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  • Affordable - Middle priced
  • Intuitive interface
  • Excellent analysis and integrations


  • No free trial - only money back guarantee.
  • Divided opinions on API functions
  • Nothing found on Accuracy

Heard about Serpstat? An All in One SEO platform that is one of the leaders in the SEO market. Serpstat is one of the Major Keyword Research tools and platforms. In this Serpstat Review A leader SEO tool I want to take a closer look to give you some helpful insights into what Serpstat is, features and if it is a good tool for beginners.

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New to Keywords and SEO?

I will not go in details on the Keyword and SEO basics in this review so if you have no idea what Affiliate marketing, content writing, a Keyword is and what SEO is I suggest you look at these resources first:

Watch this video to get a short introduction to keywords:

What is a Keyword and what is SEO? A short intro.

Keyword Research – How to use it with Serpstat


Information about different resources for marketing training and other marketing tools I recommend:

Daily practice for Success Linktree

Serpstat Review


I write this review from a beginner's perspective. I hope to give beginner's and others some helpful information to base their decision on when choosing what SEO tools they are going to use in their daily work online. I have already explored two other SEO tools. You might want to read these reviews too:

1. Jaaxy Review

2. SEMrush Review

My Keyword tool Criteria

In this review will take a look at one of the top Keyword tools named Serpstat and dig deeper to see if I find out more about the

1. Coverage – How much search coverage in % do the tool have on all online searches?

2. Accuracy – How accurate is the tools in searches.

3. Do they offer free trials to test the product?

4. Do they offer training in using the tool?

5. Do they have an affiliate program ?

6. Is it easy to use?

7. Do they have an app?

8. How is the Support

9. Pros and cons

10. What does the Customers/audience say?


I also want to see if this is a tool for beginners or more advanced.

Serpstat – Top 50 at G2

Serpstat is an Ukranian company who offers an all in one SEO tool.


Serpstat users are for small, mid and professional customers.


Top 50 at G2

User friendliness score: 8,8 out of 10. The interface is very intuitive and user-friendly.

G2: 4,6 out of 5 stars

Trustpilot: 3,3 out of 5 stars

Coverage: According to Serpstat they use all search engines in the world and have so to tell full coverage.

Accuracy: Not found .

Free trial: Not found

lite: $69 monthly – Get it now!

Standard: $149 monthly – Get it now!

Advanced: $299 monthly – Get it now!

Enterprise: $499 monthly – Get it now!

Affiliate program: Yes join here!


Special features: Rank tracking, Back links, Site Audit, Competitors Analysis, Keyword research, SERP crawling, Keyword Clustering, Text analytics, Search volume crawling service, Database storm

Offer training: Serpstat have their own academy called Serpstat Academy., videos and blog.

Support: Brilliant support. you make an appointment in the chat box and they call you back. Surprisingly Quick to reply on mail.


Rank tracker: What is brilliant about this feature is that it collects data from all domains ranking at the top 100 on Google and top 50 on Yandex. So you can track your keywords and see how you and your competitors are ranking for these specific keywords. This is valuable for you as an affiliate marketer. Not only that, you can group your keywords which is especially good if you have many products. There are no daily limits to this feature so you can search your rank tracking as often as you like.

Watch this video about Rank tracking

Serpstat Back link checker: A brilliant tool for checking and analyzing your back links. What is good about Serpstat is that you can check the quality of your back links too.

You will find out which one of your pages have most links and what content that actually performs best. They provide a complete back link profile. Everything is broken down so you will know everything about your back links. Your external links. Domains and pages that links to your page. Anchors and quality metrics.

You can also watch the live index on back links which is a quite interesting feature. One trillion back links live on 168 million domains and Serpstats robots that is crawling 2,5 million domains.

According to Serpstat their back link database grows with 2,5 billion new back links a day!

Watch the Back link Analysis Video


Site Audit: is the same as Domain optimization and with this feature you can see how optimized your domain is and critical errors. The tool gives you a score on how your domain is doing basically. You also get tips to what needs to be fixed or should be fixed to make your website most optimized.

