Sellerly for beginners review

Sellerly for beginners review



Free forever


Full Plan



  • Listing protection
  • Traffic insights
  • Listing Quality check


  • Only available for US Amazon Marketplace at the moment
  • Not many customer reviews yet

Trouble getting sales on Amazon? Looking for a tool that can help you become more visible and sell better on Amazon? Ever heard of Sellerly?  A brand new toolkit that I will take a closer look at today in this Sellerly for beginners review to see what is in it for you.

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What is Sellerly?

Be successful in selling on Amazon! “Sellerly” toolkit with 50% discount: 2 months for $50!

Sellerly is a brand new brand developed and powered by Semrush which won the price in 2019 for the best digital tool and the best digital SEO suite. Read my previous review The best Keyword research tool for success? – Semrush review

However Sellerly is a unique brand separate from Semrush. They have their own logo, website and their own affiliate program as well.

As a part of the new Semrush Makeover in 2020 Semrush obviously saw a need for creating a new product who could better serve their amazon users.

It is a brand new tool for optimizing sales on Amazon They target amazon users who sell products on Amazon and people who want to start selling on Amazon.

Why use Sellerly?

Be successful in selling on Amazon! “Sellerly” toolkit with 50% discount: 2 months for $50!

Do you sell enough on Amazon? Do you manage to keep track on all the changes and keep good listings?

Many Affiliate marketers struggle to sell enough, get good listings and keep track with all the changes on Amazon. It can be time-consuming as well for many and Sellerly will definitely come as good news for many affiliate marketers on Amazon.

The whole idea behind Sellerly according to Semrush was to help people get the most out of Amazon. To make better sales, get better analytics and insights so they can make better decisions that will eventually lead to more sales. They offer you a tool that they claim can help you do that. So let us take a look at the brand new Sellerly toolkit and what is in it for you as a user.

Sellerly Amazon Listing protection

This is a new and very smart feature that will save you tons of time. I am sure you would like to save some time, am I right?

And even better – This feature will help you keep track of all your amazon listings so you can feel sure that you will not let any of your sales slip away from you. No one like to loose sales. Sellerly will help you prevent loosing sales, but how?

You simply add your listing URL or your ASIN and click on the monitor button to create an alert. If any changes should occur you will receive a notice on email or sms about it. Changes that may occur can be your keyword rank, price changes or any changes to your lists. The benefits of creating these alerts is that you can take action immediately and avoid loosing any sales. Try here for free!

Stay One head ahead with Sellerly Amazon Traffic Insights

Be successful in selling on Amazon! “Sellerly” toolkit with 50% discount: 2 months for $50!

Traffic insights are always important and very valuable for affiliate marketers. You can see what channels are best to drive your traffic from. It will also give you valuable insights about your customers and their behavior online.

The sellerly traffic insights tool will help you find the best channels for your products and give you valuable insights about your competitors and what they are doing. Using valuable data from Semrush that is not available on Amazon is the secret sauce to give you the extra edge over your competitors.

Think about it. What channels do your competitors use? Where do your competitors get their customers from and what actions are they doing to increase their sales. All of this is valuable information to you and this is the essence of insights Sellerly can help you provide.

Sellerly will give you the edge of success to stay one head ahead of your competitors. These insights will help you with creating a better strategy to find the best channels and reach your customers in a smarter way.

You may call it the Uber of amazon in a way. It is bringing you information in a brand new way. But what is the secret?

Together with Semrush supreme analytic tools this will give you a huge advantage you just can not ignore. Get a free traffic overview now!

Find out what works with Free Sellerly split testing

Once you have listed a product on Amazon you can start with split testing. Using Sellerly you can use split testing on different headlines, product titles, pictures, prices and descriptions to see what works best.

You only need to connect your amazon account to use this feature. This feature is completely free to use Sign up for free here

Convert better with Sellerly Amazon listing Quality check

With this awesome feature you can audit your listings, optimize errors and get valuable tips to how you solve them and you can make your lists more visible so they convert better.  Get a free Quality Check now!

Sellerly Pricing plans

Sellerly offers two different pricing plans. A Free forever plan and a Full Paid Plan. See complete overview of both plans here

Sellerly for beginners review
Sellerly for beginners review

( Photo: Print Screen of Sellerly Pricing plans edited in Canva)

The full paid plan costs $50 a month. For a beginner it might be costly, but if you think about it a bit differently – that the insights you get can bring you more sales and help loosing sales and that could be worth much more. Eventually that is a decision you have to make. Do you think it is worth using $50 a month to get an extra edge and more sales?

You have a 7-day free trial on the full paid plan so if you decide to cancel the subscription and stay on the free plan with limited tools you can do that.

