10 steps and 10 Key Practice for success with Wealthy Affiliate

Want to succeed with affiliate marketing? Then you should definitely read this post. Today I will address the importance of practice. Your online Journey do not start with Wealthy Affiliate, but with yourself and your daily practice for success as I have written about before. If you add your website, your 10 steps and your 10 key Practice for success that I will give you today with the Wealthy Affiliate training, your business will grow.

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My top 10 Steps for success with Wealthy Affiliate.

1. Get started for Free

If you do not get started nothing will happen. Then your dreams will just sleep in your mind and never bear any fruits. So the first thing you need to do is to take action and get started. What are you waiting for? Get started for FREE now.

It will cost you nothing to start. It will take you 1 step closer to your dream and your success. Do not worry. The only way you will fail is to never start or to give up. You can unsubscribe the training at any time you like. It is a no brainer. I am laying out all the steps for you so it will be easy for you.

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2. Follow the training

The Wealthy affiliate training is designed for you to succeed if you follow the training, do the tasks and work to practice what you learn in each lesson. Your daily practice will help you grow and stay consistent so you can reach your goals.

The training is very powerful and consist of text and video lessons. I addition if you are a premium member you will get access to Live training every Friday. Sometimes Kyle and Carson the founders join in. They are the founders of Wealthy affiliate. These live sessions are highly valuable because you will always be updated with the newest trends in the industry and learn from the masters what is working and not. It normally takes some time for everything to sink in and be processed. Especially for beginners the first 6 months.

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3. Do the tasks in every lesson

Every lesson have tasks you need to do. These tasks are essential for your growth, understanding and success.
The tasks are your daily practice while doing your training at WA. You are literally learning by doing. You do not have to, but it is recommended to do so to get maximum impact of your training.

Take a sneak peek into lesson 1 here

4. Get a premium membership

The Premium Membership is the advanced Wealthy Affiliate training that will take your business to a new level. The training offers a lot more value than the free trial. As a premium member you get full access to all the affiliate training lessons, Live training, members training, a helpful community, expert tips and mentors. Not to mention a lot of affiliates marketing industry secrets you do not want to miss out on. You need advanced training to level up your skills, learn more strategies and techniques to make your business grow.

5. Use the WA blog to get more visible online

(print screen of my WA blog)

The Wealthy Affiliate blog is a super tool for getting attention, connecting, networking, offer help. and get visible online. Your blog is official and you will find it on Google if you use your keywords well. The WA blog will help you generate a lot of traffic to your website especially when your post is ranking or your content is ranking.

The cool thing about the blog is that you can share it with an affiliate link on social media and on mail. And so can other WA members. This increases your traffic. When someone reads your blog a little window pops up with a pop up for the free trial. So if anyone click on your link to the blog, you will get the referral if someone sign up. However, when other WA members use your blog post you will not, get the referral because they get their own affiliate link to your post. If you want to share a good blog post from another WA member you can do so by grabbing your personal affiliate link to that post. So it is a win situation for everyone.

6. How to use the keyword search – Jaaxy Keyword search tool

Affiliate marketing is all about SEO. Search Engine Optimization. Get friends with Jaaxy. the worlds most advanced Keyword search tool that covers 99,7 of all searches on internet. Learn how Jaaxy works and how to use it. Learn the different search techniques and functions of Jaaxy.

Jaaxy will be your most important tool in your daily practice for success with your website. Jaaxy will help you get better rankings and getting indexed faster. Jaaxy will help you so people will find you in search. Jaaxy covers 99,7% of all online searches and will help you succeed when you master the tool and techniques. It helped me to have 23 first page rankings at the same time now in June. And it just keep coming. And it brings you traffic. And you want traffic to your website because traffic increase your income and help you build a list as well.

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7. Connect with other WA Members

Connecting with other WA members is valuable.WA members are trained to be helpful and wants to see you succeed. WA members cheer on each other, support each other in thick and thin. They are your affiliate brothers and sisters. Connecting and being helpful within the community will pay off. It will help you build trust and authority in your field of interest and build profitable relations for life. In my first 7 months I have recorded that I connected with 1,1K+ WA members and some of them have also become more personal friends than others or close business partners.

8. Ask for help when stuck with something

Asking for help is crucial to your development. You need help from others at some point along your journey. Everyone get stuck now and then. You are not the only one. What is great is that you can ask the Wealthy Affiliate community for help. It is the most helpful community. There is nothing they can not help you with except your willingness to ask, learn, listen and work.