The parameters that are checked in Serpstat site audit is: https status code, multimedia, meta tags, headings and page content, links, redirects, accessibility and indexation, AMP, markups, Hreflang attributes and https certificate.

Watch the video to get a guide on Site Audit.


Page Audit

This feature is especially helpful to you if you want to find out why your competitors posts rank better than yours. The page audit is an analysis of your page compared with your competitors page. You will see what issues you need to improve to get a higher ranking and become better. You will get a detailed overview and a custom overview. It is a flexible feature that let you decide the speed, crawl duration and crawl depth.

Competitors Analysis

This feature is excellent when you are going to make decisions and create a competitor strategy. Just imagine getting all your competitors keywords and rankings. You learn about the strategies and tactics of your competitors and can learn from this and use it in your own strategy. This feature is incredibly useful when running PPC campaigns and much more

Watch the Serpstat video on Competitor analysis

Keyword research

With Serpstat you get in depth URL analysis, insights on searches made which makes this an advanced analysis tool.

Rank tracking tool introduction

SERP crawling

SERP means search engine results pages. When you enter a keyword on Google to search for something the search engines gives your search a serp – a number of pages that contain your keyword. Just look for it when you do a search online. And based on all your search history and other factors your Serp is unique.Serp differs between organic and paid results. When you enter a keyword you will first see the paid ads and then comes the organic search results.Serpstat uses API and JSON to give you the serp results.

How to start with Serpstat API

Keyword Clustering and text analytics

Keyword clustering is the use of Keyword lists and groups to get better ranking shortly told.

you can read more about it on Wikipedia or Watch the Serpstat video about Keyword Clustering and text analytics

Search volume
crawling service Database storm( SVCS)

The serpstat SVCS is very fast and will give you the results in a JSON format you can download to a csv or XML file. It is a service that costs money

How is support?

Serpstat support is really superb. They call you and talk to you and help you find the best solution for you and guide you through how to create your first project. Customers comment the exceptional customer service they offer. This is a big plus.


Serpstat have their own academy, knowledge base, success team,

Serpstat Affiliate program

The affiliate program is easy to apply and they are quick to reply.


Users seems to love Serpstat and they score high on user-friendliness and customer contentment.

What are the customers saying

Customers seems to like the dashboard and analysis tools a lot. The customer reviews on G2 and Trustradius are good, but the reviews given on Trustpilot are too few to give a reliable impression of the product.


Pros and cons


The pros are definitely the interface, the support and the analysis tools and integrations. I think the price is in the middle and affordable.

It is difficult to say something about the accuracy of the keywords, but based on the information I have found and that Serpstat is using all search engines in the world, the accuracy should be good.

It is hard to find something to dislike with Serpstat The cons according to some customers are that there is no free trial and some reports does not show all the back links and it can take some time to learn the tool and its features. There are different opinions on the API function and how good it is.

Alternatives to Serpstat

1. Semrush : Number 1 SEO tool 2019 – SaaS platform

2. Raven – Leader Fall 2020 – SEO, social media, ppc, content platform and tool.

3. Jaaxy Keyword research tool

4. Ahrefs – Leader Fall 2020 – back link analysis tool

5. Spyfu – Top 50 at G2 – research and reporting tool

6. Wordtracker – Keyword tool

7. Keyword. io tool – Keyword tool

8. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword tool

9. Google Keyword planner

10. Moz Pro – Leader Fall 2020 – G2

11. Wordstream – search advertising tool for ad words

12. Junglescout – Amazon search tool – Leader Fall 2020

14. Longtailpro – AI optimization tool

Serpstat vs Jaaxy

Jaaxy have an easier interface and is better priced from a beginners perspective, but Serpstat is very close up. Jaaxy offers a free trial, but Serpstat does not. Both have outstanding support and training and an affiliate program.

Serpstat vs SEMrush

Serpstat have an easier and more intuitive interface from a beginners perspective.

