobile App will be verified with Webtalk inc. and will be officially announced.

There are some fraudulent apps in circulation that have nothing to do with Webtalk.

The new features on this app will be very welcoming.

What does the users of Webtalk say about Webtalk?

Read about it in my previou review here.


Webtalk offers a ton of possibilities for persons and businesses alike.

You are rewarded for being social and engaging on the platform. You can earn a lot over time. It all sums up over time and the reward system is paying back 50% to its members. This is special for webtalk and is connected to their vision about success for everyone.

You can start for free. This is Great! A free opportunity to earn money online without any investment.

Many reward possibilities. As I have mentioned above you can join the referral reward program and start earning for free, The social CPX and the Adpoolsrewards.


You need to go Pro to earn maximum, but that is normal with all affiliate programs and nothing special for Webtalk.

You need to stay Pro in order to get your lifetime earnings. This is also normal that you need to stay active in order to earn Lifetime bonuses.


My Top 10 Tips For New Webtalkers!

To give you a good start on Webtalk I have created a list with the first three things you need to do and 2 things I recommend you to do. In addition I made a video video with my Top 10 Tips For New Webtalkers. This will get you well started on Webtalk.

1. Create a Webtalk account HERE

2. Check you have filled out your profile 100%.

3. Check if you have enrolled in the referral and ads rewards program.

You will not earn a cent unless you do these three things.

4. Upgrade to Pro to earn more as soon as you can.

5. Enable comments on your posts.

Watch the video with my Top 10 Tips for new Webtalkers

(This Video is made with Invideo)

I hope this review and my Top 10 tips serve you well and that you understand the reward program better. I will definitely recommend Webtalk. Personally I use it in addition to all the other Social Media patforms and Webtalk is just growing on me every day.

I hope you see the value in using Webtalk too and I invite you to join me here today if you have not created an account yet. You have nothing to loose only all to win. It is Free so Let’s get you started here and now. Click here to join



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One thing before you go – Can you do me a big favor and share this post on your social media or with a friend who would need to hear about Webtalk? Who knows – you could be the reason why someone earn money with Webtalk.

Any Questions? Please leave them in the comments below!


  1. Awesome review of the WebTalk Affiliate Reward Program Hilde!

    You have shared an amazing platform while detailing the ways to become successful within as well as utilizing it to grow our business.

    I have been a Pro Platinum Yearly Member for over a year now having resubscribed about a month ago.

    The return of investment is well worth upgrading. I highly recommend that anyone who isn’t already a member at WebTalk, sign up with your link.

    Thank you for always sharing & caring Hilde!


    1. Author

      Hi Tony! Glad you loved it! Thank you for sharing your insights as a Platinum Pro member. Yes, Webtalk is truly an amazing platform and a real good concept that can create success for many. Personally I went for Pro straight away, because I want to get the maximum out of it when I first use it.

  2. Hi Hilde,

    Thank you for taking the time to review Webtalk.

    We have been reading about this website many times, and the first impression of this company was “Just” another MLM companies.  Thank you for pointing out that the company is actually not MLM company – not that we against MLM. 

    This is definitely new to us, get to earn money through engagement.  We will look more into it, since we do not want to leave no stone unturned.

    All the best,

    Kalle & Marie

    1. Author

      Hi Kalle & Marie! Glad I sorted out that for you. You are not the only one who thought so. The 5 level referral reward can easily be assosciated with MLM. But you need to look at the whole concept. Webtalk is Paying their active members 50% of all their revenue every month. No MLM company do that. Just imagine how much revenue Facebook, Instagram, Twitter , Tik Tok and all the other social media platforms make. Not even they pay even close to that back to their users for being engaged. I was like you at first. But I took time to learn what Webtalk is all about and now I am a very happy member. I hope you will join me on Webtalk! You can contact me inside and I will help you get started.

  3. Nice review on Webtalk. 

    I was doing some research about the Webtalk, but I like that you have those tips – that is always very helpful to have practical tips. 

    I was also a bit afraid that this is an MLM. Glad to find out that it is not.

    Great that it is possible to start for free, in fact, I have just created my account with Webtalk. 

    thanks for the post

    1. Author

      Hi Michel! Glad you like my review. Congrats on creating an account. My tips will definitely help you getting a good start. Send me a message inside Webtalk so I can like and share your content.

  4. Hello there – I had no clue what Webtalk was until I read this article. I am a newbie to affiliate programs and learning fast. I like the fact it is free to start so that I can have the opportunity to test drive. The fact that it is amongst the top 9000 websites is interesting to me. Will try this out. Thanks for this post. 

