Tailwind Create Review

Tailwind Create Review

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Do you find it hard to create updated and good-looking pins? Do not waste any more time. Let Tailwind Create do it for you. In this Tailwind Create Review I will take a closer look at how you can create the most brilliant pins easy fast and professional to skyrocket your pin experience and results.

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What is Tailwind?


If you have no Idea what Tailwind is I will give you a short explanation.

Tailwind is a smart Social media super tool that help you create, post, schedule and analyze

your Social media posts smarter and reach a wider audience on Pinterest and Instagram.

I have written a few reviews before that you can read:

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Tailwind is one of my favorite tools and I use it to post to Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook.

In this Tailwind Create Review I will take a closer look at how you can get the most out of your Pinterest experience by using the new supertool for designing pins – Tailwind Create.


Tailwind Create for Pinterest – A super smart Pin creation tool

Tailwind for Pinterest



In this Tailwind Create review I will look at the latest product of Tailwind – Tailwind Create.

It is just a super brilliant product that will help you create amazing and professional looking pins. Not only that – It makes Tailwind a complete super tool for creating, scheduling, posting and analyzing.

One of my biggest time consumers is to come up with good Pin Ideas. What is yours?

I must admit I am not the best Pin creator out there so I think Tailwind Create is a fantastic product

because I save a lot of time that I could use for other tasks.

And I can create the most amazing pins with this awesome creator.

I have already been asked by other marketers where I found my templates.

Well these are not like any ready-made templates where you can edit the picture and text.

No, These are designs created based on the pictures you add to the creator.

They are customized pin designs for you only. How cool is that?


How to get Tailwind Create?

You can sign up to Tailwind Create for free HERE

Get 50% Off on Tailwind Create Now – Time limited Offer!

Tailwind Create Prices

( Photo: Printscreen of Tailwind create Price bundles made in Canva)


As you can see from the photo Above there are 4 different price options:

1. Tailwind create Free

2. Tailwind create starter

3. Tailwind create Advanced

4. Tailwind Create Max


The difference is the number of pin designs favorite designs, Free stock photos to use,

Basic design elements and basic and Multi photo designs you get.

There is nothing to say aboout the price. It is well worth your money saving time on finding good pin ideas.

And I dare say Tailwind Create will do it better than you can do it yourself most of the time.


Get 50% Off on Tailwind Create Now – Time limited Offer!

Brilliant Tailwind Create Pin designs

Before writing this Tailwind Create review I did the free trial and I was actually amazed by how great the designs were.

You choose the number of favorite designs you want to use for each pin, enter title and description and then you just press on schedule and there you go! Easy peasy.

Tailwind Create PinHere you can see two examples from a Pin I made with Tailwind Create.

I think the designs are really awesome!

I think Tailwind Create is going to be my new favorite pin creation tool.

The benefits with Tailwind Create

You can start for free.

You save a lot of time on wrenching your brain out on Pin Ideas.

Done for you designs – no need to use more time to create.

Your pins look more professional


Tailwind create Pin

Easy to use pincreator

Multiple designs and color schemes to choose between.

They do have a good referral program that let you earn from inviting others

to use Tailwind create. Easy to love tool.


I have not discovered any. It is really hard to find anything negative about this tool.

Get 50% Off on Tailwind Create Now – Time limited Offer!

My best Tailwind Create Tips!

Tailwind Create

As you can see from my pins above I had already made a picture

with text before I added it to Tailwind create.

Actually I do not recommend doing that.

I would only upload a picture and then add the text later as you can see

on my Social media pin. It will give you a better result.

Alternatives to Tailwind Create

Are there any alternatives to Tailwind Create? Not that I know of.

Tailwind Create is probably the only pin creator tool on the market right now that are able to make done for you pins.

All the other platforms have pre made pins, but note done for you Pins.

Should you get Tailwind Create?

Oh yes! Do not even wait. This is definitely a tool you want to have in your affiliate marketing toolbox.

I am sure you will love this tool. It is really what I would call a no brainer product if you use Pinterest.


Get 50% Off on Tailwind Create Now – Time limited Offer!


Hope this article served you well. If you have any questions or comments about how to create pins

with Tailwind Create. Just leave a comment below and I will get right back at you.

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  1. Content creation is one of the most time consuming aspects of online marketing. Aside from just creating content, making sure that it is engaging can be a hassle in itself. I am always looking for options to simplify and streamline the process. Thanks for writing this informative article! I’ll check our Tailwind Create!

    1. Author

      Hi Ian! I am sure you will love this tool a lot. You will definitely save a lot of time creating pins. This is a must have! Thank you for leaving your thoughts. Much appreciated!

  2. Tailwind I havent heard of before but it does look like it beats the prices of it’s competing fellows. Content is a long hard mission that has to be edited over and over again to keep up with the latest and greatest and to have something like tailwind to cut time for your pin creation will be a heavy lift off my shoulders. So I will start with the free option and then move on from there, thank you very much.

    1. Author

      Hi there and thank you for sharing your thoughts! Yes Tailwind is an awesome tool. I just love it. And with the new Tailwind create it just became super awesome. To me it is a huge time saver. I guess you also have better things to do than using hours to try and figure out the look for your next pins? I have already used my 15 free  pins for this month  and will upgrade to get more now. No more Hassles creating pins – just fun!

  3. Hi, Tailwind Create sounds great. I think I will give it a try, especially since I can start for free and get access to free stock photos and designs. I use both Pinterest and Instagram, so this program should come in handy. I do enjoy creating Pins but it is time-consuming to put together a design, find picture etc. 

    You have described Tailwind Create and its use so well I really want to jump in and start.
    Thank you for including the discount offer.
    Cheers! Marisa

    1. Author

      Hi Marisa! Glad you found my Tailwind create review to be something for you to use. I have fell in love with Tailwind create and I use it as often as I can. I would love to hear from you later on what your experience is.

  4. Hi there

    Thank you for the information on Tailwind to help me to transform my photos into personalized pin design ideas.

    Thank you for the post which gives great ideas to create images  as it is really hard to be creative  and takes a lot of precious time.

    I had no idea that Tailwind existed and so I thank you for the great information that you have shared.

    It seems to be a great product to help attract Pinterest followers.

    I am always looking for help to create content. Much appreciated and I have already checked out Tailwind.

    Best wishes Sheen

    1. Author

      Hi Sheen! Thank you for leaving your thoughts. I am so happy to hear that you found my review helpful. I am sure that Tailwind Create will help you boost your views, and sales from Pinterest. My experience is great with this tool and is now my best tool for pinning.

  5. I have Tailwind Apps on my iphone and it has some useful features to ease marketer in creating post to Pinterest and Instagram. It is an automation tool which will help us to improve our social media present. I would encourage you to try it out at your smartphone and experience its benefits.

    For people like me lacking creativitiy this Tailwind Create tool will help me a lot. It is so much faster and easier to create beautiful pin on Pinterest. I no longer has mental block and it really save me a lot of times and efforts.

    Give it a try today.

    1. Author

      Hi! Yes the Tailwind App is a part of the Tailwind for Pinterest Package. Tailwind Create however is the best feature and I love using it for my weekly pinning. There are so many Pin suggestions that are really awesome. I would never have thought of making myself. 

  6. I am always looking for simple ways to get my website out there and have it stick in visitors’ minds, and Tailwind Create looks like a great way to help.  I am still learning the ropes with Pinterest but understand how helpful it can be with affiliate marketing.  It is nice that there is a free version of this, too.  I will look into it some more – I appreciate the info.

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