Serpstat is lower priced than SEMrush.

You can read the whole comparison on G2 here

There is also a comparison between Serpstat and SEMrush on Trustradius

Overall SEMrush and Serpstat are both All in one tools that are advanced. SEMrush have a free trial which is a huge plus from a beginners perspective and give the customer to try it out before buying.

Final discussion

From what I can see Serpstat is easy to set up, use and have an intuitive interface that make it easy for beginners. The only drawback is that you cannot get a free trial of the product. You only have the money back guarantee after you bought it. But Serpstat is clearly a competitor to SEMrush and I have no doubt that whatever tool you decide to use you will get value for the money invested. It is just like SEMrush an advanced leader tool that give you valuable information about your own website, SEO as well as your competitors. So it all boils down to which one you think is best and what suit your pocket best.

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  1. Serpstat is a keyword research tool and was founded in 2013 as it mainly evolved a full fledged SEO & PPC analysis product. Serpstat is also used by more than 35,000 online marketing individuals globally. It is an all in one SEO platform that brings about a total solution for all your SEO needs. Thank you for such a review, it is of great value to me and also everyone who want to make use of the great tool.

    1. Author

      Hi Joshua! Thank you for your insights. You are right! Serpstat is a valuable and prima tool for marketers.

  2. Thank you for the helpful review on Serpstat. It is just a new world for me, I have a lot to learn especially the differences and benefits of these various SEO tools . Your article gave me a good start on that . So far as a newbie in the online world I have only been exposed to Jaaxy. I am just concerned about the monthly Serpstat Costs.

    1. Author

      Hi Bogadi! Thank you for letting me know your opinion on Serpstat. 

      Jaaxy is an amazing tool for beginners so you made a good choice there. Serpstat will not run anywhere so when you have the pockets to go for it you can do that. 

      As you advance in the affiliate marketing world you might need more tools than one. Many online marketers use multipple tools. I think the cost of Serpstat is middle priced and not very high. And I believe you get a lot of valuable insights to your business by using Serpstat.

  3. I have not heard about Serpstat before, so this is a very informative review about this SEO tool. A rating of 4.9 / 5 is always a good indication that it is a product that is worth having a closer look at. I am concerned though that Truspilot only gives them 3.3 / 5. Do you know what they base that rating on, or is it just not enough reviews? 

    I will spend more time to explore and watch all the videos to see if this is the best tool to use in my business. It is a pity they don’t offer a free trial, but a money back guarantee does give peace of mind. 

    1. Author

      Hi Line! Thank you for your question and thoughts. Yes the Trustpilot review does not have enough reviews to make a good picture. As you see on G2 they were ranked as one of the Top 50 and Leader fall 2020. G2 often have more quality reviews. and I trust this site more than Trust pilot. Also Trustradius give them a 8,6 rating.. I agree with you that a Free trial would be nice, but I am sure you will be pleased with what Serpstat can offer you. And they have a superb support for sure. I can write under on that. Take your time to find out what is working for you.

  4. I can see that this tool contains a lot of features that could be beneficial to a digital marketer. But it is sad knowing that there is no trial version so that I could get a feel of the system and to know if this is actually for me seeing how pricey their subscription plan is. Well, probably in the future I will subscribe to them. But for now, I’ll use the one that I can afford.

    1. Author

      Hi Kelvin! You have a 30 day money back guaratntee. That could serve as a trial period for you so you can explore the tool. It is one of the worlds best SEO tools so I think no matter what it is worth the price.  I agree with you you should be able to afford the tools you use. You willhave the opportunity any time if you decide to get a more advanced tool in your business toolbox.

  5. I currently use Jaaxy keyword tool for my keyword research. From your review Serpstat seems to be more advanced comparing with Jaaxy in that it is an All in one tool with more features. I know SEMrush is the best in the market. If Serpstat is comparable to SEMrush but cheaper then i guess it is worth trying out. Its unfortunate they dont give you a trial period to see how it works. Thanks

    1. Author

      Hi there! Thank you for letting me know your opinion on Serpstat. You might want to see this comparison of Serpstat vs SEMrush on trustradius. Both come out equally ranked. Instead of a Free trial Serpstat offer you a 30 day money back guarantee  You might look at that as a trial period. And they offer you a less costly tool than SEMrush. 