Wealthy affiliate offer you to ask questions in lessons, in a separate question forum or by messaging other WA members. If you join WA via this post I will be much obliged to help you on your journey with your questions. I will hold your hand until I am sure you are ready to run.

9. Promote Wealthy Affiliate and Jaaxy affiliate Program

Did you know that you can make a full time income just by promoting these affiliate programs alone? The commissions are high and the rewards are lucrative. By sharing your affiliate links in articles, blog posts, mails and on Social media you will get other people to start at Wealthy Affiliate. And you will become their mentor in addition to WA community of experts and founders.
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The Wealthy Affiliate program offers you more than 15.000+ Niche affiliate programs. Programs for a niche, a keyword, product. It is almost pick and choose. So you learn how to pick good affiliate programs and you learn which ones are the most relevant for your business. You learn how to apply to affiliate programs and how to promote them.

10. Top 10 Key Practice for Success and growth

Having a daily practice for success is a must if you want to succeed. A little step every day will take you closer to your goal or dream. Every step you take each day has a value whether it is big or small. So I want to give you some valuable tips to use or to customize.

1. You need to know why you do what you do. The clarity will help you in action.

What are your goal and what are your reason for having this goal? When you know this all become so much easier to do.

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2. You need to practice self-discipline

Start small and build up. 1 main thing a day, will sum up to be many things in a week, a month and a year.

Like one WA colleague of mine said. If I write one post a week it will be 4 posts a month, and 48 posts a year.

Just imagine if you double or triple this number how much you can get done! In order to have discipline you need focus.

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3. You need to visualize and believe in your dream


If you do not believe in your dream you cannot see it. You need to be able to believe in something you can not touch at the moment. When you do, the doors will open.

If you can see your dream, but not believe you can do it, you need help to get there.

Say Yes to your dreams!

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(Picture: Bitmojii)


4. You need a master plan for success

Making a simple master plan for success is a smart thing to do. It will help you stay focused when you become distracted.

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As a premium member you will learn how to create plans to succeed with Wealthy Affiliate.


5. You need a planner

Tools are necessary for any builder. Carpenters, painters, plumbers, mechanics, surgeons, health workers, firemen, pilots, soldiers, diplomats, businessmen, teachers – yes every profession in the world have their own special tools. One of the most important tools as an affiliate marketer are your planner. The planner helps you keep on track. Make the plan simple and easy to perform.

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6. You need to care for your health


Self kindness is needed. Your work should be healthy. You cannot sit up day and night for long periods and expect your health to last and your energy to be on top. No, you need to make a simple health plan that take care of your daily health so you have energy and love for your work.

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(Photo: bitmojii)

7. You need a strategy

You need a long term strategy and goals with your business. Making a clear path to reach your goals. Milestones to be reached, people to connect with, tools to leverage and much more.

Become a premium member and learn to make a good strategy for your business.

(Photo: bitmojii)







8. You need to become visible


Social media will help you get visible. Connect to Webtalk, Pinterest, Facebook, You Tube, Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media platforms you like to use. I personally prefer using Webtalk and Pinterest because they generate most traffic to my website.

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(Photo: bitmojii)

9. You need to do some daily tasks

Choose 3 -5 tasks you need to do every day.



1. Write for 1 hour

2. Send a mail to your list

3. Post on social media

4. Write a blog post

5. Create or learn something of value for your business.


10. Build your list


1. Start a free trial with an email provider like Mailpoet, Formidable forms, WP forms or other

2. Want to catch more leads? Use Global moneyline and Optinmonster to grow your list.

3. Chat with people

4. Help people

5. Create offers


(photo created in Canva by Daily Practice for success)

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I hope this post served you well and that you find my 10 steps and your 10 key Practice for success with Wealthy Affiliate Useful. I have provided you with solid information about how you can get success With Wealthy Affiliate.

Want to become an affiliate marketer?

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  1. Good one here. I am already at the fourth step because I just updated my memebership to premium this morning and it makes a lot of sense to me. The platform has been excellent and I know that I can only get to the next level by going premium there. This is really great to see here. Thanks

    1. Author

      Congrats Nath! I am so happy you decided to go Premium. A wise decision! Yes it is an investment in your business that will take you to the next level. No doubt about it.  I will connect with you inside WA! And I look forward to follow your journey, your milestones and your success. If you need a hand with anything feel free to ask and I will help you. So will the rest of WA community. 