    1. Author

      Hi JN!  Glad I could inform you about Webtalk and hopefully you try it out for yourself. I am sure you will not be disappointed. This is a Lifetime opportunity. 

  5. Yeah, I have seen Webtalk before and I think that it is a platform  that will soon to become a very big one in the future. I like the way Webtalk works though and how one iearn for being engaged and connect with people who have one common interest. I believe it can help me boost my business in a very wonderful way. I’ll check it out and connect with you. Your explanation of the platform make it easy for me to understand  how it all works.and  it is detailed too.

    1. Author

      Thank you Suz! You are welcome to join my network on Webtalk anytime. I am looking forward to connect with you there. I have already others who joined me on Webtalk and I have given  my personal network on Webtalk some good starting tips to better succeed with Webtalk. It is a great platform for sharing and get visible. Many new features coming up now and when the mobile app releases soon Webtalk is expected to explode with new members. 

  6. Interesting Review about Webtalk.  I actually feel that the price of the affiliate subscription is a bit much for me, But  I will get more returns if I do. Webtalk is now way better than what it was before. It is a no brainer to get in for least Thank you so much for a splendid Review. You made it all very comprehensible to me.

    1. Author

      Glad you found my Review about Webtalk comprehensible. one of the advantages of the reward program is the life time earnings and that you actually get paid for doing exactly what you do on other platforms. i have never recieved a dollar from any other platform. I think the concept is truly brilliant and very professionally made. They just released a new discover feature and soon the mobile App will come. I think that will be a huge gamechanger for Webtalk.

  7. Webtalk is really a great idea! An amazing  platform with an affiliateprogram to making money for social engagement. I really like how Webtalk have been programmed to operate. I think it is very professional. The possibility to start for free would surely encourage everyone to use it and if $200 is all that is required to get a good earning I feel it’s worth it

    1. Author

      Hi Justin! You are so right! It is worth it. To me it is a no brainer. I do not earn anything on any other social  media platform for being active. I can do exactly the same on Webtalk and earn money. Not only that – I get more traffic from webtalk than other social media platforms, because the people on Webtalk are engaged people. And there are no restrictions yet to  how many can see your posts. 

  8. I have never used this platform. Is it compatible in all countries or is it tied only to the US market? I like the fact that registration is free. While reading the post, I saw that this is a serious matter and that we should donate time to this platform. I will definitely try to use it if possible.

    Thanks for this post.

    1. Author

      Hi Oliveir! It is a global company. I have not heard about any restrictions on countries. Joining is free, but you need to verify yourself to join the affiliate reward program. It is absolutely worth to join and use Webtalk as part of your marketing suite or if you want for personal use. I am sure you will love it. It is still in its early stages and you have the chance still to become an early webtalker getting that special early webtalker bonus. 

  9. Webtalk affiliate program is a good idea for an online business to have as part of their marketing plan.  A new channel inspiring people to engage. What is better than that? Very interesting. I think Webtalk will be the new place to be for people who are social and engaged. I think the knowledge of it is required forehand in order to be able to make money from it. You give me a great overview of  the features and how I can use Webtalk to earn money. This is actually the first time I’m reading about it .I have only something to gain and not loose. I never recieve any commissions from other social media outlets I use and I think it’s worth  to give a trial.

    1. Author

      Hi Bruce! I am so glad you liked my review and I could help you with some new insight into how it works. I hope you will like it just as much as I do. Webtalk pay back 50% of their profit to their users in the reward program. So make sure you start. As soon as the new Mobile app is launched in Q4 they are prospected to explode. You can still become an early webtalker.

  10. Thank you for your post. It is useful for me. I heard about Webtalk for a while now, but never take time to do research on it. Here comes your article, which gives a comprehensive review on Webtalk.

    It is exciting to join Webtalk. I particularly like your description on what you get paid for on Webtalk. This is a great thing: you use the platform and get paid by using it. There are so many ways to get paid that it is hard to refuse joining the program. It is amazing to see that we can get paid by marketplace transactions and travel using Priceline. I use both of them, but don’t get anything from their services. I am happy that it is possible to earn something by using these service after joining Webtalk. I am definitely going to join Webtalk.