  6. I use Jaaxy for keyword tool but the way you reviewed  Serpstat makes me see another good tool. Although it has no free trial and a little higher in cost than Jaaxy. But I feel I will give it a trial since I can get a refund if not satisfied. I love the good competitor analysis and also trainings you proposed It will profit my business. I will give it a trial 

    1. Author

      Hi there! Glad you liked my review. You are right it is only slightly higher priced than Jaaxy. The competitor analysis is great and the training prima. I am sure you will profit for using Serpstat. I would appreciate it if you let me know how you find the tool after using it. I would love to hear from you about that.

  7. Wow! This is actually good. The fact that Serpstat can be used to get the attention of the search engines to actually give the site the right recognitions and attentions.It will help me to actually get to the very top that is needed.  It makes sense to see that it can do virtually better than even Jaaxy which I am using  now. Good review and I might consider it as my site grows

    1. Author

      Hi! Many marketers go for more advanced All in one tools as their site grows. You may consider using Serpstat in addition to the one you have. That would be a powerful combination of two very good SEO tools. 

  8. Building your own website is a very good thing to do but I always say something that you need the right tools to help you achieve success in your business, a website that doesn’t rank good and high is by search engines is not gonna be lucrative, SEO tools like Serpstat will help optimize your website and I like the fact that it is affordable.

    1. Author

      Hi! You are so right! Thank you for letting me know your thoughts!

  9. Hello Hilde, 

    Search engines have given us all so much to be cut from and we are really making use of the opportunity to the fullest because it helps us grow our businesses. So far, I have seen some cool search engines with good results but still not settled for one. Serpstat seems very vital and having both an affiliate program and a team that train its members. This is a top class tool without any doubt and that is nice. I feel I have to try this SEO tool out .

    1. Author

      Hi Reece Michael! So maybe Serpstat will be the tool you will settle with?. You seem to like it and that is important. I would love to hear more about what you like about Serpstat. You are right that it is a Top of the cream tool. I hope you will let me know when you start using it.

  10. I really wish they had a free trial. Because it would have helped me see how easy I can use it or if the keywords are good. I wish they can even give a fixed number that you can try.

    So, without trying it, it will be hard for me to decide if it is something that I will take. Because after reading your informative review, I would like to try and see how beneficial it could be. I am a Jaaxy user now and I know that they do not use data from all the search engines around the world, that is a big plus for Serpstat.


    1. Author

      Hi Adyn! thank you for your view on the matter! Serpstat operates with a 30 day money back guarantee which is practically like a free trial. I understand it is easier to find out f you just have a free trial. You have already a great tool. However when you decide to try out Serpstat I am sure you will be positively surprised. 

  11. The rating for Serpstat, being 4.9/5 is not so bad. Serpstat seems to have some nice features, judging from the features mentioned in the pros like the rank tracker and Site Audit Regarding API and accuracy, would make me think twice before going for Serpstat. All the absence of free trial does not matter to me that much, but some people might still take it into consideration. But at the end of the day I think Serpstat is a great SEO tool.

    1. Author

      Hi Kelvin! Thank you for your views. Yes Serpstat is a solid SEO tool with many awesome features. When it comes to accuracy I believe it is probably one of the most accurate ones because according to Serpstat they use all search engines in the world. I just did not find a lot of info about it.and I have not tried the tool myself yet.  But it is nothing I would worry about. Some of the customer reviews mention the API functions and are divided in their opinions about it. No tool will ever be 100% perfect for everyone. You need to find the tool that meet your needs. The only way is to try and find out.

