Solo Ads for New Affiliate marketers + Solo growth hack and bonus

As a new Affiliate marketer starting with Solo ads there is a Jungle of Vendors out there who sell Solo Ads. Who to trust and how to start? I will show you what I did to make commissions on every click in this article Solo Ads for New Affiliate Marketers + Solo growth hack and bonus.

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Build a list fast with Solo ads

Organic marketing has been what I have been doing until now while doing research and exploring the paid ads market.

I love organic marketing, but I also see that for many new Affiliate marketers paid ads is a quicker way to build a list.

My tips for new Affiliate marketers who wants to use Solo Ads

Solo ads will help you build a list fast if you have the budget to do that.

You need to use trusted Solo ad vendors.

To make a profit you need to do Solo ads over a Time period, 30 days or so, to get results.

The danger with Solo ads is You can risk spending a lot of money and get no sales at all.

But I also found a Solo ad growth hack with quality traffic and buyers that gave me commissions on every click.

But before I tell you about that I just want to make sure you as a new affiliate marketer understand What a solo ad is and how it works, Ok?

What is a Solo Ad?

The first thing a new Affiliate marketer needs to know is what a Solo ad is, to understand what to do and how it works.

Shortly told a solo ad is an offer you put in your email and send to a list of people you do not know anything about. This is the normal way to do it. This list of people is what we call cold traffic.

There are basically two methods:

1. You can send the cold traffic directly to your affiliate offer

2. Or you can get them to opt in to your list first and then send them to your affiliate offer using emails.

I like the second method best because I can then keep on sending email offers to this list.

Solo ads cost money and your list needs to get fresh leads constantly

How to get Fresh Leads?

Normally you pay a certain amount to get clicks or new leads from a vendors list.

This means that the vendor you use send your opt in page to their email list.

When people see and open the email with your email ad and click on it – it is a click.

If they opt in to your list it is a conversion and when they buy the offer it is a sale

It could look like this

Magic link for Solo ads

The 41 people who opted in above in the picture are just leads who opted in to your list until they click on an offer in your email and buy something. It is a numbers game.

Cold marketing for beginners

To make it easy for you who are a beginner to understand, Solo ads are described as cold marketing because you send your Solo ads to have never been in contact with.

You create a list with a single opt in and create some high converting emails to send to that list.

The emails you send to a cold list is different from the ones you send to a warm list because the goal

is different.


Are Solo Ads worth it?

You may wonder if Solo ads is worth it.

I would say it is worth it big time if you find a good and trusted Vendor and you do it over a Time period.

Over time, you will accumulate a big list and if your leads are good you will earn over and over again from your list.

How to find a good Solo Ads Vendor?

So how to find a good Vendor among the Jungle of Solo ad vendors?

Well I join Solo ad groups and I look at stats from people who bought Solo ads.

I also talk to people online who use Solo ads.

And I ask the Vendors some questions about their lists and stats as well.

Remember. Numbers rarely lie.

But the best way to know is always to try them out first.

OLSP Solo Ad Growth Hack with a magic link

If you are a beginner I think the best way to start learning Solo ads is to use the

OLSP solo ad Growth hack with the magic Link.

With this Growth hack you get commissions on every click you make.

You will have to be a paid upgraded dominator member to use it.




Bonus 1:

if you sign up to the Solo ad growth hack you will get 30 days of email templates to send to your cold list as a bonus

Bonus 2:

Extra training with me in my private group

If you do not want to become a member you can buy the solo ads without the magic link,

but there are no guaranteed commissions on every click on this solution

Solo ads for non-members


Wayne Crowe Aka “the traffic batman” is a very trusted Solo ad vendor and delivers good quality traffic.

You also get good training in his OLSP system which is free to join. Create a free account here

Should Affiliate Marketing beginners use Solo ads?

If you want to build a list fast this is the best way to do it. But it will cost you before you start earning from it.

Organic list building takes longer time, but you build more know like and trust and quality buyers this way.

No matter what strategy for list building you chose to use you need to have a long term mindset and be consistent.

I hope this article was helpful for you as a new Affiliate marketing beginner.

Do also check out the success webinar for Affiliate marketing beginners.below


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