    1. Author

      Thank you Anthony for your comment. Glad I could inspire you to join Webtalk. If you join now you will be one of the early Webtalkers. Webtalk will be officcally launched by the end of the year. It is still in Beta. Soon the mobile app and a reward app is coming. It will give you even more features and earning possibilities. The reward app will come with a website as well. So this is huge! I hope you join me

  11. Webtalk seems like a perfect platform for those of us who have been into affiliate marketing and would like to connect with other like-minded people online too. This information you shared about this webtalk is nice and I would love to earn some reward from it even though I just started my affiliate marketing business. This is good stuff!

    1. Author

      Hi Jackie! Glad you found Webtalk interesting. You are welcome to join me.

      I think Webtalk will explode when the new app is coming and they get officially launched very soon. Not only Affiliate marketers will find it interesting. Many ordinary people who does not do business, but just want to be social, look for interesting products and services and connect with others. 

  12. From the little research I’ve done on WebTalk before now, it looks to me like a great platform for affiliate marketers to draw traffic to their website. It’s engaging and you can easily grow your business. I say this because I’ve found lots of positive reviews about it. And going through your comment has made me learnt a lot about their reward program. Never had much of that information.

    1. Author

      Hi Kelvin! Webtalk is still in Beta mode and not officially Launched yet, but will be soon. It is a good way to grow a business and to earn a little extra for non business people as well. It is a social platform with a vision to be the biggest. I believe this platform will explode soon. So I hope you will make a deciion and join sooner than later: you canjoin here

  13. Hello there! Thank you for sharing this review of Webtalk Affiliate Reward Program. I’ve gone through the review and it’s a really detailed one and it contains valuable information. I’ve never used Webtalk affiliate reward program. Your comprehensive review of it however makes me want to try it. I like the fact that registration is free. That way, there’s nothing to lose. I’m definitely going to give it a try. 

    1. Author

      Hi Sophie! Thank you! Glad my rreview could inspire you to give Webtalk a try. You can sign up for free here.

  14. Hello Hilde, 

    It’s a beautiful idea the founder of this platform have here and I have to commend how the program has been developed to help you make some more money for yourself. The referral aspects cool as you can make money from referrals.  I get the other part of creating an account an completing your profile but which task are you to do? 

    1. Author

      Hi Lawson! Great Question! As for now Webtalk is giving all the first million Pro webtalkers a special bonus for joining early. The income system is patented and goes in phases. 

      So what you ask me is what to do on Webtalk except inviting people to join. First of all I have to make it clear that this is not an MLM system.It is a social media platform with earnong possibilities as a free member and as an affiliate partner (voluntary option).

      Well my answer to you is: What do you normally use social media for? Tallk with your friends, discover some cool pictures, memes and quotes? Learning something new? Read the news? Run your business and posting your business posts? Posting from your daily life and your thoughts? Watching videos or making videos? Everything you do on all other Social media platforms you can do on Webtalk. 

      You can look for jobs too,  book your next holiday, find new and exciting affiliating programs.and you can go shopping in the swag shop. You can create your own personal group, your professional group and sub groups. It is an All in one platform. You can even advertise. 

      Right now you can try out Webtalk Pro for free so just go Ahead and try it:  It is the best advice I can give you. If you want to use Webtalk to make money or not is up to you, but the income potensial is huge. A business colleague of mine who started over a year ago have already enough to retire herself. I am not there yet, but I have earned  and grown my network the last month from 0 . I have invited  people to join. That is all. I use it like I use other Social media platforms and I think it is a genius idea. I hope I gave you a good answer.

      Want to join?Start here

  15. I have heard of Webtalk but I have never given it a try. Reading this review, gives me a great perspective to it. I love the fact that one can really advertise his or her online business on a Social media like this because other popular online social media platforms don’t allow me to earn any money just for being active and engaged. It’s really brilliant. Consider me a new webtalker.

    1. Author

      Hi Joshua! I am glad you choose to try out the platform and become a webtalker. A very wise decision. It is a fantastic platform and it will soon explode when all the new features and the mobile platform is ready. Webtalk launches very soon so it pays off being an early webtalker and go into the reward program as an affiliate.

  16. Thanks for sharing this article about Webtalk affiliate reward program, I’ve read quite a bit about Webtalk and how it can be used as a platform for meeting people and reaching out to a lot more audience, never knew it has its own affiliate reward program, this is a good opportunity for me to earn online. Can you earn on the free version too?

    1. Author

      Hi there! Yes you can earn on the free version too, but to maximize your earnings on 5 levels you need to go Pro. It is a great way to earn money just  being engaged. Thank you for asking!

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