  12. After using The Jaxxy tool for around 6 months to do keyword research. Now after reading this post i think i may have to upgrade and use Serpstat because it has so many more useful features that will come in handy a few months down the line. A score of 8 out of 10 for user friendliness is welcomed as i’m not that good with technology.

    1. Author

      Hi Lisa! Jaaxy is built for Keyword search on the internet and is a very advanced tool. You can spy on competitor s keywords and ranks. With Serpstat you go deeper on some features. It could be very helpful to you. I would definitely try it out to see if it meets your expectations.

  13. I was reading about keyword tools and Jaaxy is one of the names that came up. But I have continued to research and I see there are several options. and they are of high quality. The question I need to answer is “what suits me best?”

    My point has been: How do I know these tools are accurate? I have read good opinions about Serpstat on a couple of forums I have quickly read, but I would like to find ways to test the results they deliver.

    1. Author

      Hi Ann! Your question is good. This was one of the questions I wanted to answer with my reviews on different tools. Which Keyword tool is most accurate. 

      What I found so far is that you need to look at the task you are performing . All keyword tools are built for different tasks.

      Do you want people to find you in search on the internet (search engines)?More closed platforms Like Amazon, Pinterest  have their own search tools. Some keywords are only built for Google search engine and not other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Baidu and others. 

      According to Serpstat they are using all search engines in their Keyword tool which makes them in my eyes a more accurate tool. Jaaxy says they cover 99,7% of all searches online and is said to be a very accurate tool for finding keywords.

      You can try both to find out which one will help you rank on Page 1. 

      I will let you know if I find a better way to measure the accuracy. 

  14. I have never heard of Serpstat that you are telling me about. Now I learned a bit about  how it works too. It seems to me like a superb tool to help me thrust my SEO forward to a better place. I’m definitely going to sign up for it and use it for my website.

    1. Author

      Hi John! Give it a go!  Serpstat is a premium tool and I am sure you will not be disappointed.

  15. Thank you for your review on Serpstat. I came across this tool the other day but just have to find out what is it all about first. I also heard about Jaaxy as well. I think I am going to check Jaaxy out too because there is a free trial. I personally like to try the product first and take it from there. Serpstat sounds like an interesting tool and I wonder how easy it is to use.

    1. Author

      Hi Nuttanee! It is always a good Idea to try out the product before you buy to find the most suitable for you. Serpstat is one of the major Keyword search tools out there and I am sure you will like it once you start using it.

  16. SEO tools are INVALUABLE for bloggers and can be beneficial to others who are estimating keyword traffic. I’ve been using Jaaxy for years. I did upgrade to the pro program for a while, but for the cost, I decided that I’d take it back down to the free trial. There are a couple of features missing from the free program, but I am looking at other SEO research tools before making a new investment. Thanks for the detailed review and breakdown of features for serpstat! Too bad there is no free trial…

    1. Author

      Hi Aly! Thank you for the comment. Yes it can be costly with a SEO tool, but it is worth it in the long run. Serpstat have a 30 day money back guarantee instead of a free trial.

  17. Thank you very much for the superb review on Serpstat. I have learn a lot from this. Serpstat is indeed a very valuable tool marketers. It is one of the best SEO tools out there and it contains a lot of  beneficial features. I wish my pockets were capable to let me afford this great opportunity. I sure will suscribe for them in the future.

    1. Author

      Hi! Thank you for the comment. Gld to know you learned something new from my article. You have a 30 day money back guarantee.  Serpstat is one of the major SEO tools and a good choice for marketers.

  18. Great review. I’m a bit old school, so it’s good to know that you can actually talk to someone on the phone. For me, it is truly faster than chatting, which often lags. I’ve used some of the other tools you mention, especially Jaaxy, which is also good. I have to admit, I do like to “try before I buy”, so a trial or free option would be ideal. I have wasted quite a bit of money over the years on things that just were not always right for me, though they were probably great solutions for others.

    1. Author

      Hi Marsha! You have a 30 day money back guarantee so that will work as a trial period. I am sure that with serpstat you get an amazing SEO tool that is well worth the money.

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