What does the customers say?

Since this is a quite new tool there are few ratings to find online. They are listed on G2 but there are zero ratings yet. So If you already used this tool I would recommend you to write a helpful review there about what you like and dislike about the tool and how it helped you as a marketer.

According to business insider Sellerly has experienced a massive growth since it launched in 2020 and Semrush will continue to expand this toolkit further in the future.


A free 7-day trial

Powered by Semrush

Use Unique analytic data from Semrush


For the time being only available in the US Amazon marketplace

Final thoughts

Be successful in selling on Amazon! “Sellerly” toolkit with 50% discount: 2 months for $50!

Sellerly is a brand new and toolkit so I have not had a chance to try it out yet to see how it actually works. However, I find this tool very innovative, interesting and I believe it can give affiliate marketers on Amazon a huge advantage using this tool. The only con is that it can only be used in the US marketplace at the moment. I am sure it will not take long time before it launches globally as well if it deliver what it promises. I think this tool is a good investment for marketers who use Amazon.

With the trendreports that shows that the next decade will be a Mecca for the e commerce industry Sellerly will be a very important tool for marketers on Amazon and who knows? Maybe for other e commerce platforms as well? Just a thought.

As soon as this toolkit can be used on all Amazon platforms I think Sellerly will experience an ever bigger growth. As for now US affiliate marketers using sellerly will be a head ahead on Amazon at the moment.

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  1. Hello there! I actually have not heard of Sellerly before. After reading your post, it seems like a really helpful product. I like how the free trial has a lifetime membership. I guess since it is a bit new, it could be the company’s way of seeing customers’ reviews on it before going fully global. Do you know if this product helps those are are actually selling products on Amazon or also for affiliate marketers for Amazon?

    1. Author

      Hi Mike!! This will definitely help you as a seller or affiliate marketer on Amazon to get better listings, insights and sales. That is the main target group for this product. I think this product is very interesting given that it is Powered by Semrush who is a trusted company and use the Semrush insights will definitely give marketers an edge here. I think the best way to find out is to try it out. If the free trial delivers what it promise I would not hesitate to use a tool like this.

  2. First and foremost, thanks for revealing your rating right off the bat. I also appreciate the inside joke of a pun in the form of Sellery. Because of this, I have bookmarked your page. I think that this improves your odds of success substantially.

    Also, since it is FREE and for beginners, potential customers really have nothing to lose. Everything to gain.

    That said, how does Sellery connect with someone who already has an Amazon Associates account?

    I will definitely consider this program as you clearly outline the benefits of joining as early as today. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi! Thank you for the comment and question. Glad you liked my review. You connect to Sellerly monitor by adding your listing Url or ASIN. In the full plan you can get websites linking to your listings, shopping ads and display ads. I am sure this is a great tool if you already use Amazon.

  3. Hey Hilde. Very interesting article. Im jus starting my adventure with online business and posts like this are extremely useful. To be fair I have not heard about Sellerly platform, but looking on your review it may be great starting point for beginners. I wouldn’t decide for full plan yet, but looking forward to test free version in practice and hopefully it will be useful tool for my affiliate business.

    1. Author

      Hi there! I am glad you found my review helpful to you. Sellerly is a brand new platform so it is not so strange you have not heard about it. I think it would be a great sttart for beginners. Starting on the free version will let you get to try out the platform and hopefully see some better results.

  4. This sounds like a great platform for increasing traffic on my Amazon marketplace!  The traffic insights, quality tests and split testing are valuable tools, especially when considered with the listing protection to keep track of inventory.  While $50 may seem like a lot for someone who is just starting out, the Free Forever Plan will give anyone a chance to check it out to test the benefit.  Thank you for posting!

    1. Author

      Hi Cynthia! Yes this will definitely be a valuable tool for marketers on Amazon. No matter what plan you choose I am quite sure it is worth the investment. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  5. Thank you for making this review. I just became an affiliate with Sellerly and am glad that someone has made a review about it. I know this is still brand new for some people but I believe that many will receive value out of this and become even more successful using this product to help with their amazon sells and planning. 

    1. Author

      Hi Gregg! That is great! I also think this will be a popular tool for people who market and sell on Amazon for sure. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Nice review. I’ll check it out the Sellerly Platform and click on your link. I sell on Amazon FBA but have had limited success. Maybe this can help with my marketplace, I like the split testing feature. Looks like a great way to increase traffic. 

    Do you suggest I go for paid account straight away?

    1. Author

      Hi Adam? Thank you for sharing your thoughts.  I am sure this tool  will help you on Amazon. The paid versions will always be a better choice, but it is totally up to you. You can try it out first and then upgrade.

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