  2. Wealthy Affiliate is really a great platform for anyone who is looking to make a profit when it comes to blogging. Great article. I like the fact that Wealthy Affiliate with its affiliate program does allows one’s account to actually pay for itself and also can be seen as a practice run for those who are into affiliate marketing. On average how long does it take for one’s site to get indexed?

    1. Author

      Hi Ezra! Thank you for your thoughts. Getting your site indexed can go fast or it can take time. It depends on several factors . SEO is a huge factor. Picking a good domain name and adding helpful content will help your website getting indexed faster.

  3. Hi Hilde

     I think that you have hit the nail on the head with this article, as you not only help with how to get started in affiliate marketing but you have also provided inspiration in what steps you need in order to succeed. I think those ten steps are insightful and very important. If you are not prepared to put the effort in then do not be surprised if you do not succeed. My question is if you are doing all the right things and still you are struggling, what do you need to do then?



    1. Author

      Hi Antonio! First of all I am very glad you liked my article and my 10 steps. Your question is very good. I could actually write a whole article about this, and I might do so. But I will try to answer you shortly here and now: We all get stuck sometimes and do the right things. First of all you need Patience. Creating a new website needs a bit of patience from the very start. You need to give it some time. If you are still struggling it can be wise to get a mentor or experts to give their view on things. It can help you. Feedback is very important. Maybe there is one little detail you missed or some small improvements that can be done that will be your game changer. Wealthy Affiliate community have lots of experts and mentors that can help you so you do not need to struggle. I hope this was a useful answer to your Question Antonio?

  4. I have just joined Wealthy Affiliate recently and I feel like what you have shared here on your website is some very good Tips and Keys on how I would be able to get the success that I want with Wealthy Affiliate. Your info is very well put together and I will  give i your wonderful tips and keys a go. Thanks.

    1. Author

      Hi Suz! So Glad you will make use of my tips and key Practices. I am sure this will help you. I am glad you chose to joinus at Wealthy Affiliate. You will feel like home here. Let me know if there is anything and I will give you a hand.

  5. Hello Hilde, thanks for these wonderful tips. I really love all I have heard about Wealthy Affiliate and I have come to conclude that it’s amongst one of the best online platforms for training on internet businesses that I have seen so far. You have really done a great job by helping with this article and I look forward to sign up on the platform 

    1. Author

      Hi Justin! Happy to help you make a decision to join Wealthy Affiliate. Looking forward to follow your journey.

  6. To be honest with you guys, Wealthy Affiliate is definitely one of the best online affiliate program currently on the net. Wealthy Affiliate has made it easier for beginners and also legends who are in the marketing world to succeed. But before you can achieve success you have to put in efforts. They also made available the tools in which you can use to achieve success. I think your 10 steps and 10 Keys are absolutely brilliant.

    1. Author

      Hi Michael! I am so glad you liked my steps and keys. I absolutely agree with you in all yoy say. So many affiliate legends and veterans have walked their steps at Wealthy Affiliate at one time. And these people are the ones who saw the opportunity, took action on it  and really made an effort. At wealthy Affiliate there are many legends you can learn from. Thank you for stressing this important fact!

  7. Wealthy affiliate is helping people set up the kind of online business they want and also teach them how to be successful at it. These 10 steps and Ten key Practices are really nice, they are extremely helpful and are just what one needs to be successful with Wealthy Affiliate, If you follow these steps and do what is needed there is no doubt in my mind anyone will succeed. The Practices is very important for success.  I’ll share this.

    1. Author

      Hi Bruce! Thank you for giving your thoughts on my 10 steps and practices for success with Wealthy Affiliate. So glad you found them helpful and want to share it. Building an online business with Wealthy Affiliate is a process. The Wealthy Affiliate platform will give you a solid fundament to grow and be successful.

  8. Hello there, thanks for this article on how to go about your online success with Wealthy Affiliate and I really like all of it because they are very simple steps and when I need you can get help from the platform and continue with your training. Wealthy Affiliate is very good with its training method and I like that about them.

    1. Author

      Hi Reece! Yes Wealthy Affiliate have the best training for affiliate marketers on how to start an online business. Glad you liked all my steps. But you need  to practice all the steps daily.

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