Scale your business with AI Video Marketing and blogging, email marketing and blogging

Are you thinking of using AI for your Video Marketing and blogging? Will AI make our life as marketers easier? What are the benefits of AI marketing and how to scale your business with AI Video Marketing and blogging?

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What is AI Marketing?

What is the definition of AI ? AI means Artificial Intelligence. Artificial Marketing is basically a computer or robot technology (example a program) that requires intelligence.

It is able to make fast automated decisions based on collected data, analysis, trends and more and is able to think and learn for marketing purposes.

AI marketing cannot be ignored in the time to come.

It is here to stay and “The global AI market is forecast to see rapid growth in the coming years, reaching more than half a trillion U.S. dollars by 2024.” according to Statista

Artificial intelligence will grow. So how will this affect me and you as affiliate marketers?

How to Scale your business with AI video marketing, email marketing and blogging?

AI Market Size

By 2025 the AI market size is expected to reach close to 200 billion dollars.

More and more marketers see the advantages AI will give them and investments in AI is growing day by day.


What are the benefits of AI marketing

So Why should you even bother to start using AI technology? Is it the future of marketing or not?

Can you Scale your business with AI video marketing and blogging?

Some Years ago I would not have thought I would be using AI software and programs so fast.

But even if AI is still in its early beginning it has already revolutionized how we do things and this process have happened so fast.

Since AI seems to be the new thing in Affiliate marketing let us take a look at what this will mean to us as affiliate marketers.

What are the benefits with AI? What are the downsides?

The Benefits with AI for Affiliate marketers

Well there are for sure a lot of benefits connected to AI for affiliate marketers like you and me.

✅ First of all the time you used to create content will be drastically reduced.

✅ It can help you make tailor made content for your business

✅ Knowledge about your customers is easier to collect

✅ You will get more traffic and sales

✅ You can design individual customer journeys for specific customers

✅ Artificial Intelligence will help you earn more in a smarter and better way.

✅ Some say it is more cost effective

✅ It never gets sick

✅ It never gets tired

✅ It can not procrastinate

Infographic: AI Is Not Replacing People in Digital Marketing | Statista

You will find more info graphics at Statista

How does AI Benefit you as an affiliate marketer?

As an Affiliate marketer you will be able to target your customers better, get more traffic and earn more commissions.

You can perform more tasks in the same amount of time as you did one task before.

Automation becomes so much easier and more personalized with AI.

Being innovative and on top of trends will be simpler than ever before.

Real time results is easier to track.

You can improve your ad campaigns and tailor them to each customer.

This will give affiliate marketers who uses AI tools a greater advantage than affiliate marketers who don’t basically because you are able to create more optimized content faster.

For most affiliate marketers AI software and tools will be brilliant solutions for scaling the business cost effectively

The downsides with AI for Affiliate marketers

Already many Video Creating AI tools and blogging tools can replace the need for content creators because they are perfectly capable of creating content without having an actual person to do it.

AI driven software can learn much faster than humans can. You probably heard about Machine learning.

There has been a lot of discussions about machine learning and how this will develop and regulated so it will not pose a threat to us as a human species or fall into the hands of people who will misuse it for the wrong reasons.

There is still very little regulations when it comes to AI in general, but regulations will come.

Some AI robots can even generate money on their own.

Elon Musk have said that narrow AI will not pose any threats as this is something we can control but he warns about the strong AI systems and what can happen if it is not regulated.

For affiliate marketers like you and me AI will affect us in a positive and negative way.

One thing is sure AI will change the way we do Affiliate marketing by AI.

Video Marketing and blogging are just a few areas that will be affected where AI will be used.

AI Video Marketing

Imagine you can just enter a keyword and the video script will be made for you in seconds. How would this affect your daily practices and business potential?

Just think about it. Instead of struggling with making just 1 video a week or a day you can create hundreds of videos.

Videos that are made entirely with AI.

It is kind of mind blowing. Just think of how much you are able to scale your online business with AI tools.

You can even use these tools to create Videos for others and sell your services.

Some are doing that already with little or no competition because they are early out.

AI blogging

Even your blogging will take off drastically using AI based blogging tools.

Imagine how many blog posts you could write a day instead of twisting your brain out finding something to write about.

Just enter a Keyword and Voila.

The AI program do the research for you and Check for duplicate content on the Internet

Then generates unique tailor made content for your audience.

You can get more blogs ranking in no time.

I would personally Love to have a blogging tool like that.

And these tools are already on the market ready to be used by marketers like you and me.

AI Email marketing

But AI does not only restrict itself to blogging and Videos. Even Email creation can be done with AI now.

How great is that? Let me ask you this. How much time do you use writing emails?

What if you could get it all done for you with an AI tool?

Personalized, Targeted and optimized emails for your audience.

It is not a distant dream anymore.

It is now a reality we will see more and more of in the years to come as technology evolves faster than ever before.

The benefits for you as an email marketer would be bigger email lists and more conversions via email.

You can have one-to-one conversation with your customers without being present.

And I believe this will be the future of email marketing as well.

People will use these tools because they do not want to struggle every day writing emails and creating content

constantly. It will give them some ease and more predictability.

Infographic: 4 Positive Effects of AI Use in Email Marketing | Statista

You will find more info graphics at Statista

AI Social media Marketing

Let me take it even further. Most of us are daily on AI driven Social media.

What if you as an affiliate marketer could be able to target more buyers to your offers using an AI tool?

Would you Use it? Would it be worth it?

What if you could find the best pictures in a jiffy, generate engaging content and schedule your posts and get attention and traffic much easier?

This is possible to do with AI social media tools.

AI marketing automation

AI is very beneficial when it comes to marketing campaigns because the campaigns are being optimized and personalized to the user of your services. This will increase your leads, traffic and revenue.

AI in Ads

What if you could take the guesswork out of your ads spending and convert much better. Would you do that?

Of course, you would. Who would not? Doing ads will be easier more cost effective and more predictable than before.

Is AI the future of affiliate marketing?

I never thought I would say this some years ago, but Yes I think we cannot ignore the role of AI in affiliate marketing anymore.

AI will give the marketers who uses it great advantages over marketers who does not use it because they can create more targeted content to the right customers and optimize it to each customer.

AI Marketing tools

There are multiple AI tools on the market today. Chatbots, Customer relations platforms, monitoring tools, Digital knowledge tools, Video tools, Social media tools, Apps, Email marketing tools and much more.

Earlier I have written some reviews about some AI tools for affiliate marketers I have tried out

You may want to read them here:


X bots

Tailwind Create

Get Response

A Brand new and interesting All in One AI tool is StoodAio Agency that incorporates Video, Email, Blogging and Social media.

To me this looks like every Affiliate marketers dream. What do you think?

Could you see yourself using an AI tool that help you with all of this?


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Should you Use AI in your Affiliate marketing?

I believe AI is the future of marketing. It is already here and we will see more and more automated AI tools on the market in the years to come for sure.

Video Marketing, blogging, email marketing and ads are areas where that is already happening.

You have to decide if you want to jump on the AI train or not and use AI to your advantage.

Based on the development so far and the prognosis of the market I would say it would be a wise thing to invest in some AI tools to scale up your Affiliate marketing business.

It will for sure make your day a lot easier and more interesting.

Not to mention more profitable because you will be able to generate more content and more traffic.

Your leads will get optimized offers and you will get better conversions and revenue.

Let me know below if you have any questions or comments. Would love to hear from you.

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  1. Yeah, personally, I think that the greatest advantage of working with an AI is the fact that it will dramatically reduce the content creating time. Plus, it literally can be working while we sleep. And thus, it’s kind of like it is doing all the hard work of the business whereas you kind of have to only steer it in the right direction. 

    Those Statista survey results are crazy. Also, to answer that question you asked there at the end, I think it’s the future. For anyone who wants to be insane at affiliate marketing, there will be no other choice but to adapt to the technology and use it in your everyday work. Yeah, I will look into the StoodAio Agency, for sure. Thank you! 🙂

    1. Author

      Thank you for your comment. I agree the stats are amazing for increase in revenue using AI tools. AI tools is the future for sure so if you are an affiliate  marketer you better be ready to the new ways of doing affiliate marketing. I think those who go into this early will benefit the most from it and be far ahead in content creation. One day to or from  will make a huge difference when you think about how much content you are able to make in a day with an AI tool. Stoodaio is an amazing tool and with the agency package you can create content for others as well and earn even more revenue.

  2. Oh man Skynet is about to take over Affiliate marketing. I am new to this marketing platform and I now first hand how much work this is taking to generate revenue. Using an AI would expedite my productivity and if the right tools were accessible it could function on its own. But like you said I would have concerns about it generating its own money or locking its self to a specific function or deviating from a function because the self evolving program determined what I wanted to do was inefficient. Humans decide to do things that do not compute simply to make a point trend or maintain a tradition or brand. If the AI choses to shit down that would be a problem. However a basic program designed to only complete a specific task would be a good Idea to add to our work load. I did notice that some of your cons seem like pros was that because those cons can be both good and bad?

    1. Author

      Hi Alex! Thank you for the comment. Cons can sometimes be both good and bad. However the biggest con is the regulations of the AI market. If not regulated or regulated in a bad way it could lead to this technology can fall in the wrong hands. 

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